Cannon Report – Week 7 – 2018

KaBoom and they’re gone!

Where did the final week go?

We dug deeply this final week to make the most of every single moment.  On Monday we hit our final Beach Bonanza hard with sailboats, paddleboards, kayaks, and the raft all in full swing as the sun set in the west.   The Camp Photographer had it too easy that night.  All those hardworking, fun-loving, tan boys in orange sunlight make for some iconic picture taking.

On Tuesday we loaded the bus one more time and took the whole Camp to the shallows for evening activity.  HQ’s head had to be on a swivel as the Seniors played Water Polo in the knee-deep water and the Juniors played Water Polo in water up to their knees.  Two totally epic games with good plays, graceful tackles, and amazing sportsmanship occurred concurrently as if these boys have been spending their whole summer learning how to do things right.  😉

On Wednesday everybody gathered with their Cabins for the final Cabin Day of the summer.  We had folks out at Pyramid Point doing flips on the dunes.  We had folks up in the High Ropes Course.  We had folks making a music video.  Most importantly we had all of those folks back together by dinner and heading up to our favorite hillside for Wednesday evening church.  The testimonies were really rocking because who isn’t extremely grateful for a summer full of growth and healing?

By Thursday even Weldon had to concede that Summer was coming to an end.  We added an extra activity period to the afternoon schedule so that kids might put the finishing touches on certain activity levels.  Star totals were coming due and it was still neck and neck between the North and South Teams.  That evening we gathered in our Funny Awards fire ring and shared some very funny, some very touching, all very memorable moments around that fire.

Friday morning the CT’s woke up Camp and enthusiastically ran them down to the water for exercises and dips.  An air of excitement and anticipation carried the boys forward as they packed their trunks and showered up for Final Banquet.  And what a banquet it was!  Filled with singing, good food, and a great sense of camaraderie and achievement.  HQ announced awards, hands were shook, backs slapped, and brotherly recognition abounded.

At the end of the Banquet the South Team won the year, and all campers sang one more good strong Stand Up and Cheer!

Saturday and Sunday were a blur of parents, accolades, and joyous farewells.

Know that we are already counting the days till Summer 2019 and count on seeing everyone right back here at the End of Port Oneida – an up and coming community with a rich history.  Wink!

From the Desk of HQ

Bugle Call – Week 7 – 2018

What a summer it has been! Week 7 was a super full week of achievement, fun, and wrapping up an incredible summer.

Some of this week’s highlights included playing Dune Football, preparing our Encore performances (Flash Mob, “We Came From Towns and Cities” and “This is Me”), final Cabin Day, the Dance and Drama Show, the Sky Show/Kickline, celebrating Halloween and playing Big Base for C.T Day! Many activity levels were passed from multiple Expert levels in Camp Crafts, to Advanced levels passed in Sailing and Drama- just to name a few.

During our Final Council Fire we closed the evening with our Pine Bow Ceremony where everyone was able to give gratitude for this summer. We heard gratitude for the atmosphere of love at camp, gratitude for cabin mates and counselors, gratitude for the strong sense of sisterhood and support at Kohahna, gratitude for the opportunities we have to learn and grow in our understanding of Christian Science and for how much FUN we have at camp. We expressed our gratitude for the opportunity to take what we learned home with us, that we continue to learn from camp long after the summer ends, and how grateful we are to have a forever home at Kohahna.

At our Final Banquet on Saturday evening we celebrated the summer recognizing Expert levels passed and Longevity (first year plaques, 5 year pins, 10 year blankets and 15 year pocket knives). We recognized our Kohahna campers for their consistent expression of 7 qualities, for being Perfect Dippers and for the enthusiasm and dedication for their morning activities. We had 5 campers share their thoughts on the summer theme focusing on the theme qualities, Love, Purity, Tenderness, Strength, Spiritual Individuality and Confidence and were also able to recognize campers for their example of selfless love, example of leadership and growth in self- confidence.

