Cannon Report – Week 6 – 2015

Big Shall Nasty and Qwise



(Mike and Marshall)

We are Leelanau men, men of integrity,

We’re kind and we suffereth long, that’s charity,

Check out page 147, Miscellaneous Writings,

Put it into practice and it’ll bring good tidings,

A Gentleman is honest, compassionate, and pure,

With qualities like these, he is sure to endure,

Whatever trials may come his way, because at Leelanau we teach you to say,

A Gentleman is honest, compassionate, and pure,

With qualities like these, he is sure to endure.



Let me tell you real quick about Week 6,

Wasn’t just the Flag Trip but we’ll throw it in the mix,

We had the Panthers and Tigers tying at that 10-10,

Cooking and lashing cause we are Leelanau men,

Meanwhile Paul’s beard got a pretty crazy makeover,

And camp faced the ultimate Early Bird takeover,

With Lost Boys and tubing all afternoon on Glen Lake,

And Guerilla Goodness where the cookies we did bake,

And no fake, we had an awesome Backwoodsman,

Culverts and Beach Bums best activities there ever been,

Here we go, it’s on, I’m talking week 7,

Now listen as we preach the good word from heaven.


(Mike and Marshall)

We are Leelanau men, men of integrity,

We’re kind and we suffereth long, that’s charity,

Check out page 147, Miscellaneous Writings,

Put it into practice and it’ll bring good tidings,

A Gentleman is honest, compassionate, and pure,

With qualities like these, he is sure to endure,

Whatever trials may come his way, because at Leelanau we teach you to say,

A Gentleman is honest, compassionate, and pure,

With qualities like these, he is sure to endure

You other rappers stop playin’, just quit the game

So put your hands in the air as we run around this flame.

Cannon Report – Week 3 – 2015

Mike and Marshall:


Allow us to reintroduce ourselves, a new HQ is ringing them bells

Welcome 4-weekers we are glad you’re here, another summer to stand and cheer

Because we want to raise the bar in the 4 week session

Don’t get the impression, that there is no lesson,

You cant learn, you’re here to earn,

The title of Leelanau Man and have fun in turn

That’s right we are gonna be better than ever before, its time to give and love some more



I’m new to HQ but you could call me a vet,

Having fun, you bet, Wisest guy you ever met,

Three weeks are done, now we’re ready for the four,

We’re always running around but standing porter at the door,

And I can’t stress it more, don’t just let this time pass,

These four weeks will go fast, make memories that will always last,

Whether you’re in Argosy, Black Swan, Tortuga, or Sea Hornet,

Iroquois, Shoshonis, Cherokee, wait I’m not done yet,

Shawnee or Algonquin, this summer we’ll be wantin’

To push ourselves on somethin’, and we never gonna stop,

Now pick it up Shall Nasty cause I’m doing the mic drop.



Say goodbye to the 3 weekers, give hugs to the 4s

And listen real good cuz weve got some chores

We’re going to speak kindly, talk and act with Love

As we demonstrate excellence from our Father above

So welcome back to the pack

This session were not going to slack

We’re gonna do things right, don’t take my words light,

We’ve got a serious fight, we’re conquering apathy tonight

So promise me from this moment on laziness is gone


Mike and Marshall:

Allow us to reintroduce ourselves, a new HQ is ringing them bells

Welcome 4 weekers we are glad you’re here, another summer to stand and cheer

Because we are here to raise the bar in the 4 week session

Don’t get the impression that there is no lesson that you cant learn

You’re here to earn the title of Leelanau Man and have fun in turn

That’s right we are gonna be better than ever before, its time to give and love some more

So lets set some goals and commit to grow, and support each other so we can show

Our love for Leelanau and what it brings, so put your hands in the air as we run around this ring


Cannon Report – Week 2 – 2015

Mike Wise

a.k.a. Qwise

Camp Leelanau Week 3 Council Fire Rap

(Marshall McCurties a.k.a Big Shall Nasty is in Canada on CT Trip)


