Cannon Report – Week 7 – 2017

Kaboom!!  And out with a Bang!

Hard to believe the week seven Cannon Report’s time has come already.  The weeks move way too fast around here!

We warned the staff, we warned the kids, we told them that if they blinked they would miss it.  Camp just flew by us this summer, and SO MUCH good took place along the way.

On Monday we kicked off seventh week by taking the whole camp to the Shallows for Water Polo.  The big kids played one game, the little kids played their own, and everybody tackled hard, made plays, and gave it their all!

On Tuesday we celebrated the CT’s and all their work this summer with a lovely dinner for them with a few of our Board Members.  Then we headed down to the beach for an evening beach bonanza with sailboats, kayaks, paddleboards, and the raft!

On Wednesday everybody headed in a different direction for their final off camp cabin day.  We had folks at Myles Kimmerle Park, Sugarloaf, Glen Arbor, Devil’s Hole, Sleeping Bear Point, and Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive!  We all regrouped at our beloved church hill for a nonstop, testimony poppin’ Wednesday Evening Service.  It was beautiful to hear all of the good healings and gratitude the kids had to share from a summer at Camp!

On Thursday the weather tried to push us around a little bit.  Morning activities were able to sustain though the wind kept waterskiing on the dock.  Speed and agility kept pace, and riflery saw a special guest with special opportunities for the older boys on the range.  In the evening we gathered in the Lodge for a very special night of sharing and exchanging Funny Awards.  The event was filled with both hilarious and extremely tender moments and ended with a firm reminder from Weldon to take Camp home and live it!

On Friday afternoon we played our final game of the Hunger Games in a steady rain which only made the game that much more awesome!  Following the game we took hot soapy showers and got all scrubbed up for Final Banquet and Final Inspection.  It was a spirited evening with great singing and brotherly voices raised in unison.  Awards were given, achievements recognized, and celebration ensued as the plaques revealed the winner of the year.

Saturday morning brought our final full day together with a memorable encore performance by the Leelanau Band and other acts from the summer.  Our Final Council Fire brought us to our sacred hill one final time to stand together and once more “pledge each other that we’ll keep camping friendships strong and deep…till we meet again.”

Thanks to all that contributed to the amazing summer of 2017.

Till next summer,

The Men of HQ

Bugle Call – Week 7 – 2017

Camp Kohahna had an excellent 7th and final week! It was incredible celebrating the achievements from the entire summer, and witnessing the fun had by all in morning, afternoon, and evening activities. This week’s Bugle Call will give a general overview of the major activities from the past week!

We began the week with a Sand vs. Pine game of Capture the Flag in the woods above camp. It was a beautiful night for our last competitive team game of the session, and the Sand Team brought home the victory! On Tuesday, we celebrated Halloween! The evening was complete with a haunted barn, a Halloween-themed obstacle course, face painting, a costume contest, and a truck stop where groups of campers drank hot chocolate and told scary stories.

Wednesday was our final on camp Cabin Day, and we had fun doing all sorts of creative activities. The cabin of Falling Star went ice sledding on the great lawn, and the cabin of Birchview did some tie dyeing. The cabin of Breezeway had a Lipsync extravaganza, the cabins of Windward and Shorewood baked cookies blindfolded and baked dessert with the kitchen respectively, and the cabin of Juniper went on a unicorn themed trail ride. It was an exceptional afternoon for cabin bonding! The evening was complete with a lovely final Wednesday Evening Church service as well! On Thursday evening, we had our Dance and Drama Show! All the girls who participated in the Dance or Drama program throughout the summer were able to finally perform their pieces. Many levels were passed, and we all enjoyed supporting the Kohahna women in the show! A select group of pieces were then reprised at the Encore Show on Saturday.

On Friday evening, we had our Final Council Fire and Pine Bough Ceremony. Council Fire consisted of many of our usual components of activities and songs, as well as an enormous amount of Expert presentations- we had SO MUCH achievement at Kohahna! Our Pine Bough ceremony was, as usual, full of gratitude and love. For over an hour, each of the Kohahna campers and counselors had the opportunity to individually express gratitude. It was a beautiful evening full of sentiment, love, laughter, and sisterhood.

