Cannon Report – Week 7 – 2019


Seven Booms for Seven Weeks of booming growth and progress as young men of Leelanau!!

Sunday launched the LIFE Tournament.  Red and White faced off on the ole Frisbutt Pitch.  Then Blue and Green lined up to send Blue and White into the Finals at the end of the week.

Monday and Tuesday marked to last two most normal Camp days that we could muster.  With Jr. Soccer and Sr. Bombardment as the evening activity for Monday, and on Tuesday Evening the Big Blue Bus took everyone to the Shallows for Water Polo.  Having two games of WaPo going at once, Juniors in one spot and Seniors in another make for a head spinning evening for the Camp Photographer.  Amazing moments of sportsmanship and good hard play occurred faster than a camera shutter could capture it all.

On Wednesday the fellows loaded the vans and Blue Bus and distributed themselves all over the county for the final Cabin Day of the summer.  We had folks picking raspberries, playing Disc Golf, swimming in Lake Michigan, and everything in between.  The evening ended with an inspired Church Service summarizing gratitude and healings of the past four or seven weeks.

On Thursday the CT boys rose early for a quick dash around the ole Basch Loop, before chasing all of Camp down to dips for some inspired exercises.  It is difficult to know how those exercises inspired the Campers, but by the time we gathered that evening for our Funny Awards Ceremony the sharing was heartfelt and meaningful.

Friday was the day to really spit shine and polish ourselves up.  Donning our whitest whites on Friday afternoon the Campers gathered at the Flag Pole for a final inspection of themselves before heading into the Great House for their Banquet.  From HQ’s perspective, we can tell if it has been a successful and effective summer when the Banquet Hall on Friday Night has both spirit and decorum.  The spirit of Camp was loud and large as the boys feasted and sang.  The decorum side came as they ate and chatted without going bonkers.  Success!!  The boys behaved perfectly.  The celebration of achievement continued into the evening as we awarded the Seven Medals, Advanced Outdoorsman, Core Awards, and finally revealed the winning team of the year.  Congratulations North Team!

On Saturday with the revelry of Final Banquet still in our heads we pulled ourselves together to pack up our cabins and prepare Camp for the parents to enjoy a showcase of Camp activities.  At 2pm we met the parents and friends in the Lodge for a review of a few favorite acts from the summer, then headed out for parents to watch us in our activities, then gathered one more time on the Soccer Field for a final round the The Hunger Games.  Albeit the parents were befuddled by the rules of the game, the kids loved playing.  After dinner we lined up for one final trip up the hill for our Final Council Fire of 2019.  It was a meaningful final evening together, and with a big proverbial hug Weldon reminded us how much we’d grown and made sure we all knew we belong right back here at Pyramid Point next summer.

Signing off from the Desk of HQ.