Week One Camper Articles – 2011

Alexa, Age 12

Cabin: Windward

This summer I got the opportunity to go on a rock climbing trip. We learned about rock climbing and the climbing commands, which are on belay, the belay is on, climbing, climb on, etc. We also learned to belay the person who is climbing which is a life-long skill! Next we got opportunities to climb the wall here at camp. Then the day after that we packed all of the group gear like food, stove, tents etc. The when we woke up the next  morning after breakfast we found out that it was not safe to climb at the Grand Ledge because of the rain but the news didn’t stop us one bit!  Of course Pippi and Kayle the two Kohahna trips counselors had a backup plan which was to go climb at the Leelanau School. Even though it was not real rock we had such a blast climbing the wall in the Leelanau

Katie, Age 15

Cabin: Breezeway

This is my first year at camp Kohahna and I LOVE IT! Everyone is so mice and welcoming. I feel like I have been here forever. There is such a strong sense of sisterhood here. Everyone look out for each other and is so supportive. It’s only been four days and my cabin is really close already. The counselors are amazing as are the campers and the CT’s. I Love Kohahna!!!

Sophie, Age 14

Cabin: Breezeway

This week I was in waterskiing. J I passed my beginner & was able to get up on my 2nd try. I was worried starting out because the last time I skied I fell. But the counselors were so supportive and helped me want to try to get up! I was so glad they were there to help. I am now working on my intermediate and am able to hold the tow rope between my knees! So Fun! I love Kohahna and the opportunity it brings.

Ryan, Age 14

Cabin: Cherokee

The weeks I have at camp, are the weeks that I excel most as a Christian Scientist. One of the quotes in the lesson this week by Mary Baker Eddy states, “ When the final physical and moral effects of Christian Science are fully apprehended, the conflict between truth and error, understanding and belief, Science and material sense, foreshadowed by the prophets and inaugurated by Jesus will cease, and spiritual harmony reign.” I feel that at camp that we express spiritual harmony all the time and that it is one of the few places in the world where you can have that amazing, spiritual harmony. Before camp I was dealing with an injury that would seem to evaporate only for it to keep appearing. Going into camp I was worried that I would not be able to participate in the activities that involve running, jumping, or any vigorous activity. My mom the morning of camp found some quotes on the subject and then gave the quotes to me. I hadn’t really looked over the quotes thoroughly until the night before water polo. One of the quotes which helped me which is also by Mary Baker Eddy, is “to say that strength is in matter, is like saying that the power is in the lever.”  This helped me out because the lever is not lifting an item, you are! I understood this thought and the next day I played water polo and expressed God’s love to the best of my abilities. I am truly thankful that I am a Christian Scientist, and that I can experience and share healings.

Jeremy,  Age 12

Cabin: Ojibwa

Camp “Oh how I love it so!” When I arrived at camp I felt as though I was home.  It’s like I belong here. Because it is like I said, I love it. When I got here every single person was happy I was back. It does not matter if you for go for 3, 4, or 7 week you’ll have fun.

Summer camps, who doesn’t like them?

An excerpt from an autobiography written at school

By Jeremy, Age 12

Summer camps, who doesn’t like them? Certainly not me, I love them. I have gone to camp for 3 years and this summer will be four. My camp in located near Glen Arbor, Michigan on the Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore. The name of my camp is Leelanau, it has a sister camp called Kohahna. Leelanau is for boys and Kohahna is for girls. I believe that it is awesome, cool, amazing, and exciting. You can choose to go 3 weeks, 4 weeks or even 7 weeks. I go for 7 weeks. You might think it would be a waste of your summer but it is exactly the opposite. I have made many new friends. One of my best friends there is named Wells. The activities there include: archery, arts & crafts, border camp, swimming, water skiing, canoeing, sailing, nature, silversmithing, riflery, horseback riding, tennis, land sports, and many other things. My favorites are archery, arts & crafts, border camp, silversmithing, and riflery.

The counselors there are nice. They listen whenever you have a problem and will help you with whatever you need even during the school year on e-mail or facebook. The counselors aren’t just counselors, they end up being your friend and you might even end up calling them family.