On the final Saturday of camp we always invite the families of campers to come to camp to participate in camp activities! We call this day Encore, as it is a recap of all of our summer fun! In the morning we enjoyed morning activities, and then we had a delicious lunch on the Great House lawn, followed by a performance from all of the campers in the Leelanau Lodge. Then Camp Leelanau had their Frisbut tournament and Camp Kohahna had their Bombardment game! The Finale of the summer for Kohahna was our Banquet on Saturday evening! We had a delicious dinner, gave out activity awards, and presented our top summer awards as well. We also had the banner reveal to see which team won the summer, and it was the Pine Team! It was a wonderfully joyous summer, and we are so grateful for all of the growth, the laughter, the love, and the fun!

Lastly, for the final all-camp metaphysical of the summer we focused on Mary Baker Eddy, and her role in the Christian Science Movement. We learned about her life and the challenges she overcame to deliver this wonderful message of Divine Science to us all. We discussed how her determination to understand the Divine Principle of all healing included earnest study and practice of Truth in her day to day life. We ended the metaphysical by sharing gratitude, healings, and things we learned about women of the Bible and our summer theme, “Women of the Wilderness.”

Again, it was an incredible summer filled with growth in grace! Thank you for sharing your daughters with us this summer- we are looking forward to relishing in all the good fruits! “Women of the Wilderness” 2017!

Cannon Report – Week 6 – 2017

Flag Week!

Senior Flag Trip, Backwoodsmen Flag Trip, New Flag Pole, the list goes on and on!

On Monday, as the Juniors and younger Seniors settled into their regular activities, the Big Boys played Pumpkin Ball and had an inspirational meeting with our Practitioner to prepare for the Senior Flag Trip.  They also loaded the bus and drove to a Christian Science Lecture (with Kohahna) in Charlevoix, MI.  It was a long bus ride, but worth every moment of inspiration to kick off the week.

Tuesday the Big Boys headed into the woods to begin building their structures, cooking their meals, and playing Capture the Flag.

Back at Camp the rest of the crew celebrated Christmas in July for evening activity in a manner that only a group of young boys could.  J  They “sledded” down the waterslide, they acted out their favorite Christmas movies, and they did the “Santa Relay” where they had to haul a laundry bag full of boxes through an obstacle course!

Wednesday the weather came to play at Camp too!  The Backwoodsmen headed out for their overnight Flag Trip.  The Early Birds were kings of Camp.  And at around one in the afternoon the heavens opened up for the largest rain of the summer.  No one was dry!  The Seniors kept their fires burning and their game playing in the loud wetness.  The Backwoodsmen carried on building their jails after hunkering under a tarp for worst of it.  The Early Birds hunkered in their cabins before heading to see the Mud Pits churning with fresh mud!

The sun returned to dry everyone and warm everyone up by evening and the Senior Flag Trippers held an inspired church service on their hill.  The Backwoodsmen persisted to play capture the flag and make dinner out their, but then came and slept on the dry floor of the lodge at bedtime.

Thursday dawned warm, dry, and bright!  Thank the Father!  The Early Birds and Backwoodsmen returned to their normally scheduled activities and the Senior Flag Trip was able to hold a lovely Beach Carnival and tidy up their sites in time for Final Inspection and Final Banquet.

Friday morning brought the whole Camp Family home!  Reunited as a group, the Flag Trippers took an extended rest hour and rejoined Camp with enthusiasm in time for Pizza and Milkshakes!  But before dinner a few burly backwoodsmen, Weldon, and Steve Bluhm worked together to bring the Brand New Camp Flag Pole!  up the hill and upright in front of HQ.  After a six weeks of raising and lowering the American Flag only about 16 feet each day, Camp Leelanau can now proudly hoist Ole’ Glory a full 36 feet into the air!

Friday evening the whole camp took a few reflective moments before heading to the beach for evening sailing, paddle boarding, raft play, and swimming as the sun set on Pyramid Point.  A glorious end to  a glorious week!

