Bugle Call – Week 2 – 2017

We had a very exciting week two at Kohahna! Every camper had the opportunity to go on a trip to locations around beautiful Northern Michigan ranging from the Upper Peninsula and North Manitou, to our very own Pine Forest on camp property. When campers were not on trips, they got to do some special activities such as Watercolor, Team Building, and Waterskiing. See below for more details about our fun week!

On our off-camp Cabin Day this week, campers spent the afternoon exploring the nearby town of Leland! Despite the rain, cabins still found unique activities to do and everyone enjoyed spending time together in a new place. Some cabins did a photo scavenger hunt, while others made friendship bracelets and read books aloud to one another.

This week we had a host of unique activities for campers to do before they left for their trip. Cabins spent their mornings doing team building initiatives in the Pine Forest and rock climbing, going waterskiing on Glen Lake, and painting the beautiful barns and landscapes on Port Oneida Road. Each cabin also had one morning to prepare for their trip. They learned about the planning, organizing, and packing processes that are necessary to lead a successful trip. The Morning Activity schedule this week gave each cabin the chance to bond more and practice effective teamwork before leaving for their respective trips!

The afternoons and evenings this week were altered slightly to accommodate the age and number of campers that were not on trips at the time. On Monday afternoon, we went to Empire where we hiked the Empire Bluffs Trail and spent some time on the playground at Empire beach. That evening’s activity was Brown Bag Skits, which are skits that each cabin creates based on a list of items that must be included in the skit. On Tuesday only the Waukeena campers were left in camp, so we spent a creative afternoon building fairy homes and had dinner and evening games on the beach. On Wednesday, we had off-camp Cabin Day and church in the evening where campers and counselors shared their gratitude and many testimonies of healing.

Thursday afternoon we went on a beach hike, which was then followed by some time exploring the town of Glen Arbor and playing on the playground. With all campers out on trips except for five Wildwoods, we spent the evening boating, swimming, and waterskiing on Glen Lake. On Friday we welcomed everyone back to camp, and spent a relaxing evening watching the Disney movie, Moana! Saturday afternoon we had a plethora of activities ranging from writing thank you notes for our support staff, playing Big Base (a game similar to kickball), and playing the “Newlywed” game where campers’ knowledge of their cabinmates was put to the test. That evening we played an all-time favorite – Capture the Flag! Everyone had a lot of fun playing a competitive game after the trips week, and the Sand team was victorious! We rounded out the week by having a Counselor Fashion Show on Sunday afternoon, for which each cabin is tasked with creating costumes for their counselors based on a theme assigned to them.

We had a myriad of trips go out this week at Kohahna! The CTs went on a five-day trip to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to canoe the Manistique River. Wildwood campers had the choice of going on a three-day trip to Nordhouse Dunes or a four-day trip to Grand Island in the Upper Peninsula. These were both hiking trips with time for beach exploration and learning about trips skills! The cabin of Evergreen went to North Manitou Island for two nights, while Falling Star and Driftwood traveled to Platte Plains for an overnight. The youngest campers in Gull’s Nest spent the afternoon riding bikes and catching minnows, and spent the night camping in the Pine Forest on camp property. This was a very exciting week for trips, and there was much

Campers had a lot of highlights to share after their full week of trips and other special activities! Some of these included exploring all the new places on trips, doing Brown Bag Skits for an Evening Activity, building fairy gardens with the Waukeenas, Waterskiing on Glen Lake, and having healings at camp and out on the trail. We had a fun-filled second week, and are looking forward to witnessing the growth that will occur in our final week of the three-week session!

This week during our weekly Saturday morning metaphysical, we discussed how we found connections between the summer theme, “Women of the Wilderness,” and the trips we went on. Many experiences from the trips were shared by campers and counselors that helped expand their understanding of God, and their relationship to Him. While learning about the K-Quality of the week – Sportsmanship – we looked at Mrs. Eddy’s passage from Science and Health, “The rich in spirit help the poor in one grand brotherhood, all having the same Principle, or Father; and blessed is that man who seeth his brother’s need and supplieth it, seeking his own in another’s good.” We enjoyed hearing all of the insights shared about the spiritual sense of Sportsmanship!

We are very grateful to have everyone back in camp this week, and are excited to see all of the joy expressed during the last week of the three-week session!




Bugle Call – Week 1 – 2017

Summer has officially begun at Kohahna!! We had an amazing week full of exciting morning activities, cabin bonding time, and team games! It was a joy to see all the new and returning campers jump into camp with high energy and love for Kohahna! There is much good to share about the first week of camp, so here is the break down by categories!

Campers settled into their cabins quickly, and had time to bond individually with their cabins early in the week. Our first cabin day (which happens every Wednesday) was fun-filled with activities around camp! The entire Wildwood section did the Ropes Course. They had a great time supporting each other and working together to realize what they were capable of! The younger cabins did a variety of activities ranging from blindfolded cookie baking to fairy house building. There was much strength, creativity, and joy expressed all around camp on cabin day this week!

Campers participated in a variety of diverse activities each morning this week! The Arts and Crafts class learned about different elements of art such as symmetry, shading, and the color wheel. The Ceramics class let their creativity flow while making pots, plates, tiles, etc…, and the Drama class prepared skits and monologues to be performed in the Dance and Drama show during the third week of camp. The Waterskiing class enjoyed skiing on beautiful Glen Lake, while the Sailing class spent time learning about the parts of the boat and sailing on Lake Michigan. The Landsports class spent the week playing Basketball, and campers in Camp Crafts practiced their fire-building and cooking skills in the woods. In addition to these excellent activities, we had Archery and Riflery, Horseback Riding and Rock Climbing, Dance and Silversmithing, and Kayaking too!

