Cannon Report – Week 4 – 2021

KaBoom, Boom, Boom, Boom!!

Week 4 for some, Week 1 for others, and what a week it was for everybody at Camp!!  For Second Session parents that are beginning to take an interest in the goings on at Camp this summer, the Sammy 5000 is HQ’s computer that calculates Star Totals, Inspection Results, and produces all of the essential figures that help Camp Leelanau operate on a daily basis.  From things like temperature of the water at dips to how many pancakes the Cabin of Iroquois consumed on Monday.  All the essential figures come from the Sammy.  So let’s take a look at the numbers!

Number of 4-week Seniors that took the Bar Exam swim test:  20
Number of 4-week Seniors that passed their level three at the Bar Exam: 20
Number of 4-week Juniors that took the Bar Exam swim test: 14
Number of 4-week Juniors that passed their level three at the Barn Exam: 7
Number of 4-week Juniors that got switched into Swimming Class after the Bar Exam: 7
Number of trays of Fried Chicken served on Super Tuesday at our Picnic at the Shallows: 3
Number of empty trays of Fried Chicken returned to the Kitchen after our Picnic:  3
Number of dinner rolls served on Super Tuesday at our Picnic at the Shallows:  150
Number of dinner rolls returned to the Kitchen after our Picnic at the Shallows: 0
Number of pans of Pasta Salad served at our Picnic at the Shallows:  1
Number of full pans of Pasta Salad returned to the Kitchen after our Picnic: 1

Needless to say, these boys can eat.  But the Olives and other Indicators of Flavor in the Pasta Salad were a little too ambitious when there was Fried Chicken and Rolls to fill up on.
Number of Moose seen by the crew that hiked Isle Royale this week: 5
Number of calf and cow pairs of Moose seen from an appropriate and safe distance by the crew that hiked Isle Royale: 2
Number of childless cow Moose that took a too close and amorous appreciation of our Trips Counselors: 1
Number of miles fled by our Trips Counselors to avoid further amorous attention from a childless cow Moose: 1.5
Number of Leelanau Campers signed up for Sailing this week: 2
Number of Leelanau Campers that got to ride on a sailboat during evening activity time at the beach on Friday to introduce them to Sailing on Lake Michigan: 25
Number of Leelanau Campers that requested Sailing as their first or second choice of Activities for week 5:  23

Sailing is an amazing activity on Lake Michigan and we are SO grateful we have the beachfront again this year to support it properly.  One might suspect collusion or cohersion on the part of the sailing counselor to get such a great showing at signups, but honestly we still can’t believe even after that beautiful evening sail some kids still prefer RCA.

All in all, a great first week to kick off the session.  The cabins are bonding well, the North South competitions have begun in earnest at this point, and the whole camp is humming along and appreciating the proper July weather we’ve been having!

Star totals: North 12,000 and South 11,490

– From the Desk of HQ

Cannon Report – Week 3 – 2021

Ka Boom, Boom, Boom!!!

Week Three in the books, and what an amazing week to finish off a session!  We packed in all sorts of special events for this final week with our 3-week campers and the Sammy 5000 was working in overdrive to keep up with all the numbers.  Let’s take a look…

Number of times the Cannon was fired to welcome the morning of the 4th of July: 10
Number of gallons of red, white, and blue face paint utilized while Camp celebrated the 4th of July: 3 (one gallon per color)
Number of Sugar Cookies the kitchen made to help Camp celebrate the 4th of July: 210
Number of gallons of red, white, and blue frosting utilized to decorate the Sugar Cookies the kitchen made to help Camp celebrate the 4th of July: 6 (2 per color)
Number of gallons of ambiguous red, white, and blue product on Junior Section clothing by the end of the celebrations of the 4th of July: 11

We are not sure how it aggerated to be greater than the sum of its parts, or what the rest of Camp did for face paint and frosting, but wow did those Juniors have fun on the 4th!

