Bugle Call – Week 5 – 2014

This week, the week of the Challenge, has been a much-anticipated week at Kohahna. Wildwoods had been preparing for the annual Sand versus Pines competitive camping trip.

For those of you who do not know what the Challenge is, a brief explanation is in order! Wildwood campers, the older bunch of young women, embark every summer on this trip and put into practice their reliance on God, their athletic ability, the K qualities, and their creativity. The trip went on Wednesday morning and returned on Saturday afternoon. During this period of time each team had the opportunity to prepare delicious meals, lash structures such as a dinner table, a backpack rack, a meal preparation table, and a judges tower. The girls also played capture the flag against the other team. Each team has been judged and given points according to their creativity in structure building and meals,  their sportsmanship, the flag scoring during the challenge  and the overall excellence of their camp sight and team spirit. This trip is, as always, a wonderful opportunity for the young ladies to express the highest form of competition where each opponent acts with graciousness, love, and a genuine desire to do their best. Points garnered from the Challenge are a large factor in determining whether the Sands or Pines win each summer.

Meanwhile, back at camp we had a wonderful week as well! On Tuesday night, as the Challenge girls had their traditional hair braiding and t-shirt making session before they left, the remainder of Kohahna campers had Crazy Night! Everyone put on their craziest attire, zebra prints, tutus, neon tights, etc, and played games such as kick the can and ghost in the graveyard.

Wednesday morning, we said our goodbyes to the ladies going on the Challenge and watched them march across the great lawn, cheering their respective teams. It was a bittersweet day, we were sad to see our Wildwoods go, but excited for cabin day! And even though we were short a few KOH women, there was no shortage of pep and fun… Cabin day activities included flower picking in Suttons Bay, getting ice cream cones, tubing, shooting the culverts, and trips the Glen Arbor playground. We topped off the day with a wonderful Wednesday night gratitude service at the Christian Science church in Glen Arbor! Several churchgoers commented on how well behaved and delightful our campers were. What a treat!

On Thursday, the weather was outstanding: sunny, no wind, but not too hot. Afternoon activities took full advantage of the beautiful weather. They included hula hooping adventures, an extreme dance party that ended in a water balloon fight, kayaking to the shipwreck, shooting the culverts, waterskiing, and bathing the horses. The evening followed up with an even more amazing activity, Pirate Night. The girls dressed up in their best pirate gear, moustaches included, and played the first ever game of Pirates and Cargo.

 On Friday, we had “Bring the Fun” night where we celebrated our summer theme by breaking all the campers up into five teams for the five qualities we are learning about: patience, forgiveness, gratefulness, obedience, and selflessness. With a splash of color for each team (each quality was assigned a color) we made team bracelets, team hulu hoop dances, a collage that represents the different qualities, some songs and cheers, and off course we ended the night down at our beautiful beach to play sharks and minnows, and to give gratitude! It was a FUN day!

On Saturday, smiles broke across all of our faces when we heard the Challenge girls return to camp singing the Kohahna cheer. We were so happy to have our Challenge girls return! While they rested, the remainder of Kohahna went to Empire beach for a sunny day on the sandy beaches and clear water of Lake Michigan. That evening, we all went to dinner in our comfiest pajamas and brought all of our pillows and blankets to the Great House for a movie night. We relaxed, cuddled up, and enjoyed tangled for our first time together since Tuesday.

Sunday brought our day at the “County Fair” where the Leelanau soccer field is turned into all sorts of booths for festive fair activities. We had the horses out, we had a pie eating competition, we had tug of war, we had line dancing, water melon eating, corn hole playing, and a slew of other fun activities! This all lead up to our evening at Council Fire where we had our usual enthusiasm and repose, as well as the reveal of the Challenge victor: congratulations SAND TEAM 2014! It’s been a great week, and with two more left, we plan to keep all the good coming!!

Bugle Call – Week 4 – 2014

Welcome to camp new and returning campers! What a wonderful introduction this week has been to the second session at Kohahna! Opening day was complete with sunshine and the happy joy of seeing returning friends and cabin mates. The day was capped by cookout and council fire where girls were the new campers were introduced to their Kohahna teams (sand and pine), and the four weekers were introduced to our summer theme: Bring the Fun!

