Cannon Report – Week 2 – 2017

Holy Moly.  Week Two is come and gone!!

A different way to look at the week in review is to dig into HQ’s Sammy 5000 and take a look at the numbers it produced throughout the week.

53 – Flags North Juniors scored on Monday afternoon at the Junior Flag Trip.

47 – Flags South Juniors scored on Monday afternoon.

89 – Smores consumed after the Junior Flag Trip was completed. (there were only 15 Juniors, and 3 counselors out there that night, but 8 CTs including Baxter “Hollow-Leg” Fuhrmann himself.)

-4 – Josh Miller’s score at Frisbee golf when he hosted the Senior section at Myles Kimmerly Park.

+73 – Number of hotdogs, brats and kielbasas the Seniors consumed after Frisbee Golf.

8:13 – The time the Juniors were in bed on Tuesday evening because the Junior Flag Trip took it out of them.

6.2 – Hours in the van for the folks that drove up to Pictured Rocks on Monday to begin their Hiking and Kayaking Trips.

.2 – Hours that William Johnson stayed awake during that van ride.

5.4- Inches of rain we received throughout Wednesday, inspiring us to cancel Cabin Day in favor of playing Human Stratego as a whole Camp.

2 – Number of horses that escaped their corral while we were playing Human Stratego and began eating the grass on the Soccer Field.

23 – Average number of seconds we waited between testimonies during our Wednesday Evening Service.  (Weldon found this to be too long and proceeded to teach a lesson on giving gratitude and seeing the service as an opportunity to give of yourself.)

5 – Number of Lake Trout the kids reeled in during Charter Fishing on Thursday.

1 – Number of Lake Trout that got away. L

1 – Number of standing ovations following William Smith’s a cappella rendition of Hallelujah.  (Amazing!!)

15 – Number of times Porter Kendall made us all crack up during our North-South competitive comedy and talent show.

1 – Number of weeks left in the session and the pedal is already to the metal.  We are looking forward to one final amazing week with these kids!

Till next time,

The Men of HQ

Cannon Report – Week 1 – 2017

KaBOOM and Camp is in Session!  Holy Cow has the first week flown right by!

Sunday drop-off is like Christmas Morning for the Leelanau Crib Team.  All of those full trunks and duffle bags carry a whole lot more than a summer’s worth of underpants.  They carry expectation of challenge, adventure, friendship, fun, and growth!

Monday we kicked things off with a spirited trip to Bar Lake for our Annual Bar Exam.  The swim test was administered in a more efficient manner and left with most of the Camp achieving their level three.  We have a few Early Bird sinkers, but once the water warms up our Swimming Counselor will happily remedy that situation.

Tuesday found us at the Shallows for a Picnic Dinner of Super Chicken and Watermelon.  One of the goals we always set for both the Campers and Counselors is that we all know each other’s names by the end of the evening Tuesday.  Boy, oh boy did some of the fellows have to really work on those names before they could fill their plate with dinner that night.

Wednesday is Cabin Day!  After lunch on Wednesday each cabin gets to head somewhere nearby with just their crew and create memories with their peers.  We had cabins tubing on Glen Lake, canoeing the Crystal River, jumping off the dock at Empire Beach, and sledding down Sand Dunes at the Backside.  We all returned for an inspired Church Service at our new Meadow Overlook, and a hymn sing with KOH.

Thursday threatened to be the first “normal” day of Camp from a dawn to dusk schedule perspective.  However Mother Nature had other plans, and while all of our activities carried forward without a hitch, the rain chased us away from beach period and encouraged us to eat dinner early with our sisters in Kohahna.  A lovely family atmosphere filled the Greathouse as we shared our Chicken Nuggets and TaterTots.

Friday actually landed upon a sense of routine to Camp, with Morning Activities wrapping up, Afternoon Activities fully functional, Beach Period in action, and (perhaps most important of all…)  Pizza and Milkshakes as our Friday Night Dinner!