Number of Grievances the Junior Section registered against HQ: 11
Number of Grievances the Junior Section registered against HQ related to dessert portions and bedtimes: 6
Number of Grievances the Junior Section registered against HQ related to how often they are required to shower: 5 (one Grievance per shower night)
Number of Water guns stored in the Junior section cache of arms: 27
Number of Juniors that participated in the raid on HQ for Afternoon Activity: 14

Needless to say the Juniors were well armed and enthusiastic about overthrowing the benevolent dictatorship that is HQ.  After a delightful water fight a resolution was reached; the Juniors will now have earlier bedtimes, more showers,  and smaller dessert portions.  J

Number of Campers that attended the North Manitou Trip: 7
Number of Raincoats each camper was instructed to bring on the North Manitou Trip: 1
Number of Raincoats that went on the North Manitou Trip: 5
Number of hours of continuous rain on North Manitou Island while our boys were there: 18
Number of trash bags that were effectively converted into raincoats for this trip: 1.5

The operative word there is effectively, the boys had a great time and spirits were never dampened.  One trash bag held up beautifully, the other seemed more prone to catching every single pokey branch on the trail.  J

Number of current men living in HQ: 3
Number of current and former Head Counselors at Camp this summer: 5
Number of current and former Head Counselor cumulative years of Head Counseling: 9
Number of “Best Head Counselor Ever” Awards given at Funny Awards on Friday night: 1
Number of heartbroken former Head Counselors: 2
Number of elated current Head Counselors for beating the odds and becoming the first ever camper presented Funny Award recognized as “Best Head Counselor Ever” in just 3 short weeks of Head Counseling: 1

The rest doff their caps to Mr. Jake Sablan.

All in all, an amazing session.  We wrapped things up at Funny Awards on Friday evening sharing highlights and things we learned before heading to the cabins to document a healing.  Those healings are then stored in Eagles Nest to inspire the next session, and the next generation of young men coming to Camp Leelanau and learning, loving, and demonstrating Christian Science.

-From the Desk of HQ

Cannon Report – Week 2 – 2021


Week 2 in the books and the numbers are extremely telling!  The Sammy 5000 has been working overtime this week to crank out some excellent numbers.  Let’s take a look.

Comedic War

Two Weeker Departures

Number of South Juniors playing on the Junior Flag Trip on Monday:  12
Number of North Juniors playing on the Junior Flag Trip on Monday: 14
Number of CTs and Counselors facilitating and supporting the Junior Flag Trip:  16
Number of Box Lunches ordered from the kitchen for the Junior Flag Trip:  36

For those keeping score at home that adds up to “Sorry CT’s, we might have forgotten to count you in the Lunch numbers!”  But don’t worry Mom’s we tracked down extra sandwiches for those CT boys.  J

Final Flag Score of the Trip, North 8 – South 4.  Good job North Juniors!

Number of Campers in Black Swan: 4
Number of Counselors in Black Swan: 2
Number of hours in Cabin Day: 2.5
Number of hours spent trying to rig or detangle fishing poles and reels: 2.25
Number of Fish caught using fishing poles, bait, and tackle on the Crystal River during Cabin Day: 0
Number of Fish caught with bare hands by some very quick and tenacious small children: 8
Number of Fish caught by Counselors at all: 0

Number of total miles covered by the crew that hiked Pictured Rocks this week:  31.2
Number of total miles covered in their longest hiking day on Tuesday: 15.3
Number of hours it took that crew to cover their mileage on Tuesday: 12.5
Number of miles the CT boys hiked the following day when they got a little turned around over by Shell Lake: 10.4
Number of hours the CT boys took to cover that distance:  2.8

Moral of the story; if you set out for a nice long hike, feel free to take your time.  But if you were supposed to zig and instead zagged…take a note from the CT’s and hustle!

 Number of Comedy and Performance Acts presented by each team in the North/South Comedic War of Attrition on Friday:  9
Number of Acts that involved campers in dresses:  8
Number of Campers that were extremely reticent to return their dresses to the Costume Room after the event:  all of them!

Number of Two-Week Campers we had to say goodbye to on Saturday morning: 6
Number of Two-Week Campers that have already enthusiastically assured us they will be back for a full 3 week or longer session next summer: 6

We will certainly miss those fellows but are very excited to dig deep into this final week with our Three Weekers and make some amazing moments!

Star Totals:  North 5925, South 4700

-From the Desk of HQ

Cannon Report – Week 1 – 2021


And we are off and running into Summer! And the Sammy 5000 is already working overtime.  The Sammy 5000 is HQ’s computer, tasked with calculating Star Totals, tabulating Inspection Results, coordinating with the Spirit of the Manitou on Team assignments, and all of Camp Leelanau’s computation needs.