As always, we started the week with the swim test at Bar Lake. The day was a bit chilly, but the girls pushed through in order to be able to be swim safe and participate in various water activities such as kayaking, canoeing, windsurfing, sailing, and waterskiing. Soon, we got into the swing of things, the weather warmed up, and the usual shenanigans began! Afternoon activities this week included fairy house building where children built small stick homes in order to provide shelter for the gnomes and fairies of the pine forest. Additionally, campers ventured down to the clay pits where they created their own mud masks and let the clay squish between their toes! Campers also had the opportunities to visit the Pierce Stocking Drive scenic outlook, participate in Challenge preparation, take an afternoon waterski, paint and bath the horses, practice working on the wheel in ceramics, do extreme karaoke, create mod podge crafts, play extreme spoons, and make cozy forts on a rainy day.

We kicked off evening activities this week with a fun, competitive game called Bombardment. Bombardment is essentially a game of sand versus pines dodge ball and is a camper favorite. This week, the Wildwoods tied, but Waukeena pines won three games to one. On Tuesday, the camp participated in a counselor fashion show. Campers were assigned a theme, and then dressed up their counselors according to that theme. At the fashion show, counselors strutted their stuff to music and were cheered by the cabins! And of course, after the fashion show we had the requisite dance party where the campers showed off their dance moves and capped off the night with brownies and milk.

On Wednesday, we had a wonderful Wednesday night church meeting filled with gratitude and wonderful testimonies. On Thursday, we played a traditional game of Water Polo at the Glen Lake shallows. It was the perfect evening for this special game as there was no wind, the air was a pleasant temperature, the water was calm and warm and the girls played with fierce, yet loving and considerate competition. The sands won this evening activity 4-3.

On Friday, the girls hiked to pyramid point, the beautiful dune lookout over Lake Michigan. It was a fun, peaceful moment, where the girls were able to reflect on the week and give gratitude for our beautiful home. After Pyramid Point, all headed over to the Sand Bowl to run down the dunes and check out the 180 degree view of the vast blueness of Lake Michigan.

On Saturday, Kohahna and Leelanau were fortunate enough to listen to Christian Science lecturer Joshua Niles, CS, who gave a talk on harmony and how a state of peace is an inherent and natural part of our lives. Additionally, he touched on the idea that we are complete with a higher sense of being, and that we can acknowledge that divine sense of individuality within ourselves and with others. After taking a break to reflect on the talk, the KOH girls prepared for the annual Lip Sync! Lip Sync this year was a hit, complete with songs from artists such as Pentatonix, Vanilla Ice, Disney’s Frozen, and High School Musical.

In addition to wonderful activities this week, cabin day was a complete success! Cabins spent quality time together on camp painting flower pots, hiking, having a spa day, making cabin rings in Silversmithing, completing low ropes initiatives, baking cookies, participating in a treasure hunt, playing minute to win it challenges such as chubby bunny and the Oreo challenge, doing the high ropes course, enjoying paint twister, and creating hair wraps. We are having our usual summer fun here at Kohahna, and it’s been perfect! This coming week we have our Challenge trip going out (Wednesday to Sunday), which is a competitive camping trip for the Wildwood campers. Back home, we will have a variety of really fun activities to keep the pace up and continue bringing the FUN!!

Bugle Call – Week 3 – 2014

What a glorious third week of camp it was! We had so many highlights it’s hard to just name a few! With the CTs back in camp from their CT trip during the second week of camp, it was fun to have their leadership during activities and in the cabins. The campers loved having the CTs move into cabins, and we had CTs in Stardust, Driftwood, Falling Star, and Juniper!

We had one big trip out this week, Pictured Rocks. Several Wildwood campers had the opportunity to hike through Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore on the coast of Lake Superior. The trip left on Monday and returned home  Thursday in time to celebrate 3/4ths July (more details on that celebration to follow).  Back home, here at Kohahna, we made sure to have a week full of fun, growth, and a sense of completion to aspects of activity life, cabin life, and summer theme topics! On Monday evening we had a Pine vs. Sand soccer game that was competitive, supportive, and lighthearted. The Pine team was the first to score, with the Sand team capably following up, and ultimately winning the match 4-3.

On Tuesday we had our famed game of Superlatives where both teams had the opportunity to compete for things such as: which team has the girl with the longest hair, which team has the camper who can tell the funniest joke, make the funniest face, came from the farthest distance, has the best impersonation of a counselor, and so forth! It’s always a highlight for the girls, and a great way to show off the many talents of the Sand and Pine teams!

