See what is being said about Summer 2012

This was my first time going to this camp and I had a ton of fun! My counselors set a really good example.

Leelanau camper

There were so many cool and fun activities. My favorites were Rock Climbing,CampCrafts, Ceramics, Swimming, and Speed and Agility. Some other highlights were Movie Night, The Sand’s Show, Cabin Day and water polo. I met so many great people and learned not to doubt myself, others, and God, to put others before myself, knowing I have all I need with me, and most importantly, not to be afraid of anything, because God is our strength.

From a Kohahna dad

Every year she gets to know someone new and it’s always a very positive experience.

Kohahna camper

A healing I had was when my ear was really hurting and we were at council fire, then I said to myself, “No I can heal this”, I noticed how I was having a lot of fun and so was everyone else around me and I thought that if there is so much Love, happiness, joy, and gratefulness then there is no room for pain or sadness, or anything else related to that, and I was instantly healed.

Leelanau camper

Both kids returned home happy, more physically-fit and inspired. Our daughter appears more confident and deeply settled. Both are more helpful around the house

Parents of a Leelanau and Kohahna camper

This past summer was a life changing experience I will never forget. I learned about Christian Science, how to be a better, loving person, and how to achieve.

Kohahna camper

I love being able to get up every morning and dip inLake Michigan. There aren’t many places you can do that. There also aren’t many places where you can go on a competitive camping trip with 13 other girls. I was so grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow so much and bond with all of my teammates. I learned about compassion, identity, courage, obedience, and discernment this year because of our theme, “Secure in Soul” I am also so thankful for all the friends I kept and made this year!

From another Kohahna dad

Sailing was on the top of his list. He loves it, and not only for himself but because it really helps him connect with something his dad loves so much.

Kohahna camper

My son was so thirsty for opportunity and it seemed that everywhere we turned there was not enough purity present for him to “dig in” with good conscience. Camp is certainly the answer to that specific problem! He worked, he played, he strived and he grew. He came home calm and satisfied to such a deep degree. He is so much happier and more unselfish and unguarded in his relationships. He takes things less personally and is more confident.  The atmosphere at camp is so potent and pure, reaching each individual uniquely. And my son’s experience has blessed his younger sister tremendously through his example and the re-newed patience and kindness he brought back from camp towards her. She will be joining him next year as well.

Leelanau Parent

This was my first summer at Kohahna but the warmth and acceptance form everyone around me made it seem as if I’d been there all my life.

Kohahna camper

My cabin especially grew very close, and all twelve of us promised to keep in close contact during the year. My two counselors were wonderful – so loving and perceptive that they knew just how to best support each one of us. Not only were the people incredibly inclusive and sweet, Kohahna’s grand setting has given me a higher appreciation for nature, helping me to notice the beauty everywhere.

Kohahna camper

This summer the camp theme was “Secure in Soul.” I learned so much from that theme about my identity. I have never thought of myself as struggling with identity; however I have noticed it about others and I in myself sometimes too.  Through talking about identity and spiritual makeup with my counselors I found that I don’t need any sort of material means of beauty in order to be spiritually beautiful. I love camp and every year the summer theme fits in with exactly what I have been working on in my thought.

Kohahna camper

I love the amazing challenges that come forth during camp. This year was my first summer to go on “The Challenge,” an intense camping trip where you build structures and play Capture the flag. It was one of the last days and we were taking every structure we built apart. It’s part of the “leave no trace” concept and while doing so, I dropped a sharp log on my toe. I have NEVER seen such a fast healing within a week! The skin replaced its self and it was not an issue. I am so grateful for the loving staff we have at camp especially the camp nurse and practitioner.

Kohahna camper

The loving atmosphere at Leelanau and Kohahna is evident the minute parents drive around the curve and see all the CT’s greeting people at the farmhouse. I think her experience being with all of those wonderful Kohahna girls had a profound impact on her.

Kohahna Parent

I had an amazing experience and met some awesome people. I love how camp really pushes being the best you can be. One thing I brought back from camp was “You are always capable of more than you are doing.” This will help in life and also in the competitive tennis I do.

Leelanau camper

I had a wonderful time and I learned so much. I learned to sail, which was awesome because I love the feeling of flying over the water in a small boat. Being my first year, I learned that Kohahna means “Achievement” and I definitely understand why, I achieved so much, and I grew so much, spiritually and mentally. I met so many new people and made so many new friends, some which I know will be for life.

Kohahna camper

Many new and exciting healings happened at camp. I always used to think that healings were to help with physical challenges yet this year I learned that healings can happen with all kinds of things like dealing with a friend or your attitude. The best thing about this wonderful camp is the people. They are all so kind, and they never judge. The staff are truly the best people in the world.

Kohahna camper

This summer was truly invaluable to my growth as a young lady of substance and in Christian Science. I encountered and conquered countless challenges and fears throughout the summer and am really a changed girl from it. I’ve been working on an aggressive physical challenge for the past few months and I had so much support from counselors and campers alike.

Kohahna camper

Our daughter told us how natural it was for her to turn to God when she needed help at camp. She told us about a healing she had on her ankle this summer. The practitioner at Eagle’s Nest was right there, reminding her that God was with her and that she was living “in atmosphere of Live divine”. My daughter had a quick healing but the lesson she learned from it stayed with her much longer.

Mother of a Kohahna camper

Our son has come home expressing such strong leadership qualities and has shown such a renewed sense of confidence.

Parents of a Leelanau counselor

I had a blast and hope to go back next year!! I loved Sunday School. We had great discussions. I asked my counselor “why do people do bad things in the world?” and she replied “I think it is because even though we are all perfect children of God, we don’t always live up to our full expectation.” I liked her answer because it made a lot of sense to me.

Kohahna camper

Our son has always taken some time out from camp to attend either a football or lacrosse camp to ensure he was doing what his coaches expected and raise his game. This summer, he opted to stay at camp the entire summer and dedicate himself to the CT program. When he returned to football after camp, one of the first things the coach told him was that it was evident that he worked hard this summer. . . what a great demonstration that the work you do at camp translates to everything else in Life. We are all so grateful for the fruits camp brings to all of us!

A Leelanau mom

Every year she gets to know someone new and it’s always a very positive experience.

From a Kohahna dad

What wonderful tolls they learn to apply to their lives at college and beyond. There is pressure to get internships in the field they are studying and camp on the surface may not seem like a wise choice given the economic condition and lack of employment opportunities, but to be honest, I can’t think of a better way to prepare them for the working world. They are learning management skills (both time and people), compassion, service, demand for ethics and high ideals, healthy competitiveness, communication skills, and the list goes on. There are many things they learn as counselors that I don’t believe they could learn from any internship, paid or unpaid.

Parents of Kohahna and Leelanau counselors

He really enjoyed learning to sail. Our other son was very excited to get to learn how to waterski.