Our gratitude for this summer is overflowing, we are so incredibly grateful for your Kohahna camper; they are each a woman of substance and integrity, each of them played an important role in making this summer the beautiful, growth-filled, harmonious and wicked fun summer it was. Thank you for sharing your daughter with us and making camp a priority in her life; we don’t think there is any better gift than the gift of camp. We are confident that she will apply what she learned in her life outside of camp, continuing to bless those around her as she did here this summer.

We can’t wait to see you all next year!

With so much love,

The Women of North Star

Cannon Report – Week 6 – 2018

It’s a good thing the lesson was on Truth this week, because it would be dishonest to bill Week 6 as a “normal” week of Camp.  Sure, activities were taught, bowl meeting took place.  But holy-moley did we shake things up along the way!!

On Monday, we brought back a parental favorite – the North-South Manners Competition.  Three Juniors and three Seniors from each team sat at dinner with way more silverware than usual while Judges Lisa and Keith Johnson walked around with a clipboard and whistle assessing every move they made.  The debrief proved educational for all, and the shout-outs for “best napkin use” and “best cutlery management” were particularly fun!

On Tuesday we sent out ten brave men to explore the rugged landscape of North Manitou Island.  From Leland they boarded the ferry with backpacks filled with food and excitement spilling over.  Also Tuesday Morning, the Moothart Boys absconded with four advanced skiers and a Head Counselor for the first ever Waterski Trip to Torch Lake and Elk Lake.  It should go without saying those boys got plenty of time behind the boat.

Wednesday morning dawned early for the seven men sneaking out of cabins before the cannon to head to Canada for four days of sea kayaking and exploring the North Channel of Lake Huron.  With three trips out that morning the rest of us decided to celebrate a few holidays!  Actually we celebrated a whole year’s worth of holidays in one Wednesday.  We began on the beach with New Year’s Resolution Exercises.  We talked about Love and Truth for Valentine’s Day during Quiet Time.  The Kitchen fixed us up with some pretty amazing Irish Breakfast foods for St. Patrick’s Day.  And the boys even hid eggs in their cabins for the Inspector to find at Easter.  By Lunchtime it was Fourth of July Picnic Time and after Cabin Day we donned our Halloween Costumes for Trick or Treatment with Eagles Nest.  Again the Kitchen outdid themselves with a Thanksgiving Feast Mom and Grandma would be proud of and after Wednesday Evening Testimony Meeting we sang Carols in the Great House for a wrap up of the day and year with Christmas in July.

On Thursday most of the Trips were home and things here getting back to “normal” with HUGE waves on Lake Michigan for bodysurfing and beach play in the afternoon.  That evening the clouds rolled in and created a perfect atmosphere for an All Camp game of the Hunger Games, a fan favorite as far as evening activities go.

By Friday we’d monkeyed around with the schedule so much everyone was on tenterhooks as to whether we’d even have our traditional Pizza and Milkshakes at Dinner.  Rest assured, Pizza and Milkshakes were served.  It wasn’t until AFTER dinner that we started messing with them again.  Because Friday was the night of the full moon and lunar eclipse (best seen anywhere but North America), we decided to start evening activity for the Senior Boys at 9:05 PM.  We headed first to the Marina for Moonlight Tubing (totally legal in Michigan for an hour after sunset).  Then headed to the Schoolhouse at the end of Port Oneida Road (an up and coming community with a rich history) and played glow stick kickball until midnight.  The boys loved the adventure and newness of it all.  Hopefully they also appreciated the beauty of a full moon too!

If five days of amazing, creative, fulfilling activity weren’t enough for anybody we really took the wheels off the apple cart on Saturday.  It began with a North-South Track Meet first thing in the morning, followed by a dip at the Backside of the Dunes and a lively game of Dune Football.  After Lunch the Seniors collected nature items for our neighbors in Glen Arbor at Cherry Republic, while the Juniors rode the bus into Traverse City for a private showing at the State Theater of E.T.!!!  These are certainly things you never thought you’d get to do at Camp, but when the opportunity presents itself to connect kids with the community we can’t pass them up.

