Bugle Call – Week 1 – 2013

What a wonderful first week we’ve had at Kohahna! On Sunday we opened our gate to eager carloads full of returning and new campers. Chilly morning temperatures and fog made their way to glorious blue skies by lunchtime, providing a wonderful backdrop for lunchtime on the deck, beach period in the afternoon, and Sunday night cookout. At Council Fire, we introduced our Kohahna Summer Theme for 2013: “There is Enough”. God’s abundant love and provision for us ensures that we have enough ability, love, purpose, time, supply, beauty, and confidence. Each week we’ll be talking and sharing inspiration about these ideas.

Our Monday morning began with the swim test for our new campers and a hike to Pyramid Point for returning campers. Campers spent time in small groups Monday evening doing a counselor hunt and performing short skits, allowing them to reacquaint themselves with each other and with our camp grounds.

Tuesday evening we had our first team competition with a rousing game of Bombardment after our new campers were initiated into their new teams.

On Wednesday we enjoyed our first on-camp cabin day. Campers enjoyed going to the clay pits, climbing the rock wall, fairy making, biking, zip lining, and making banana boats in the woods. We had our first church service in the Great House with readings done by two of our CTs, followed by the traditional Hymn Sing with Leelanau campers joining us.

Thursday night, 3 of our middle school cabins took an overnight trip to our back property to use their camping skills and participate in the Kohahna Games. Those who stayed on camp had a great time playing various lawn games such as Oh Captain, Red Light Green Light, Pterodactyl, Mafia, and Dragon Tails.

On Friday we enjoyed our first pizza and milkshake night, then all piled in the big blue bus and headed off camp for some fun at Glen Lake and Sleeping Bear Dunes. The Wildwood campers played Water Polo at the Shallows on Little Glen, while the Waukeena campers climbed, jumped, rolled, and ran at the front side of the dune climb.

On Saturday campers enjoyed a favorite activity of Lip Syncs on the stage following a thorough cleaning and inspection in the morning. Campers enjoyed a variety of activities in the afternoon throughout the week, including climbing the rock wall, bike rides and runs down Port Oneida Road, Initiatives in the pine forest, painting flower pots, horsey hair salon in the barn, and a dip-a-thon at local swimming spots.

We can’t wait to see all that the second week of Kohahna will bring! We know that it will be a wonderful week full of growth, laughter, new experiences, and love!

Camp Kohahna Announces 2013 Counselors

Kohahna is gearing up for another summer of fun, laughter, sisterhood, learning, and dedication to Christian Science. We have a terrific staff lined up complete with ladies from diverse backgrounds, activity skills, and interests. Our hope is that each camper will find a commonality in each of the counselors here at Kohahna while still learning to respect and appreciate the different expressions of womanhood and leadership. One commonality we all share is the foundation of Christian Science which is the basis of everything we do at camp. There will be so much to learn from the weekly Bible Lessons to the 2013 Summer Theme, so we look forward June, July, and August to be upon us. Enjoy reading the counselor bios- we can’t wait to welcome all the campers and parents to camp!

Kohahna Staff 2013 

Kathleen Moyer

Sue Pierce

Joanna Patzwald

Lauren Vivian

Madi Reger

Roxanne Lignier

Sarah Moffat

Maddie Morales

Rachel Spinden

Alice Stanley

Hannah Gates

Michelle McCurties

Devon Carlson

Olivia Pierce-Bluhm

Meredith Wallace

Deanna Scheck

Courtney Harrison

Heather Jackson

Molly Dixon

Caroline Morales

Pippi Rutledge

Emily Sander

Jeanne Johnson

Natalie Wallace

Katie Duntley

Colleen Cassingham

Leigh Shugart





Arts & Crafts

Camp Crafts







North Star


Riding Counselor

Riding Director


Rock Climbing/Riflery



Swimming/Arts & Crafts




Utility Counselor

Waterfront Director



Camp Kohahna Announces 2012 Counselors

We are so looking forward to the summer months and welcoming all of our campers and camp families to Camp Kohahna.  The 2012 Sky Team (our counseling staff) is an excellent group of young women who are prepared to enthusiastically provide a meaningful cabin life, first-rate activity lessons, and steady metaphysical support and guidance.