Seventh week is upon us…

Until then,

The Men of HQ


Bugle Call – Week 6 – 2017

We can’t believe we are already wrapping up the sixth week of camp! There has been much achievement, and we are grateful to see everyone pushing themselves to do their best in all their activities. With one week left, we are enjoying everything camp has to offer, and having the best time bonding with our cabinmates and fellow campers! See below for details on the past week!

Morning activities were bustling this week! Every single activity had a class, and there were a plethora of levels passed! On the waterfront, we had some very windy days, but that did not discourage the Kayaking, Canoeing, Swimming, Waterskiing and Sailing classes from going out and doing their best to conquer the waves. Back on land we had lots of advanced fire building in Camp Crafts, conquering of fear in Climbing, playing soccer in Landsports, trotting and cantering in Riding, and honing marksmanship skills in Archery and Riflery. The Arts and Crafts class worked on two-point perspective, made imitation stained glass using hot glue and watercolor, and prepared for the Art Show. The Dance and Drama classes continued to prepare for the annual Dance and Drama show at the end of the session. We are very excited to see the final products of all the Art activities next week! There was much achievement in all activities this week, and we are looking forward to the final week of Morning Activities!

There were a wide variety of Evening Activities this week, and we even got to celebrate a few of our favorite holidays! On Monday, Wildwood campers traveled north to Charlevoix for a Christian Science lecture. It was a beautiful evening to delve deeper into our role in the Christian Science Movement, and ask questions about our practice as metaphysicians. While the Wildwoods were away, the Waukeenas played the Chicken Game at camp, which is a game similar to capture the flag, however instead of chasing flags, you try to capture rubber chickens! Tuesday evening, July 25th, we celebrated Christmas in July! The night was complete with Christmas Tree decorating, cookie frosting, and reading a Christmas bedtime story with Santa and the Grinch. It was a creative and hilarious night of fun festivities! On Wednesday, we had a beautiful church service in which many campers shared gratitude and testimonies of healing; this was followed by an inspiring hymn sing that was the perfect ending to the day.

Thursday was CT day! This is a way for camp to show their appreciation for the CTs, and for the CTs to practice all that they’ve learned about leadership and organization throughout the summer. They ran the entire day from morning Dips, to Afternoon Activities, to Evening Activity! They planned an Evening Activity of Superlatives, which is a Pine vs. Sand game in which each team sends a representative who they think will win the contest. There are a wide variety of contests, some of which include: who can do the longest handstand, who has the weirdest collection, who has the longest hair, and many more. The campers loved having the CTs lead the day! On Friday, Kohahna celebrated Halloween!

For this week’s Cabin Day, cabins headed off camp to do activities in Leland and Glen Arbor! The oldest cabin of Shorewood spent time at the library in Leland picking out their favorite childhood books and reading them to one another. The cabin of Breezeway spent the afternoon doing random acts of kindness in Glen Arbor. Other cabins explored the scenic Pierce Stocking drive, did a public street performance in Leland, and did a scavenger hunt.

This week we had several great trips go out! The cabins of Driftwood and Falling Star went on a “Moana” themed overnight. They played in the Lake Michigan waves, on paddle boards, and in the clay pits. Then they hiked above camp to sleep on the bluffs, and enjoyed delicious meals cooked over a stove. Windward canoed the mighty Crystal River and camped out on our back property camping sites. Birchview did a Cabin Day/Overnight extravaganza! They went to the Dune Museum in Empire and did a scavenger hunt, got ice cream, attended Wednesday Night Church, and camped out at the DH Day campground. Lastly, six Wildwood campers went on a three-day kayaking trip. They kayaked along Good Harbor and Sleeping Bear Bay, covering about twelve miles! They camped out on some beautiful beaches along the way.

It was a fantastic week for the Kohahna Trips program!

Campers shared many highlights during Council Fire this week! Some of these included performing in the Pine Show, watching the Sky Show, bonding with cabinmates on Cabin Day, having Sailing for a Morning Activity, going on all the trips, and passing levels. We continue to be grateful for all the joy and achievement shared at camp!

For our all-camp metaphysical this week, we continued the small discussion groups from two weeks ago. This was a time for campers to share any follow up thoughts or insights in their same groups, or to explore a different topic with new counselors. During the upcoming week, the K-Quality we are focusing on is Graciousness. We discussed how Mary Baker Eddy writes in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, “Grace and Truth are potent beyond all other means and methods”, and how being gracious is a natural expression of ours as God’s likeness.