Week two is through but the memories last a lifetime,

Can’t choose your favorite? Let me throw you a lifeline,

We had a great time, at the J Flag to start the week,

Then went to Glen Arbor to hear Mark McCurties speak,

This week had cool activities like Canadian Cricket,

Or classic fun with Joe and EO hiding in a thicket,

And we just kicked it, with Early Bird stories,

Lesson reading and good ol’ quiet time allegories,

Don’t forget Pictured Rocks, they had quite a trek,

While seniors played pirates and caused a big shipwreck,

And I expect, that the 4th was a highlight,

The rough riders, the parade, and s’mores in the moonlight,

These two weeks were out of sight, for many one more to go,

So here’s a challenge so you can reap what you sow,

Try something you don’t know, get out your comfort zone,

Do a new activity that you can’t do at home,

And challenge yourself, you can always give more,

Get that next level or you can even get your Core

Camper, matter can’t damper all our good, so make a stand for,

Your Leelanau brethren, put your hand out,

Take time to plan how you’ll stand out,

Shall left me with the mic, new HQ for hire?

All candidates put your hand out as I run around this fire.

Cannon Report – Week 1 – 2015

Mike Wise and Marshall McCurties

a.k.a. Quise and Big Shall Nasty

Camp Leelanau Week 2 Council Fire Rap


Mike and Marshall:

Love should be used, not put on a shelf

So love they neighbor as thy self

Words are to uplift, help and heal

So break bread with your brother at every meal


Mike Wise:

Week one is done with the Leelanau fam,

Started off the week with the Bar Exam,

High Court’s back in session and we’re Waltzing Matilda

Seniors did the ropes course and the heights didn’t kill ya,

We did Fatterday, the latter day, juniors on the zipline, down by the bay,

We got it made, like Leerassic Park, Now we got the spark,

What you gotta say little bro of Mark?


Marshall McCurties:

Love should be used, not put on a shelf

So love they neighbor as thy self

Words are to uplift, help and heal

So break bread with your brother at every meal


Week two is here, sweet trips are near,

Were gonna use Love to conquer fear,

Junior Flag and Pictured Rocks, we tackle with love were not using socks,

I’ve got a conjecture, about a lecture, on Christian Science on yes sir!

4th of July my oh my, watch the fireworks up in the sky

Big Blue Bus in the parade, guarantee memories will be made,

One week down, two to go, Leelanau, its time to show

Your love for your brother, show them that you care

As we run around this ring, put your hands in the air!!

Leelanau Open Day Rap – 2015

HQ Open DayRap 2015


Everybody listen up, take your seats you know what’s up,

It’s showtime for Shall and Wise, prepare for a big surprise,

The HQ rap is back today, feel the love coming your way,

Camp Leelanau is back, 2015,

Get ready for the best summer you have ever seen



My name is Big Shall Nasty and I’m on the mic,

I’ve been at Leelanau since I was a tyke,

This camp is all about brotherly love,

Expressing qualities from our Father above,

We startin’ with the Gosy, the Swan, the Uga, and the Dos,

The future of camp coming from each coast,

Look around at your friends, both old and new,

And listen up to Wise as he does verse two



Like Big Shall Nasty said we’re all in this together,

Loving our brother through every kind of weather…

The storm, don’t stick to the norm, I just keep the mic warm,

Cause through thick and thin, we’re conquering sin,

From the juniors to seniors, we’re all here to win,

And a special shoutout to the Qua, the Shosh, and Cherokee,

Let’s not forget the work put in by all these CTs,

Now you see me, finally back and I’m here to stay,

Now I’m gonna show you all the Leelanau way


Chorus 2:

The HQ rap is back today, feel the love coming your way,

Camp Leelanau is back, 2015

Get ready for the best summer you have ever seen,

A smile and a good attitude are the right things to bring,

So stand and give a hand as we run around this ring.

Cannon Report – Week 6 – 2014

Where does the time go?  End of Week Six?  How can this be?

Well, its probably because on Sunday we held our annual Day at the County Fair, with popcorn, waterslide, ponies, and carnival games for both Kohahna and Leelanau on the Soccer Field.  Following that we had the formal announcement of the North Team winning the Flag Trip up at Council Fire.

Monday saw the departure of most of the Backwoodsman section for the Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness area, and a comically lopsided but still incredibly enjoyable game of Leelanau Hunger Games for evening activity.  The little guys held up very well against the Pioneer Section in a Game that sends strategy, athleticism, and stealth into the arena.