Parents of two first time Leelanau campers

After attending the three-week session last year, she was excited to go for four weeks this year. She was able to try out several new activities as well as establish more friendships, which will last throughout the year and beyond.  I love hearing about how they all work together to solve problems through prayer…This past school year, when faced with various challenges, she was able to recall testimonies she heard at camp or ways issues were worked out there spiritually and take those ideas with her.

A Kohahna mom

I had such a great experience, I’m definitely returning next year for my CT summer.

Kohahna camper

Our daughter has had a breathing challenge for many years. She was unable to participate in most sports and received a “C” in PE last year. During camp she said she prayed for herself and received so much loving support from everyone around her. The issue was completely healed and she was able to run a mile in 5 minutes like the wind. Last spring in school it took her 10 minutes with lots of stops and walking. What a tremendous blessing.

Kohahna parents

My highlight was running down the dunes. I learned how to start my own fire at border camp.

Leelanau camper

We have loved hearing from our sons about what they did and learned through play and prayer (and some high jinks?), as well as through practice and persistence in a range of outdoor and artistic activities and skills.

Parents of first time Leelanau campers

She is back at home happier, strong in her spirituality and willing to help and assist at home, at church, in school and her community.

From a Kohahna mom of a long time camper

At first she was very scared about leaving home and being gone for so long but in the end she said it was the best summer ever! I have seen a big difference in her confidence and with her speaking up about how she really feels. She has grown so much.

Our son has had so many wonderful stories to share. He has a growing appreciation of the outdoors and a love of nature.

Leelanau parents

A first time Kohahna mom

We have heard stories every day since he left camp 5 weeks ago about everything he did. He truly enjoyed the entire experience. We were thrilled with the sense of community and family atmosphere between the older boys and the younger boys. Our son felt that the older boys were just as much his friends as the kids his own age. In both his stories and the photos online, we can tell that the older boys were really kind and caring with the younger ones.

First time Leelanau parents

We are especially grateful for the growth in Christian character which happened so naturally.

Parents of a Leelanau camper

Camp has been a tremendous support to our four boys over the past 15 years. We have watched each one of them grow into wonderful young men with strong qualities of character so greatly needed in our society today.

A Leelanau mom

One thing I learned was about being a good leader! What being a good leader means to me is setting a good example for younger kids and doing the right thing all the time. Another thing I learned at camp was to be grateful for the things I have.

From a Leelanau camper

Where else in the world can you find such clean and loving young men who uphold the qualities of Love and Truth so strongly? When our son returns home he tries harder at school and at his music lessons. He has pride in doing things right.

From another Leelanau mom

Our daughter loves the supportive Christian Science environment that helps her face and handle challenges head-on.

From a Kohahna dad

Sailing was on the top of his list. He loves it, and not only for himself but because it really helps him connect with something his dad loves so much.

Mother of a Leelanau camper

Our son learned to be not just more self-reliant but more God-reliant, taking the responsibility off his shoulders and trusting in God to put him in the right place and help him deal  with every situation successfully.

From the parents of a returning Leelanau camper

My highlight was sailing on the waterfront.

Leelanau camper

I did some of the coolest activities at camp. The first week I did archery and land sports; the second week I did ceramics and kayaking; the third week I went on the climbing trip in the upper peninsula; and the forth week I made lots of stuff in silver smithing and went canoeing.

A Kohahna camper

He was enriched in many ways by his camp experience and it is touching to hear the stories continue.

A camp mom.

We are committed to “living” camp throughout the year. 

From a camp mom

I am grateful that they are having a fulfilling summer learning new activities with fellow Christian Scientists. They grow spiritually through their daily study, and the loving examples of the counselors.

A father of a Leelanau and Kohahna campers

During the year I will use my experience at Camp to be more responsible at school and in everyday life.

From a Leelanau camper

My daughter loved the fellowship with like-minded Christian Scientists.

A Kohahna dad 

My counselors pushed me to do my best and achieve goals even if they were high and hard to reach.

A Kohahna camper

This summer horseback riding helped me learn to quiet my thought and listen for God’s guidance. 

A Kohahna camper

I had no idea it would be so heartwarming to let my son be away from home for four weeks. The love and joy I saw on his face through the website’s daily pictures lifted my spirits and I could only feel a great sense of appreciation. 

A Leelanau mom

I loved how I was made to feel I was part of a big family.

A first time Leelanau camper

This was our 10 year old daughter’s second year at camp and she once again loved it. She enjoyed getting to do all of the waterskiing activities form slaloming to knee-boarding to tubing with her cabin. Another great part about camp, girls of all ages interacting enabling them to be role models one minute and learn form wonderful role models the next, all in a loving atmosphere.

From a Kohahna mom

There is such a sense of calm and contentedness when our son is at camp. His love for camp touches him deeply and is a support for him throughout the year.

Parents of a Leelanau camper

Our son learned a lot of new skills, like tying knots, making fires, using a jigsaw and he was especially excited in becoming a level ‘B’ archer and learning to survive in the forest. He thought his cabin, Black Swan, was really cool. 

A Leelanau dad

Campers and Parents are telling us about summer 2011

LEE Parent: Our son’s highlights are dune football, water polo, the meatball trip (I heard so much about this trip that I had to make meatballs for dinner), camo photography, breakfast sandwiches, sailing and border camp. He learned about constant prayer, and praying to know that you are already healed, not praying to be healed. HUGE!  He applies so much he learns at camp throughout his school year.  We feel camp is invaluable for a student of Christian Science and a lover of nature.  We are so grateful that our kids can be unplugged and in a most beautiful inspiring place.

KOH Parents: We loved being able to view pictures on the camp website, as it was such a nice way to feel connected, while still giving our daughter her independence. Each picture assured us she was happy and fully immersed in the whole camp experience.

LEE Parent:  Our son loves the friends at camp… That was his number one reason for wanting to stay four more weeks.  We know he loved all the fun activities, especially the flag trip and group games.  He also really liked border camp, waterskiing and cabin days.

He learned to be a team player and exhibit good sportsmanship.  He also grew in his ability to apply Christian Science, especially with a healing of a hurt knee.

KOH Camper:  I had lots of fun my first year of camp.  It was nice to meet so many Christian Science girls.  My activities were dance, canoeing, horseback riding and drama.  I also went on a rock climbing trip…I earned 6 out of the 7 K quality beads: orderliness, sportsmanship, graciousness, persistence, joyfulness and initiative.  I’m going to use the qualities this year at home and school.

LEE Camper:  What I love most about camp is the brotherhood; all the friends and how quickly you can make friends in the first week because all the people there are so nice.

KOH Camper: My favorite thing at camp was the rock climbing trip we took up to Marquette, in the upper peninsula of Michigan. I also loved all of the activities I took at camp, especially dance, archery and of course sailing. It was the first time I had ever been sailing and I loved it!

LEE Parent:  I loved that everything is brought from the standpoint of Christian Science.  In the atmosphere of great adventure learning to really live Christian Science in every aspect with kids his own age.