Cannon Report – Week 5 – 2017

The days are long here at Leelanau, but the weeks are short!

Hearkening all the way back to the beginning of the week can be a challenge when SO much Good has gone on even in the past 24 hours!

It is time to rely on the good ole Sammy 5000 (HQ’s Computer that calculates inspection results, star totals, table assignments, and all numbers relevant to Camp Leelanau’s operations.)  Let’s see what the Sammy produced this week:

Number of Campers in Argosy – 5

Number of Home Letters turned into HQ without addresses – 5

Number of Address-less Home Letters returned to Campers for Addresses – 5

Number of Address-less Home Letters returned to HQ with Addresses – 0

Number of Home Letter-less families – 5 (presumed, still compiling data)

…So that was Sunday afternoon…we promise it gets better 😉

Number of servings of Super Chicken served to the boys at the Shallows on Tuesday – 280

Number of servings the boys consumed that evening – 276

Percentage of that consumption associated with the Cabin of Shawnee – 43%  (there are ten boys in Shawnee, 54 boys total, it’s a scary number.)

Number of boys that took horseback riding this week – 4

Number of daily compliments HQ received from the KOH riding counselors about the boys’ good manners, abilities to ride, and respectful attitudes in their classes – 19

Square footage of the roof of Tortuga – 400

Number of boys that helped CT’s Baxter and Jaxen utilize their newly learned roofing skills to re-roof Tortuga – 8

Number of total man-hours put into the project of reroofing Tortuga as a morning activity – 43

Number of man-hours a professional outfit would have needed – 10

Highest number of trips up and down the ladder in one day exclusively because the chalk line was dropped – 11

Number of trips that went out with their cabins on Wednesday – 6

Number of Cabins left to attend Cabin Day – 2

Number of miles Cherokee paddled across both Glen Lakes and the Crystal River – 8

Average age of Campers in Cherokee – 14

Number of miles Black Swan paddled on the Platte River – 8

Average age of Campers in Black Swan – 9


Number of Lost and Found items left at the Trips Room associated with CT Luke Anderson after the Cabin trips returned on Thursday – 13

Number of cabin trips Luke Anderson participated in – 0

(The Sammy 5000 cannot fathom nor calculate how so many of Luke’s items left his trunk and laundry bag to return to their seeming native home in the lost and found pile by the Trips Room.)

Total Number of Home Runs dinged at the Home Run Derby on Friday evening by all contestants – 66

Number of those Home Runs associated with the Derby Champion – 31

Final Score of the North/South Baseball Game on Friday Evening – 6-5 South

Number of Hotdogs consumed at the Ole Ball Game – 192

Number of Counselors Hidden for the Counselor Hunt on Saturday afternoon – 10

Number of Counselors found by the Campers – 9

Number of times Campers walked directly past Connor Goering without seeing him – 7

The thing that cannot really be quantified is the amount of growth, healing, and good that has gone on all week.  The boys were delivered a challenge last Sunday at Council Fire to give more of themselves and take better care of their spaces and each other.  On Thursday evening we pulled out the old songbooks and raised voices together in the dining room for thirty minutes after dinner.  The spirit of Camp soared as campers connected more deeply to their legacy and expression of Soul.

We are half way through the second session and cannot wait to jump into the next two weeks with the Senior Flag Trip, Backwoodsmen Flag Trip, and many adventures and opportunities for growth looming ahead of us!

Till next week!

The Men of HQ


Bugle Call – Week 5 – 2017

It has been another beautiful week at Kohahna! Campers out on trips and back at camp were all pushed to grow through the activities they participated in. The competitive camping trip called “The Challenge” went out this week, and many of our Wildwood campers went out to compete on this trip. This left plenty of opportunities for the Waukeena campers to step up into leadership roles on camp all week long.