Wednesday brought rain and cool temperatures in the morning, but the sun broke through for an extra special off camp cabin day! We had campers travel to Leland, Glen Arbor, and even one that stayed at camp for an on camp adventure! The evening brought another lovely church service, testimony meeting and hymn sing! Many campers and counselors shared healings and remarks on Christian Science that served as inspiration for all.

All week long we did regular morning activities, and with so many girls trying to wrap up level passing, it seemed only right to continue that! So Thursday morning, we opened our flag raising ceremony with the passing out of Red, White, and Blue necklaces in honor of 3/4ths July (the name we gave to the celebration of the 4th of July on the 3rd of July!). We then had a “normal morning” which included regular morning activities. At noon everything turned celebratory with the start of a picnic lunch. Following lunch and rest hour, both Leelanau and Kohahna joined together on the soccer field for an afternoon of holiday fun! We had face painting, pony rides, fire building competitions (who could build a fire fastest and burn through a twine tied together on two sticks above the fire), hula hooping and patriotic song singing, water balloon tossing, and an obstacle course! After these events, we all went down to the beach for a patriotic sand castle building competition and a paddle board relay race – so much fun! We had another cook out dinner with both camps together followed by an extra long game of elbow tag! The Seniors and the Wildwoods went off to Pyramid Point and the Sand Bowl for a hike, a sunset viewing, and some gratitude sharing! The Waukeenas and Juniors went down to the camp beach to play tag, have a bonfire, roast marshmallows, do sparklers, and just generally enjoy the beautiful beach and warm weather. All in all the day was hugely successful and lots of fun! We loved the novelty of 3/4th July!

Friday was final day of the three week session, so we made it the best! Morning activities were a success once again, and everyone was able to wrap up projects and level passing! We also had our three week Dance/Drama/Art show where the visual arts were beautifully displayed. Three dances from dance class were performed, one drama scene, and all the ceramics, silversmithing, and arts & crafts projects were all laid out down in the Art Room. Following the show, we had a packing party in the cabins, which led into preparation for our three week Final Banquet. At the banquet, we had a delicious dinner, which was topped off with the ever favorite dessert – mamma spatch (Brownie base, vanilla ice cream layer, Oreos or M&Ms, or some variety of candy topping). At the banquet we gave out a series of awards – honor cabin, longevity awards, K-Girl, Sportsmanship balls, and so forth! We also played our slideshow and remarks were made to close up thoughts on the summer theme. Lastly, we went to the Pine Forest to have our Pine Bough ceremony where each camper is given the opportunity to share gratitude! It’s a beautiful way to wrap up the summer and the evening in general! So much good is always expressed and it is evident that there is an abundance of love and gratitude for family, for camp, for the sisterhood here at Kohahna, and for God!

To wrap up the ideas of the summer theme, we shared in the three week session that “Bringing the Fun” is the recognition of spiritual joy; living it and safeguarding it! We covered two specific elements of the theme which were patience and forgiveness. In the coming weeks we will talk about gratefulness, obedience, and selflessness as three other elements to living with spiritual joy! It was truly a three week session of immense beauty and blessings, and Kohahna girls have grown that much more, become more confident and aware, and are ready to bring the fun when they head back home too!

Bugle Call – Week 2 – 2014

A little rain and gloomy weather never stopped a Kohahna girl from having fun, but we certainly were grateful to have our second week here at camp filled with sunshine and warmth! It was a big week at Kohahna and a big week out on the trial with two trips out, including the week long CT (Counselor Training trip) and the Nordhouse dunes trip. More details on the trip later on, but first let’s review our successes and fun at camp! We kicked off the week with an evening activity of a Counselor Hunt, headed by the secret society of ninjas! In this evening activity, every counselor was a ninja, lost from the great ninja tribe. The goal for the campers was to find counselors hidden in various locations around camp by decrypting a map that had been drawn in riddles. Some counselors were hidden in trees, some were hidden in the pine forest, some could be seen rolling down the great lawn, and fun was had by all of our Kohahna ninjas! The campers successfully found all of the counselors and succeeded in their mission to decript the secret key, and complete the “connect the dot” Kohahna logo!

Tuesday, Kohahna campers enjoyed polishing up their knowledge of their cabinmates and proving their the depth of it in the Newlywed Game!  The Newlywed Game is set up for our purposes by having one member of each cabin answer a series of questions separate from the rest of the campers, while their cabinmates try to figure out how they would answer.  Questions include, color of hairbrush, number of siblings, type of pets, favorite dessert at camp, and so forth. Each camper gets a turn to answer questions, and at the end, four cabins tied with the hightest  score of 25 correct in total!