This is a beautiful place with many trees and a vast lake called Lake Michigan. Last year, 2010, I created a club there called SMALL and Awesome for the people who are, well, small and awesome. Remember Wells who I told you about. He is in that club. I made a plaque for the club and listed the names of the members. My mom was awesome enough to make t-shirts for the members and me. Those are only some of the mean great things about my summer camp and I think it is amazing.



Cabin: Trail’s End

As I began to write this speech on humility, I decided to start from the beginning.  I looked up the definition of humility: “The state or quality of being humble, the absence of pride or self assertion.”  So then I started thinking, how many different forms and uses of the word there are.  There is humble, humbler, humblest, humbled, humbling, humbleness and humbly.  I asked myself, if there are that many grammatical forms of the word, exactly how many times and ways do we put those forms into action?  In order to answer that question, I had to decide what I think true expressions of humility are.  In Miscellaneous Writings, Mary Baker Eddy wrote, “humility is no busy body: it has no moments for trafficking in other people’s business, no place for envy, no time for idle words, vain amusements, and all the et cetera of the ways and means of personal sense” (p. 356). When one is truly humble they don’t know jealously or anger, they don’t waste time with things that aren’t empowering, helpful, or worthy of our time.  Humility is a spiritual quality expressed by honesty and love.  Perhaps humility is as simple as taking the time to listen to a friend, admitting when we are wrong and apologizing, or not taking the easy way out. So how, exactly, does this apply to us?  How can we use all this knowledge in our every day lives?  Well, here is a personal story I would like to share.

A few years ago, I moved to a new school.  It was very difficult for me to leave my familiar home and friends and move across the country.  As the year progressed, I was still having trouble making friends and becoming happy and settled in my new high school.  I couldn’t shake the feelings of not belonging, of not being worthy enough to talk to, and I even began to think that I was different and couldn’t possible “fit in”.  Unfortunately, it took me awhile to realize that none of this was true. We all know the commandment “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” I realized that in order to do this, we must first love ourselves.  What a humbling moment.  I realized right then and there that “love is reflected in love”.  I needed to take myself out of the equation.  I needed to be meek and loving towards others and stop punishing them for their so-called “neglect”.  On my journey to finding the “real me”, I grew to appreciate myself and others, make meaningful friendships, and enjoy my time at school.  By expressing graciousness, understanding, humility, joy and love, I grew happier as an individual.  I was also able to recognize and cherish all the good in my life.

Humility is also expressed when we quiet our thought and listen to God’s direction.  Sometimes our plan isn’t the same as God’s plan.  I wasn’t initially planning on being a CT this summer, but my friend helped me realize that my right place this summer was at camp.  So I took my human will out of the equation and let God lead me.  This was the best decision I could have made because God’s plan is always far superior to our own.  I am so very grateful to be at camp this summer, and also for all the knowledge that I have gained.  So, it is always beneficial to humbly take a step back, focus on how you can help others, and listen for God’s direction.  By being humble and loving, you will ultimately receive so much love and goodness in return!


Katie C., age 15

Cabin: Breezeway

What is Love?  How do you express it?  Maybe with a hug, a smile, or a high five?  When you’re truly expressing Love, you are sincere. When you’re being sincere you are completely honest and truthful, and your words have more meaning.  No one wants to hear someone ramble on about something they don’t care about.  When people are being truthful and honest, their words have more depth and interest.

Imagine it’s Christmas time and you’re opening presents.  Would you rather receive five hundred toothbrushes or a puppy? Probably the puppy, right?  Well, sincerity in your words and actions work the same way.  It’s better to give someone a compliment and really mean it, than to give someone 20 compliments that are half-hearted or not even sincere at all.  It’s still nice to smile and give compliments, but you have to make sure you mean it, because when you really mean what you say and do, it reaches others better and shows you’re being truly loving.