Tuesday brought the heat!  The hottest day of the summer so far, and a strong south wind made the Small Craft Advisory and Rip Current warnings particularly unwelcome at Leelanau.  So…We popped the clutch, canceled afternoon activities and took the whole Camp to the Shallows to cool off and play in Little Glen.  Brilliant!  (especially the move HQ pulled by having that extra bus driver handy!)

Wednesday found the boys having Church before Breakfast, Breakfast for Dinner, Cabin Day in the Morning, and Activities in the Afternoon.  What?  That’s correct, it was Backwards Day!  Nothing beats French Toast for Dinner, except getting to have Dips before  Bedtime.

Thursday brought Normalcy back to Camp, with regular Afternoon Activities, including something called “Hardwork” where Weldon lead seven young men in laborious tasks including dragging out a tree, digging holes, and hauling sand off the Beach.  Well, mostly normal…the Early Birds headed out for South Manitou Island for an overnight trip which left the Junior Section with exactly enough kids to justify Tubing as an Evening Activity.  Otherwise, it was business as usual!

Friday started early with both Camps meeting on the soccer field to cheer on their peers in running a 5K race through Camp, and onto our Back Property!  It was a beautiful morning for a race and the runners performed excellently.  On the opposite end of the day, we found ourselves cuddled up by the fire in the Lodge singing Christmas Carols and listening to Christmas stories because of the Date July 25!  It was a special night for all of the boys, and really had a Spirit of Christmas.

Saturday the creative juices got to really flow, as Leelanau combined their intimate knowledge of the Old Testament with their consistent desire to play games that involve tackling each in the woods.  Thus the return of Moses and the Idols!  The boys spent the morning building “Idols” in the woods that represented various modern temptations, then afternoon found them searching for the other teams idols and trying to knock them over until all “Idols” were destroyed and the “Four Tribes” could work together to seek Moses and received the Ten Commandments.  The creativity, sportsmanship, athleticism, industry, artistry, and leadership displayed reminded us all of the good work we are doing here at Camp Leelanau!

Gee wiz, looking up at the list of things we’ve accomplished this past week really helps us see why exactly the week would have zipped by SO fast in the first place.  Well, one week left, we are going to really, really, really kick it in!!

From the Desk of HQ

Cannon Report – Week 5 – 2014

It is entirely possible that no one in Leelanau can remember as far back as last Sunday.  SO MUCH has happened here in one week, that it would stretch the human mind to its capacity to retain all of the good wholesome fun.

Conveniently, the Men and Boys of Camp Leelanau are guided by the Divine Mind and it’s infinite capacity, so it is pretty darn easy to share all of the good that has been accomplished here on Pyramid Point this past week.

Sunday saw the entire boys camp engaged in an imaginative game modeled off of Star Wars Battlefront.  The boys played versions of Capture the Flag, Bombardment, and Tag, all while running around Camp protecting their “younglings” and being chased by Stormtroopers.  Council Fire that night was particularly Spirited as we celebrated each other’s successes.

Monday worked hard to provide a routine, but restful day as we stood on the precipice of the Senior Flag Trip, Meatball Trip, and Backwoodsmen Flag Trip.  Everybody took an extra long look at the lesson on Life in preparation for the big week ahead.

In the evening we played a brand new game for the boys, called the Superlative Game, where we celebrated the best, most, and funniest parts of our teams and Camp.

Tuesday waved away both the Senior Flag Trip, as they loaded the bus and headed for the “Leland Library”, and the Meatballs as they launched down the Mighty Platte River.  Both trips had a solemn air about them because of the cool grey weather wrapping around Pyramid Point.

Of course, in the evening the Sun returned and all of the Juniors and Backwoodsmen headed to the Backside of the Dunes for a Camp favorite of Dune Football.  And…the bus just happened to have a little bit of engine trouble right in front of the ice cream shop.  Go figure.

Wednesday Camp really cleared out!  With the Senior Flag Trip away, the Meatballs away, it was time to send the Backwoodsmen out for their very own Flag Trip experience.  This left only the Early Birds to run Camp!  Of course those cuties got right to work weed whacking, silversmithing, and paddle boarding on one of our most beautiful Northern Michigan days of the summer.