Camp makes CS cool and not just something mom talks about.  I love the home reports from the counselors.  They were always presented in a positive way and very detailed.  The counselors were very in tune and interested in helping their cabin kids grow and develop through the whole man concept.

KOH Parent:  My daughter loves the incredible overall positive, loving environment and the beautiful setting with all the numerous fun activities.  She also loves her counselors every year and the close relationship that develops.

As a parent, I value the role models of the counselors, the warm loving environment, the emphasis on expressing good qualities always and the fantastic choices of wonderful activities for her and the opportunity for her to grow more in Christian Science.

LEE Camper: I liked being friends with the big kids. They really loved me like we are taught in the Bible.

KOH Parent:  the people are SO welcoming and the counselor makes sure they don’t form clicks, they are all inclusive, and it is great.  I value that the kids do fine in whatever kind of weather; also they are “unplugged: from their iPods/TV, etc.

My daughter came home, marked her books and has read the entire lesson today, when I wasn’t even home (she did it on her own accord).

LEE and KOH Parent:  I am really impressed that all the things that I have been working on are exactly the things their counselors honed in on immediately and they are really making progress with them.

KOH Camper:  I love all the love that they give me and how pretty it is (at camp).

LEE Parent: He is doing fun, outdoor activities while being challenged to achieve excellence.  He is surrounded by quality friends, mentoring counselors, and top-quality staff.  He is learning how to be a better team player, contributor and leader.

KOH Parent:  I love the energy of the staff, the love.  So far it is the best there than anywhere else in the world…even other camps we have experienced.

LEE Camper:  I liked being friends with the big kids.  They really loved me like we are taught in the Bible.

KOH Parent:  My daughter learned how to live life as the person she aspires to be.  I love the love, the CS, the nurturing of each child’s potential, the encouragement and support of both spiritual growth and development of skills.  Thank you.  Profound gratitude for the work, the dedication, the devotion of all those who make this place possible.

LEE Parent:  This was our son’s first summer at camp and he LOVED it.  He loved learning how to make campfires and tie knots…This was definitely his right place this summer.  He got to meet other Christian Scientists and learn how to use it more.  In one activity he picked the part of healer “because he wanted to be like Jesus”…He came home with a greater understanding of CS and an even bigger, kinder heart and a huge smile.

KOH Parent:  (My daughter) saw why “never say never” is a saying people use.  She tried land sports for the first time (another great aspect of camp-the freedom to try new things!) and excelled in athletics where she never dreamed it was possible.  She once told me “I will NEVER do land sports.”  I know she appreciates the freedom camp allows for personal growth – choosing activities, working toward goals, and the spiritual growth gained by expressing the K-qualities.

LEE Parent: Our son loved every part of camp and did not want to leave when we camp to pick him up.

KOH Parent: Our daughter loves everything about camp: the nature, views, her counselors, friendships, CS, the cabin, singing, campfires, food and especially bacon.  Oh, swimming too.

Her counselors inspire her in so many ways. She has become more organized at home because of camp. So many things she learns and does at camp are evident throughout the school year.

LEE Parent:  The thing our son loves most about camp is the brotherhood.  He learns the practical application of Christian Science, has outstanding role models, and experiences brotherhood and a great, wide variety of activities.

As we pulled away from camp this year, I looked over and big tears were rolling down his cheeks.  He said he just loves his Leelanau brothers so much!

KOH Parent:  Our daughter had an amazing summer filled with many opportunities for growth.  The theme of Kohahna this year was “Living Love” and while I was watching the end of the summer show, I was overwhelmed by the sense of love being expressed.  I knew then that my daughter had been in the right place.

LEE Camper: Some of my favorite things this summer were the 4th of July parade, the flag trip and the LIFE tournament.  I became comfortable with using Christian Science to heal myself without the help of my mom.  I can’t wait to see my friends again next year!

LEE Camper: I’m going into 8th grade now, and camp is just as special for me as it was my first year when I was going into 3rd grade.

LEE Camper:  My favorite part of camp happens when we are having cabin time. I love being pushed to do my best every day and the end result being I leave camp a better person.

KOH Camper:  The atmosphere of friendship was wonderful and everyone at Camp Kohahna was really kind.  The people there made me really want to bring compassion back home…I hope I get to come back next year.

LEE Parent: Our son has matured 1-2 years in four weeks.  The most impactful point to both myself and my husband was our son’s visibly changed disposition and demeanor after camp. The character building, discipline, work ethic, structure and general love of the divine Principle, Love – has provided an environment like none other in which our son has thrived.

It was somewhat of a surprise to him (and a joy to us) to find that the counselors at camp stood in the exact position of his parents in terms of what they expected from him regarding discipline, manners, and behavior in general.  Learning these lessons away from us helped him realize that the lessons were not just arbitrary rules that we were personally requiring him to follow – but rather the universal laws of his heavenly Father, divine Love.

KOH Camper: …immediately upon arrival at camp, you’re embraced by that loving atmosphere. I am just so grateful that I was able to experience that.

LEE Parent:  This year’s camp experience was such a full expression of divine Love meeting every human need that it’s hard to know where to start…With immeasurable love, tireless patience, great compassion, spiritual sense, and the necessary tough-love, the counselors worked with my son to put off self-imposed limitations and successfully complete the CT requirements.  He found – and demonstrated – God-given strengths and capacities within himself that he didn’t think he had. This has provided him with the confidence and moral courage necessary for successfully facing any challenges that may appear during his last year of high school, as well as in college and beyond.  For me, (the biggest blessing) has come from what he learned from the beautiful expressions of true manhood and true fatherhood he witnessed and experienced.

Lee Parent: All my apprehensions and fears of separation fell away as soon as we hit camp ground.  The feeling of Love and our son’s excitement were overwhelming.  I had to grab him in order to get a hug!  That was really a gift.  Then getting to have lunch with old friends was great too.

LEE Camper: I had a great summer this year!  Probably my best year at camp.

KOH Parent: Our daughter came home with a greater understanding of using Christian Science in her daily activity and with her friends. She has a new sense of self-confidence and a more responsible attitude.

LEE Parents: Our son wrote us each week and we could just tell in each letter we received he was building up with more and more excitement within each sentence. We could “hear” the excitement in his words as he could hardly get an entire sentence written without the words, “Camp is awesome!”

KOH Camper: My favorite thing about camp is the friendship. Even though you don’t see them all year when you come back your friends are always there for you.

LEE & KOH Parents: Each year it is a joy to see them joyously separate from their computer, cellular phone, and all the more mundane temptations that culture would put before the, for 3 or 4 weeks.

KOH Parent: My daughter said she has never been in such a loving environment as Camp Kohahna.

LEE Camper: The main thing I learned is God’s ever-present love and protection.

KOH Camper: I learned that God is always there for you and healings can happen instantaneously.

LEE Camper: This past summer was my CT (counselor-in-training) summer and … it was the best summer I have ever had at camp in my seven years going there.

KOH Parent: Our daughter made many friends which she is now keeping in contact with.