We are all kinds of fired up to drive all of the lessons of Camp home in the final week.  Thank goodness trips are done and the whole Camp Family is together for one more week of AWESOME!!

From the Desk of HQ

Bugle Call – Week 6 – 2018

We aren’t really sure how it’s 6th week already – but we had another stellar week over at KOH and want to tell you all about it!

We kicked off Evening Activity on Monday with a Kohahna favorite – The Kohahna Games (based off The Hunger Games). Tuesday evening we went to the front side of the Sand Dunes where we rolled, jumped, ran and tumbled down the dune, played around the trees and of course, made sand mermaids. On Wednesday evening we had our Wednesday testimony meeting where we joined Leelanau in the meadow. Falling Star and Evergreen were on an overnight and had church around the campfire. On Thursday, we played an exciting game of Pirates and Cargo – Great House edition! Friday evening, we played a new game to camp -Thicket, and had a blast despite the rain.

This week was special for many reasons – The Challenge being one of them! The Challenge (also known as “The Chal”) is a 4-day, 3-night Sands vs. Pines competitive camping trip. Each team consists of 12 Wildwood campers and 2 counselors. The teams spent the earlier part of the week preparing for the trip – planning what gourmet meals they would cook (all over a fire!), designing team t-shirts, practicing tackling in preparation for Capture the Flag, preparing metaphysically, bonding as team, and planning what gear they would need to bring. Once they were out in the woods they spent their time sawing and lashing to create structures that included a dining room table, prep and fire table, a latrine, a Baker and a creative structure as well. They cooked gourmet meals, played Capture the Flag, made a lot of incredible memories, and grew in their understanding of how capable they really are!

In addition to The Challenge, we had two fun overnight trips go out this week as well. On Wednesday the cabins of Falling Star and Evergreen were able to canoe the Crystal River which they had so much fun doing, and then all contributed to setting up camp, building an awesome fire and making dinner on our camp back property. On Thursday the cabins of Windward and Birchview were also able to canoe the Crystal and make dinner in Glen Arbor near the Sand Dunes at DH Day campground.

We had another great weekend in and around Kohahna. We were so thrilled to welcome the Chal girls home on Saturday afternoon! For the ladies that didn’t go on the The Chal, we headed into Traverse City to see the movie E.T. at the State Theater- an event sponsored by, and we were invited to by, a Leelanau/Kohahna alum! Following the movie, we had a picnic dinner and played around on truly one of the most fun playgrounds ever. On Sunday after church, we introduced a totally new afternoon activity created by two of our Kohahna counselors – Jumanji! Based off the movie, the activity included escape rooms, a banana tree, crazy monkeys, and puzzles that were retrieved from Lake Michigan. The groups were led by the Jumanji movie characters (the level of commitment to costumes by the Sky team was impressive).

During Council Fire we focused on the K-Quality, Persistence. We had two campers from the Challenge help us understand what persistence looks like in action – applying what they had learned on The Chal as it pertains to this quality. For our theme quality we explored the quality Confidence, and we referred to our dear camp alum, Betty Rhoades, who so clearly represented this quality. We talked about having the confidence to pursue new activities and try new things, commit to becoming better at them, and share your excitement for what you love – inspired by Betty! We enjoyed hearing about all the things both campers and counselors wanted to pursue and learn more about.

We are SO ready to make the most of this very last week of camp. We have loved witnessing and being a part of the growth and achievement over these past weeks and know that 7th week has so much in store for us!

Xoxo North Star

Cannon Report – Week 5 – 2018

It’s a darn good thing that David Hohle, CSB gave a lecture during the first week reminding us “Time is not a Factor in your Life.”  Otherwise Time would be flying by way too fast!!  We are already half way through our second session and will be sprinting to the finish for these final two weeks!  But before we look ahead, we should take a look back at the accomplishments of Week 5.