Evening activities are some of the most common highlights from the week for many campers. On Monday evening we played the Chicken Game, which is a game similar to capture the flag, however instead of chasing flags, you try to capture rubber chickens! Everyone was happy to be back at camp running around the Great House lawn, and the Sand Team took home the win. On Tuesday night we carried on a longstanding tradition and played Bombardment (our version of dodgeball) after electing team captains for the summer. We are excited to share that Molly Loveless is the Pine team captain and Zoe Wade is the Sand team captain! The Sands started the summer out strong by winning both the Waukeena and Wildwood games. On Wednesday night we had a lovely church service with readings given by one of the CTs. It was a blessing to hear all the testimonies of healing shared from many campers and counselors.

On Thursday the Wildwood campers went to Glen Arbor for a Christian Science Lecture, while the Waukeenas stayed at camp and played the Pillowcase game and Lawn games. For the Pillowcase game, each cabin puts as many miscellaneous items into a pillowcase as they can, in hopes that those items will be listed by counselors during the game. For every item the cabin brings that also matches the list made by the counselor, the cabin gets a point. The Waukeenas had a great time being creative with the items they brought to the game, and were excited to play some active games on the Great House lawn afterward. On Friday we went to the Dune for Dune football! Dune Football is similar to capture the flag (or in this case Capture the football), but you also have to get the football back to your team’s side by running it across the boundary line. If the ball drops for any reason (failed throw, etc.) it goes back to the “flag circle”.  It was a beautiful night to be out on the Dunes, and the Sand team won! On Saturday evening we did a camp favorite – Lip Sync! All the cabins were in costume to perform their lip sync and dance to their selected song. The competition was judged by three counselors in character, which always gives everyone a good laugh! The cabin of Clifftop got the highest score, and they were declared the winner! Lastly, on Sunday we joined together for Council Fire after our all camp beach bonanza on Sunday afternoon!

This past week we have been preparing for the much-anticipated trips week during week two! Every Kohahna camper will be going out on a trip, so stay tuned for more information next week as we hear about their wilderness adventures from Grand Island in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to just across Lake Michigan on North Manitou. Our goals for the upcoming week are to further our knowledge of camping skills, step outside our comfort zones, and encourage a greater love and understanding for the outdoors. In addition, we are excited to see our Kohahna campers grow as leaders out on the trail and continue to explore our summer theme, “Women of the Wilderness” both practically and metaphysically.

The campers had many highlights to share when we asked them at Council Fire! Some of the main highlights from the week included Dune Football, the Chicken Game, the Christian Science Lecture, Lip Sync, and being back at camp for the summer. We are so grateful for all of the good from the first week!

Our metaphysical theme this summer is “Women of the Wilderness.” Throughout the summer, we will explore the idea of womanhood as it relates to the spiritual definition of wilderness found in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy which reads, “Spontaneity of thought and idea; the vestibule in which a material sense of things disappears, and spiritual sense unfolds the great facts of existence” (597:17-19). Each week we will focus on one of the seven K-Qualities, and will delve deeper into the metaphysical facts surrounding each quality starting this week with Joyfulness!

We are looking forward to a beautiful second week here at Kohahna!

Bugle Call – Week 7 – 2016

Camp Kohahna had an exceptional 7th week! Morning, noon, and night we were having a ball! This week’s Bugle Call will focus on a general overview of the week’s major activities! Speaking of which, we opened up the week with the game of Big Base on Monday evening, which is a version of kickball! All the girls had fun, and heartily enjoyed the game. On Tuesday, we played a new game for evening activity called the Chicken game. In the game we had four rubber chickens that served as “flags” that needed to be captured and taken back to the other side. This game was Sands verses Pines and the girls had such a good time creating a plan to accomplish the goal of getting all of the chickens back to their side. With orange cones and hulu hoops and chickens spread across the Great House lawn, it made for a fun evening of competition with the Pines taking home the victory.

Wednesday was our Final Off Camp Cabin Day, and we had fun adventuring all over Leelanau County. We had the cabin of Shorewood geocaching, and the cabin of Birchview checking out Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive. The cabin of Windward hiked the Empire Bluffs Trail, and the cabins of Falling Star and Evergreen went tubing on Glen Lake.  Of course there were many cabins that had ice cream and beach fun as well!! The evening was complete with a lovely final Wednesday Evening Church. On Thursday evening we had our Dance and Drama show! All the girls who participated in the Dance or Drama program throughout the summer were able to finally perform their pieces. Many levels were passed, and we all enjoyed supporting the Kohahna women in the show! A select group of pieces were then reprised at the Encore Show on Saturday.

On Friday evening we had our Final Council Fire and Pine Bough Ceremony. Council Fire consisted of many of our usual components of activities and songs, as well as an enormous amount f Expert presentations- we had SO MUCH achievement at Kohahna! Our Pine Bough ceremony was, as usual, full of gratitude and love. For over an hour, each of the Kohahna campers and counselors had the opportunity to individually express gratitude. It was a beautiful evening full of sentiment, love, laughter, and sisterhood.