Wednesday brought about a lovely on camp cabin day with plenty of cabin bonding. We had zip linging, we had cookie baking, we had play time at the playground, we had a game of paint Twister (don’t worry mom, its washable!), and so much more! Wednesday evening was another lovely church service replete with several camper and counselor testimonies.  Seeing that the CTs were on their trip this week, they weren’t there to read, so we had a counselor stand in!

On Thursday, Kohahna enjoyed a game of Poz Dog on the beach. After each camper got decked out in her team colors and headed down the beach steps, the beach area was divided into a Sand and Pine side. Each team was given a football that they must protect. Campers crossed to the other team’s side in order to attempt to get the football, but ran the risk of being tagged and sent to jail by the other team. The Pine team scored the only point that night, but leadership and joyfulness were seen expressed by older and younger campers alike. The competition was pure and filled with examples of loving sportsmanship, and each sandy child left the beach with a smile on her face!

Friday evening brought us a wonderful game of Capture the Flag in our back meadow and woods here at camp! No flags were captured, but all the campers loved the adventure, the teamwork, and the beautiful surroundings!  Saturday morning, we introduced the coming week’s quality for the summer theme which is forgiveness.  In brief, we acknowledged that forgiveness is freedom! It is freedom for you, for the other person or the situation, and it helps us “bring the fun”  as we become more aware of spiritual joy in every situation, no matter how difficult!

Afternoon activities this week included extreme hula hooping, where campers speed hooped in various places around camp such as cookout, the beach, and pine forest. Traveling dance party was also offered; an activity where campers put on their wildest costumes and performed dance mobs for passersby. During another afternoon activity, campers were able to take a hike to the meadow and make crowns out of wildflowers as gifts for their pinecone pals and friends, or simply for a fashion statement! This brings us to pinecone pals, one of our favorite traditions at camp. Campers selected a name of another camper out of a hat at counsel fire and from then on were designated a pinecone pal, for whom each young woman would make gifts out of nature, or arts and crafts supplies, or out of our favorite material…or non-material material if you know what I mean…spiritual inspiration! This past Sunday at counsel fire, we did the traditional revealing of the PCP’s or pine-cone pals. As always, it was a wonderful way to remember to selflessly give and is a fun tradition that brightens the spirits of campers and reminds us that we are all cherished and loved!

This week has also been a week of wonderful trips! What would camp be without the camping after all? Our trips counselors led a trip to a new and exciting location, the Nordhouse dunes, a trip which two campers had the opportunity to quartermaster (lead the trip and work on earning levels). It was a great opportunity for younger campers to express their leadership and develop a deeper appreciation and love for the woods. Also, our CT’s took out a five day trip to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula where they canoed the Manistique river, shared many laughs, cooked good trail food, fought off the bugs, and returned feeling successful, and more united as a CT group! We are so grateful to have them back in camp!

In the coming week, we have much to look forward to in wrapping up our three week session. It has gone by so quickly, but we certainly have learned a lot, and truly brought the fun!!

Bugle Call – Week 7 – 2013

Our final week at Kohahna was a fantastic one! Rainy weather brought us indoors for our Sunday evening Council Fire, but our spirits weren’t dampened as we celebrated achievements from the previous week and looked ahead to our final days at camp. Our final aspect to this year’s summer theme of There is Enough is the idea of purpose. We discussed the difference between finding our purpose in life, and finding our purpose in Life. Campers gave wonderful ideas about how acknowledging God as our Source leads to unending inspiration and provision for what we are led to do in life.

On Monday our CT’s led the day, beginning with a fun wake-up call for dips and flag raising while wearing silly costumes. We began our final week of morning activities full of enthusiasm and determination to achieve and make the most of every activity period. Our CT’s provided a variety of afternoon activities, including adventure running, human foosball, and chalk sketching. In the evening the CT’s created an amazing Kohahna Circus, complete with contortionists, obstacle relays, clown training, and hula hoop fun.

Tuesday we celebrated one of our final afternoons of regular activities with a great variety of things, including an archery competition, fort building, bike ride and exploration of buildings on Port Oneida Road, a sailing race, reading in the barn, and finishing art projects. Tuesday evening we were treated to artistic delights as we watched dramatic, dance, and musical performances in the Great House. Campers who had taken dance or drama during camp were able to share their amazing work with us.