The Senior Flag Trip certainly captured a place in everyone’s thought this week.  Tuesday morning the Panther and Tiger teams loaded the bus and headed out to build their structures, cook their meals, and play some good ole Capture the Flag.  The structures and meals began to tick along nicely as the teams got their bearings, but the game play started quite sluggish.  The Tigers sent a few more effective raids towards the beginning of the Trip giving them a 4-1 head start, but their lead didn’t carry them through.  Both teams worked hard to wheedle a Flag here or a Flag there, but it seemed those Tigers were always a raid or two ahead of their Panther brothers.   Come Thursday night a final large and valiant raid from the Panthers tied up the score 9-9!!  What a way to end a Flag Trip.  Now the scoring comes down to those meals, structures, moral, and sportsmanship points both teams work so hard to earn.

While that entire hullabaloo was going on with the Seniors, the Backwoodsmen also spent one night out on a Flag Trip of their own.  The Panther Pups and Tiger Tots headed to the Valentine Property on Wednesday morning, built their jails, and played a little Capture the Flag too.  Funny how they unknowingly modeled their game after the Seniors, by spending more time on cooking and structure building until the final few minutes of the game when the score jumped from a staid 4-3 to a very exciting 19-18 at the end of it all.  Wow, good job to the backwoodsmen for their modeling of sportsmanship and hard work through the whole trip!

On Friday evening at dinner we finally had everybody home and together sharing in the traditional Pizza and Milkshakes!!  It felt good to have the whole family gathered and sharing in stories from the various trips of the week.

We will slam full throttle now into Week 6 because, though a few other trips head out, it is really about achieving in those morning activities, thus earning points for your team and capitalizing on all of the unique opportunities available here at Camp Leelanau!

Until next week, we’ll keep the bell ringing and bowl meetings brief.

The Men of HQ

Bugle Call – Week 5 – 2018

No surprise here that 5th week was a BALL! We played hard, worked hard, and demonstrated what Kohahna means in everything we did (achievement!)

I know we say this every week, but we really did have SUCH full mornings of activities. Every area of Kohahna was bopping with activities – our waterfront was in full swing with sailors braving the wind, as well as kayakers, canoers and swimmers making great progress in passing their levels. The riding ring was full of trotting and cantering, the Riflery and Archery ladies worked on getting those bullseyes, and Camp Crafts made some impressive fires and learned more about using a camp stove too. Arts & Crafts class made tic-tac-toe game boards, the Silversmithing ladies produced some very intricate and creative hanging projects, and the Ceramics crew made piggy banks, sculptures and even did a little wheel work. Drama class played improv games and did some scene work, while Tennis worked on serves and played some tennis games.

It was another awesome week of evening activities. On Monday night we played soccer and the Chicken Game, and on Tuesday evening we played an old Kohahna favorite- Human Stratego, based on the board game from the 50’s. It was a complete hit for everyone- from the youngest Waukeenas to the oldest Wildwoods. On Wednesday we enjoyed an evening Testimony Meeting and hymn sing, and on Thursday we went to the shallows where we all were able to play Water Polo.  It was so neat to see the Waukeenas and Wildwoods play so hard and express so much sportsmanship. On Friday we loaded up the Big Blue Bus and with our Leelanau brothers headed over to the Leelanau School – where at one point, camp was located! We joined the open-mic night style bonfire called “Beach Bards.”  While there, we shared some camp songs (and camper written haikus) and learned some new songs too – adding some jams to our repertoire. Saturday evening featured a much anticipated favorite – Lip Sync! From the Backstreet Boys … to an Italian Opera … to ‘In Summer’ from Frozen, it was another epic evening of singing (or really just pretending to sing) dancing and great costumes.