With sincerity, there’s no sarcasm or hidden meanings behind words and actions. This topic ties in with humility as well.  Part of being humble and sincere is not expecting anything in return.  For example, let’s say you tell someone you like their shoes.  You didn’t do that just to gain a compliment back; you just genuinely thought they had cool shoes. Since you’re being sincere in your words and actions, the recipient knows they’ve truly earned it and, therefore, your words are more credited and valuable. If you have a tendency of being insincere, your words might be overlooked or disregarded.

Practicing sincerity is also helpful in the long run.  I once heard someone say, “Thoughts become your words, words become your actions, actions become your habits and habits become your life.”  If you stay sincere in thought and action, then you are careful with not only the words you choose to say, but the thoughts you choose to think about as well.  Therefore sincerity is very important for life in general, because, like I said before, when you have sincerity it adds more depth and meaning to your words and actions, which will eventually add more depth and meaning to your whole life!

The great thing about camp is that everybody sincerely loves each other.  We speak words of kindness and encouragement.  What makes these words even more meaningful to everyone is the feeling of sincerity behind them. Even if someone confronts you about something you need to change or work on, they talk to you with the utmost respect and love. If they weren’t expressing the sincerity needed to confront you, then instead they would have complained to others about your flaws without challenging you to face the problem and grow from it.

There was a week this summer when my counselors felt I didn’t earn any K-beads. At first it sounded like I did something bad and that’s why I didn’t get beads, but that wasn’t the case at all.  They just felt I didn’t grow a whole lot that week and that I could strive for higher things.  In this act, my counselors proved to be very loving and sincere because a) they told me what I could honestly work on to challenge myself to grow and b) they made me trust that I was rewarded with beads when I had truly earned them.

This summer I have grown so much spiritually and mentally, thanks to my amazing counselors.  Really everybody has helped me with their sincere words and smiles.  People can tell when you’re being sincere, and when you are, who knows?  It could mean the world to someone.


Robin J., age 14

Cabin: Clifftop

When I was in 6th grade, I was very confused on who I was. I copied many people, thinking that only they were creative and I had no creativity at all.  I didn’t know that there are many ways of showing creativity.  It’s not all about drawing, although it could be, but it could be ideas, or even making an idea better.  That year I came to camp for the first time and, of course, made some good friends, and realized a little more about who I was. When it came to school again, I had made more friends from realizing my own talents, and not copying people as much. I had become more social and strong, because I was more creative. Creativity is very important in this year’s theme, “the real me”.  It is defined as “approaching a need, idea, or task from a new perspective”, as in making ideas and tasks better or changing it up a little.  Some ways of expressing it are knowing what your talents are and using them wisely, and noticing situations from more than one perspective.  An example could be if you are mad at someone, look at it from their point of view.  Sharing is a great way of expressing creativity, but listening is an important part of it too.  You could listen to an idea and make it better, or mix it with other ideas.  It’s all about ideas.  In my life now I am very happy, social, have many friends, and am definitely creative. I feel that camp is most of the reason why that is.  I learned about initiatives, which is very important in creativity and leadership. Camp helps me so much.  I had many problems with my sister: fighting, not getting along, and just not being nice.  But I noticed in the definition of creativity, perspective was a big word.  My sister must have been pretty sad when I said something mean about her.  Obviously I should have been nicer.  I started being nice, and we got more and more close.  Now my sister and I get along perfectly…well, almost.  It’s like she’s my best friend.  So, like I said, it’s not all about drawing; it’s about talents, ideas and perspective.  It is definitely an important quality for the “real me”.

Being Alert

Ella C., age 9

Cabin: Stardust

One night when we were doing superlatives, a thought came to me.  That thought was that I was not feeling well.  After I went up to Eagle’s Nest, the first thing the practitioner said was “Where did that thought come from?”  My answer was “error”.  Then the practitioner said you don’t need to listen to error.  She said “Listen to God.”  In the morning everything was better.  The point of this healing is you need to be alert to bad thoughts and to all your surroundings.  If you’re walking on a trail and you’re just looking down and not paying attention to your surroundings, you could trip and fall on a root, but if you pay attention to your surroundings you will see all the beautiful surroundings and probably not trip.