On the final Saturday of camp we always invite the families of campers to come to camp to participate in camp activities! We call this day Encore, as it is a recap of all of our summer fun! In the morning we enjoyed morning activities, and then we had a delicious lunch on the Great House lawn, followed by a performance from all of the campers in the Leelanau Lodge. Then Camp Leelanau had their Frisbut tournament and Camp Kohahna had their Bombardment game! The Finale of the summer for Kohahna was our Banquet on Saturday evening! We had a delicious dinner, gave out activity awards, and presented our top summer awards as well. We also had the banner reveal to see which team won the summer, and it was the Sand Team! It was a wonderfully joyous summer, and we are so grateful for all of the growth, the laughter, the love and the fun!

Lastly, for this final week of camp we focused on the K-quality of Persistence and the “Our Perfect Principle” segment of “Perfect Harmony”.  With “Perfect Harmony,” we learned that it is God’s law, and that it is the natural outcome of Perfect God, Perfect Man, Perfect Love, and Perfect Peace. We enjoyed the opportunity to dig deep into the synonym of Principle and the universality of God’s presence and love!

Again, it was an amazing summer, and we are looking forward to relishing in all the good fruits! “Our Perfect Principle” 2016!

Bugle Call – Week 6 – 2016

Week six already!! The summer is flying by and we are making the most of our precious time together. It was hot and sunny all week: perfect conditions for lots of fun!


Morning Activities

As always, morning activities were a highlight for all. We had a special former staff member come back to teach painting this week. The class created a mural with the theme “Love is All Around” which depicted a beautiful scene of the lake. The Ceramics classes made many creative projects like an elephant mug, pinch pot, and two advanced sculptures.  In Landsports, the class focused on volleyball, where experienced and new volleyball players honed their skills. On the waterfront, the Sailing class was full of younger girls who had a great time learning the ways of the lake! We saw so much achievement, persistence and joy in our morning activities!


Evening Activities

On Monday, as it was July 25th, we celebrated Christmas! The girls decorated poster board Christmas trees with their own ornaments, played musical chairs and Christmas charades, frosted cookies, and read The Night Before Christmas.  Tuesday night, the girls engaged in a rousing game of Dune Football, playing Pines against Sands. The Sands were victorious with a close score of 1-0. We loved everyone’s enthusiasm and sportsmanship out on the dunes. On Wednesday, the camp woke up to the sound of the counselors singing Taps. Confused? It was Backwards Day! We started the day with a Hymn Sing with Leelanau, ate dinner for breakfast and had our readings and testimony meeting! Cabin Day took place in the morning and Morning Activities were in the afternoon. It was fun to switch it up a little bit. The Wildwoods went into Glen Arbor for an additional church service and the Waukeenas finished the ‘morning’ out with Quiet Time, Clean-Up and extended Dips. On Thursday, the CTs ran the day. They planned an Evening Activity of Zumba and the girls danced their hearts out. On Friday, Kohahna celebrated Halloween! The girls visited different houses of the “Kohahna Neighborhood” experiencing a haunted barn, face paint and, of course, candy. The evening activities this week were enjoyed and appreciated by all!


Cabin Day

This week, many cabins spent their Cabin Day challenging themselves! The youngest cabin headed to the climbing wall, where they overcame fear, challenged themselves to try new things, and gained a great sense of accomplishment. Two of the Waukeena cabins zip lined through the woods while the 6th and 7th graders traversed the High Ropes Course in the Pine Forest. Other girls made cabin t-shirts using tie dye and puffy paint. The girls have been displaying their shirts ever since! Other cabins went on a bike ride, baked cookies, and went to the beach.


Weekend Fun

What a fun and full weekend it was! On Saturday afternoon, the Pine team went on the “Great Pine Adventure”—a trip to nearby Shalda creek to play in the water and the woods. While the Pine team enjoyed their time in the sun, the Sand team was hard at work preparing their annual Sand show. On Saturday evening all of Kohahna dressed up and headed to Old Settlers park for the Kohahna County Picnic. Fun was had by all as campers and counselors rotated through farm themed stations. The stations included learning a line dance from Footloose, an egg toss, corn shucking, and even a pie-eating contest. On Sunday, we were delighted to see the fruits of the Sand team’s labor. In their show, the two Sand CTs played elves that went on a trip to visit all the holidays; they visited Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and more on their trip back to Christmas. The show ended with a kickline dance that all the Wildwood Sands performed to a Christmas song. The show was funny and had many great lines—every camper said at least one line, if not many more!



Three trips went out this week! Two CTs and a Shorewood (11th grade) camper led the trips.  Gull’s Nest (2nd grade) went on a princess themed overnight, where they learned princess skills, got their faces painted, and spent time playing in the water. After that they cooked dinner and s’mores in the Pine Forest before sleeping there overnight in tents. Falling Star and Evergreen (4th & 5th grade) went on a “Sports Extravaganza” overnight where they spent the afternoon playing Gaga, volleyball, and Knockout. The girls then camped out on the back property of camp and enjoyed getting a taste of the outdoors. Two of our middle school cabins (Juniper and Windward) went out on a longer overnight at the end of the week. They hiked 12 miles around on the Little Manistee River Trail, where they cooked over camp stoves, swam and enjoyed each other’s company.


Summer Theme

During the 6th week we focused on the concept of “Perfect Peace”.  Through sharing Bible stories and citations from Science and Health, we were able to really unpack the ideas of peace and it’s foundation in Principle.   We loved learning Principle’s purpose for us, and studying together citations such as, “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee…” (Isaiah 26). In the 7th week of camp we will focus on “Perfect Harmony”!