Wednesday means two things at camp- Cabin Day and Church! This week was off-camp Cabin Day which meant we were able to explore the new playground in Glen Arbor and the beach in Empire. Other cabins were able to take advantage of the beautiful weather and tubed on Glen Lake while another cabin went to a U-Pick flower farm in Omena to pick flowers and learn “fiscal responsibility.” Their bouquets are now beautifully displayed in the dining room. Of course, many of these cabin adventures included ice cream.

We had a fun, full and diverse weekend! In addition to Lip Sync, we also had a chance to learn more about the Christian Science Monitor and had two camp alumni work with us to learn more about the publication’s purpose. The older Kohahna campers were able to do some tackle practice in preparation for the Challenge, and the Waukeenas went on a frog catching adventure at our nearby pond. On Sunday we celebrated a KOH/LEE favorite- County Fair! It included pony rides, bobbing for apples, and line dancing – just to name a few of the activities!

We love trips! This week gave our young Wildwood campers awesome leadership opportunities to take some rad overnights out. On Tuesday, our Kohahna ladies who are working on their expert level in Nature planned and led an overnight where they shared their knowledge on everything from invasive plants in Northern Michigan to stages of the Sand Dunes! On Friday, the 6th, 7th, and 8th graders went on the Kangaroo Overnight where they learned how to build and lash structures, cook more complex meals on an open fire, and play Capture the Flag in the woods. This helped to get many of the girls prepped and ready for the Challenge which goes out this week. The CTs plan and lead this trip with help from the 8th graders.

During Council Fire we focused on the K-Quality Joyfulness, and the cabins of Falling Star and Evergreen helped to present other ways we could understand the quality. They described Joyfulness as, Jubilant, Optimistic, Youthful, Find the good, Unconditional happiness from God, Living the most joyfully you can, Nice to be around, Expressing gratitude, Spending every moment uplifted, Savoring everyday with joy. Our theme quality we worked with was the idea of Spiritual Individuality- knowing that who you are and how you define yourself spiritually is not measured materially. It’s not based on your hair color or what sport you play or where you live.  Your spiritual individuality is the way each of you manifest and express God’s qualities. Our spiritual individuality is always complete-never lacking! Each camper and counselor stood up and shared a quality that they express – we loved hearing the ways they acknowledged their own goodness.

We are jumping right in to 6th week! Thanks for keeping up with us and all the lovely ladies here at Kohahna!

xo North Star

Cannon Report – Week 4 – 2018

We don’t mess around here at Leelanau!!  Wahoo, we are going strong and the momentum just keeps on building!

Sunday brought the quintessential Opening Day; families arrived to drop off their kids earlier than noon (which means they definitely skipped Church in Glen Arbor,) kids rolled into Camp already knowing their way around, and the sun was bright and warm all day so the Lake was welcoming the Four Weekers home with open arms!

Monday we hit it hard with the Bar Exam (swim test) first thing in the morning, followed by cabin team building in the afternoon.  By evening the older boys had played their first game of Water Polo for the session, the younger boys had flown around on the dunes, and everybody had earned a bowl of ice cream!

Tuesday demanded a course correction over to a “regular schedule day” for the first time since maybe the previous Thursday.   Keep in mind that “regular schedule” doesn’t mean any less fun; in fact, it means more learning and challenge in our morning activities and more fun in our afternoon activities.  It also means the Juniors got to play Bombardment that night, and the Seniors ran hard on the field for Flag Football.

Wednesday we really took the wheels off the apple cart as they say!  After one whole day of “regular schedule” we threw it out the window again and sent everybody on various Cabin Trips.  Argosy went to the Platte Plains, Tortuga camped on our Back Property, Barbados canoed the Platte River, Sea Hornet hiked in the Sand Lake Quiet Area, Cherokee kayaked from Northport to the literal tip of the County, Shawnee canoed to the Gull Island Bird Sanctuary, and Algonquin biked on the Marilla Trail along the Manistee River.  Campers working on their Advanced Outdoorsman led each of the trips and did strong work to make each trip a success.