On Wednesday, we enjoyed our final Cabin Day on camp property. Cabins enjoyed the high ropes course, zip line, t-shirt making, and cooking baking. On Thursday afternoon the Sky Team presented the Sky Show, Radio Kohahna. Campers were treated to musical numbers, radio ads and commercials, and of course a kickline!  Thursday evening we enjoyed one last team competition in the evening with a game of dune football at the backside of the dunes.

Friday we began our Final Weekend activities, with a normal morning but an afternoon of packing. We enjoyed a picnic dinner on the beach and had our final Council Fire Friday evening. Our hearts were overflowing with gratitude as we gave thanks for the abundance of good at camp using traditional pine boughs.

Saturday morning we enjoyed breakfast in bed courtesy of some friendly Kohahna alums! We spent the morning showing our families some of what we’ve learned in our morning activities, and enjoyed performing in the annual Encore program after lunch. Saturday evening we celebrated an amazing summer at our Final Banquet, recognizing the achievements of many campers through activity awards, team point awards, and awards for spirit, growth, and shining in camp. Kohahna celebrated the efforts of 22 Expert levels passed – an incredible achievement! After banquet we watched beautiful paper lanterns light up the sky on the deck together.

It’s always a little sad to see our campers go, but our hearts our filled with gratitude for all they will take home with them and share with their families, friends, and schools. It was truly a wonderful summer on Pyramid Point! 

Bugle Call – Week 6 – 2013

This week we rejoiced in much cooler temperatures at Kohahna! We enjoyed several breezy, blue-skied days full of sun.

Our campers enjoyed a variety of activities on Monday, including a canoe paddle down the Crystal River, sketching and card games, activity work in riflery, silversmithing and riding for some campers working at expert levels, and a Royal Baby Shower! Monday night we enjoyed the services of a local instructor who did a session of Zumba with us! Campers had fun moving and grooving to fun beats in the Great House.

On Tuesday there were some extra-large waves and wind that kept us from being in the water, but we still had a variety of activities going on, including running on Port Oneida Road, exploring historic parts of Leelanau County, glazing ceramics projects, painting, and making gifts for our secret Pine Cone Pals. Tuesday evening we enjoyed a great game of soccer between the Pines and Sands, and ended the evening with an inspiring gratitude session.

Wednesday we enjoyed our final off-camp cabin day. Cabins floated and tubed on the Crystal River, did scavenger hunts in Glen Arbor, explored Fishtown in nearby Leland, went fishing, hiked at Empire Bluffs, and enjoyed the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes. We had a beautiful Wednesday evening church service and enjoyed a Kohahna hymn sing.

On Thursday (the 25th) we enjoyed a Kohahna favorite, Christmas in July. Campers enjoyed hearing T’was the Night Before Christmas, playing musical chairs to Christmas songs, decorating Christmas cookies, writing notes to Santa, and taking cabin Christmas photos. Thursday also saw the return of some campers who spent several days hiking at the beautiful Manistee River.

Friday brought back several campers who spent the week on a climbing trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. On Friday, rainy weather kept us indoors as enjoyed another camp favorite, The Newlywed Game.  

After a very wet Saturday morning inspection, the rain let up enough for the Sand team to hike at Empire Bluffs, while the Pine team practiced for their gift to the Sands and Skys, the Pine Show.Saturday evening we enjoyed their hard work as we watched the Pines take us on a trip Around the World. It was a wonderful show that had everyone laughing and cheering along. It’s hard to believe that just one final week awaits us at camp. Kohahna campers are ready to take their achievements to new heights to finish the summer!

Bugle Call – Week 5 – 2013

Fifth week of camp brought unusually high temperatures, allowing us to take advantage of our greatest resource – Lake Michigan! We had a Beach Bonanza Sunday afternoon that had campers swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing, sailing, sand castle building, and just enjoying every possible aspect of the water!

Our Sunday evening Council Fire focused on confidence in accord with our “There is Enough” theme. We also introduced campers chosen for The Challenge, an annual competitive camping trip between the senior Pines and Sands.

Our afternoon activities throughout the week featured many water activities, including synchronized swimming, beach volleyball, kayaking, and beach hikes.

Monday evening we played Poz Dog, a camp favorite similar to dune football that allows us to play on the sand and in the water. Tuesday evening featured a fairy party for the Waukeena campers and a beach bonfire for our Wildwood campers.