If you’re being alert, good things will come.  For example, if you quickly glanced over the activities sheet and did not really look hard at the morning activities, you could have missed your favorite activity.  So you need to stay alert to what’s going on around you.

Be aware of everything, not just the big things, but little things.  For example, if it was Saturday clean up and an announcement came on saying “no beach, everyone go to the Great House”, and no one in your cabin was staying alert, you would not know where to go.  If you are playing capture the flag and you’re only looking at the flag and not watching to see if others are going to tag you, you will get tagged.  If you are really being alert, you will be aware of other people’s feelings too.  You can do this in your cabin and in your activities.  You should be alert to the little things, not only the big things, so you should be alert to everything, not only certain things.

Being Bold

Ruth C., age 11

Cabin: Falling Star

What is boldness?  Well, it’s not just having courage.  Boldness can also be standing out, being an individual. You don’t have to just blend in.  Boldness is also moral courage.

For example, pretend you’re on the water tramp at beach period and your friend suggests diving off, even though you are not supposed to.  The “brave” thing to do would be to say, “OK, I’m game.”  However, the bold thing to do would be to stand up for what’s right and say “Hey, that’s not safe. Let’s not dive, just jump like we usually do.”

Boldness is standing out from the crowd. You don’t need to be self-conscious or anything, just be yourself.  That might mean wearing hot pink, or singing really loud in the shower, but you should never be afraid to express yourself.  Bold doesn’t mean crazy, just being an individual.

How do we express this quality in our daily lives at camp?  Boldness might be having the courage to go up to the visitor and say, “Hi, are you having fun?  My name is Ruth, what’s yours?”  Boldness might also be sailing alone, being confident that you know what you’re doing.  There are so many opportunities to be bold throughout the day.

Think about bold markers.  They leave behind a thick, bright line of color, whereas thin markers or pens have rather dull colors and thin lines.  Each bold marker has its own bright, wonderful color.  This is like us, each expressing God in our own way as individuals.

Sometimes we might confuse other qualities with boldness.  For instance, have you ever heard of the difference between bravery and courage?  Courage is boldness conquering fear and doing what’s right.  Bravery, however, might just be doing foolish things to impress your friends.  Maybe you had to get over some fear to do it, but that doesn’t make it a good thing.

Some other not-so-good qualities confused with boldness are wildness, loudness, and contradiction.  You can “go against the norm”, so to speak, but you don’t need to do the opposite of what everyone else is doing just to be different. These qualities are just boldness gone too far.  Sometimes a voice needs to be heard, but silence also serves its purpose.  Individuality, courage, moral courage and confidence are all good qualities, vital to boldness.  Boldness is definitely an important part of “The Real Me”.  Let’s continue to be bold, even after leaving camp.


Nikki M., age 12

Cabin: Evergreen

“Love thine enemy as thyself.”  I think this quote perfectly describes forgiveness.  You should love your enemy like yourself because they are a perfect reflection of God, like you.  You should forgive them for any wrong they have done, like you should forgive yourself.  Well, before I get into self-forgiveness, let me explain about forgiveness first.  A definition of forgiveness is, “clearing the record of those who have wronged you and not holding a grudge”.  So you shouldn’t hold a grudge against an enemy, or even a friend, if they did something bad to you.  You should see the true selfhood of that person and their perfect reflection of God.   I know a question you may have by listening to this is “why should I forgive someone if they did something bad?”  And this is a good question.  I know it can be very hard to forgive, but it is definitely worth doing it, whether it is a good friend, family member, or enemy.  You wouldn’t want to lose a close friend or miss an opportunity to make a new one by not forgiving someone.  At home, my brother and I fight a lot.  It’s not fun for either of us because we end up getting mad at each other and getting in trouble.  My grandma told me that I should try to get along with my brother because he will be my best friend in life, and he is my family.  After thinking about this, I want to get along better with him when I get home.