LEE Camper: The silver L is a way of having campers see the good in others and award the silver L to those people they see the good in. I decided to take the concept of the silver L and apply it in my life in all aspects at ever second of the day I could. By the end of the first week I was not only seeing the good in all of my friends at camp but also in the situations that didn’t always go according to plan I found that there was always an upside to them. This change in my thought transformed my camp and home experience for the better and I am truly grateful.

KOH & LEE Parents: One of the things my husband and I appreciate most about sending our children to camp is the renewed spirituality that they come home expressing. Both of them told us how it seemed natural to turn to God when they needed help at camp.

This is the sixth year our children have attended camp and my son was able to be a CT this summer. He has come home expressing such strong leadership qualities and also has shown such a renewed sense of confidence.

LEE Camper: Weldon talked about sharing highlights and gratitude before going to bed. He told us that we should also ask ourselves what we learned, who we helped, and who we want to thank. I really liked the idea of asking myself those three questions in addition to the usual highlight and gratitude. After coming home from camp I continue to go through those questions before I go to bed each night. I even shared those questions with some friends of mine who aren’t Christian Scientists.

KOH Camper: This was my first Challenge experience ever, and being one of the two rookies on the Pine team was intimidating. As we set out on the trail, I had to let go of any self-condemnation and fear and just live in the moment. Throughout the trip I faced several personal challenges. The main thing the Pine team Challenge girls and I worked with was gratitude and how it shuts the door on any self-doubt and self-condemnation.

LEE Camper: My counselors were great. They were funny, planned good cabin days and encouraged us to work together. During quiet time when we read the Bible and the Science and Health they would explain words to us and help us to better understand the message of that weeks Lesson.

2010 Summer Camp Fruitage

Our son had a wonderful time at Leelanau and already wants to go back for the full 7-week session next summer…When we picked him up we were so impressed by the sincere outpouring of love, not just from his cabin mates but from campers, CTs and counselors of all ages. We are so grateful that he was befriended and mentored by other Christian Scientists, all striving to excel in everything from cleaning their cabins to learning how to sail…He gained a greater sense of confidence and self-assurance at camp.

Parent of a Leelanau camper

This year, both of our kids talked a lot about the intangibles on the way home.  Yes, they loved learning water skiing, soccer, silversmithing and the speed and agility training.  But even when our son talked about speed and agility, he would relate it to life lessons.  He learned about and explored the idea of leadership a lot more this year. He also overcame a fear of heights. For us, it all comes down to excellence.  Everything done at camp is done with excellence.  From the counselors to the activities to the schedule/structure, excellence is built into every day with the foundation of “high ideals” and “fire burning brightly”.

Parent of a Kohahna and Leelanau camper

I had a summer full of growth, connection and meaning; one that I will never forget!..I was able to listen and learn from younger campers, fellow CTs, as well as older counselors.  By helping a younger camper with a situation, I was able to have the inspiration I needed for a personal healing…This summer holds memories, growth and friendships that I will never forget, and will always hold dear!

Kohahna camper

My favorite activities were climbing and waterskiing.  I got to go on the porcupine Mountain trip…I loved it and really appreciated the chance to be outdoors and in such a beautiful spot…I enjoyed the counselors and thought they were great role models.  All of them work very hard at being a good Christian Scientist and have had many cool demonstrations. They were always very positive and supportive.

Leelanau camper

Earlier this year, our family had a conversation about role models … Well, all of a sudden out of the blue yesterday my daughter says, “You know how I said I wasn’t sure who my role model would be? I think my counselor is a great role model; I mean she expresses ALL the K qualities, ALL the time.  She is totally into Christian Science, she is ALWAYS joyful (even when we were being difficult in the cabin), she is ALWAYS a Kohahna woman.”  Well, if being a Kohahna woman is my daughter’s ideal for a role model, then I think camp is doing everything it should be doing.

Kohahna parent

Camp is such a special opportunity…I firmly believe that there is no better way for a child to grow in their love and understanding of Christian Science than to live it at camp. The staff do a phenomenal job of modeling Christian character for the children…I do not doubt that the example that is set at camp will stick with our kids long after the summer ends.

Parent of a Leelanau and a Kohahna camper

I had so much fun at camp. I met so many great people. I learned a lot of new things, like how to make a fire, how to sail, and even how to do the butterfly.  The food was great.  One time at lunch we wrote notes on napkins to Kohahna and at dinner we got notes back! I seemed like every time I was around my new friend, I just couldn’t stop laughing!

Leelanau camper

This year I took ceramics, camp crafts, swimming and horseback riding.  I actually had a healing in horseback riding.  I was just learning the posting trot. I found that when I tried to post, I would almost fall off.  It was really scary.  In quiet time the following day we read “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear.” (I John 4:18) I thought, “Well, there’s no fear in love, and I love horseback riding!” That day, when I tried posting again, I was able to do it.  The things I love about camp are endless, but a few of them are the sisterhood, the atmosphere and the fun.

Kohahna camper

We wanted to express our gratitude to everyone at camp for making our children’s experience there such an enjoyable one.  They each had a wonderful time and we are sure it is something they will always remember.  The stories they have recounted to us since they returned, as well as the testimonies they have given in church, have shown us that they not only had a fun time, but also they grew a great deal spiritually.

Parent of a Leelanau and a Kohahna camper

I liked making good friends with other campers…I got to do archery, sailing, horseback riding, border camp and kayaking.  My favorite was border camp.  I learned how to make a fire and different knots.  It was really cool!

Leelanau camper

My daughter loves the sisterhood and the traditions.  She talked about the atmosphere of camp with such fondness as she loved being among Christian Science thinkers. She told me about spiritual insights that will stick with her forever!  I know she appreciates the independence and leadership training that camp offers. She also loves the location of camp, the food, and the variety of activities offered.

Kohahna parent

I loved camp this year because I tried some new activities.  This year I did waterskiing, silversmithing and I went on a trip. I’ve never done any of those before so it was a good experience.  I loved waterskiing!  It was new but exciting. Silversmithing was fun and I made some cool jewelry.  Going on the Grand Island trip was fantastic!  The views were amazing!  This year I also made a lot of new friends.  At the beginning of the summer they were “acquaintances”; now they’re sisters for life!

Kohahna camper

At camp, my son is surrounded by wonderful young men and women, who love unconditionally, who are examples that I want him to aspire to.  They are cool, fun, vibrant and live CS! To be surrounded by such wonderful people in such a beautiful place is what I value most.

Leelanau Parent

Living out in the woods for four days isn’t an easy task, but when you have others around you that no matter what the circumstances, keep pushing you to do your best and surround with love, it really makes you enjoy every moment…I knew God was with us and would always be with us, guiding us on our journey, whether it be on the challenge in the woods, at school, or in a sport; God will always surround us with His love.