This was a great week for achievement in morning activities! Because many of the girls were out on the Challenge, the campers here on camp had lots of individualized instruction. It was a triumphant week—levels were passed in several activities! The waterfront activities this week were grateful for many days of good weather— Swimming had several beautiful mornings on the lake, and Kayaking enjoyed a few days of calm water as well! The Waterskiing class was also incredibly successful; campers worked on dropping skis and slaloming! The Dance and Drama classes continued preparing more skits and dances to be performed at the end of the session. Climbing had a great week learning how to belay, tie different knots, and climb more difficult routes. The Nature class was also on the move this week observing animals around camp, and they even took a trip down Port Oneida Road to see a beaver dam! The fruitage from morning activities this week was extensive and inspiring—we can’t wait to see more in action next week!

Kohahna’s evening activities this week gave our Waukeenas lots of opportunities to shine! On Monday, before the Challenge girls left, we played Water Polo in the shallows of Glen Lake. The Wildwood Water Polo game was very close—the Sands claimed the victory, 3-2. Tuesday night, we played a game similar to Capture the Flag where campers got to strategize about how to obtain the most flags. On Wednesday, we enjoyed an inspiring church service filled with testimonies of healing and gratitude shared for examples of how Divine Love has met every human need.

Thursday evening the campers played Pirates & Cargo, a game that involves running, note passing, and lots of pirating of course. We finished the night off with a sunset dip in Lake Michigan to cool off from the warm day! On Friday evening, we had a two-part activity: the first half of the night we spent playing the Pillowcase Game, then we transitioned to playing three-legged kickball! For the Pillowcase game, each cabin puts as many miscellaneous items into a pillowcase as they can, in hopes that those items will be listed by counselors during the game. For every item the cabin brings that also matches the list made by the counselor, the cabin gets a point. The Waukeenas had a great time being creative with the items they brought to the game, and were excited to play an active game of kickball on the Great House lawn afterward. All in all, the evening activities this week pushed our younger campers to take the initiative to step up into leadership roles, and we loved seeing them all excel!

This week, cabins had the opportunity to do fun activities around camp! We had cabins paddleboard to the clay pits down the shore on Lake Michigan, go on an extensive scavenger hunt that included a fun prize at the end, hike to Pyramid Point to make a music video, do team-building activities, and help make the dessert that was served after dinner. It was a fun-filled afternoon of cabin time that helped each cabin grow closer and feel more bonded!

The largest trip that went out this week was The Challenge from Wednesday to Saturday. On this trip, eleven wildwood campers from each team (Sand and Pine) travel into the woods where they essentially build a home for themselves. Throughout the course of the trip, both teams prepare their own meals over a fire, build structures, and play Capture the Flag, all the while being judged and receiving scores for each component.

In addition to the Challenge, the cabins of Evergreen and Juniper headed to Leelanau State Park for an overnight on Thursday. They had a great time hiking on the beach, practicing setting up tents, cooking over a stove, and being exposed to spending a night in the woods!

There were many highlights shared by campers and counselors alike this week at Council Fire! Some of them include Cabin Day, playing the Kohahna version of the Hunger Games, practicing tackling for the Challenge during Water Polo, sharing laughs and late nights on the Challenge, dipping in Lake Michigan after playing Pirates and Cargo, and having hilarious moments during Three-Legged Kickball. It was an incredible week of creative activities and beautiful weather!

Our all-camp metaphysical this week took place on Monday when all of the Challenge girls were back in camp. This week we discussed Sarah from the Bible, and the spiritual significance of her healing of barrenness. We learned about how this demonstration of life eternal proves our dominion over material sense, shows that with difficulty you can have joy, and that with God all things are possible. The K-Quality we are focusing on this week is Initiative. In Science and Health we read, “Mind-science teaches that mortals need “not be weary in well doing.” It dissipates fatigue in doing good. Giving does not impoverish us in the service of our Maker, neither does withholding enrich us.” This week we are learning that taking initiative, doing good, and expressing God in all that we do only yields good results.

Cannon Report – Week 4 – 2017

Week 4 for some, Week 1 for others; Week for won-derful activity for everybody at Camp!!

It is hard believe the first week of the session zoomed by so quickly.  Opening day began bright and fair, even a little bit of rain during cookout could not dampen the joy of Leelanau while welcoming new campers and old friends to gather in the Lodge for Council Fire.