Bugle Call – Week 5 – 2016

It just keeps getting better at Kohahna! This week pushed all the campers to grow—and the fruitage was extensive and inspiring. The trip called “the Challenge” went out this week, and nearly all of our Wildwood campers headed out to the woods to compete on this trip. This left plenty of opportunities for our 2nd-7th grader to be our leaders around camp! Let’s hear about the week at Kohahna first…

Morning Activities-

This was a great week for achievement in morning activities! Because nearly half of the girls were out on the Challenge, the campers here on camp had lots of individualized instruction. It was a triumphant week—levels were passed in nearly every activity. One special activity this week was a painting class. Many campers were excited about this activity, and we now have plenty of new art pieces for our art show at the end of the summer! The class enjoyed painting with acrylics and watercolor.

We had beautiful sunny days, so the waterfront activities were grateful for many days of good weather for their activities. Sailing had three beautiful mornings on the lake (the waves were too big to sail on two of the days), and the Swimming class enjoyed visiting Glen Lake on the days Lake Michigan was a little too wavy to swim in.

Afternoon Activities —

This week was hot hot hot! Our afternoon activities focused on enjoying the lake and staying cool. Highlights from the waterfront include sailing, playing on the raft, kayaking to the shipwreck, synchronized swimming and paddle boarding. We also offered activities for level passing (continuation of morning activities) to finish projects- Silversmithing, Horseback Riding, and Climbing all had the chance to go out in the afternoon as well.

Evening Activities –

Kohahna’s evening activities this week gave our Waukeenas (2nd-6th grade campers) a lot of opportunities to shine! On Monday, before the Challenge girls left, the Wildwoods (7th-12th grade) played Water Polo in the Shallows of Glen Lake while the Waukeenas climbed the front side of the Sleeping Bear Dunes. The Water Polo game was very close—the Pines claimed the victory, 3-2 in the last moments of the game. The Waukeenas loved playing on the dunes, jumping, running around, and even learning a little about dune ecology.

Tuesday night was a perfect night for our Kohahna luau on the beach. The sun set over the lake, painting the sky with beautiful hues as campers swam, played team building games, and learned to dance the hula. On Wednesday, the campers enjoyed attending a lovely testimony meeting in Glen Arbor with a stop afterwards for a sweet treat at Riverfront ice cream! Thursday evening the campers played Pirates & Cargo, a game that involves running, note passing, and lots of pirating, of course.

On Friday, the campers played Capture the Flag on the great lawn (rather than in the woods) and the oldest girls still on camp really excelled as they led their teams on offensive raids and defensive fronts. The Pines won 5-0, but both teams were very invested in the game and put their best sportsmanship to work. All in all, this week’s evening activities pushed our younger campers to take the initiative to step up into leadership roles, and we loved seeing them all excel!

The Challenge-

Twelve campers from each team (Sands and Pines) participated in this competitive camping trip. The camper teams each took two counselors with them, and two other counselors served as the judges of the trip (to evaluate who won overall). In addition to playing Capture the Flag, the teams were evaluated on meal preparation, timeliness, structure building (both the integrity of the structure and the timeliness of the project), and their attitude/morale. Both teams cooked delicious meals, made excellent structures and had beautiful campsites. They also snagged many flags to earn points in the Capture the Flag game. Ultimately the Sand team came out on top, though both teams were impressive and successful!

Summer Theme-

During the 5th week of camp our focus was on the topic of “Perfect Love” as it relates to the fulfillment of Principle’s purpose for us. Through reading several citations from the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, campers and staff alike began to see that perfect Love fulfills the law, and casts out fear (just like the Bible tells us).  Principle’s nature is to perfect us through His tender Love, and we gratefully learned of this in our study. We look forward to studying “Perfect Peace” during 6th week.

The Weekend-

One fun thing to highlight from our jam-packed weekend was the co-ed Olympics on Sunday. The campers were split up into 10 groups and each given a country to represent! Each Country competed with another country in a rotation series of Summer Olympic events. We had our own camp versions of gymnastics, ping pong, soccer, archery, volleyball and a running race.  Believe it or not, Team USA pulled out the victory with Germany and Canada at a close second.

We look forward to another two fantastic weeks of camp!

Bugle Call – Week 4 – 2016

Hooray for the Four-Week Session!! Hooray for Kohahna sisters! We are off to a great start this week, and it’s been full and fun! Below is a synopsis of some of our activity and highlights from the week!

Morning Activities-

Kohahna’s first week of activities was packed full! Lake Michigan was alive this week and provided us with multiple big, wavy days. The Waterfront activities decided to band together on Wednesday, after two non-boating days, and they all headed to School Lake to practice their canoeing skills. Many girls got the chance to participate in Camp Crafts, where they worked on mastering flint and steel fires, whittling fuzz sticks, making wet wood fires and more. In Tennis, after a few weeks of teaching and persistent practice, we had a CT pass her Expert. In our arts activities, campers continued to craft creative, beautiful projects.