We can’t wait to share our sisterhood, traditions, activities, and growth with each child that sets foot on our beautiful lakeshore property. We thank you for the feedback in the camper, counselor, and parent feedback forms which have given us the tools we need to provide you with the best summer yet!

Now for the list you have all been waiting for, the Staff for 2012:

Emily Wheeler – Waterfront Director

Katie Duntley -Camp Photographer

LenaCarlson – Kayaking/Windsurfing

Kristy Lewelling – Canoeing

Casey Busch – Waterskiing

Colleen Cassingham – Waterskiing

Meghan Vivian – Swimming/Gymnastics

Lauren Furbush – Tennis/Climbing

Anna Tarnow – Silversmithing

DevonCarlson – Camp Crafts/Photography Asst.

Joanna Patzwald – Riflery/Archery

Elsa Bruno – Horseback Riding

Abby Harraden – Horseback Riding

Madison Reger – Drama

LydiaSinkus – CTs/Sailing

Sam Nichols – Dance

Katie Stewart – Nature

Sarah Moffat – Ceramics

Molly Moser – Landsports/Tennis

Hannah Goering – Arts and Crafts

Pippi Schroeder – Trips

Jeanne Johnson – Trips

Meredith Wallace – Trips/North Star

Alice Stanley – North Star

Kathleen Moyer – Director

Sue Pierce – Senior Director 


Sue Pierce and Kathleen Moyer

Living Love…At Christmas Time

We learned this past summer of the scope and spectrum of the value of Love and how to express it on a daily basis. Through our study of the Bible and the Christian Science text book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, we are aware of the best example of Love expressed -Christ Jesus. From Jesus’s works and teachings and Mary Baker Eddy’s life and writings we see a Christianly scientific approach to Divine Love which gives us the peace, and joy, and power that comes from the Love of God and the relative expression of this Love. This is the gift that keeps on giving, and why your study of Christian Science is timeless and relevant all year long!

The following are some thoughts on “Living Love” at Christmas time:

Love is the law and the liberator: Above all things, if we love, we will fulfill the law.

Set your mental standard high – you are free of any material claims which may be trying to take hold of you.


Kindness: The demonstration of Love in action.

There are many ways to express kindness during the holiday season and beyond: spend quality time with loved ones, speak kindly towards others and about others, and do something nice for others as often as possible.


Unselfishness: The demonstration of Love through service.

Think about others this holiday season – how can you help with cooking, cleaning, and caring for family members?

Courtesy: The demonstration of Love in consideration of others.

Remember the manners we learned at Council Fire – a “please” and “thank you” will go a long way, and of course your family will appreciate your full attention at family gatherings without texting under the dinner table! J

Good Temper: The demonstration of Love in being patient and judgment free.

Be patient with yourself and others. If you can think about eliminating complaining from your conversations that will help you keep your cool and help others feel comfortable when they are with you.

Seeking the Truth: The demonstration of Love through seeing only the good in yourself and in others.

This takes practice!  Enjoy reading the Bible and Science and Health, go to Sunday School and Wednesday evening meetings, and keep on praying!

We are thinking of you and send you all the warmest Christmas Wishes!  See you in 2012!

Much love,

Sue and Kathleen

Counselor Training Program

The Leelanau & Kohahna Counselor Training Program is for campers entering their Senior year in High School.  The program is seven weeks long with a focus throughout on developing leadership skills, Christian character, unselfish outlooks, and genuine man- or woman-hood.

The first three weeks are spent with their CT peers specifically tuning into the teamwork elements of leadership. They work for a week on a community service project (usually to benefit the camp property), where they learn true service, work ethic, and develop useable skills.

Parts of second and third week are spent preparing for, executing, and debriefing a 6 day wilderness trip, often in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula or Ontario, Canada.  The focus of this experience is on taking one’s thought off of oneself and looking to God for strength and direction.

The following four weeks the campers move into camp cabins where they put their new leadership skills to the test as they apprentice under our cabin counselors, raising our youngsters and learning to teach the regular camp activities.

We cannot impress enough the value of this particular summer at Camp Leelanau and Kohahna.  Whether or not your son or daughter feels they want to be a counselor, the strength of the CT program in developing leadership skills, the ability to take initiative, and to be confident and dedicated Christian Scientists is unparalleled.