Kohahna camper


…Being at camp, seeing such great examples from the counselors on staff, and spending time in activities and in the cabin with other Christian Science youth has given her a sense of how to express joy and happiness more freely.  What a great thing it was to listen to her carrying on about an activity, a friend she made, or a fund time she had with a huge smile on her face.  It seems like every day there are more stories to tell.

Kohahna parent

His face lights up each time he thinks of one of his camp friends or tells us about one of his adventures or favorite experiences.  We appreciate the supportive counselors…The Christian Science atmosphere is unparalleled and strengthens this important aspect in his life that he can use when he returns home.

Parent of a Leelanau camper

My favorite time of Sunday was council fire. I also liked cookouts! It was just so fun, especially when we all played elbow tag. It was fun to make new friends…My favorite thing about camp though was beach period.  I LOVE SWIMMING! I also liked dipping too.

Kohahna camper

I like silversmithing because it is a really cool way to be creative.  It’s not everywhere that I can work with metals and make them into an entirely personal creation that reflects me. I like archery a lot also, because first of all, I’m good at it and second, it’s just plain fun…

Leelanau camper

I do enjoy everything that goes on at camp…I love being able to express myself and qualities that other people appreciate…It shows me a new look on the world, without forcing me to look at it negatively.  I truly have been healed by camp.

Kohahna camper

I had a great time at camp.  My favorite activity was waterskiing/knee boarding.  I loved Sunday School.  I healed a bump on my foot.  I want to go to camp next year.

Leelanau camper

Camp is awesome because I love seeing old friends and making new friends and because I love the really great activities I get to do.  I also love Wednesday night church and hearing the testimonies; they inspire me so much.  And, as always, the food was magnificent!

Kohahna camper

What is it like in our home now that our son is home from Camp Leelanau? It’s filled with the sound of camp songs and stories.  What does our son look like after camp? He looks joyful, more mature, taller, tanner, happy and content.  What have our daily routines been like after camp? More orderly, the chores are effortless.  When I ask my son to make his bed he doesn’t need my help and I only ask once. How about the morning Bible lesson?  Now he has lots of memories of reading the Lesson with his brothers from camp.  What a peaceful, happy feeling I have about the wonderful experience my son had at camp.

Parent of a Leelanau camper

She had a terrific time. Made a lot of friends. Grew up a lot in so many ways – confidence, independence, working with others and a better understanding of, and dedication to Christian Science.  Her spiritual growth was not so much knowledge, but what she felt in her heart….The morning dips, the comradeship, the food, the crab soccer, horseback riding (a dream and first time for her), nature studies (she doesn’t fear bugs as much as before), archery and the fun times – she will never forget.

Kohahna parent

I did a lot of fun things while at camp.  Some of my favorite activities were silversmithing, riflery and horseback riding.  But the thing I liked most was the feeling of love that surrounded me and that I could be a part of that love…I also enjoyed the good food, especially the pizza and milkshakes!

Leelanau camper

Take Initiative: Share Your Fire Within

I would like to take this time to express my deepest gratitude for the camperships provided to me in previous summers, making it possible for me to be at Camp Kohahna. Camp Kohahna has made a significant impact on my life, and how I live it to this day. Recently in an Advanced Placement English class we were required to compose a “This I Believe Speech”, similar to the speeches shared on National Public Radio (NPR) Programs around the United States. I would like to share this essay with all of you, to convey how camp has helped shape my beliefs over the years.

With love and gratitude,
Kohahna Camper

Take Initiative: Share Your Fire Within

When learning how to survive in the wilderness, a fire provides one with security and comfort. On cold wet nights, a warm fire is virtually impossible to achieve without the help of the Birch Tree’s magnificent bark. Birch bark is the fuel to a fire. Although small, every little bit of the bark benefits your fire- satisfying the need for warmth and creating a mighty blaze. I believe that we all are here to meet the need of others, any need, for the greater good, the outcome of the situation by taking initiative: being like birch bark, and working to keep someone’s fire going. The time is now, to close the personal agenda, tuck away the little black book and silence the blackberry, and give back to the people and environment surrounding us.

Recognizing someone’s need can be blatantly obvious when your family needs help, or your friend needs a shoulder to cry on, or a stranger needs a friend. Someone’s needs may be small like carrying something inside for them. However big or small a need may be, meeting the need makes a difference. When you take the initiative to help others, you are freely able to give, without question of what benefits you will receive for you action; instead asking humbly what you can do to make life a little bit easier for those around you. Taking initiative allows us to give back, eliminating self centered thoughts and actions.

Taking initiative also means you recognize someone’s need, before they request for help. Initiative requires teamwork, stepping out of a comfort zone, working with others to achieve a common goal. Much like cooperation- except you are the fire starter.

Growing up I spent 10 summers at Camp in Michigan. At camp we learn to be proactive- Fire starters do not wait stoically for someone to need you; you go out and hunt for the need.  I take it upon myself to be the flame- to start a fire in people lives, whether by assisting them, supporting them, or merely interacting with them. Birch Bark does not fix earthquakes, or end wars, but works on a smaller scale helping provide each person with warmth and comfort. My goal is to make sure that the flame I have within me, can be passed on to someone else. Perhaps, your best friend has been in a car accident. Perhaps the young boy you do not even know is getting beat up before your very eyes. Perhaps your smile can brighten someone’s day. A fire comes in many forms; all it needs is a bit of Birch Bark to keep a flame going.

In the 6th grade camping quickly became a favorite activity of mine-the real wilderness entranced me. Learning the names of the plants beneath my feet the birds above my head and trees surrounding me, became lessons I could apply at home. A particular favorite tree inspires me to this day; the Birch Tree. Why, you may still ask is a Birch Tree that important? The Birch Tree supplies bark that will catch on fire rain or shine. The Birch Tree is an agent between a spark, and a blazing fire; and in my opinion, I could do no better than to be like Birch Bark in all situations- rain or shine. Coming home after my 6th grade summer with the idea of being birch bark, I began playing with a girl in school who was not always included. This wonderful girl was not annoying like all the other kids said. As we became friends I learned that she came from an abusive home, and later told me that she had attempted suicide because she felt unloved- as if no one needed her. By merely reaching out to her, and being a friend- she came out of her dark resolve, when feeling love and friendship; I never saw someone’s wet dying fire within burn brighter.

By helping others, we are learning to love selflessly. Through humility, we are able to recognize that others need our help above all else. Can you say you go to bed each night knowing you have not kept your time, thought, energy, and charity for yourself? What good is a fire, if you cannot warm everyone with its brilliance? Be the Birch Bark. Start a fire by reaching out to someone in need of your light.

2009 Summer Camp Fruitage

I love having such a beautiful outdoor setting where my child can spend quality time outside, being active…trying new things. I’m especially grateful for opportunities for spiritual growth – that staff and campers are relying on God to meet their daily needs.

Leelanau parent

Friendships I’ve made at camp are special.  I believe the friends I have at camp are friends I will have forever.