We were out of the gates on Monday with morning activities, a Bar Exam for the 4 weekers, and Senior Bombardment all on the first day of the session.

Bright and early on Tuesday morning 6 of our oldest and boldest left camp before the cannon and drove to Canada to hike on the Coastal Trail of Lake Superior Provincial Park for 5 days.  Their return Saturday at dinner brought a standing ovation from the whole dining room to celebrate their successes and adventures in the North Land.

The rest of Camp hunkered down and dug into their activities, skill building, and memory making here on Pyramid Point.  Weldon led a brave crew with strong backs to rescue the raft from the waves that took it away from our beach.  On Wednesday morning the heavens opened up and drenched us out of Morning Activities which created an opportunity for an All Camp tackle game of Risk (like the board game but running through the woods.)

Wednesday also found us at Hymn sing with Kohahna celebrating the New Supplement Hymnal and slogging through new hymns that few of us knew.  Here at Camp Leelanau we build character in more ways than one.  J

Thursday afternoon a brave group of Backwoodsmen headed down the Pine River for an overnight trip lead by CT Landon Schabes as their Instructor.  They returned with large smiles on Friday after lunch and all reported that Landon had done an outstanding job!

On Friday morning the campers that weren’t on a trip signed up to either run in or cheer for our 4th Annual 5K Run and Fun Run!  Both Camps gathered to cheer and run for this fun event.  With CT Isaac Moothart taking the first place medal for the Campers and second place over all!

Saturday morning saw a small group of brave and talented waterskiers sneak out of bed early and go barefooting on Glen Lake, all of will be walking on water soon enough with all of the good Life that was expressed this week.

The good just keeps on and on!

From the Desk of HQ

Bugle Call – Week 4 – 2017

The Four-Week Session is in full swing!! We loved welcoming new and returning Kohahna sisters on opening day! This week has been full of cabin bonding time, learning in Morning Activities, and doing some of our favorite Evening Activities. Below is a synopsis of some of our activities and highlights from the week!

Our first week of activities was packed! We saw every waterfront activity in action with some beautiful days for Sailing, Canoeing, Kayaking, and Swimming! The Waterskiing class also had several days of calm water on Glen Lake. Back on land there were many girls learning how to build fires and cook in the woods during Camp Crafts, learning all about the outdoors in Nature, and honing their marksmanship skills in Archery and Riflery. Campers also showcased their artistic abilities in many activities! In Ceramics campers made several pots, tiles, and mugs. The Dance and Drama classes choreographed and rehearsed their dances and skits that will be performed for the entire camp at the end of the session. The Silversmithing class made rings, a crown, and pendants for family members and themselves. It was an exciting week for Morning Activities, and we’re looking forward to the next three weeks of learning new skills and having a blast trying new things!

This week was full of camp favorites for evening activities! Monday started out with Bombardment, Kohahna’s version of dodgeball. Tuesday evening we played Clue! Counselors played characters from the well-known board game, and were stationed in different places around camp. Each counselor had a “task” such as a team-building initiative or a game for every group of campers to complete. Upon completion of the task, the group could ask a question in hopes of solving the mystery of who stole the dessert. It was a creative and fun activity! Wednesday we had a lovely church service led by one of our CTs, and a hymn sing afterwards.

We spent Thursday evening playing another camp favorite- Dune Football! There was a lot of action on both sides, and everyone had a blast running the dunes and representing their team. Friday evening we played the Newlywed game and Superlatives. During the Newlywed game, campers get to test their knowledge of their cabinmates. Campers in the cabin were questioned separately from their cabinmates and when they returned we got to see which cabinmates got the most correct matching answers. During Superlatives, the girls competed to find out who has the longest hair, best dance move, best joke, and many other things. The highlight of the week for many was our Saturday night Lip Sync show. The girls had two hours to choreograph a dance to a song of their choice, lip-syncing the lyrics the whole way through. We had cabins perform everything from Moana to One Direction. All the cabins were in costume to perform their lip sync, and the competition was judged by three counselors in character, which always gives everyone a good laugh! The cabin of Trail’s End got the highest score, and they were declared the winner! Lastly, on Sunday we joined together for Council Fire after our all camp game of Human Stratego on Sunday afternoon!