Thursday brought a little more normalcy back to the Leelanau Schedule with the return of the Meatballs and the Backwoodsman, the Early Birds weren’t the big shots any longer.  A good game of Junior Soccer however seemed to keep everybody’s attention that evening.

Friday welcomed back the Senior Flag Trippers with stories of daring doo and narrowly caught flags.  We went ahead and let the fellows have a well deserved nap that afternoon, and then found our way down to the beach for an evening beach period including sailboats and paddleboards outlined against the setting sun.  It was an evening for the photo album for sure!

It’s hard to believe that another week has flown by and there are only two weeks left in the summer.  We’ll just have to be sure to conquer our fears, express more Love, and be more unselfish with greater alacrity for these next two weeks.

From the Desk of HQ

Cannon Report – Week 4 – 2014

Writing these notes allows for an important moment of reflection on the sheer tonnage of activity Leelanau packs into only one week of Camp.  The Camper’s arrival last Sunday seems like a lifetime ago.

On Monday the cannon boomed loud and proud as all 87 members of Camp Leelanau took their first dip together in Lake Michigan.  The afternoon brought swimming and frolicking in Bar Lake for the second Bar Exam of the summer.  What a wonderful way to start off the second half of summer!

Tuesday dawned with a little more menace in the weather.  However a few rainy clouds could not put down the Spirit of Leelanau.  Our Super Tuesday of afternoon and evening activities carried forward despite the cool rain.  We played water polo at the shallows, gaga and zipline at Camp, and all came together for a big picnic of Super Chicken.  Later the Spirit of the Manitou came to us and assigned teams to the brand new campers.

Wednesday found the sunshine once again, and just in time for the whole Junior Section to head out on various Cabin Trips.  Black Swan hiked all over Pyramid Point and camped on the back property.  Tortuga hiked on the Platte Plains, while Barbados and Sea Hornet paddled the mighty Platte River.  We even sent Iroquois down the Pine River.  Back at Camp the seniors competed in a series of athletic tournaments and explored parts of the county for Cabin Day.

Thursday brought us our only “normal day” schedule for the whole week.  And…normalcy is good too.

Friday found us at the umpteenth annual Ole Ball Game.  North and South faced off for an excellent game of slow pitch over at Glen Lake School.  The youngsters represented themselves well with their running of the bases and games of pickle, and the oldsters literally knocked it out of the park during the Home Run Derby.  It was a close game until the final inning when South scored five runs to come form behind and pull out a win.

Saturday the whole camp piled onto the Big Blue Bus, one more time and headed over to the Frontside of the Dunes in order to fully encase ourselves in sand.  In the afternoon we had the privilege of hosting C.S. Lecturer Joshua Niles from Boise, ID for his lecture on Living in Harmony.  Many inspirational thoughts were shared, it was wonderful listening to the good questions the campers had for Josh both after the lecture and into the evening as he joined us for Saturday Night Soccer.

Weldon’s theme at Council Fire this Sunday is “Don’t Wait”.  He is asking Camp to take the initiative more, look for opportunities to give and grow, and not to wait for something to happen to us.  We are looking forward to another excellent week and know that every single person at Camp is pouring their heart into everything they do at every moment.

From the desk of HQ

Cannon Report – Week 3 – 2014

And like the wind, the three weekers slide past us…

Holy-moly this week flew by and before anyone could even begin to Stand Up and Cheer the three week campers were packing their bags and getting picked up by Mom and Dad.

Not without a good bit of amazing Camp activity through the week though…

Sunday afternoon the heaven’s smiled upon us with a warm sun, southwest breeze, and, by golly, we hit the beach. Hard.  Sandcastles, body surfing, paddleboards, kayaks, even a kite boarder drifted by, all down on our beach for the first time all summer.  There is not a more glorious way to celebrate summer in Northern Michigan than to hang out with forty of your closest friends on a beautiful beach!

Monday saw all ten of our Early Birds off to paddle the Mighty Betsie River with their Quartermaster and our intrepid Trips Counselors.  This left the Backwoodsmen in Camp to play a high-energy tackle game in the evening called Prisoner of War.  For those in the know, it’s a whole lot like Foxes and Hounds, but with more strategy.