Forgiveness does not just apply to family, friends and enemies.  It also can apply to yourself.  Let’s say you mess up on a test and get a bad grade.  Are you going to hate yourself, give up on tests and school, and be miserable?  Or are you going to say, “It’s alright, it’s just one test, so maybe I need to study harder for the next one. God gives me all the knowledge I need to take tests.”  That’s just one example of self-forgiveness.  I believe you should always forgive yourself if you mess up because…well, what are you going to do if you don’t?  And we are all perfect children of God, right?  God expresses forgiveness and that means we can too. One person I think of is Jesus.  He healed everyone, forgave people for their sins, and never stopped spreading the word of God. He said, “Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake;…so persecuted they the prophets before you.”  What I think Jesus meant by this was when you are doing good, and people try to stop you, don’t let them.  If they tease you, don’t let that stop you.  If they try to make you do the wrong thing, don’t let them.  Jesus forgave the Pharisees every time they tried to stop him from spreading the word of God.  They said he was breaking the laws, and other excuses.  They made him go on the cross.  But he always forgave them for whatever they did.  We can follow his example today by forgiving others, and even ourselves.

I think forgiveness is a great quality to have, and to improve on.  Think about all the little ways we express forgiveness at camp.  Maybe your cabin-mate is a little grumpy in the morning.  Or maybe someone hits you with a ball in bombardment.  I would forgive them instantly and I know others would too.  I talked to a girl about the Challenge, and she said they forgive each other all the time.  And that’s the thing that is so great about camp.  We see forgiveness expressed in so may little and big ways that makes it great as a whole.  I want to tell you the definition of forgiveness one more time. Forgiveness is clearing the record of those who have wronged you and not holding a grudge.

More Camper Articles – 2010

Glynnis H., age 12

Cabin:  Evergreen

This is my first year at Camp Kohahna. I really enjoy the delicious feed and the fun activities! This week I was in swimming and kayaking. I really like all of the things that we do in swimming. This week we worked on passing levels and having fun! We got to go to the clay pits and play in the soft and mushy clay. Also we went to Pyramid Point and on the way we looked for Petoskey stones.  In kayaking we got to pass levels.  I passed beginner.  Then we got to have fun!  We got to stand up in our kayaks and goof around.  Both of the counselors/teachers that showed me how to do these things were fun and very nice.  They made my week so much fun!  The food here at camp is amazing.  The people here always make sure that you get enough to eat.  My favorite thing for breakfast is bacon.  Then my favorite meal for lunch is a turkey with cheese sandwich.  Bur for dinner I don’t have a favorite dish.  At camp you have to learn to have very good manners, no elbows on the table and napkins in your lap.  I ♥ Camp Kohahna!

Julia S., age 7

Cabin: Little Dipper

I’m from Florida and I like sports and at camp I have a lot of fun. I like going to the clay pits. My cabin mates are Sidney, Peyton, Aina and Gloria. My counselors are Jewelle and Lindsay. I’m going to be having a new cabin mate and I’m working on orderliness.

Peyton H., age 6

Cabin: Little Dipper

The horses are fun to ride and to play with. I like to give them a bath. Horseback riding is my favorite activity because I get to be outside with the horses.  For my beginner level, I learned the body parts of the horse.  I also went on a trail ride and my horse, Tommy, trotted a little bit!  He is a fun horse.  The horseback riding counselors teach you a lot and are very nice.  They help me learn how to tighten my rein, how to keep the horse going and how to go in circles.  Horseback riding is the best activity ever!

Ella C., age 9

Cabin: Stardust

I love camp.  This is my second year.  Last year, my first year, my dad signed me up for horseback riding but noted that I had a fear of horses. So the first day of horseback riding I did not get on the horse.  The second day I finally got on but didn’t ride. For the rest of the week I did not ride.  When I got home I told my dad and he told me that error is just trying to stop me from having fun.  I thought about that for the rest of the year and it helped me in a lot of things this year. When I came back, the first day of horseback riding I groomed and tacked Mamaspatch (one of my favorite horses).  When we were in the ring, on my first try I got on and started to ride.  It felt so great, so thank you dad for that thought! J

Wells D., age 11

Cabin:  Barabados

The Flag Trip

The most fun thing I have done this camp session was the backwoodsman flag trip.  The backwoodsman flag trip is an overnight in the woods where all day you play tackle capture the flag.  It is North vs. South, and you must cook your own food and set up your camp, including lashing together a wooden jail, tying your flag in the trees, and setting up your tents.  It is a great experience because you get to be in the forest and camp out for two days.  I got the first flag for the South team, which felt really good!  The North team won, but that’s OK.  Even though we lost by 20 points it was still the most fun thing that I have ever done.  And I can’t wait till next year!