Kohahna camper        

I had an amazing time!  Camp is the first time for many things.  Most of all I really appreciate the loving counselors, they are such humorous men who are so nice and giving to the campers.  I am use to being the only Christian Scientist at my school, and I sometimes feel lonely because of it, but after going back to camp, I now realize I am not alone.

Leelanau camper

Our camper returned home with a heightened sense of responsibility.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “Mom, what can I do to help?” over the past three weeks.  She’s always been positive, but now it’s as if she is showing ownership and the ability to see that family is about caring for one another.         

Kohahna parent

What I love most about camp is that while you are having an enormous amount of fun, you are being loved and cared for by the people around you.

Kohahna camper

I love the atmosphere of camp. I love the way everyone worked together to support and help each other.

Leelanau camper

I value the opportunity for my children to try new activities with spiritually minded peers and having fun doing it.

Leelanau and Kohahna parent

Kohahna is one of my favorite places on earth…There are many, many things I love about camp, one of them being the friendships…I love the opportunities I get and how I grow spiritual in every activity that I do.

Kohahna camper

I really enjoyed the protection I experienced at camp, because the atmosphere is at a high spiritual level.  I could see I was protected by God when there was any suggestion of pain or fatigue or any other suggestion of effort, and I was able to press forward and continue having fun because of the atmosphere that surrounded me at camp.

Leelanau camper

Yesterday, instead of reacting to a potential misunderstanding with a friend, my daughter was very quiet.  She told me she had decided to pray about the situation instead of react. “Mom, I really want to be a good Christian Scientist,” she said.  What a wonderful lesson she learned, directly related to her experience at camp!

Parent of a Leelanau and Kohahna camper

I’ve learned to see the good in other people, to put God before me in every situation, to be patient, I also learned how to be a good role model.  Camp has changed my life!

Kohahna camper

My son gained a sense of peace around others, enjoying others’ unique qualities.  He also learned a lot about sailing.

Leelanau parent

I enjoyed the beautiful sunsets, council fire, “football on the dunes” and all of the other evening activities!  At camp I discovered that ‘God meets all our needs’ and I also had a wonderful healing.

Kohahna camper

Those four weeks at camp during the summer are the best four weeks of my life, and this year was no exception!  From having the greatest healings of my life, to making friendships that will last thru the ages, camp is a place that will always be in my heart….A wonderful aspect of Camp Leelanau is the abundance of brotherhood that exists. Your brothers are always there to give you a helping hand, whether it be on the ropes course, or on a square corner in cabin cleanup.

Leelanau camper

My wife was a camper at Kohahna for seven years…Based on her experience, we felt our son would really enjoy going to Camp Leelanau. After picking him up last week, he told us all about his adventures and awards. His counselors said he was a joy to have and never complained.  He wants to return next year as well.  I expected he would have a great time at camp and those expectations were exceeded…He has grown so much as a person, it is impossible not to notice.

Leelanau parent

It is interesting how much more mature and confident they are after their camp experiences. They are both more outgoing with everyone they meet, and their mannerisms convey a confidence in right activity.

Parent of a Leelanau and a Kohahna camper

I enjoyed the beautiful sunsets, council fire, “football on the dunes” and all of the other evening activities!  At camp I discovered that ‘God meets all our needs’ and I also had a wonderful healing.

Kohahna camper

I really felt that this summer experience gave me the perfect push I needed to get going in the right direction.  It taught me leadership and determination that I can bring with me to hockey or school.  I also learned how important it is to start your day off with the lesson, getting those golden nuggets that can help you in times of need during your day.  I feel that camp has recharged my so I’m ready for the year and prepared for the challenges ahead.    

Leelanau camper

We see from the moment our daughter leaves camp, she talks about returning to camp.  We hear about camp year-round from her.  She has always loved camp for the opportunity to step outside her comfort zone and try new things.  We knew she would gain much from attending, but she gained in more ways than we expected.

Our son made the most of his experience…We saw him take a more productive approach to relationships.  Instigating and avoiding confrontation gave way to fostering appreciation for fellow campers.  We saw him move beyond mere academic study of Christian Science to living it moment by moment…Camp is demonstration, plain and simple.

Parent of both Leelanau and Kohahna campers

This summer I feel like I really gained a better understanding of myself, Christian Science, and the K-Qualities.  I also had a lot of fun doing activities, making new friendships, keeping old ones, and spending time with my cabin…I really liked doing pinecone pals because it gives you the chance to both give and receive extra love all week long, and it really taught me about the power of giving. My activities, and the whole summer in general, taught me a lot of lessons and I feel like I really grew a lot.

Kohahna camper

From our young son we see the enthusiasm and love of camp developing, an eagerness to try new things and to follow the example of counselors and the older campers.  With our older son we see the evidence of the many years of camp taking form in a desire to now BE the leader that he has loved in so many of the young men that have gone before him.  This year’s camp experience was so transforming that he will carry it with him for the rest of his life.  He cam home not as a boy but as a man. He shows a determination to be a leader, in school, church and on the ice.

Parent of two Leelanau campers

I loved playing card games with my counselors and cabin mates and sitting around the council fire. I hope to be a counselor when I get bigger.  Now that I’m home I’ve been making my bed and keeping my room clean.  Before I go to bed at night I also think about what I’m grateful for and something nice that I’ve done for someone else that day.

Leelanau camper

…I went on the high ropes course for my cabin day.  At first I was excited.  But when I got up there I got scared.  I told myself God was Love.  Since He created everything, nothing could harm me (like the ropes course).  As I got closer to the end, I got less scared.  Afterwards, I realized it was actually fun and a good experience…I worked hard at earning the K-qualities again because they are good qualities to express every day.  I loved camp and I’m so glad I got to go!

Kohahna camper

I value the growth in character my son achieves each year. So important!! And of course learning to rely on God for all needs.  The counselors were “the best”! Food terrific! My son loves camp with all his heart.  Every year he learns more about the real man he is becoming – strong, courageous, thoughtful, unselfish – every mother’s dream!  All qualities the world needs!!

Parent of a Leelanau camper

I have learned a lot from being at camp and I want to continue being a Leelanau man when I am at home.

Leelanau camper

I value most the strong support given to my son while he is at camp.  He grows so much with all the love and encouragement given at Camp Leelanau.  I asked him if there was anything he would change about camp.  He said no – but maybe it should be longer!

Leelanau parent

I fell off a horse, but I got right back on with NO fear whatsoever!…I love riding at camp because when you are at peace with yourself a horse will follow your commands.  And then you become at one with your horse.

Kohahna camper

I am so excited that our sons have someone else guiding them along the same issues that we are during the year. The constructive help and guidance is probably better received from the counselors than us.  The camper reports reassure us of all the character building, mentally, emotionally and spiritually going on at camp! Our sons could not be at a better place during the summer with great counselors and mentors!

Parent of two Leelanau campers

Camp is always so much fun, and I had great healings.  I enjoyed the trips and all the exciting activities.  My favorite was drama and silversmithing.  I was in the talent show with my friends.  