Why I believe in the CT Program (from a camp parent)

I was reminded recently in a conversation with another camper parent of the value of Camp Leelanau and Camp Kohahna’s Counselor Training program, affectionately known as the CT program.  All four of my children whet through this program and as a parent, I can think of no other singular experience that can be more important for a teenager than participating in their CT summer of camp.  There are many worthwhile competing opportunities for other summer activities for our kids, and it can seem difficult at times to choose what is best. Often our children have strong feelings about how they want to spend their summers. One of the best decisions our family has ever made was for our kids to be at camp for their CT summers.  This comprehensive, prayerfully designed program provides life lessons of the most important kind that a parent could ever wish for their child.  It is an opportunity for them to learn what it means to think about, and live, their lives as students of Christian Science in a very practical way.  This program is structured to provide an opportunity for much learning about one’s self, for what it means to serve others, and for growth in Christian character. The CTs spend the first few weeks of this seven week program learning how to function as a team while doing such things as a camp service project and taking a hiking or canoeing trip in the wilderness.  These activities provide experiences in learning to work together for a common goal, and bring increased self knowledge through greater self awareness, self confidence, and in facing and conquering self imposed limitations.  The CTs spend the last four weeks of the program in cabins assisting the regular counselors with campers.  This provides ample opportunity for unselfed love, for learning more deeply what it means to be a good role model and a leader, and how and why it is important to sacrifice something of themselves for the greater good.  All of these things are life lessons of the highest order, richly valuable for young people on the cusp of adulthood in a world shouting at them from many directions that life is all about what feels good and what best serves one’s own individual interests or needs, with little thought to the larger picture of what it means to live to serve others, and be about the Father’s business.

My oldest child did not want to attend camp her CT year.  She wanted to relax at home, earn some money at a summer job, shop, and just hang out.  Furthermore, she was not what you might exactly call the typical camper type.  She liked sleeping in, moving at her own pace, and was not overly fond of the outdoors and outdoor related activities.  However, her dad and I felt her CT summer would help her to grow and deepen her own self worth and understanding, and strengthen her for the challenges we knew lay ahead as she matured into adulthood.  We knew too it would teach her more about how to live and give unselfishly, and how to serve others, which is so beautifully expressed in the the CT motto  “I can do all things through Christ, which strengtheneth me” (Phil 13).  We explained this to her, and while she wasn’t completely on board with the idea of going, she went, and we prayerfully supported her participation.  We felt as parents this was a situation where our daughter didn’t have the understanding or experience in life yet to see the full wisdom and value of a summer spent in this way.  It was our deep love for our daughter that enabled us to be firm in our decision that this was the best possible way she could and would spend her summer.  She learned many things during those seven weeks, and had the wonderful support of the camp staff and fellow CT’s along the way.  While it wasn’t always easy for her, much good went on that summer. She made friends, learned to work as part of a team, learned to give more unselfishly, had fun, and emerged a stronger, more mature young woman, with a deeper appreciation and understanding of what it means to live Christian Science.  When further trials came into this beloved daughter’s experience in later years, her camp experience was a rock she could stand on to be reminded she could find her way.  Today she is a busy mother, works full time, and runs half marathons.  And Sundays you will find her in church.

I will forever be deeply grateful to camp for the wisdom and love shown in designing and developing the CT program which so carefully, practically, and lovingly provides for our children the right experience at the right time in their lives. All of my children were greatly blessed by being a part of it, and my youngest child is eagerly awaiting his opportunity to participate in it a year from now.  So if you are pondering this experience for your child, go for it.  In the years to come, you and your children will never regret your decision.

Kohahna Staff Announcement 2011

Camp will be underway in June, and Kohahna has an excellent group of counselors lined up for the summer! Each woman has been lovingly selected, and is primed to enthusiastically provide a meaningful cabin life, first-rate activity lessons, and steady metaphysical support and guidance.