Tommy D., age 10

Cabin: Tortuga

The Backwoodsman Flag Trip

The backwoodsman flag trip was really fun because I got make dinner.  I made mac and cheese for dinner.  Then I went on a raid and I got a flag.  Then we had s’mores.

Reed T., age 13

Cabin: Shoshonis

I am going into 8th grade and am in the cabin of Shoshonis.  I love trips and am going for my Advanced Outdoorsman.  One thing you have to do is a Logisist Course.  This is where you plan the whole trip but don’t lead it. It is practice fro actually instructing a trip.  I did this course on the Boardman River overnight.  It was pretty fun and good canoeing and the river was moving pretty fast.  It was also pouring down rain. This is where Christian Science at camp is so helpful.  I kept the thought of “Today is the day the Lord hath made” in my thought.  We got through the trip fine and had a great time.  That is why I love camp. The mixture of adventure and spirituality makes that great blend which makes this camp so unique.  That is why I love camp.

Brian M, age 12

Cabin: Sea Hornet

This week for cabin day, my cabin went to the beach.  It was fun.  We launched water balloons at each other while we were in the water area.  We did that for awhile, then when Tortuga was walking back from their cabin day we ambushed them and attacked them with water balloons.  That was my favorite cabin day.

Week 6 Camper Articles – 2010

Reese B., age 9

Cabin: Gulls Nest

God Is Love

One day while my cabin was having cabin day we went out to the lake and we brought a windsurfing board.  I was happily swimming when I came up for air and banged my head on the windsurfing board.  My first thought was “I am hurt” but then I remembered Christian Science.  I know that God is love and I could never be hurt.  My counselor and I were walking up to the beach talking about this and I realized that I was just being silly.  I stopped crying and two minutes later I was back in the water having a wonderful time.  I hope other kids will learn from my story that God is Love and you can never leave His care.

Sawyer B., age 11

Cabin:  Barbados

The flag trip is one of the best camp experiences you can have.  When you get tackled, immediately they help you up.  Even if you don’t get a flag, you have fun trying.  I even had fun being tackled.  I can’t wait for it next summer.

Joey W., age 14

Cabin:  Shoshonis

This past week I was too old for the backwoodsman flag trip and there were no open spots on the flag trip, so I had to go on a climbing trip.  I was somewhat upset by this, but climbing is awesome so I didn’t complain.

After the car ride, singing all the way, we got to our destination of beautiful rock faces, and pure water dripping from caves in the side of the cliff walls.  It was an experience that would stay with me forever.  Trips ROCK!

Marshall M., age 11

Cabin:  Barbados

On Monday night we played a really fun game called Biscuit Mayhem.  It’s basically played like Capture the Flag.   I enjoyed this game because I could really just express myself and run around and have fun.  The rules are a little different from the original capture the flag game.  When I was coming to camp, I was a little nervous because it was my first year, but I knew that we would be playing a lot of fun games.  Biscuit Mayhem was one of them.  After playing that game, I just couldn’t wait to play it again.  I thought it was great exercise and great fun, the most fun game I’ve played at camp so far.

Landon S., age 11

Cabin:  Tortuga


This week at camp I had lots of fun, but the most fun was the backwoodsman flag trip.  We were judged on everything, like meals and sportsmanship.  We were also judged on teamwork.  I got two flags.  I loved it.  It is something I am looking forward to next year.

Junior Camper, age 9

Cabin:  Black Swan

Friday is my favorite day of the week because that night we have pizza and milk shakes, and right after that we have soccer, my favorite sport.  We all try our best and have a great time.  We play with all of our might and when we fall down, we care, and help each other up.