Kohahna camper

Perspectives on Christian Science Camp Nursing from a Christian Science Camp Practitioner

By: Pam McKnight

On my first day as a brand new Christian Science camp practitioner I saw the seasoned Christian Science nurse handing a plastic waterproof bag full of bandages, gauze and assorted wraps to a camp counselor.  She said, “Here is the ‘Second Aid Kit’ for the craft room.”  It was the first time I had ever heard what was certainly a “First Aid Kit” to any other person, being called a “Second Aid Kit!”  It was a revealing moment.  From that one little phrase I could see that for all the wonderful practical help the Christian Science nurse was going to provide at camp, she (and the camp staff) clearly felt that true “First Aid” was turning to God at the moment of need.  The Christian Science nurses I have worked with at camp since that first day have all expressed a pure understanding of the power and presence of God as the true healing agent.

At the Christian Science camp where I have been privileged to serve there can be as many as 150 campers and counselors on campus at once, all engaged in a variety of ACTIVE outdoor and indoor activities.  From the littlest first time camper who has a “boo boo,”  to injuries of a seemingly more serious nature to the older campers, the camp nurse has to be prepared to handle a wide variety of situations.  And it has been a privilege to watch them at work.

Many people may think that the Christian Science nurse tends to the physical aspect of the problem, and the prayer part is turned over to the practitioner.

But here’s how it really plays out!  A camper comes to the office a little frightened and usually in some degree of pain.  With a loving hug and a smile, the Christian Science nurse expresses a tender truth that immediately begins to lessen the fear.  As she washes and bandages the camper, her calm and joyful attitude has already taken the “sting” out of whatever has occurred.  By the time the camper is handed over to the practitioner for metaphysical support, the healing is well underway.  The nurse’s practical reflection of the tender Father/Mother love is a mighty healing power.

Among the claims that I have seen met with the nurse’s help are:  poison ivy, pink eye, sprained ankles, a severely over-extended elbow, a camper being hit by lightning, and an almost infinite variety of cuts, bruises, blisters, bug bites, and scrapes.

There are times when the nurse and the practitioner have to work together over a more extended period of time.  These instances have been wonderful times of working together with God to demonstrate practical healing Christian Science.  That same first summer, a counselor had an accident off campus.  She took a nasty spill on a water board, and all indications were that she had seriously damaged her knee.  She requested to be brought back to camp to the nurse/practitioner office for help.  The nurse wrapped the young woman’s leg extensively and I began vigorous prayerful treatment declaring the impossibility of accidents in a universe governed by God, and man’s exemption from danger of any kind.  In any so-called serious incident the parents are called and the camper or counselor is taken home until the healing is complete.  In this instance the parents couldn’t arrive at camp until two days later.  For the next 48 hours the Christian Science nurse and I worked together around the clock to keep her physically comfortable.  This involved helping her use the bathroom as well as frequent re-wrapping of her leg.  Although initially in obvious pain, this precious counselor wanted to completely rely on Christian Science for treatment.  Often as the nurse was working on wrapping the leg, the young woman and I would be declaring out loud a Bible verse or citation from Science and Health.  It felt like a very holy time.  When her parents arrived it was evident to both the nurse and me that remarkable progress had taken place.  This proved to be the case.  Much to the joy of the friends who witnessed her accident, this counselor was able to return to camp three weeks later completely healed.

A camp setting provides a unique opportunity for a Christian Science nurse and a Christian Science practitioner to work together as a team.  It has been my honor and privilege to work with these nurses.  I have learned much from them all.

The Helicopter Mom by Joy Hughes

Hovering. Micromanaging. Not wanting to let go. These are all aspects of “helicoptering” children. Thankfully, as Christian Scientists, we are awakened to the true definition of motherhood and fatherhood as God, the one and only real Parent. What a relief it is to let go of that false sense of responsibility without lessening our love for our children at all.

Last January, my daughter, Annie and I attended a Leelanau-Kohahna road show. We were invited by a friend who is a former camper. My daughter, who usually isn’t a joiner, was right in the thick of things, answering Clark and Katie’s questions about camp like she was a Kohahna girl from way back when. Camp certainly was not in my radar, but apparently, it was in Annie’s. As we were driving home from the camp presentation, Annie said to me, “Mom, how do I get on that blue bus?” I couldn’t figure out what she was talking about and then it dawned on me that she thought the camp’s blue buses venture around the country picking up campers!

After perusing through the camp literature, I noticed that the sessions were longer than I anticipated. Three weeks away from home. Wow. My daughter, who is ten-years-old, basically has never been away from her parents with the exception of one night sleep-overs with friends or a weekend with grandparents. A special friend who is a Christian Scientist remarked to me once, “Isn’t it wonderful to think about the angel messages that Annie receives?” That comment was a wake-up call for me. Through my prayers, I realized that God is communicating to Annie His plan for her. As her mother, I felt impelled to explore Kohahna, knowing that everything would “work together for good.” Long story short…I became a cleaning mom and Annie became a four-week camper.

What I have witnessed at Kohahna is quite remarkable; albeit, that my observations are all from the sidelines. I see quite clearly why a three-week session is the minimal amount of time for a camp experience. This camp is about goals and growth Spiritward, and it takes a certain length of time for counselors to know campers well enough to help them along this path of growth to make a difference. The camper report is thoughtfully executed; it is not just a “cheerleading” review of the week, even though strengths are recorded. I couldn’t be more grateful that my daughter is working on life skills here at camp. The counselors offer excellent leadership and are true mentors of what it is to be women of substance.

Gratitude from a Camp Nurse

As the camp nurse at Leelanau/Kohahna for two weeks, I want you to know how much I enjoyed watching your children in their activities, playing games after Sunday cookouts, mingling with others, and carrying on camp traditions.  I had a panoramic view from the porch at Eagle’s Nest, and so have witnessed and heard the beautiful sights and sounds of summer-children playing and having fun. 

Meals are special as the campers come together to eat and talk about their day. I was very impressed with the way everyone diligently cleaned up each time and reset the table. My own mealtimes will never be quite the same without those bustling dining room sounds around me. 

You are blessed to have your children surrounded by loving, caring counselors, CTs, and staff.  I sometimes listened as these young adults worked to help give campers a spiritual foundation and teach life skills such as getting along together, being considerate of others’ feelings, learning to take initiative, and to lead.  All this on top of having tons of fun each day!

It was a pleasure to sit in on Wednesday evening testimony meetings.  The CTs presented thoughtful readings, and the campers eagerly shared their testimonies, followed by a hymn sing with everyone.

Each time I applied a band aid, removed a splinter, or dealt with someone who was missing home, I was thanked by the camper, and many times even received a hug!

Your beautiful, considerate children were a special gift to me during those two wonderful weeks, and I continue to think of them often.  I am encouraged to see the spiritual qualities these young people are expressing. They may very well serve as the foundation for the leaders that we need for our church, our communities, and our country.