Well, with Week One in the books, it seems like a good time to share a few of the numbers the ole Sammy spit out this week:

Number of kids arrived on Sunday for Opening Day: 52
Number of kids wearing the proper clothing for Council Fire: 48
Number of kids in Black Swan: 4


Number of degrees on Monday Afternoon for the Bar Exam: 54
Number of kids that passed the swim test in that weather: 5
Number of degrees on Tuesday Afternoon for the rescheduled Swim Test for the Juniors: 64
Number of kids that passed the swim test that day: 45

Feeling pretty good about that decision.

Number of Lessons the CTs received on their Night Hike with Weldon and Pippi on Monday: 26
Number of nails bent while building the CT project:  112
Number of times the CTs referred to lesson #12 about Perseverance while bending nails for their project:  17

(at least those were the ones that were stated out loud.)

Number of Cabins we are using this session: 7
Number of Cabin Days that opted for something on dry land: 6
Number of times the kids in Cherokee had to be towed on their paddleboards because the wind was so strong around Pyramid Point:  16
Number of Minutes late Cherokee was to Flag Lowering that night: 0

Strong work Cherokee Campers and Counselors, but maybe next time don’t try and Paddleboard to the Shipwreck with such a firm southwest wind.  J

Number of Dodgeballs at Camp Leelanau:25
Number of Dodgeballs needed for Junior Bombardment: 12
Number of Dodgeballs used for Camo Dodgeball with the Seniors: 13
Number of Dodgeballs now at Camp Leelanau: 15

Seniors aren’t the best at finding the Dodgeballs in the woods after a hearty evening activity of Camo Dodgeball, maybe if all of Leelanau’s Dodgeballs weren’t Leelanau Green…Hmmm.

Number of Days since we’ve had Rain in Leelanau County Prior to Monday: 43
Number of inches of rain received at Camp between Monday and Sunday:  38
Number of pairs of dry socks and shoes in Camp Leelanau: 0

It’s been a wet one this week, but the spirits have not once been dampened.  The opportunities to play together in the Lodge, to run around in the rain playing Human Stratego or Zesty Capture the Flag, to slide around at Saturday Night Soccer, and celebrate each other in new ways have only made this Camp more united, enthusiastic, and ready to roll into Week 2!

Cannon Report – Week 1 – 2018


Week 1 is already in the books!  It went by faster than Donald Keough running to dips.  (He is consistently the first one down to the changing cabin, once even beating the CTs to their great chagrin.)

Opening Day dawned warm and humid, and after we got the parents on their way, the beach was a welcome respite for all!  Council fire invited 10 new campers and 7 new counselors to learn the specific breed of Siamese Goose they are.  (Another inside joke, sorry!)

Monday brought rain and allowed us a little more time in the cabins to get to know each other and create skits to introduce each other to the rest of Camp.  In the afternoon the skies cleared and we took Bar Lake by storm for our somewhat newly revamped Bar Exam (or swim test.)  The revamping allowed even more time for good wholesome play with footballs, dune jumps, sand castles, and kid launching.

Phat Tuesday brought out all the wacky costumes for both campers and counselors, In the morning we finally settled into our normal morning activity routine, but the afternoon sent the Seniors to the Shallows for Water Polo and the Juniors to the Zipline, rocket launching, and the Frontside of the Dunes.  We all gathered at the Shallows Picnic Area for games and a scrumptious dinner of “Super Chicken.” Captains were elected, congrats to William Johnson and Liam Hubbard of the North Team and Alex Reyes and Joe Coolidge of the South Team!

Wednesday is synonymous with Cabin Day!  We had folks all over Camp playing sports, building forts, hiking to Pyramid Point, cooking over a fire, and scavenger hunting with joy and enthusiasm.

Thursday we sent our littlest campers off on an overnight to the Platte Plains where they hiked two miles, cooked yummy food, played in Lake Michigan, and slept in a tent.  The rest of Camp attended a Christian Science Lecture in Glen Arbor.

If Wednesday means Cabin Day in Leelanau-ese, then Friday means Pizza and Milkshakes for dinner!  The campers know that Weldon and HQ like to shake things up in the Camp Schedule and try new things, but even those guys aren’t dumb enough to try and change something as sacrosanct as Friday Night Pizza and Milkshakes!  And they were totally worth the yearlong wait since last summer!  Yummy!

Saturday dawned a little bit cooler, so the afternoon beach plan shifted wisely to North-South Team Games.  Basketball, Bombardment, Hungry-Hungry Hippos brought out the best sort of competitive spirit in the boys on the Leelanau Courts.