Reveling still in the lessons learned from last summer’s theme, “The Real Me” we are enthusiastic about the prospects of further self-development this summer.  We will be welcoming new campers from all over the country to join our returning Kohahna girls in engaging in this year’s summer theme of “Living Love”.  This will come in addition to participating in our historically favorite games, activities, traditions, and sisterhood which make Kohahna the highlight of the year.  Campers and staff alike have much to look forward to this summer including viewing the residing on our historic horse barn (its good as new), the enjoyment of the beautifully maintained bath house floors in Kohahna, playing in the rustic village (play ground), and soaking up the bright summer sun shining over Lake Michigan! We loved reading the camper, counselor, and parent feedback which have given us the tools we need to provide you with the best summer yet!

Now for the list you have all been waiting for, the Staff for 2011:

Sue Pierce-Director

Kathleen Moyer- Assistant Director

Hillary Moser- North Star/Cabin Counselor

Kelsie Brook-CTs

Emily Wheeler-Waterfront Director

Katie Duntley- Photography/Canoeing

Maddie Morales- Kayaking/Windsurfing

Lindsay Clark- Waterskiing

Leigh Shugart- Waterskiing

Meghan Vivian-Swimming

Jessica Fine-Sailing

Betty Rhoades-Activity Supervisor

Kiersten Anderson- Landsports

Sarah Corbitt-Tennis

Joanna Patzwald- Riflery/Archery

Elsa Bruno- Horseback Riding

Abby Harraden- Horseback Riding

Kaleigh Wilson- Drama/Archery

Sam Nichols-Dance

Katie Stewart-Ceramics

Marina Schaberg- Silversmithing

Hannah Goering- Arts and Crafts

Kayle Williams-Trips

Pippi Schroeder-Trips

Laura Ann Johnson-Kohahna Bus Driver

Click here to see counselor bios


Sue Pierce and Kathleen Moyer

Kohahna Staff Announcement 2010

Camp will be underway in June, and Kohahna has an excellent group of counselors lined up for the summer! Each woman has been lovingly selected, and is primed to enthusiastically provide a meaningful cabin life, first-rate activity lessons, and steady metaphysical support and guidance.

In addition to participating in our historically favorite games, activities and traditions, campers and staff alike have much to look forward to this summer including a return to our water trampoline, the rustic village (play ground), and the water slide into Lake Michigan! We loved reading the camper, counselor, and parent feedback which have given us the tools we need to provide you with the best summer yet! Thank you for sharing all of your input- it is vital to camp!

Now for the list you have all been waiting for, the Staff for 2010:

Director – Sue Pierce

Kathleen Moyer – Assistant Director

Alice Stanley – North Star

Hillary Moser – Arts & Crafts

Kelsie Brook – CTs

Liz McLane – Waterfront Director

Katie Duntley – Photography/Canoeing

Maddie Morales – Swimming/Windsurfing

Ali Tozier – Waterskiing

Casey Busch – Waterskiing

Lindsay Clark – Kayaking

Jewelle Matheny – Sailing

Betty Rhoades – Tennis

Marina Schaberg – Landsports

Jessica Fine – Camp Crafts

Stephanie Greenlaw – Archery/Riflery

Elsa Bruno – Horseback Riding

Caitlin Cooke Nassar – Horseback Riding

Kaleigh Wilson – Drama/Archery

Ali Vice – Dance

Katie Stewart – Ceramics

Leigh Shugart – Silversmithing

Melody Baillargeon – Nature

Laura Ann Johnson – Trips

Laura “Pippi” Schroeder – Trips


Sue Pierce and Kathleen Moyer

Here Are A Few Words From Our Directors

Parents, when your child spends a summer at Camps Kohahna and Leelanau, let’s look at it as an investment.  It is the best investment you can make for your child, their future, your future and the world.

“Our mission is to cultivate leadership qualities and Christian character, based on the practical demonstration of Christian Science, through participation in camp activities.”

Throughout the summer, campers are surrounded and nurtured by  caring, well respected role models…….outstanding young men and women who have made Christian Science their own and are dedicating their summer to sharing that commitment with campers…………your children.  It’s an exciting summer with challenging activities, new adventures and great friendships.  An added benefit is the incredibly beautiful environment where all this takes place.

Campers, whether this will be your first summer at Leelanau-Kohahna or your 10th, we look forward to spending the summer with you, sending you home stronger mentally, physically and spiritually having gained more confidence and ready to make great contributions in all your endeavors.

At Camps Kohahna & Leelanau, we’re making the world a better place one camper at a time.