Saturday turned “normal” schedule right on it’s head as we rotated in the morning between Camp Service Projects, played Hunger Games in the afternoon, and Saturday Night Soccer in the Evening.

Needless to say, it was a full and wonderful first week of Camp.  At Council Fire Sunday Night Weldon asked all of the boys to reflect on the accomplishments of the past week and set a specific goal for the week ahead.  Whether it is achieving a higher level in an activity or becoming a better friend, we can always continue to make progress and grow from our amazing summer experiences.

Until next week…

The Men of HQ

Director’s Note:  I figure the Leelanau Parent’s must think Camp is the best bargain around considering how much they are likely saving on their grocery bill this summer, because the boys truly pack it away at each meal!  J   -Weldon

Cannon Report – Week 7 – 2016



The final week of Camp certainly went out with a Bang!  While most folks only remember blurs of whites, banquets, awards, and Council Fire, a whole lot of other things happened along the way.


On Monday half of the Camp was able to participate in a Northern Michigan essential activity…Cherry Picking!  Weldon insisted that wandering through an orchard with a ball cap and best friends, collecting cherries, munching as you go, and throwing a stick at hard to reach ruby red treasures is a mandatory activity for a young man that spends his summer in Northern Michigan.  So we made it happen!


We also took the whole Camp to the Backside of the Dunes that night to play a hearty game of Dune Football.


On Tuesday the Seniors had their final opportunity for Water Polo at the Shallows, and the Juniors played their final game of Bombardment for the summer.  The lessons of Sportsmanship and Great Effort were put into practice at both these events!


Wednesday brought us to our final On Camp Cabin Days and each Cabin found unique opportunities to connect and work together one more time.  Some use the Ropes Course, some headed to Pyramid Point, and some found our beach and raft a delightful medium for joyous play and memory making.


On Wednesday evening we gathered in our New Church spot with an inspired view of Lake Michigan and the Port Oneida Farms for our final Testimony meeting.  The boys were popping up left and right to share their gratitude for Camp and tell us about healings they experienced this summer.


Thursday truly brought the beginning of the end for Leelanau’s Summer 2016 as we celebrated each other by exchanging Funny Awards around the fire.  We all laughed hard at a few awards, and were touched deeply by others.  At the end of the evening Weldon stood up and asked the Camp what they had learned this summer and what were they grateful for.  The answers to these questions were sincere, inspired, and thoughtful as the young men reflected on their past four or seven weeks spent with their brothers.


Friday brought final banquet with all of the pomp, circumstance, and achievement recognition that goes into that evening.  Again, the fellows responded well to the event and held their heads high as they marched across the Great Lawn.


Saturday we welcomed the parents to enjoy our morning activities with us.  In the afternoon they got to witness how well Kohahna sings and dances and how well Leelanau makes beds and wrestles with each other.  We also had the Leelanau Band bring down the house with their rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition.” In the final game of the L.I.F.E. Tournament  the Blue Team came away victorious.  At our Final Council Fire the fellows truly felt the bond and connection of brothers as we gathered in the Friendship Circle for the last time of the summer.


It was an amazing summer of growth, learning, achievement, and healing and we are already chomping at the bit for next summer to arrive!

Cannon Report – Week 6 – 2016

Weldon is all talk.  He promised HQ and the Counselors that this was going to be a “Normal Week of Camp”.  He claimed it would be the most normal of all the weeks.  No Flag Trip, no Final Events, just straightforward and smooth sailing normal.


Well….if going nonstop, gangbusters, full throttle, chock full of special activities and opportunities, memorable moments a mile a minute is normal…then Weldon is dead on accurate.


Water polo!  The whole Camp headed to the Shallows to tackle with love and run through the water making plays and playing hard.  Even the Early Birds got in on their own “Half Court Polo” where they learned the spirit of one of Leelanau’s favorite games.


Trips!  Tortuga took a Cabin Trip.  The Pine River Trip went out.  Ten full sized fellows went to the Upper Peninsula for Rock Climbing.  Five fellows completed their Advanced Outdoorsman Solos.