I am back home now, but am still relishing this precious camp experience and gratefully remembering the sights, sounds, and joys of Camp Leelanau/Kohahna.


Karrell Dowling

Christian Science Nurse

Camp From The Perspective of a “fly on the wall”

By Connie Wallingford

Have you ever wished to be the “fly on the wall” to observe your children’s’ lives? I know I have – many times. Being the wife of the camp practitioner has allowed me to be at camp but not on the payroll – the perfect set-up for a “fly.” The first rule of flydom that I had to learn, however, was to stay on the wall. I remember vividly a time when my son was a young camper engaged in an interesting activity, so I joined the group to observe. Bad idea! He politely let me know that this was HIS camp activity, not mine. I realized that I had become the fly buzzing about the room rather than unobtrusively observing from the wall. How annoying!

Over the years I am convinced that staying behind the scenes is valuable not only to the camp, but to me as well. Being on the sidelines has allowed me to support camp in many unique ways, as an “Aaron” helping to lift up Moses’ arms. The staff is on the front lines, but I have the perspective and ability to do tasks that will allow them to be more effective. At the same time, I observe the tremendous value of the Christian Science camp experience for both campers and staff. A camper says, “I never thought about using Christian Science for that before.” A counselor urges, “C’mon [name], that’s not from God so it can’t be part of you.” The riding director tells about being in the paddock in the middle of the night, praying to calm the horses. Counselors patiently work with campers to meet challenges. Two counselors share spiritual ideas about how to resolve social issues in the cabin. The leadership team calmly handles a potential crisis. Counselors and campers pop up like popcorn at the Wednesday testimony meeting, sharing their healings and inspiration. There’s such a NOWNESS to each day – the sense that God is present here and now, involved in each activity.

It’s truly a privilege to be a part of Camps Leelanau-Kohahna as wife, mother, and witness to the abundant good.

2008 Summer Camp Fruitage

Our daughter loved her counselor and cabin mates. Meals were good, really something to look forward to.
– a Kohahna mom

I can only say we feel such gratitude for the strong values and safe environment encircled in God’s great love expressed through an idea such as camp.
– from the mom of a camper & counselor

Our son loves the lasting friends he made at camp. It was a 7 week slice of heaven…and opportunity to practice Christian Science.
– Leelanau dad

We were so pleased that our girls got to experience Kohahna again this year. We have seen such a positive change and sense of confidence in all of them. They always come away with so much. We are still hearing stories! Thank you.
– from the mom of 3 Kohahna campers

As a parent I value most the unconditional love and support all the Leelanau men have for one another. I really appreciate the lessons on how to be a loving, responsible, respectful man.
– a Leelanau mom

We are so grateful for the treasured experiences camp provides. The most wonderful aspect, for us as parents, is to see her growing reliance on Christian Science. Camp so lovingly nurtures this growth and teaches daily application of the Truth. This has strengthened (our daughter) and our family. Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.
– Kohahna parents

Leelanau and Kohahna provide a fun, safe, refuge for children to experience God’s allness and yet they can still build their spiritual armor to handles the challenges that may come their way in a confident manner.
– written by parents of Kohahna & Leelanau campers

I learned a lot more about Christian Science, which is really one of the best things about being at camp. I was able to help my cabin mates whenever they were not feeling well and that made both of us feel better.
– a Leelanau camper

My favorite thing at camp that keeps me coming back each summer is the love. Every counselor is a big sister, and the other girls in the same cabin as you become your best friends.
– a Kohahna camper

Camp, specifically Leelanau, has become a very important part of our year. The boys love their camp brothers and look forward to seeing them each year. I love knowing they have such a strong pure male Christian Science influence in their lives.
– a Leelanau parent

I have had the most amazing summer of my life this year. I made so many friends that are like my sisters around the US now.
– a Kohahna camper

Each summer (our children) come home more confident in their practice of Christian Science, and more willing and eager to share it with others. The lessons they learn at camp impress them, and stay with them throughout the year. We also appreciate the counseling staff at Leelanau. Our boys respect, admire and want to emulate. These young men have a remarkable influence on our children. We are so grateful for their efforts to model practical, applicable, effective Christian Science in all they do.
– from parents of Leelanau campers

Nowhere else have I met more caring and supportive people than at camp. The friends I have made at camp will be lifelong friends. The spiritual lessons that I have learned help me in my daily life at home, and for that I am extraordinarily grateful.
– a Leelanau camper

As the summer season comes to a close the thoughts and blessings of camp continue to come to the forefront. My daughter began her school year with additional confidence and strength in her understanding of her connection/ relationship to God which she gained at camp. The blessings of those four weeks continue all through the years!
– parent of a Kohahna camper

Camp this year was filled with fun, adventure, and growth. I was provided with many opportunities to push myself, and I took full advantage of every one. I shared laughs and memories with old friends and made new ones. The people at camp make it a unique experience.
– Leelanau camper

The boys love camp. They love making new friends, learning new skills, participating in new activities, and living in beautiful northern Michigan for four weeks each summer. We particularly appreciate the opportunity for them to do all those things under the guidance of strong, clear metaphysicians whose goal it is to help our children grow in their understanding and practice of Christian Science. And they do grow!
– Leelanau camper parents

I have learned so many life lessons and made so many amazing friends. My seven weeks at camp this year were incredible and life changing and I got the opportunity to do so many cool and unique things – like hiking in Canada, going on the challenge and building council fire. I did not want to go home at the end of the seven weeks!
– Kohahna camper

For my kids, camp is the time they get to spend with other Christian Scientists their age. They return with great enthusiasm for God, Christian Science, and love for all, not to mention great stories and life long friends. They gain an understanding of spirituality, as well as realizing prayer works in the everyday hurdles, not just the big stuff.
– camper parent

The values and ideas that are instilled while at camp will be with my children their entire lives. – a Kohahna mom

We value the strong atmosphere of Christly love that permeates camp, the strong sense of family and the sheer joy of the place. – from another Kohahna mom

“My husband and I were very impressed with the caliber for counselors you employ. These fine young men and women show such warmth, care, thoughtfulness and genuine pleasure at having our children at camp.” –Leelanau Parent

We are deeply grateful for these exceptional camps. Our children always come back better and recharged. We could never put a price on it.”
– Camper Parents

“We love camp! Our daughter’s leadership skills were visibly strengthened this summer. She also made great strides in handling disappointment with grace and increasing her willingness to share metaphysical ideas.”
– Kohahna Parent

“My son told me he learned the value of staying calm this summer. He was in a sailboat when the winds picked up. He was tempted to be afraid but together with his counselor they brought the boat safely ashore.”
– Leelanau Parent

“I overheard my daughter tell her father, ‘Camp is like having a bunch of sisters.’ She enjoyed the overall experience of finding a different sense of family and home.”
– First-year Kohahna Parent

“I love seeing the change in our daughter from when we drop her off to when we pick her up. She comes back to us with a renewed sense of who she is, who we are to her, her relationship with others and God.”
– Kohahna Parent