Evening Activities-

This week was full of classic Kohahna evening activities- some even with a new twist! Monday started out with Bombardment, Kohahna’s version of dodge ball.  The Sand Wildwoods won their match overall and the Pine Waukeenas won their match overall. Tuesday evening we performed “Brown Bag Skits,” an activity where campers get to create skits based on a list of random items given to the different cabins. Each skit is different, but the same items are incorporated into the skits-it’s always comical and fun! Wednesday we had a lovely church service led by one of our CTs, and a Kohahna hymn sing afterwards. We spent Thursday night playing “Newlyweds” where campers were tested on their knowledge of their cabinmates. Campers in the cabin were questioned separately from their cabinmates and when they returned we got to see which cabinmates got the most correct matching answers. The cabin of Breezeway won this competition.  On Friday, the girls played Soccer and Ultimate Frisbee, clad in their green and yellow. The highlight of the week for many was our Saturday night Lip Sync show. The girls had two hours to create a routine to a song of their choice, lip-syncing the lyrics the whole way through. We had cabins perform everything from Michael Jackson to One Direction. So much fun was had!

Cabin Day (Wednesday of each week)-

Our campers spent their first Cabin Day of the four-week session bonding around camp! It was a hot, windy, wavy day and many of the cabins took advantage of the magnificent waves and spent a solid portion of time playing in the water. Many cabins took part in a spa day, painting nails, using masks and visiting the clay pits. The sixth graders in Juniper made a music video around camp, dressing up and planning the routine themselves. Other cabins took advantage of the low ropes course and initiatives, spending their afternoon team building. The girls came away from the day feeling more unified as individual cabins- just like we had hoped!


Almost half of the camp was out in the woods this week! Three different overnights were taken out. First, the Nature class planned an overnight where they tromped around the woods and created stories about the things they observed. On Thursday, the 6th , 7th , and 8th graders took part in our annual ‘Kangaroo’ trip where they spent the day in the woods learning how to lash and dabbled in outdoor cooking in preparation for their years to come on The Challenge (competitive camping trip). Finally, in preparation for this year’s Challenge, the Sand/Pine captains and their right hand ladies participated in the Gourmet Overnight. This gave each team a chance to try out some of their more difficult recipes for the coming week. We look forward to hearing about all the growth and fun that is had out on the Challenge this coming week!

Weekend Fun:

On Saturday morning we had out first extended clean-up for the session. Most cabins passed the inspection, and many girls earned team points by receiving a “0” (no points off) on their personal inspection! We are proud of our clean camp of girls! On Saturday afternoon we had a Christian Science talk given by a local practitioner on the practicality of Christian Science. All of Leelanau and Kohahna attended the talk and the fruitage was bountiful! On Sunday we had a rainy day, which was perfect for Musical Cabins. Seven teams of campers were given a list of fun facts in groups of threes. Within their team, the girls went around from cabin to cabin to ask counselors questions to uncover which fun facts went with each given counselor. We learned a lot about the Sky team, and had a blast!

Summer Theme:  With the start of Second Session, we opened our week with a metaphysical talk about our summer theme- “Our Perfect Principle”. A recap was given about the topics already covered- Perfect God and Perfect Man. Through looking at specific Bible stories and passages from Science and Health we all got to see and understand more about Principle and His purpose for us. Next we will learn about Perfect Love!!

Thanks for reading- we are sending our love from our Kohahna home to YOU!

Bugle Call – Week 3 – 2016

The final week of the three week session at Kohahna was very full! Full of activities, fun, growth, and of course, lots of Kohahna spirit. Highlights from this week include festivities to celebrate the Fourth of July, an off-camp Cabin Day and many wonderful morning and afternoon activities.

Cabin day-

Kohahna spent Cabin Day all over the area surrounding camp. The girls are always very excited to spend time in new places together. Some cabins spent the afternoon tubing on Glen Lake or playing Putt Putt Golf while others completed random acts of kindness in Leland and still others went on a scavenger hunt in Glen Arbor.

Special Activities-

This week started out with a bang (literally! Leelanau’s canon went off!) when we spent all of Monday celebrating the 4th of July! The day began with a patriotic metaphysical—where readings were read on the subjects of liberty and government. From there, we played patriotic versions of favorite camp games, got our faces painted, and we all got dressed up to prepare for the rest of the celebration.

The big event of the morning was being in the annual parade in Glen Arbor. We joined fun and joyous groups of revelers from around the area, including Glen Arbor’s very own “kazoo corps”, some Elvis impersonators, and fans from both the University of Michigan and Michigan State. In the parade, the Waukeena section rode in the Big Blue Bus while the Wildwood section walked in front. Both groups sang songs and waved to the adoring crowds.

The afternoon festivities centered around 13 teams of Kohahna & Leelanau campers who represented the 13 original colonies. These teams played games to see which colony was the strongest. The games included a water balloon duel, archery, a relay race, tug of war, and a sandcastle competition on the beach.

In the evening, the camps split up, and the Waukeenas & Juniors went to the beach while the Wildwoods & Seniors went on a hike to the Sand Bowl. At the beach, the campers enjoyed swimming, making s’mores, and playing games. At the Sand Bowl, the Wildwoods & Seniors played games that helped them get to know each other.

All in all, it was a full, fun, and incredible day—a highlight for many of the campers and counselors!

Morning activities-

Some highlights in Morning Activities this week were the Mexico themed crafts in Arts & Crafts, expert campers teaching in Horseback Riding and Swimming, and an early morning ski trip for a few of the Waterskiiers. We also enjoyed seeing the fruits of the labor of the dance & drama classes in an excellent talent show performance on Friday afternoon. The show featured uplifting, funny skits that included many animals, songs performed by some of the drama classes, and two different dances!