Tuesday’s highlight had to be evening activity, we played Water Polo with the big boys and played on the Frontside of the Dunes with the little boys, and low and behold the bus broke down right in front of Riverfront.  It turns out that once everybody on the bus has consumed a small twist cone, the bus usually turns right back on.  Go figure.

Wednesday offered some cooler weather in the morning, but the sun knew its role in the afternoon as we sent the boys off for their final cabin day of the session.  We had scavenger hunts, activity blitzes, and a little bit of pie baking to round out the events.  Wednesday Evening Church found the kids popping up with testimonies so fast some of them nearly contributed to further erosion concerns in the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

Thursday both Leelanau and Kohahna joined to celebrate America’s Independence in an event we called 3/4ths of July!  The morning began with a hearty revolution in the Boys Camp, where the “High Court” was overthrown and the “People’s Court” took over HQ.  Water balloons, dodge balls, and a few well-aimed squirt guns made for a many highlights among the campers.  The balance of the day included the usual shenanigans with relay races and patriotic sand castles.

Friday arrived far too quickly and we had to start packing up our Three Weekers.  The evening of banquet, performance, slide show and Funny Awards will be remembered for years to come. All of the campers shared funny and tender moments as they recognized each other at our Funny Awards Fire.

All though it is sad to see our Three Weekers depart, it is with a lighter heart knowing they are going forward to bless the world and reflect the inspired light they have been infused with this summer.

From the Desk of HQ

Cannon Report – Week 2 – 2014

Week Two!  I hope you didn’t blink!

Sunday gave us bright warm sun and a hilarious co-ed event celebrating the World Cup on our Soccer Field.  The kids were placed in teams with their Kohahna Sisters and competed against each other in events representing the different nations that participate in the World Cup.  The Australian Outback Obstacle Course (complete with accents) was a highlight for many!

Monday found the entire Junior section and CTs packing up for their long journey to “Canada” where they played the Junior Flag Trip and demonstrated excellent sportsmanship and team spirit.  Seven burly young men also packed their packs Monday morning and headed up to the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore for four days of hiking along Lake Superior’s coast.  The final seven campers in Camp went tubing, played Frisbee Golf, and had a picnic in order to avoid having to eat dinner with Kohahna.

Tuesday brought the return of the Juniors and normal activity were able to resume.  The youngsters were pretty tired after a night of sleeping in tents, so the Early Bird evening activity became story-time in the Lodge with Weldon. (Which is code for fall asleep on the gym mats in the Lodge immediately after dinner.)

Wednesday the boys were able to enjoy their first Off Camp Cabin Day!  We had groups on the Crystal River, at Empire Bluffs, Old Mission Peninsula, and just about every place in Leelanau County in-between.  Although it was a cooler day and evening, our Church Service on the Hill was one of inspired sharing, the kids were popping up to testify faster than a good game of “Whack-a-Mole”.

Thursday the Sun found Camp Leelanau for Boys, and the morning activities, afternoon activities, and evening activities had a welcome glow of joy as the much missed sunshine reinvigorated our souls.

Friday the Spirit of the Manitou called HQ and informed them that there had not been nearly enough North/South Competition thus far in the summer.  The Comedic War of Attrition was promptly planned for and performed that very day.  For those that aren’t familiar with the CWofA, it is a battle of comedy acts; both scripted and improve, as well as expressions of musical ability and true talent.  Best of all it is an opportunity for every single camper to get on stage and perform in front of an incredibly supportive and loving audience.

Saturday HQ was still feeling the scolding from that old Spirit of the Manitou so team games, of soccer and kickball, North v. South were played in the morning as we also said good by to our two week campers, with a tear in our eye.  That afternoon the boys rolled up their sleeves and participated in a little Camp Service where we got the corral mucked, the vans washed, and trash picked up.  Everybody really appreciated the dip in the Lake after that one!

It is hard to believe that two weeks have already flown by, and we look forward to really sucking the marrow out of each and every moment in this upcoming final week with our three-week campers!

From the Desk of HQ.