We can’t wait to for all the good that is going to unfold next week!

-From the Desk of HQ

Cannon Report – Week 7 – 2017

Kaboom!!  And out with a Bang!

Hard to believe the week seven Cannon Report’s time has come already.  The weeks move way too fast around here!

We warned the staff, we warned the kids, we told them that if they blinked they would miss it.  Camp just flew by us this summer, and SO MUCH good took place along the way.

On Monday we kicked off seventh week by taking the whole camp to the Shallows for Water Polo.  The big kids played one game, the little kids played their own, and everybody tackled hard, made plays, and gave it their all!

On Tuesday we celebrated the CT’s and all their work this summer with a lovely dinner for them with a few of our Board Members.  Then we headed down to the beach for an evening beach bonanza with sailboats, kayaks, paddleboards, and the raft!

On Wednesday everybody headed in a different direction for their final off camp cabin day.  We had folks at Myles Kimmerle Park, Sugarloaf, Glen Arbor, Devil’s Hole, Sleeping Bear Point, and Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive!  We all regrouped at our beloved church hill for a nonstop, testimony poppin’ Wednesday Evening Service.  It was beautiful to hear all of the good healings and gratitude the kids had to share from a summer at Camp!

On Thursday the weather tried to push us around a little bit.  Morning activities were able to sustain though the wind kept waterskiing on the dock.  Speed and agility kept pace, and riflery saw a special guest with special opportunities for the older boys on the range.  In the evening we gathered in the Lodge for a very special night of sharing and exchanging Funny Awards.  The event was filled with both hilarious and extremely tender moments and ended with a firm reminder from Weldon to take Camp home and live it!

On Friday afternoon we played our final game of the Hunger Games in a steady rain which only made the game that much more awesome!  Following the game we took hot soapy showers and got all scrubbed up for Final Banquet and Final Inspection.  It was a spirited evening with great singing and brotherly voices raised in unison.  Awards were given, achievements recognized, and celebration ensued as the plaques revealed the winner of the year.

Saturday morning brought our final full day together with a memorable encore performance by the Leelanau Band and other acts from the summer.  Our Final Council Fire brought us to our sacred hill one final time to stand together and once more “pledge each other that we’ll keep camping friendships strong and deep…till we meet again.”

Thanks to all that contributed to the amazing summer of 2017.

Till next summer,

The Men of HQ

Cannon Report – Week 6 – 2017

Flag Week!

Senior Flag Trip, Backwoodsmen Flag Trip, New Flag Pole, the list goes on and on!

On Monday, as the Juniors and younger Seniors settled into their regular activities, the Big Boys played Pumpkin Ball and had an inspirational meeting with our Practitioner to prepare for the Senior Flag Trip.  They also loaded the bus and drove to a Christian Science Lecture (with Kohahna) in Charlevoix, MI.  It was a long bus ride, but worth every moment of inspiration to kick off the week.

Tuesday the Big Boys headed into the woods to begin building their structures, cooking their meals, and playing Capture the Flag.

Back at Camp the rest of the crew celebrated Christmas in July for evening activity in a manner that only a group of young boys could.  J  They “sledded” down the waterslide, they acted out their favorite Christmas movies, and they did the “Santa Relay” where they had to haul a laundry bag full of boxes through an obstacle course!

Wednesday the weather came to play at Camp too!  The Backwoodsmen headed out for their overnight Flag Trip.  The Early Birds were kings of Camp.  And at around one in the afternoon the heavens opened up for the largest rain of the summer.  No one was dry!  The Seniors kept their fires burning and their game playing in the loud wetness.  The Backwoodsmen carried on building their jails after hunkering under a tarp for worst of it.  The Early Birds hunkered in their cabins before heading to see the Mud Pits churning with fresh mud!

The sun returned to dry everyone and warm everyone up by evening and the Senior Flag Trippers held an inspired church service on their hill.  The Backwoodsmen persisted to play capture the flag and make dinner out their, but then came and slept on the dry floor of the lodge at bedtime.

Thursday dawned warm, dry, and bright!  Thank the Father!  The Early Birds and Backwoodsmen returned to their normally scheduled activities and the Senior Flag Trip was able to hold a lovely Beach Carnival and tidy up their sites in time for Final Inspection and Final Banquet.