Thursday brought everybody home in time for regular morning activities and everybody was feeling like things were getting back to normal, until Reed and Joey came along and announced the Flag Trip Combine as the Thursday afternoon activity.  The Combine means that every Senior and CT heads up into the woods behind HQ and practices proper tackling technique, learns correct lashing, and builds a fire with which to boil water.  From the Combine campers are drafted onto either the Panther or Tiger Flag Teams.  All in all, it turned into a very exciting day!

Friday usually means pizza, milkshakes, and Junior Soccer. But this Friday we traded our pizza, milkshake, and soccer interests to Thursday so we could focus solely on a little thing called The Ole Ball Game!!  That’s right, brats and dogs, soda and the Home Run Derby caught the whole camp’s attention as we loaded the bus and headed to the Burdickville Ball Field.  The North and South Teams met on the diamond for a friendly but competitive game of America’s pastime.  It was a game to remember with great plays made by both teams!

We are enthusiastically looking ahead to next week as the Senior Flag Trip heads out on Tuesday and the Backwoodsman Flag Trip hits the woods on Wednesday.  Sportsmanship will be at the core of all the activities this week and we can’t wait for more good to unfold before us!!

From the Desk of HQ

Bugle Call – Week 4 – 2018

We had such an awesome week 4 over here at KOH! Our 7 weekers welcomed the 4 weekers back and new campers to Camp with open arms and got started on having fun right away.

We started the 4 week session with our Sunday Council Fire where we did a lot of cheering (K-O-H-A-H-N-A cheer, cabin cheers, team cheers) did a lot of singing (Friends, A Poor and Carefree Stranger, and Land of the Silver Birch) and our new campers were visited by Mother Nature and were placed on either the Pine or Sand team. We wrapped up the evening around the Council Fire ready for next 4 weeks ahead!

This week was an On-Camp Cabin Day that featured some “cookie baking with a twist” (cookie baking but where a cabinmate stands behind you and plays the role of your arms. It’s pretty funny stuff) as well as Initiatives, giant sand castle building, and raft wars. Other cabins played a pirate game on the lake that ended in some discovered treasure, there was a cabin Bootcamp as well as some craft projects. Our KOH counselors sure know how to put on a good Cabin Day.

We had a full week of morning activities this week. From fire building in the Pine Forest, to making waves on the slalom course on Glen Lake, to cantering around the riding ring. We made good use of the tennis court, the riflery and archery range as well as the beaver pond down the road for Nature class.  We spent a lot of time on beautiful Lake Michigan- sailors, swimmers, kayakers and canoers all enjoyed the (mostly) calm waters of 4th week. Up at the Greathouse, many silver projects were made in Silversmithing, improv games and monologue work were done in Drama, there were many clay creations and use of the  pottery wheel in Ceramics as well as many crafty projects done in Arts & Crafts. There was so much achievement going on in activities this week that I would need a whole other section of the website to include all of it.

We started Evening Activities out with the classic favorite, Sands Vs. Pines bombardment game! On Tuesday evening the Sands and Pines put on their best camo gear and war paint and played Capture the Flag in the woods. We had a great Wednesday church service prepared by the CTs and on  Thursday evening we played Sands vs. Pines Superlatives. Some of the questions included, who has the best interpretive dance? Who is the best hair braider? Just to name a few. On Friday we played a seafarer themed Clue game where the goal was to figure out who ran off with little Izzie and Maggie. Some of the characters included Erika the Great, pirate Anne Bonny as well as Ariel. In the end, the culprits were Calypso and Sedna Inuit Sea Goddess, with Doodle’s bike at Boy’s Bowl. The team “SPF 30” were the ones to figure out all the clues first and Maggie and Izzie, after a canoe ride, were safely returned to the beach.