Our campers spent their first Cabin Day of the four-week session bonding off-camp! Cabins spent the afternoon exploring the nearby town of Leland, flower-picking in Omena, canoeing the Crystal River, tubing on beautiful Glen Lake, and doing good deeds and a photo scavenger hunt in Glen Arbor. The weather was gorgeous, and the girls came away from the day feeling more unified as individual cabins!

On Friday night, all the sixth and seventh grade campers spent the night on camp’s back property for the Kangaroo Trip! On the overnight, everyone practiced the skills that they will need once they are old enough to go on the Challenge, which is a Sand versus Pine competitive camping trip. They sawed logs, lashed, built structures, cooked dinner over an open fire, and played capture the flag in the woods. It was a fun learning experience for everyone!

We are also looking forward to the Challenge going out next week from Wednesday to Saturday! The captains of the Sand and Pine teams have been working hard preparing for the trip, and we can’t wait to hear about their experiences next week at Council Fire.

This week during our all-camp metaphysical on Saturday, counselors split up into small groups to offer discussions on many different topics in Christian Science. Some of these topics included: handling fear, having confidence in Christian Science, talking about what God is, and realizing our true source of beauty as women of Substance. Waukeenas and Wildwoods then got to pick which topic they wanted to learn more about, and joined that discussion. We greatly enjoyed hearing the insights and questions campers had to share, and were very happy to be a part of such an uplifting metaphysical!

Thanks for reading – we are very grateful for all the good from the first week of the four-week session!

Cannon Report – Week 3 – 2017

In a flash…the three-week session comes to an end.

It is hard to believe three weeks can go so fast.

This final week of the session probably felt so fleeting because of all the good, wholesome, and enriching activity that took place.

A few highlights from the week include:

Jr. Bombardment Monday Night, with Sunset Soap Dips!   While the Seniors played E.T. Ball on the field, the Juniors worked hard to swing those dodge balls over the net towards each other.  It is fun to see the progress from Week One Bombardment to Week Three, with improved sportsmanship, poise, and competency among all of the youngsters.

Fourth of July!!  Camp had a BLAST as both Kohahna and Leelanau revolted against the King and Queen of England (Weldon and Pippi) and brought them down with dodge balls and archery tag arrows from the top of the climbing tower.  We marched in the Glen Arbor Parade.  We played games on the soccer field.  We spun sparklers and ate s’mores!

Bringing home the CTs was another highlight of the week.  All eight young men returned from Canada on Friday with large grins, a huge sense of accomplishment, a few mosquito bites, a greater sense of brotherhood, and a heightened reliance on God.  They also had all five very muddy canoes and incredibly smelly clothes.  J

On Thursday evening the whole boys Camp climbed into the Big Blue Bus for an evening of Water Polo and Dunes!  The big boys knocked into each other at the Shallows, while the young ones flew up and down the Frontside of the Dunes.  At showers that night every nook and cranny was de-sanded and the Junior Shower floors looked like a beach!

Cabin Day was another huge highlight for all of the Campers as we sent Shawnee sailing on Glen Lake, Cherokee biking at the VASA Trails, Iroquois Jumping off the Dock at Empire, Barbados spinning on the merri-go-round at Old Settler’s Park, Argosy and Black Swan swimming in Otter Creek, and Shoshonis sneaking around stealing a dip at every other Cabin’s locations!

On the topic of Wednesday our evening testimony was like a game of “Whack-A-Mole!”  The kids were popping up with testimonies so fast the Reader barely had time to say “Thank You.”  It’s a good problem to have when a Camp is filled with so many healings and expressions of gratitude from the Campers!

The Week came to a wonderful and meaningful conclusion on Friday evening as the boys gathered and shared their Funny Awards with each other.  There were some tender, hilarious, and deeply moving moments shared that filled the Three Weekers up full with a sense of love, brotherhood, and willingness to head back into the world and set the example for others all around them.

We love our Three Week Campers and cannot wait to see them here again next summer.  In the mean time we are ready and raring to go for the Four Week Campers to arrive!

The Men of HQ.