On Wednesday morning we bid goodbye to our Challenge girls and enjoyed an on-camp cabin day.  The girls got to participate in the high ropes course, tie-dying clothes, cooking in the kitchen, playing on the water trampoline, and enjoying the beach. We ended the day with Wednesday night church and hymn sing as usual.

Our time at the beach continued on Thursday as we experienced more hot weather, with paddle boarding, windsurfing, and dipping among the afternoon activities. Thursday evening we enjoyed a counselor fashion show where campers dressed their counselors in outrageous outfits. Friday while the Challenge girls were away, we enjoyed a modified game of Capture the Flag with the smaller group of campers that remained on camp.

Our campers enjoyed several unique trip experiences this week – two treasure hunt trips and an art explosion trip. These overnight experiences give campers the opportunity to experience some different activities near camp. Our treasure hunters followed clues and a map to find their eventual camping location and dinner, and art explosion campers enjoyed sketching, painting, and writing in a beautiful area near camp with a camp-out afterwards.

Saturday morning we worked to tidy up our cabins and welcomed our Challenge campers home. We’re grateful that everyone is back in camp again, and looking forward to an amazing last two weeks of camp!

Bugle Call – Week 4 – 2013

Our 4-Week session began on a beautiful, warm day as we welcomed many returning and new faces to Kohahna. Our camp has grown in numbers this half, and we were happy to open up two more cabins to accommodate all of our campers. Council Fire was special that evening with many alumni of Kohahna visiting and sharing their special memories of camp with us.

We woke up Monday morning to a rare rainy day, so we used the morning to have cabin bonding time, with campers playing games, making cabin goals and contracts, and snuggling into the cozy cabins. The afternoon cleared up enough for us to head to Bar Lake for the annual swim test. That evening we had our first camp competition with the perennial favorite, bombardment, followed by a quick evening dip.

Tuesday the weather was back to beautiful and campers began their normal morning activities and had an assortment of activities in the afternoon, such as biking down Port Oneida, speed walking, writing web articles, horse baths, and human foosball. Campers were given various random items for brown bag skits on Tuesday evening, creating hilarious scenes with things such as a flip-flop, a quote from the Lesson, a Disney character, and a piece of Kohahna clothing.

Wednesday we enjoyed an off-camp cabin day with campers enjoying ice cream in Glen Arbor, canoeing the Platte River, exploring the 669 beach on M22, tubing the Crystal River, and playing volleyball on Empire Beach. We enjoyed a wonderful church service and hymn sing to end the evening.

On Thursday we, again, enjoyed our morning activities and a creative array of afternoon activities, including Council Fire game practice, running Port Oneida Road, rock climbing, windsurfing, and yoga. In the evening the Waukeenas jumped, ran, and played on the front side of the sand dunes while the Wildwood campers played a rousing game of water polo on Little Glen Lake.

Our amazing weather continued on Friday, allowing campers to take great advantage in their activities, with waterskiing, canoeing, hiking, and shooting the culverts on the Crystal River. The day also included the First Annual Kohahna-Leelanau 5K Race and Mile Fun Run! Campers began the day on the soccer field and ran a 5K or mile-long course through camp’s property. The results and feedback were fantastic, and we’re looking forward to doing it again next year! Friday evening, Kohahna’s creativity was in full force with a Halloween party. Some of the costumes included fairies, ballerinas, cheerleaders, basketball players, Aladdin and Jasmine, and Skittles!

We ended the week with our Saturday morning clean-up, morning activities in the afternoon to make up for the swim test time, and a classic Kohahna lip sync. Next week will prove to be an amazing one at Kohahna with the Challenge camping trip going out, allowing for campers to push themselves and step up into leadership roles – both on the trip and back at camp. 

Bugle Call – Week 3 – 2013

We’ve had a wonderful week to wrap up our first session at Kohahna! Our campers were overflowing with highlights at our Sunday evening Council Fire. Many of the highlights mentioned our Kohahna Talent Show that was held on Sunday afternoon, featuring many of our campers reciting poetry, performing skits and monologues, singing, and dancing.

Our morning activities this week have been in full swing, with many campers working hard to finish projects and pass levels. Bowls, mugs, ceramic tiles, rings, necklaces, and paintings galore are being created! Campers have also extended their skills learned in riding and campcrafts to enjoy trail rides and cabin overnights in the pine forests. We also had a Kohahna Triathlon trip to nearby Lake Ann, where campers biked, paddled, and swam.