This week 10 ladies set of for the Upper Peninsula to hike along the shores of Lake Superior in one of our favorite trip locations- Pictured Rocks! Eight of our Wildwood campers and our Trip’s counselors were able to take in the gorgeous views and hiked around 25 miles total along the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. They cooked some great meals on the trail, learned more about ‘Leave No Trace’ camping philosophy and built more on their appreciation and love for trips and the outdoors. Stay tuned for next week for more trip adventures.

This weekend was full of exciting things- both the Sand and Pine team had the opportunity to put on a team show! The Pine team had the theme of ‘Space’ and featured two of our favorite Council Fire characters- Cool Cat and Wavy Worm. The Sand team had the theme of  ‘Stranger Things’-demagorgan included. The captains, supported by their team created the shows which both included full story lines, dances and some incredibly creative kicklines. We loved seeing the work they put into their shows.

Summer theme (K-quality) During Council Fire on the first night of 4 week session we recapped the theme qualities we covered during the 3 week session, Love, Purity and Tenderness as well as the women we learned about who clearly expressed those qualities in a unique way. We learned more about the importance of the K-quality, Sportsmanship and the oldest cabin put on a few skits to help demonstrate what that quality looks like in action. We are looking forward to learning more about Strength, Confidence and Spiritual Individuality in the weeks ahead as we continue to greater understand our unlimited potential and individuality through our theme, This is Me!

We are so ready for another awesome week here at the end of Port Oneida Road with the creative, bold, compassionate, dedicated and strong ladies of Kohahna.

Xo Northstar

Cannon Report – Week 3 – 2018

Where does the time go!?  It’s a good thing we know time is not a mortal measurement; otherwise it would be going way too fast!

On Sunday we spent the afternoon playing our big beautiful lake.  Beach Bonanza means kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, the raft, sailboats, and the swim area are all open for business and the kids can go from one to the next and enjoy our amazing asset A.K.A Lake Michigan.

It felt like Monday began the countdown towards the end of the session.  There was a greater fervor to achieve levels in morning activities from the very beginning of the week.  With two periods of Blacksmithing, Archery, Riflery, and full Sailing and Waterskiing classes it was clear that folks were getting down to business.

Tuesday evening we took the Senior Section over to the Shallows for this session’s last game of Water Polo.  It proved to be a highlight of the week for many of the boys because the CTs were in Canada all week on the Spanish River and that left room for a few of the other Senior Boys to dominate the game.

Wednesday,  July 4.  A day to celebrate two things that originated in America; Christian Science and Summer Camp.  It’s true.  Without the freedoms in our constitution, and a desire to maintain a level of outdoor adventure born on an early frontier, neither institution could have flourished.  But what you really want to know is what did we do that day!?

We set aside regular activities, joined the girls at their flag raising, and watched a horse and rider gallop across the Great Lawn with an American Flag streaming behind her.  We painted team banners for our activity groups, we marched in the parade in Glen Arbor, we ate a picnic lunch in the lodge, and then prepared our “troops” for “battle” on the soccer field.

Mid-afternoon the cannon fired again and the “War of 1812” begin in earnest!  Francis Scott Key (Reed Timoner) led the young American militias to the beach for the naval battle against the British Navy, led by Weldon and Pippi.  The kids stormed the beach -grabbed lifejackets, paddles, and boats – and took down the British Navy with bombardment balls and a great deal of splashing!  Those Camp Directors didn’t stand a chance!

By Wednesday evening we had many testimonies to share as well as endless highlights from our day together celebrating America’s birthday.

On Thursday we got back to business in our activities and started to craft our Funny Awards for each other.  That evening we took the entire Camp to the backside of the dunes for a fan favorite evening activity called Dune Football.  Great plays and passes were made and on the way home the Bus happened to break down for a few minutes outside the Glen Arbor Ice Cream shop.

Friday we began the process of packing and cleaning up our three week campers.  The evening was boisterous and joyous as we sat for our Three Week Final Banquet and then shared our Funny Awards with each other.   Many special moments were shared around that campfire spot.