Evening Activity-

Our evening activities this week centered on celebrating our two camper teams at Kohahna! On Tuesday we played Capture the Flag in the woods—Sands and Pines of all ages challenged themselves to be stealthy and courageous as they tried to capture the other team’s flag. Towards the end of a defense heavy game, the Pine team was able to finally capture a flag, thus bringing them the win.

Wednesday we had another inspiring church service led by one of our CTs. The testimonies given celebrated God’s goodness—and we all gave gratitude for all the fruitage from camp!

Thursday, the Pine team put on their annual show (with a Sand show to follow next session). The show featured skits, dancing, and even a little singing! The premise of the show was that the audience was watching a movie about Disney characters who fell down an enchanted sewer and somehow found themselves at Kohahna (or Kahuhna as one confused character called it). The characters interacted with campers and counselors as they went about their day at Kohahna. At the end of the show, the Pine Wildwoods performed an epic kickline dance!

The week wrapped up on Friday with our three week Final Banquet and Pine Bough ceremony. At Final Banquet, the camp enjoyed a delicious meal and heard about awards and achievements from this session and this week—including activity level achievements, K-girls, and perfect dippers. At the Pine Bough ceremony, we gathered around a fire in the Pine Forest and shared our gratitude.


Kohahna Trips went to Pictured Rocks in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula this week! The main attraction in this park is the stunning, 100-foot sandstone bluffs which plunge into Lake Superior. This means that there are beautiful hiking and kayaking opportunities, and we took full advantage of both. Four girls and our two trips counselors spent a day kayaking along the bluffs where they checked out some of the caves and rock formations from the water. On the following two days of the trip, they hiked along the tops of the cliffs, and visited the forests, beaches, and waterfalls which surround them. The girls loved seeing the pristine wilderness, and had a lot of fun laughing with each other on the trail as well!

Summer Theme-

This week we focused on the Perfect Man aspect of our ‘Perfect Principle’ summer theme. At our weekly group metaphysical we studied a portion of the story of Job and noted how he was an upright man—and how his true nature (and all of ours) as a child of God blesses us. Mary Baker Eddy writes in her book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, “The perfect man—governed by God, his perfect Principle—is sinless and eternal.” (p.304:14). Man is made perfect in God—‘our perfect Principle’!

Bugle Call – Week 2 – 2016

Another wonderful week at Kohahna comes to a close! Our campers were involved in so many wonderful activities and adventures. Some were on trips, some spent their days on the waterfront, and others spent time making projects, hitting targets and more. Everybody got to try new things and learn from one another in true Kohahna fashion.

Cabin day-

Our counselors planned exciting and thoughtful Cabin Days for the girls around camp. This is a great time for more bonding and just general fun for the girls to have with their cabins. This week, on Cabin Day, cabins went on beach adventures, competed in baking competitions, hung out with the horses, and made cabin t-shirts, just to name a few.  The girls always come back with lots of stories and jokes from their escapades.

Morning activities-

The campers jumped right into another week full of activities. The waterfront was beautiful (and not too chilly!) so Sailing, Kayaking and Swimming were all able to utilize our greatest asset—Lake Michigan! In Arts and Crafts, the focus this week was on American art, creating bald eagles from recycled toilet paper rolls and other projects in preparation for the Fourth of July. Horseback Riding traversed trails around camp, even coming all the way to North Star! Campers also worked on mastering basic walk and trot skills. In Landsports, the class practiced their skills on the soccer field. In other areas of camp, girls made lovely silversmithing projects, created dance routines, worked on tennis skills, climbed the rock wall and more.

Evening Activity:

The all-camp evening activities this week varied from active games to solving mysteries. We started the week with Big Base, a form of ­­­­­kickball, where the bases can hold an infinite number of people! On Tuesday, our dessert was mysteriously stolen and it was up to the girls of Kohahna to find it. To find the dessert we played a camp wide game of Clue. The girls completed different activities like a water balloon toss or a sing off in order to make a guess as to where the dessert was hidden. Of course, the campers figured it out (smart women!) and the night ended with brownies and ice cream. On Wednesday, we had the pleasure of heading into town for the testimony meeting at the Glen Arbor church. On Thursday, the girls played Superlatives where they competed to find out who has the longest hair, best dance move, best joke, and many other things. Afterwards, the Wildwoods attended a Christian Science lecture in Glen Arbor by Larissa Snorek-Yates while the Waukeenas had some fun time to play games and be with their cabinmates on camp. The week finished out with a picnic for Saturday night dinner and Water Polo at the shallows.


We got so many girls out in the woods this week! The CTs left us on Monday for a five-day canoeing trip in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on the Manistique River. Two of the girls quarter-mastered the trip and they canoed over 50 miles. Closer to camp, three different overnight trips went out and had the opportunity to take advantage of the beautiful area at and around camp during the week. On Tuesday, a group of girls went on an art overnight where they visited two art galleries and painted views from Glen Haven and Sleeping Bear National Park. They came home with beautiful watercolor scenes. On Thursday, the 8th graders biked 13 miles on the Heritage Trail and then camped at D H Day campground. Finally, on Friday, the two youngest cabins pitched tents in the Pine Forest and made M&M pancakes in the morning! It was exciting to have so many girls trying out trips this week!