Music!  John Van Patten joined us this week to share his talent for teaching and love of music.  Every afternoon he led afternoon activities called “Make a Joyful Noise”, “Bang on Things!”,  “Bring the Funk”, or “Sounds Around Camp.” And every afternoon different folks had the opportunity to build a piano out of dishes, or create a drum circle with trash cans and ladders, or something else totally inspired and musical.  He also took a van full of folks down to Interlochen Center for the Arts to hear professional musicians share their craft.


CT Take Over!  The Counselor Trainees took the reigns from HQ for a whole day.  They blew off the cannon, rang the bells, signed kids up for activities, brought “Order to the Court” at the Head Table, and designed evening activities for the whole Camp.  They all did a great job and got a taste for the work that may be ahead of them in future summers.


Healings!  Testimonies abounded at Wednesday Testimony Meeting.  Eagles Nest has been lifting thought all over Camp this week.  Our amazing Christian Science Nurse and Practitioner have been guiding the boys in their spiritual pursuits and allowing thought to stir towards the Divine this week.  We sure can’t thank those two enough for the love they share with Leelanau.


Backwards Day!  That is correct, we did everything backwards all day on Wednesday.  We began the day with Hymn Sing and Church and ended the evening with Dips and the Cannon.  It was a confusing, exciting, and very fun way to shake up the Camp Routine.


As stated above, if Camp is about pushing perceived boundaries, giving your all in the name of selflessness and community living, and finding ways to Love nonstop, then Camp Leelanau had its Most Normal of all Weeks because we did those things to the Max this Week!


From the Desk of HQ

Cannon Report – Week 5 – 2016

Caught, Caught, Caught…

Well the whole Boys Camp has Caught the excitement of the Flag Trip!!

The Senior Flag Trip headed to the Late Successional Deciduous Forests of Leelanau County on Tuesday morning.

The Backwoodsman Flag Trip departed on Wednesday.

The Early Birds took over Camp for a day while everybody else was away!

On Monday the whole Camp took a deep breath and enjoyed regular activities and the camaraderie that comes from having every single kid at bowl meetings and deck time.  The evening activity was a hearty game of Superlatives between the North and South Team.

Tuesday morning dawned bright, warm, and with a palpable excitement in the air as the Senior Flag Trippers scrambled to finish their packing needs, do a final count of butter, twine, and sharp saws, and line up to load the Big Blue Bus. 

The fellows installed their campsites that afternoon and played a little Capture the Flag that evening.  By Wednesday morning the score was 3-0 Tigers, but the Panthers wouldn’t be counted out that early.  The tide turned before Game-Off for Church as the Panthers picked up a 6-5 lead, only to have Eric Olsen tie it up 6-6 seconds before the Testimonies began.

Thursday saw a tight game as the fellows worked diligently to tidy up their Campsites for Final Judging that evening.  As the night wore on the Game seemed to open up in favor of the Tigers with a Final 13-8 Flag count. 

The raids, tackles, and flags only account for a portion of the story for both Panther and Tiger Teams.  The structure creativity, the meals served, the teamwork, and the healings shared tell the true story of the Flag Trip.

When Weldon came to collect them Friday morning there were only triumphant smiles on all the very dirty faces!

The Backwoodsmen shared a similar experience, though slightly more one-sided in the game play.  The North and South Backwoodsman met on the Back Property of Camp on Wednesday.  They built a table and a jail, cooked two meals, and played a very North dominant game of Capture the Flag.  The kids returned on Thursday morning inspired to continue the tradition of Flag Tripping at Leelanau.

The Early Birds found themselves the only kids in Camp on Wednesday by 10:30 in the morning and took full advantage of their unbridled access to Camp’s resources.  They first took themselves on an exploration of the Beaver Pond, and then gained access to the rifle range under Paul Olsen’s watchful eye.  They even made it all the way to the Raft that afternoon during beach period.