Bugle Call – Week 3 – 2017

The final week of the three-week session at Kohahna was full of exciting activities, growth, and camp spirit! Some highlights from the week include celebrating the Fourth of July, playing Water Polo, watching or performing the Sand Show, and Final Banquet.

For our final Cabin Day of the session, Wildwood cabins that were on trips last week had the opportunity to head off-camp. Cabins explored Glen Haven, completed a scavenger hunt in Glen Arbor, and went flower picking! Meanwhile, the Waukeena cabins stayed on camp where they went on the zip line, had a spa day, went on a hike on camp property, and played extreme hide and seek around camp.

There was incredibly high energy on Tuesday this week when we celebrated the Fourth of July! The day began with a normal morning of cabin Clean-Up and Quiet Time, then we held a mock revolution in which our very own camp directors played the king and queen of England. As the revolutionaries, the campers had to work together to win their freedom from the royal family! Post-revolution, we got our faces painted, played patriotic games, and dressed up to prepare for the rest of the day’s festivities!

The big event of the morning was being a part of the annual parade in Glen Arbor. We joined excited groups of revelators from around the area, including Glen Arbor’s very own “kazoo corps”, some Elvis impersonators, and fans from both the University of Michigan and Michigan State. In the parade, the Waukeena section rode in the Big Blue Bus while the Wildwood section walked in front. Both groups had a fun time singing camp songs and waving to all the crowds!

The afternoon celebrations centered around several small teams of Kohahna and Leelanau campers doing a whole host of activities ranging from water balloon dueling, seed spitting contests, relay races, mini soccer, and minute to win it games. After these activities, we headed down to the beach to enjoy some refreshing time in the water before dinner!

In the evening, the camps split up, and the Waukeenas & Juniors went to the beach while the Wildwoods & Seniors went on a hike to the Sand Bowl. At the beach, the campers enjoyed swimming, making s’mores, and playing games. At the Sand Bowl, the Wildwoods & Seniors watched the sunset and played games that helped them get to know each other.

It was a sunny and beautiful day filled with many patriotic activities! Fourth of July at camp is always a highlight for many!

We had several full Morning Activity classes this week with many highlights!

Waterskiers got to go out on an early morning ski on Glen Lake. In Horseback Riding and Drama, CTs and advanced campers practiced teaching alongside the counselor. Campers in Dance and Drama spent the week choreographing and practicing their dances and skits for the show they put on for the whole camp. We enjoyed seeing the final product of the Dance and Drama classes in an excellent performance on Friday afternoon!

For our first evening activity this week, the Wildwoods played Water-Polo in the shallows of Little Glen Lake while the Waukeenas had a great time running down, jumping off, and playing in the sand at the dune climb. On Tuesday, our evening consisted of 4th of July celebrations, and Wednesday evening we had another inspiring church service with readings graciously prepared by one of our CTs. Campers shared many testimonies that illustrated God’s goodness and His healing work.

Thursday, the Sand Team put on their annual show (with the Pine show to follow next session). The show featured skits, dancing, and two kick lines! The premise of the show was that there were seven superheroes who lost their powers, and each of them had to learn something about one of the seven K-Qualities to get their powers back. To do this, Wonderwoman brought them to Kohahna! The superheroes interacted with campers and counselors as they went about their day at Kohahna. At the end of the show, the Sand Wildwoods performed an epic kick line dance!

The week wrapped up on Friday with our three-week Final Banquet and a Pine Bough ceremony. At Final Banquet, the camp enjoyed a delicious meal and heard about awards and achievements from this session and this week—including activity level achievements, K-girls, and perfect dippers. At the Pine Bough ceremony, we gathered around a fire in the Pine Forest and shared our gratitude.

In this week’s all-camp metaphysical, we studied Mary Baker Eddy in conjunction with our “Women of the Wilderness” theme. We discussed the role she played as a woman discovering Christian Science, and how she demonstrated dominion over the wilderness situations she endured. The K-Quality we focused on this week was Persistence! We started by talking about how being persistent includes proving our spiritual dominion in all that we do. Mary Baker Eddy writes in her book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, “The Christian Scientist wisely shapes his course, and is honest and consistent in following the leadings of divine Mind” (458:25-28). It is divinely natural for us to persistently listen to and follow divine Mind!