Saturday morning saw the Three Week Perfect Dippers bring their well earned spoons to the beach for one final baptism in Lake Michigan.  We saw them off with hugs and assurances that we would all be here on Pyramid Point again next year.

We cannot wait for our three week brothers to come home to Leelanau next summer, but are also excited for our four week brothers to join us soon!

From the desk of HQ

Bugle Call – Week 3 – 2018

It’s hard to believe we have closed in on week three – where in the world did the time go? We cherished this last week of camp for our 3-week campers and looked forward to welcoming our 4-weekers back home to KOH. We packed week 3 to the brim with super fun activities and, of course, a lot of achievement.

With everyone back home from our various trips, we jumped right back into Morning Activities. We rock climbed, we made jewelry, charms, pendants and rings in Silversmithing and continued to perfect our aim in Archery and Riflery. Our waterfront was put to good use with sailors, kayakers and canoers out on Lake Michigan learning and perfecting their skills and taking advantage of the perfect lakefront weather.  In Horseback Riding we got out on a few trail rides and continued working on horse control.  In Camp Crafts we learned the art of fire building (one match, no birch bark fire, anyone?) and made hot chocolate over the fire. Our water skiers practiced dropping a ski, went through the slalom course and attempted to ski in a pyramid formation. We were able to showcase our Arts & Crafts work during the Art Show, and down at the court we worked on our Tennis skills.

Does it get any better than the 4th of July at camp? (No, it does not.) In preparation for the Glen Arbor parade, we started our 4th of July festivities with face painting. This was followed by a spirited flag raising with Leelanau which included a passionate speech about freedom from Francis Scott Key and featured one of our camp horses, Polka, galloping up the hill with the U.S. Flag. It set the stage for the day’s mission – rally the militias and prepare for the “war” for independence. We created colony flags with our KOH/LEE teams – each group was led by an important figure in American history – from Meriwether Lewis and Sacagawea to the Hamiltons, to Harriet Tubman (represented by the counselors). We prepped for the war by working on our stealth operation missions (water balloon attacks), we collected provisions (cookie decorating), and were challenged in agility (dress-up obstacle course) just to name a few. We completed our training with a lakeside battle and ate full rations at cookout. This was followed by a Wednesday evening church service on the Great House deck with readings focused on freedom. In the evening, the Waukeena and Junior campers enjoyed some time on the beach – swimming, King of the Raft playing, s’mores and sparklers. Our Wildwood and Senior campers went on a Pyramid Point/Sand Bowl hike where they played periscope tag, python tag and did a lot of dune jumping. It was a pretty perfect 4th of July and we are already thinking of next year.

We began our Monday evening activities with some comical Brown Bag skits and on Tuesday headed over to the dunes for some Pines vs. Sands Dune Football. On Thursday evening we enjoyed a Beach Bonanza- sailing, kayaking, paddleboarding, canoeing, raft playing and swimming. It was an awesome opportunity to try new water activities and celebrate the warmer (much, much warmer) weather third week brought. On Friday evening we celebrated longevity, achievement, perfect dipping and a wonderful three week session with a banquet, followed by the Pine Bough gratitude ceremony in the Pine Forest.

At council fire we focused on the K-quality Graciousness and were reminded that patience, compassion, self-awareness, humility and thoughtfulness are qualities that support the expression of Graciousness and how each of us is capable of expressing grace in our own way. For our theme quality we explored Tenderness- and highlighted tennis star Serena Williams and her expression of tenderness as an athlete on the court in competition with her sister and as a mother. We are looking forward to learning more about Strength, Confidence and Spiritual Individuality in the weeks ahead as we continue to greater understand our unlimited potential and individuality through our theme, This is Me!

It’s bittersweet to be ending the 3-week session already, but we are so grateful for the time we had with the 3-week campers. Their expression of joy, willingness and grace contributed to the success of the session. We are looking forward to the next four weeks ahead. Talk to you again soon!

xo North Star