By Friday everybody was back in Camp and glad to be together again.  On Saturday Camp had a Super Sleep-in followed by breakfast at the Lodge.  In the afternoon the fellows headed back out to Shalda Creek for some good old-fashioned frog catching and creek play.  There is no Leelanau Man or Boy that is too old, too cool, or to scared to love catching frogs and stomping around in the water.  Gotta love it!!

Two more weeks left and so many good memories to keep making!!

From the Desk of HQ

Cannon Report – Week 4 – 2016

Second session is out of the gate!!

The dust hasn’t settled, and we don’t expect it to for three more weeks!  Monday the Big Blue Bus brought the boys to the Bar Exam.  Many levels were passed and barriers were broken through, as over 92% of the Leelanau Brothers are now Level 3 Swimmers.  Woot-woot.

On Tuesday we invited all of the Senior Section Boys to participate in a newer event called the Flag Trip Combine.  This is where everybody receives the opportunity to showcase their skills at lashing, cooking, and tackling in The Woods.  This allows the Team Captains to create even teams for the Senior Flag Trip, which departs next week.  All of the boys worked their tales off and expressed great joy out there.

Wednesday, as if we hadn’t done enough already, we sent seven cabins out on Overnight Camping Trips!  Argosy and Black Swan teamed up and hiked around the beautiful hills and valleys around Pyramid Point and camped on our Back Property.  Tortuga and Barbados took sticks, fishing line, a few worms and hooks, and headed to the Sand Lake Quiet Area to slay Sunfish all day long.  Iroquois biked the Heritage Trail from Empire to Lake Michigan.  Last, but not least, we sent Shawnee to Kayak around Empire Bluffs – unfortunately the waves were so large they opted to keep the boats on the beach and hike around the point instead.  This turned what was intended to be a mellow trip for Shawnee into a true Shawnee Brawnee!

Of course we also allowed Shoshonis to Canoe the Crystal and Algonquin to go Tubing for their Cabin Days here at Camp.  So many memories were made for so many kids this week!

Thursday we continued to have high winds and large waves, which the sailing class and windsurfing class found frustrating from a teaching perspective, but everybody on the waterfront sure loved the body surfing and raft play it provided.   Our evening found us playing Thursday Night Soccer for the Juniors and Bombardment for the seniors.  Don’t worry, the Crib Team still won Bombardment with only the Schaberg Twins present.

Friday.  One word: Ballgame.  That is correct, the Ole Ball Game was played between the North and South Teams on Friday evening!  We packed up the whole Camp and took them to the Glen Lake Ball Field and played four extremely exciting innings with a narrow victory by South in the final inning.  North took the Home Run Derby home with Landon Schabes hitting 31 Home Runs!  (a new Camp record).  Both teams worked their tails off and gave it their all for the love of the game!

As stated above, the dust hasn’t settled and we aren’t looking back for three more weeks!  There is just too much amazing activity to participate in and too much good growth in Christian Character to experience to dare stop for a second for three more weeks!

From the Desk of HQ

Cannon Report – Week 3 – 2016

BoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoom is how the boys woke up for the Fourth of July!  The cannon reported the morning’s arrival with 28, yes 28 announcements as we ran down to dips.  We rallied in the morning to save Ben Franklin and were reminded of our responsibility to keep Camp and our Country free from the tyranny of anything but Perfect Harmony!

(We also marched in the Glen Arbor Parade and played some fun games with Kohahna.)

The CT Boys spent the week in Northeastern Ontario on the Temagami River System exploring Lakes and Rivers, Wilderness and Wildlife, and gaining a deeper appreciation for God and each other.  They returned triumphant on Friday Afternoon with many great tales to tell.

Tuesday Evening both the older boys and the younger boys played a much-loved game at Evening Activity called Foxes and Hounds.  It was the last chance to practice tackling with Love for our Three Week Campers and both sections reported success.  Some very memorable Soap Dips in our refreshingly pleasant Lake Michigan of course followed the games.