Monday evening campers enjoyed a camp favorite game of Capture the Flag, and on Tuesday we were treated to skits, dances, and kicklines through the annual Sand Show. Each Sand team member participated in a humorous, joyful show that the Pine and Sky Teams thoroughly enjoyed.

Wednesday we spent a beautiful afternoon with an on-camp cabin day. Cabins enjoyed a variety of activities including climbing the rock wall, making cabin rings in the silversmithing room, and decorating for Independence Day. The day ended with a church service and hymn sing in the Great House.

Our Independence Day celebrations on Thursday were absolutely wonderful! Campers began the day with a little bit of a sleep-in and pastries on NorthStar’s porch. After Clean-Up and Quiet Hour, we began a very patriotic flag-raising, only to be interrupted by the “King and Queen of England”, whom campers ousted from camp last year during the Revolution, returning to camp for the War of 1812! Campers ran to the beach to storm the ship and overthrow the royals from their attempted advances. The lake provided the perfect backdrop for setting our fleet of kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards into the water and capturing the King and Queen! Campers then enjoyed an early lunch and face painting in preparation for our annual march in the Glen Arbor 4th of July Parade. We sang our hearts out on the bus and walking in front of it as we were cheered on by many parade spectators. We came back to camp for games on the beach and soccer field, including tug of war, water balloon tosses, relays, pie eating contests, and watermelon seed spitting contests. After a pizza dinner, the younger campers headed to the beach to roast marshmallows, and the older campers headed to the Sand Bowl for the sunset and games. It was indeed a full and wonderful day.

Friday we resumed our morning activities as normal, but had a special afternoon viewing all the art projects that our ceramics, arts and crafts, silversmithing, and painting classes have made. The evening brought our 3-week final banquet and council fire, celebrating the wonderful weeks we’ve had at Kohahna and giving gratitude.

Saturday was  our changeover day. We bid farewell to our 3 week campers, full of gratitude for all they brought to camp. The sunny day lent itself to take our 7 weekers to get milkshakes and go tubing on Glen Lake. 

Bugle Call – Week 2 – 2013

Week two at Kohahna has proved to be another fantastic one! The week began with traditional Sunday morning doughnuts and our first Sunday School session. Campers then enjoyed the warm day with a Beach Bonanza! Paddle-boarding, rock hunting, kite flying, swimming, and beach walks were some of the activities we enjoyed in the abundant sunshine. Campers were overflowing with highlights and gratitude for their first week of experiences at our Sunday evening Council Fire. This week we focused on love as the main component of our Summer 2013 Theme: There is Enough. We spoke about how God’s love is always in infinite supply for us at camp and everywhere else, and how we can overcome any negative suggestions that would try to tell us otherwise.

Campers jumped right into their new weekly activities for the week on Monday morning and did a variety of fun events in the afternoon, including Zumba, metalsmithing, Quidditch, painting, horseback riding, and volleyball. On Monday evening we played a camp version of the Newlywed Game, testing campers’ knowledge of each other after a week of being together. On Tuesday campers had quite a variety of activities to experience as well, including watercolor landscape painting, waterskiing, lacrosse, running and writing articles for our website. Tuesday evening we had some excellent team competition between the Pines and Sands with rousing games of soccer and kickball.

Wednesday we enjoyed our first off-camp cabin day, with cabins enjoying local beaches, flower picking, playing at the dunes, and going on photo scavenger hunts. We had an inspiring church service in the Great House and enjoyed Hymn Sing afterwards with our Leelanau brothers.

The campers reveled in a huge variety of activities on Thursday and Friday afternoon, including a walk to the clay pits, hymn singing, water hockey, canoe baths, bike riding, and waterskiing. Thursday evening our oldest campers had the opportunity to hear a Christian Science lecture sponsored by the First Church of Christ, Scientist of Glen Arbor while our younger campers enjoyed games at camp.

Friday evening each cabin dressed up their counselors for our Project Runway Kohahna fashion show. Counselors represented a holiday through the clothes their campers chose for them and walked the Kohahna runway full of spirit and joy.

Saturday capped off a wonderful week with a full morning of cleaning, an afternoon of Sand Show practice for the Sand team and cooking making and games for the Pine team, and dune football at the backside of the dunes in the evening. It’s amazing to think that our first session is almost over. Kohahna campers will undoubtedly have a wonderful week and make the most of their time here. We can’t wait to share highlights!