Summer Theme: This week we focused on the Perfect God aspect of our ‘Perfect Principle’ summer theme. This paired very nicely with the Bible Lesson subject of ‘God’ this week! We examined how God is the source from which all good emanates. At our weekly group metaphysical we studied the first chapter of Genesis and discussed our true origin and being. This week’s study established a basis from which the rest of our discussions will grow—in the coming weeks we will be studying Perfect Man, Perfect Love, Perfect Peace, and Perfect Harmony! 

Bugle Call – Week 1 – 2016

K-O-H-A-H-N-A!!!  Oh the joy that is summer at Kohahna! We had an excellent first week of camp full of a variety of diverse activities, the meeting of new friends, and the reuniting with old friends!  There is much to share about  our first week of  Kohahna so here is the break down by categories!

Cabin life: The cabins are full and bustling, with all but one cabin having at least one new camper. There are 15 new campers this session so we have greatly enjoyed meeting new friends and acquainting them with the routines and traditions here at Kohahna. Our first cabin day (which happens every Wednesday) was a smash hit! The entire girls camp traveled to Glen Arbor for a variety of activities. Some went tubing on Glen Lake, others did a scavenger hunt around the town of Glen Arbor, one cabin went geo-caching, and costumes and laughter were part of the excursion for many others!

Morning activities: Week one was complete with all our mainstay morning activities!  The Arts and Crafts class “traveled” to Morocco to do mosaics, the ceramics class began with some basics (coil pots, and figures), in Drama/Singing they worked on scenes to perform later in the session and learned the harmony to two of Mary Baker Eddy’s hymns. The Sailing class enjoyed beautiful weather and plenty of days for the boat (great waves and warm sun), and in swimming girls checked off many levels as they worked towards passing their Expert level! In Nature, the girls got to make their own leaf identification books and they went on a cool hike to Pyramid Point. Of course we had Archery, and Riflery, Camp Crafts and Horseback Riding, Kayaking, and Waterskiing, Rock Climbing and Silversmithing too! What a week!

Evening Activities:

Evening Activity is often the highlight for many of the campers as it relates to activities.  On Monday night we had a counselor fashion show where each cabin had a different theme and had to dress their counselors up to match that theme. Then the cabin planned a little performance piece to show off their counselor’s costumes! Each cabin did a great job- check the website for awesome pictures. On Tuesday night we played the camp favorite- Bombardment (our form of dodgeball), after electing team captains for the summer!  We are happy to share that Ruth Coolidge is the Pine team captain and Caitlyn Demaree is the Sand team captain! The Sands came out strong for Bombardment and won the Wildwood competitions while the Pine Waukeenas took home the win. On Wednesday we had a lovely church services with reading given (as always) by one of the CTs.  There were MANY testimonies shared from both campers and counselors- it was a treat to be part of this service.

 On Thursday we went to the Dune for Dune football! Dune Football is a combination of capture the flag (or in this case Capture the football) and get it back to your team’s side by running it across the boundary line. If the ball drops for any reason (failed throw, etc.) it goes back to the “flag circle”.  It was a beautiful night to be our on the Dunes and the Sand team was victorious again! On Friday evening we played the Newlywed game! After having a week of getting to know our fellow cabin mates, it was time to see which cabin knew their friends the best. Each girl got a turn to play and fun facts were revealed such as: How many siblings do they have? Do they have any pets? What’s their favorite color? What kind of shampoo did they bring to camp? This game is always a camp favorite because its so neat to learn fun facts about everyone! On Saturday evening we did the Lip Sync and all of the cabins were decked out in costume and prepared to perform their lip sync and dance to their selected song. The competition was judged by three counselors in character, which always amounts to great fun! It’s no wonder Lip Sync is a favorite! The cabin of Breezeway got the highest score so they were declared winner! Lastly, on Sunday we joined together for Council Fire after our all camp beach day on Sunday afternoon!

Trips: During the first week of camp we had a large group of 5th, 6th, and 7th graders go out on a trip to the Nordhouse Dunes which are a few hours south. They learned camping skills including putting up tents, cooking over the stove, and how to live in the woods and take care of the land. They went swimming and enjoyed sunshine and game playing!

Highlights: There were many highlights this week, but to narrow it down to 3 specifics: campers all shared that they loved getting to know one another and meeting new people. They also loved playing in the water at beach period, and lastly they loved all of the various evening activities!

Summer Theme: Our summer theme is “Our Perfect Principle” and during this first week of camp we simply introduced the theme and shared the five subtopics- Perfect God, Perfect Man, Perfect Love, Perfect Peace, and Perfect Harmony. It was shared that with Perfect God comes Perfect Man and this is sustained by Perfect Love which is gives place to Perfect Harmony and Perfect Peace. Each week more will be shared about each of these topics starting with the foundation: Perfect God!

We are looking forward to another wonderful week here on the shores of Lake Michigan!

Bugle Call – Week 7 – 2015

Hello family and friends! This week Kohahna ladies had a fantastic time wrapping up the summer session, rain or shine! This week’s metaphysical subtopic for Heights of Mind was good judgement. We focused on the idea that through employing good judgement we express strength, courage, and wisdom.  Mrs. Eddy writes in our text book, “No wisdom is wise but His wisdom; no truth is true, no love is lovely, no life is Life but the divine; no good is, but the good God bestows” (S&H 275:17). God’s wisdom guides our every step, our every decision, and our moral stance. It was a powerful lesson to start the week off right.