Wednesday was Cabin Day for the boys and each Cabin found something unique to fill their afternoon.  One of the highlights was the Cabin of Argosy baking 167 chocolate chip cookies to share with our much loved Support Staff and the rest of the boys Camp later in the week.

Thursday evening we loaded up the Big Blue Bus and took the entire Camp to the Frontside of the Dunes for an evening of high-flying, front-flipping, dune-sliding, and steamrolling good times.  The evening ended with the Bus “breaking down” in front of the ice cream shop in Glen Arbor.  Nothing like a Camp Cone for everyone to get that bus back up and running again!

Friday we experienced a super bazaar, and short-lived, hail storm. Fortunately all of the boys were nestled in the Lodge when the hail hit, and we simply worked on our tasks and then headed to the cabins to pack up without anyone really taking too much note of the storm.

It’s hard to believe that three weeks could have gone by SO quickly.  At our Three Week Funny Awards we celebrated each other and discussed all of the highlights and learning that has occurred this summer.  On Saturday we sadly said goodbye to our Three Week Campers, sorted lost and found, cleaned the bathhouses, and prepared for the onslaught of boys arriving for the next session.

We also took the Seven Week Campers out for ice cream and tubing on Glen Lake.  We couldn’t possibly forget those dedicated Campers who have committed their whole summer to being with us here on Pyramid Point.  We love those guys! 

We miss you already, three weekers!  But we can’t wait for the second session to unfold!


The Men of HQ

Cannon Report – Week 2 – 2016

You might think the dust would settle and the Leelanau Routine would be fully installed by this time.  If you thought that…you are wrong!

The dust never settles at Camp Leelanau for Boys and we’ve been kicking up more each day since summer began.

First thing Monday morning we sent eight young men and four counselors to hike the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.  They dipped daily in frigid Lake Superior and learned many lessons only the trail can teach.

Speaking of Trips and Lessons of the Trail – The Junior Flag Trip also occurred this week.  All of the Junior Section donned their camouflage garb and loaded the Big Blue Bus for the “long” (five minute) journey to “Canada” (our back meadow).  After a tasty box lunch they broke up into their North and South Teams and established their sites in the woods.

The South Team came out victorious after a busy afternoon of raiding and defending on both sides.

The CT’s paid the Juniors a visit and helped them cook dinner over a fire, eat s’mores, and tuck into bed.  Thanks CTs!

Speaking of CTs, they certainly had a unique week.  J With an impending Canoe Trip to Canada (the real one[passports, moose, mosquitoes the size of Bald Eagles])

the CTs spent some quality time on the Crystal, Platte, Pine, and Boardman Rivers learning to keep their gunwales dry.  Needless to say it was an educational experience for all and we’ll all be knowing that God is in Canada too.  J

Speaking of God, also the topic of the lesson this week.  The whole Boys Camp has really dug into their deepening understanding of God throughout the week.  In one Cabin that depth came in the form of better understanding brotherly love as a reflection of God’s Love.  For many of the young men it came in the form of obeying Principle this week, and learning to embrace order and decorum in our dining room.  Wink, wink, you are welcome Mothers!

Speaking of Mothers, we saw a few of them on Saturday as we said good-bye to our two-week Campers.  It was sad to see our brothers depart, but with the knowledge that they will be returning next year, and their first year plaque in their hands, we embraced them and turned back to our North/South Team Games of Frisbut and Soccer.  It was great to see such brotherly love, sportsmanship, and competition expressed Saturday morning.

Speaking of Competition, we held the first in a great many years Backwoodsman Tennis Tournament on Monday.  True Players from the Cabins of Tortuga, Barbados, and Iroquois faced off at the courts for many hard earned matches.

The other significant competition that occurred this week is our well favored “War of Comedic Attrition” the North/South comedy talent variety show that allows the boys to showcase their comedic and performance chops.  The North Team won the night overall, in spite of the South Team absolutely trouncing them in the Competitive Improv Game called Questions Only.