Friday morning brought the whole Camp Family home!  Reunited as a group, the Flag Trippers took an extended rest hour and rejoined Camp with enthusiasm in time for Pizza and Milkshakes!  But before dinner a few burly backwoodsmen, Weldon, and Steve Bluhm worked together to bring the Brand New Camp Flag Pole!  up the hill and upright in front of HQ.  After a six weeks of raising and lowering the American Flag only about 16 feet each day, Camp Leelanau can now proudly hoist Ole’ Glory a full 36 feet into the air!

Friday evening the whole camp took a few reflective moments before heading to the beach for evening sailing, paddle boarding, raft play, and swimming as the sun set on Pyramid Point.  A glorious end to  a glorious week!

Seventh week is upon us…

Until then,

The Men of HQ


Cannon Report – Week 5 – 2017

The days are long here at Leelanau, but the weeks are short!

Hearkening all the way back to the beginning of the week can be a challenge when SO much Good has gone on even in the past 24 hours!

It is time to rely on the good ole Sammy 5000 (HQ’s Computer that calculates inspection results, star totals, table assignments, and all numbers relevant to Camp Leelanau’s operations.)  Let’s see what the Sammy produced this week:

Number of Campers in Argosy – 5

Number of Home Letters turned into HQ without addresses – 5

Number of Address-less Home Letters returned to Campers for Addresses – 5

Number of Address-less Home Letters returned to HQ with Addresses – 0

Number of Home Letter-less families – 5 (presumed, still compiling data)

…So that was Sunday afternoon…we promise it gets better 😉

Number of servings of Super Chicken served to the boys at the Shallows on Tuesday – 280

Number of servings the boys consumed that evening – 276

Percentage of that consumption associated with the Cabin of Shawnee – 43%  (there are ten boys in Shawnee, 54 boys total, it’s a scary number.)

Number of boys that took horseback riding this week – 4

Number of daily compliments HQ received from the KOH riding counselors about the boys’ good manners, abilities to ride, and respectful attitudes in their classes – 19

Square footage of the roof of Tortuga – 400

Number of boys that helped CT’s Baxter and Jaxen utilize their newly learned roofing skills to re-roof Tortuga – 8

Number of total man-hours put into the project of reroofing Tortuga as a morning activity – 43

Number of man-hours a professional outfit would have needed – 10

Highest number of trips up and down the ladder in one day exclusively because the chalk line was dropped – 11

Number of trips that went out with their cabins on Wednesday – 6

Number of Cabins left to attend Cabin Day – 2

Number of miles Cherokee paddled across both Glen Lakes and the Crystal River – 8

Average age of Campers in Cherokee – 14

Number of miles Black Swan paddled on the Platte River – 8

Average age of Campers in Black Swan – 9


Number of Lost and Found items left at the Trips Room associated with CT Luke Anderson after the Cabin trips returned on Thursday – 13

Number of cabin trips Luke Anderson participated in – 0

(The Sammy 5000 cannot fathom nor calculate how so many of Luke’s items left his trunk and laundry bag to return to their seeming native home in the lost and found pile by the Trips Room.)

Total Number of Home Runs dinged at the Home Run Derby on Friday evening by all contestants – 66

Number of those Home Runs associated with the Derby Champion – 31

Final Score of the North/South Baseball Game on Friday Evening – 6-5 South

Number of Hotdogs consumed at the Ole Ball Game – 192

Number of Counselors Hidden for the Counselor Hunt on Saturday afternoon – 10

Number of Counselors found by the Campers – 9

Number of times Campers walked directly past Connor Goering without seeing him – 7

The thing that cannot really be quantified is the amount of growth, healing, and good that has gone on all week.  The boys were delivered a challenge last Sunday at Council Fire to give more of themselves and take better care of their spaces and each other.  On Thursday evening we pulled out the old songbooks and raised voices together in the dining room for thirty minutes after dinner.  The spirit of Camp soared as campers connected more deeply to their legacy and expression of Soul.

We are half way through the second session and cannot wait to jump into the next two weeks with the Senior Flag Trip, Backwoodsmen Flag Trip, and many adventures and opportunities for growth looming ahead of us!

Till next week!

The Men of HQ


Cannon Report – Week 4 – 2017

Week 4 for some, Week 1 for others; Week for won-derful activity for everybody at Camp!!