Monday afternoon, Kohahna girls participated in activities such as Beach Steps Maintenance Fun (helping to repair the erosion caused by the storm), Riflery, Ceramics level passing, One Direction Inflection, some scene work for an upcoming play, Tennis tournament preparation, barn beautification, and a bike ride. That evening, we played a high scoring game of Dune Football at the Sand Bowl.

On Tuesday, campers took part in activities such as Horseback Riding, a Beach Walk, SIlversmithing, Gnome Home Building, and a Glaz-a-thon. That evening Kohahna hosted Super Hero Training, where the girls dressed up in their best super hero costumes and trained to fight villains. Activities included a superhero obstacle course, learning the Minion language, Minion on Deck, and Initiatives. Upon learning to be superheroes, the whole girls camp came together to defeat the villains, and “rescue Kathleen”. A few water balloons couldn’t hold the campers back and they accomplished their task of saving Kathleen from the villains.  Naturally, celebratory icy pops were in order!

As it is every week, this Wednesday was Cabin Day! A day of activities that celebrate the love we have for our cabin mates. Cabin day activities included Tie Dye t-shirts, Hippie Day (bareback horseback riding, flower crowns, etc.), T-Shirt making and a water balloon fight, Easter, a Paint war and Cabin T-shirts, and a Bike Ride to 360 lookout. The evening was wrapped up with a testimony service at which CT’s prepared the readings. We love cabin day!

Thursday was a sunshiny day complete with activities such as Horse Show Preparation, Dance and Drama show preparation, Swim Level Passing, Glaze the Daze Away, Archery, Hipster Hangout, Silversmithing Project Wrap Up, Tie Dye, and Climbing. That evening we put on the highly anticipated, end of the session Dance and Drama show, where the girls showcase all of their Drama and Dance work up to this point. Certain requirements to pass activity levels in Drama and Dance include but are not limited to performing a solo, choreographing a group dance, and performing a monologue. On Thursday, some girls were able to complete these requirements in order to pass levels!

On Friday, we began our preparation for the final days at Kohahna. In the afternoon, each cabin held a packing party so that all of the girls could ready themselves for departure. We followed this up with cabin picnics where the girls had dinner in their cabins and enjoyed cabin bonding time. After dinner wrapped up, we headed to the lodge for Final Council Fire. At Council Fire, we learned of many achievements including Expert level passing. Each girl who earns her Expert level in an activity is honored with a speech commemorating her hard work and dedication to the activity in which she excelled. We also found out who received the final Honor Cabin award for the summer, first time perfect dippers, returning perfect dippers, and the seventh week K girls. Kathleen also wrapped up the summer theme: Heights of Mind; each of us reflected on which quality from the summer, either good judgment, love, limitlessness, patience, or integrity, that we felt we had expressed most thoroughly or that we would like to continue to strive to express.  It was a Council fire of quiet reflection on the goodness we have joyously experienced this summer as well as the commemoration of our achievement.

The following day, Saturday, was Encore day! The girls were excited to share their growth and achievement with family and friends. There truly has been excellence in achievement on all fronts of activities at Kohahna this summer. In the morning, parents watched on as their daughters played in the Tennis Tournament, Kayaked, participated in the Horse Show, climbed on the Climbing Wall, participated in Camp Crafts, Swing Danced, etc. After a picnic style lunch under tents on the Great House lawn, Kohahna and Leelanau came together to present a medley of performance pieces in the Leelanau Lodge. At Encore, the Kohahna girls sang musical theater songs such as So Long, Farewell from the The Sound of Music, performed numbers from the Dance Show as well as a co-ed Swing Dance number, showed off the Wildwood Pine Show Kickline, and sang our very own rendition of Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud. Afterwards, the girls played a classic game of Sand versus Pines Bombardment at the tennis courts. It was a day filled with fun and we were so grateful to share it with our family and friends. 

That evening, the Kohahna girls donned their whites and headed across the Great Lawn to the Final Banquet at the Great House. After having a great dinner of roasted vegetables, bowtie macaroni and cheese, chicken breast, beef tips, salad, and, of course, mama spatch for dessert, we commenced our celebration of achievement and announced this summer’s awards. Among those awards given were the Merit Hat Award (a hat signifying at least two advanced and two expert levels passed in the four activity fields), the Kohahna Rose (an award given to a camper who embraced what  camp has to offer, and has blossomed with confidence this summer), Illuminata (an individual voted on by the campers as a spirited and loving leader and friend), Camp Spirit (awarded to a Waukeena and Wildwood who have fully taken advantage of what camp has to offer and expresses all that Kohahna stands for including the K-qualities), Trail Blazer (the highest award in Trips), and Most team points (awarded to the Wildwood and Waukeena who achieved most team points). The banquet culminated in the reveal of which team, Pine or Sand, won this summer. The Pines succeeded this summer in having their team name emblazoned next to the year 2015, as this summer’s winner! Both teams worked so incredibly hard this summer; the competition was sportsmanlike and very evenly matched! After the banquet concluded, the night was not over!

Next, the campers headed back down to camp for the Pine Bow Ceremony, where we gather at the old Council Fire ring in the Pine Forest and share our gratitude for the summer and then cast a Pine Bow into the fire. The whole hearted, sincere gratitude was indicative of the growth in grace and in our expression of love this summer. We love Kohahna!

This summer, as we’ve accended the “Heights of Mind” we have done so with love, joy, grace, confidence,  and enthusiasm! We look forward to being in touch all year long to continue our growth in grace, and celebration of the success of the summer!