Speaking of Questions, HQ has to ask:  How is it the end of week two already?  With only one week left in the session we are turning things up even more to give and live the good that surrounds us each and every day!

Cannon Report – Week 1 – 2016

Ka….BOOM!!  Summer has begun!

Excited young men came streaming out of minivans and SUVs on Sunday; laden with pillows, lacrosse sticks, and toiletry buckets; and filled to the brim with excitement for the coming weeks!

Council Fire welcomed the newest members of the Leelanau Brotherhood with a blessing from the Great Siam J, and kicked off the Summer on the right foot with a cherished rendition of “Jason and the Argonauts” as told by Whip Weaver.

Monday found the boys diving into their weekly activities in the morning and diving into Bar Lake for the Swim Test in the afternoon.  (If you are a second half camper or parent reading this in anticipation of your session’s arrival be sure to check out the written description of the Bar Exam elsewhere on our website.)

Tuesday is a traditional favorite for the fellows because we call that day Phat Tuesday.  We focus the day on getting to know our cabin mates better as well as learning the names of everybody in Camp.  Of course there is a little fun to be had in there too.

The weather on Wednesday couldn’t have been better!  For the Boy’s first Cabin Day the sun blazed down on the groups heading to Pyramid Point, seeking Petoskey Stones on the Beach, and playing on the Zip Line.  We topped the day off with an inspired Wednesday Testimony Meeting at a new hillside overlooking Sleeping Bear Bay.

On Thursday we finally had a fully normal day of Camp!  With morning and afternoon activities, Junior Bombardment in the evening and a spirited game of E.T. Ball for the Seniors. 

One special event for Thursday is that we brought back Charter Fishing.  We took five young men out on a boat on Lake Michigan and they reeled in seven large Lake Trout that we cooked up at Sunday Night Cookout!

Friday found Leelanau wrapping up achievement levels in their activities and playing Junior Soccer after their favorite meal of Pizza and Milkshakes.

Saturday we took the whole crew to the Backside of the Dunes for some Dune Football and spent the afternoon giving back to Camp with some Camp Service.  Pastures got mucked, dirt got moved, sticks got picked up, trash got collected, and all of the boys learned a lesson in doing hard work for the place they love.

One week down and we can’t believe it went so fast.  The Men of HQ are working hard to savor every moment, and can’t wait for Week 2!

Cannon Report – Week 5 – 2015

Mike and Marshall:

We play with love for our brother in our hearts,

Because at camp we celebrate sports and arts

We are gentleman and gracious in victory and defeat,

We shake a brother’s hands then we rinse and repeat,

because its sweet, that everytime we meet,

We are sportsmanlike whenever we compete


Let’s take a look back, the moments we attach

To Week 5, cause its now Week 6 to be exact,

Time flies these days, since last Monday’s Wapo,

Playing in the shallows, Hunter and Nate Berdueax,

Captaining their teams in the Ol’ Ball Game,

After DStew’s improv camp’s never the same,

And we had the flag trip combine, tigers and panthers,

Afternoon activities for waterskiers and swing dancers,

Cabin trips went out Wednesday while the oldest learned business,

We played soccer and watched “Elf” so we could celebrate Christmas

In July, times passing by, so let’s enjoy it together,

Shall’s gonna break it down so you understand it better.


I speak the truth, its real, I say lets preach love

Running in the woods, givin your brother a shove

Be free from animosity, anger, and human will

We must focus on God it’s your natural skill

Call your caughts, call your raids,

The Tigers and Panthers got aces in spades

It’s the Flag Trip baby, it’s as real as it gets

Christian Science is in action, so you know your all set

Mike and Marshall:

We play with love for our brother in our hearts,

Because at camp we celebrate sports and arts

We are gentleman and gracious in victory and defeat,

We shake a brother’s hands then we rinse and repeat,

because its sweet, that everytime we meet,

We are sportsmanlike whenever we compete

So put your hands out like this because prayer is desire,

And give us high fives as we run around this fire.