It is hard believe the first week of the session zoomed by so quickly.  Opening day began bright and fair, even a little bit of rain during cookout could not dampen the joy of Leelanau while welcoming new campers and old friends to gather in the Lodge for Council Fire.

We were out of the gates on Monday with morning activities, a Bar Exam for the 4 weekers, and Senior Bombardment all on the first day of the session.

Bright and early on Tuesday morning 6 of our oldest and boldest left camp before the cannon and drove to Canada to hike on the Coastal Trail of Lake Superior Provincial Park for 5 days.  Their return Saturday at dinner brought a standing ovation from the whole dining room to celebrate their successes and adventures in the North Land.

The rest of Camp hunkered down and dug into their activities, skill building, and memory making here on Pyramid Point.  Weldon led a brave crew with strong backs to rescue the raft from the waves that took it away from our beach.  On Wednesday morning the heavens opened up and drenched us out of Morning Activities which created an opportunity for an All Camp tackle game of Risk (like the board game but running through the woods.)

Wednesday also found us at Hymn sing with Kohahna celebrating the New Supplement Hymnal and slogging through new hymns that few of us knew.  Here at Camp Leelanau we build character in more ways than one.  J

Thursday afternoon a brave group of Backwoodsmen headed down the Pine River for an overnight trip lead by CT Landon Schabes as their Instructor.  They returned with large smiles on Friday after lunch and all reported that Landon had done an outstanding job!

On Friday morning the campers that weren’t on a trip signed up to either run in or cheer for our 4th Annual 5K Run and Fun Run!  Both Camps gathered to cheer and run for this fun event.  With CT Isaac Moothart taking the first place medal for the Campers and second place over all!

Saturday morning saw a small group of brave and talented waterskiers sneak out of bed early and go barefooting on Glen Lake, all of will be walking on water soon enough with all of the good Life that was expressed this week.

The good just keeps on and on!

From the Desk of HQ

Cannon Report – Week 3 – 2017

In a flash…the three-week session comes to an end.

It is hard to believe three weeks can go so fast.

This final week of the session probably felt so fleeting because of all the good, wholesome, and enriching activity that took place.

A few highlights from the week include:

Jr. Bombardment Monday Night, with Sunset Soap Dips!   While the Seniors played E.T. Ball on the field, the Juniors worked hard to swing those dodge balls over the net towards each other.  It is fun to see the progress from Week One Bombardment to Week Three, with improved sportsmanship, poise, and competency among all of the youngsters.

Fourth of July!!  Camp had a BLAST as both Kohahna and Leelanau revolted against the King and Queen of England (Weldon and Pippi) and brought them down with dodge balls and archery tag arrows from the top of the climbing tower.  We marched in the Glen Arbor Parade.  We played games on the soccer field.  We spun sparklers and ate s’mores!

Bringing home the CTs was another highlight of the week.  All eight young men returned from Canada on Friday with large grins, a huge sense of accomplishment, a few mosquito bites, a greater sense of brotherhood, and a heightened reliance on God.  They also had all five very muddy canoes and incredibly smelly clothes.  J

On Thursday evening the whole boys Camp climbed into the Big Blue Bus for an evening of Water Polo and Dunes!  The big boys knocked into each other at the Shallows, while the young ones flew up and down the Frontside of the Dunes.  At showers that night every nook and cranny was de-sanded and the Junior Shower floors looked like a beach!

Cabin Day was another huge highlight for all of the Campers as we sent Shawnee sailing on Glen Lake, Cherokee biking at the VASA Trails, Iroquois Jumping off the Dock at Empire, Barbados spinning on the merri-go-round at Old Settler’s Park, Argosy and Black Swan swimming in Otter Creek, and Shoshonis sneaking around stealing a dip at every other Cabin’s locations!

On the topic of Wednesday our evening testimony was like a game of “Whack-A-Mole!”  The kids were popping up with testimonies so fast the Reader barely had time to say “Thank You.”  It’s a good problem to have when a Camp is filled with so many healings and expressions of gratitude from the Campers!

The Week came to a wonderful and meaningful conclusion on Friday evening as the boys gathered and shared their Funny Awards with each other.  There were some tender, hilarious, and deeply moving moments shared that filled the Three Weekers up full with a sense of love, brotherhood, and willingness to head back into the world and set the example for others all around them.

We love our Three Week Campers and cannot wait to see them here again next summer.  In the mean time we are ready and raring to go for the Four Week Campers to arrive!

The Men of HQ.