Bugle Call – Week 1 – 2022

We are so excited that Camp is officially in session! The first week absolutely flew by now that we finally have our campers again! Opening day was a whirlwind with everyone arriving and settling into their cabins. We finished off the day with a classic cookout meal with Leelanau and the first Council Fire. The perfect way to kick off the summer! On Monday we hit the ground running with Morning Activities followed by the swim test in the afternoon. We were lucky this year the weather was super warm and made the afternoon that much more enjoyable. We wrapped the day with some get-to-know-you lawn games, an epic game of Big Base, and some free time on the playground. Tuesday we were able to start our normal daily schedule with afternoon activities. For the Evening Activity that night we had a blast playing our classic game of Bombardment, a fun take on dodgeball. It is always the first Pine vs. Sands game of the session and all the campers look forward to it!
Everyone was excited when Wednesday finally rolled around. Wednesday is always a fan favorite here at camp. In the afternoon, each cabin goes their separate ways to do a fun secret activity planned especially for them by their counselors. It was off-camp cabin day this week, so we had people going to all sorts of places such as Empire playground/beach, flower picking, and some even got sweet treats in Glen Arbor. The best part of the day is Wednesday night church and hymn-sing after dinner.
Thursday we played Pirates and Cargo which was super fun. The campers are split up into Cargo and Pirates. The Cargo try to take secret messages to counselors without getting caught by the Pirates trying to stop them. Friday we introduced a new game called Three Blind Mice. This game was created by a group of Leelanau counselors this year and we just could not wait to play it with the kids. They are split up into four teams and the goal is to steal someone else’s cheese, which is a dodge ball, before yours gets stolen. It was definitely a hit. Everyone had so much fun!
The first week ended with some wonderful camp classics such as Saturday clean-up, playing and swimming at Shalda Creek, and Lip-Sync. Sunday was a great reset day as we wrapped up the week. Taking the morning to sleep in before Sunday School and bookmarking time before lunch. We finished off the day with an exciting game of Hunger Games and Council Fire.
Overall, it was a fantastic first week! We are so grateful to have all the campers here this summer, and we cannot wait to see all the wondrous works God has planned for us this summer.
Much Love,
North Star

Cannon Report – Week 6 – 2021


Six Booms for six weeks of amazing Camp Leelanau programming! And the fun sure didn’t stop this week as we sent out our Senior Flag Trip, our Backwoodsman Flag Trip, and still filled Camp with amazing opportunities for skill development and growth. Let’s dive into the numbers to see what can be extrapolated by the simple use of math!

Number of structures required to complete on the Senior Flag Trip: 8
Number of structures required to complete on the Backwoodsman Flag Trip: 2
Number of “game off” hours available to work on Structures on the Senior Flag Trip: 24
Number of “game off” hours available to work on Structures on the Backwoodsman Flag Trip: 3
According to this math, the Backwoodsmen have half as much time to build their structures as the Seniors do. The Senior Flag Trip Judges have politely asked if someone reading this can please explain to the North and South Team Captains, that they did in fact have plenty of time and therefore should have finished their Judges Towers!

Number of Meals required to serve on the Senior Flag Trip: 9
Number of Meals required to serve on the Backwoodsman Flag Trip: 1
Number of meals served on time on the Senior Flag Trip: Most
Number of meals served on time on the Backwoodsman Flag Trip: None
Somewhere within the transition between being a Backwoodsman and becoming a Senior the concept of not starting to gather wood for the fire 25 minutes before the meal is due settles in nicely. This works out well for the Senior Flag Trip Judges and Participants. However, that learning curve is a bit punishing for those poor younger Backwoodsman that have toiled all day and just want their Mac and Cheese!

Aside from the two Flag Trips we also did a few things around Camp this week too!
Number of degrees the water at South Bar Lake was on Tuesday Evening: 73
Number of degrees the air felt at South Bar Lake on Tuesday Evening: 74
Number of minutes spent during an average evening activity actually doing the activity: 63
Number of minutes spent jumping off the dock and playing in South Bar Lake on Tuesday: 85
Number of Campers that begged us to stay at South Bar longer and were certain we had “just gotten there” when it was time to wrap it up and head home: All of them!

Number of Support Staff Folks, like cooks, cleaners, maintenance, office, Practitioners, etc that help make Camp operate and work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep this place running: 22
Number of Thank You cards Camp Leelanau were able to write to these folks: 4
Number of bracelets, rings, and other jewelry type things Camp Leelanau produced in the Silversmithing Shop as an expression of gratitude for these folks’ service at Camp: 27
Number of Sugar Cookies Camp Leelanau decorated and delivered as an expression of gratitude for these folks’ service at Camp: 66
Clearly doing things with our hands or with our stomachs in mind is far easier than putting pen to paper. There are probably a lot of parents that are having an “A-ha” moment regarding the home letters they receive right now. Those parents should have asked for a ring, bracelet, or cookie each week instead!

-From the desk of HQ

Bugle Call – Week 6 – 2021

Lordy Ba-jordie this week was a doozy. If you thought week five was insane with The Challenge out and things happening here in Camp, brace yourself for the journey you’re about to embark on.
We sent out a whopping five trips at the same time this week: a hiking trip to Grand Island, a Kayaking Trip in the local area, a canoeing trip to the Manistique River, an overnight with Falling Star, and an overnight with Stardust and Gull’s Nest. All of them went very well and the campers had a lot of highlights to share at Council Fire yesterday. Trips popped off this year — lots of people were eager to get out on the trail and we delivered. Yay for trips!
Before sending all of those trips out throughout the week we learned who won The Challenge at Council Fire through a balloon popping roulette. One balloon was filled with confetti of the winning team’s color and the rest were filled with white glitter. While both teams did an excellent job building their structures and cooking gourmet meals, the Pine team won the camping trip overall. We are so proud of all the young women who went out on the trip to earn their team points!
As we approach the end of the summer we make sure to pack in as many fun activities as we can. Some of the Evening Activities we did this week included Dune Football, Water Slide Kickball, Christmas in July, skaters vs. surfers Pumpkin Ball (baseball but with a kickball), and The Hunger Games (all of which are Camp favorites). We also had some special Cabin Days this week like playing on a slip n slide on the Great Lawn, hiking to where Leelanau has church overlooking Port Oneida Road to do some water coloring, and blindfolded brownie baking.
From sending out five different camping trips to playing some of our favorite games in Camp, this week was so full of activity and growth we could write a novel about it. We went hard in week six and are excited to wrap up the summer with a bow come week seven. Let’s do this!


North Star

Cannon Report – Week 5 – 2021


Five Boom’s for five weeks of Camp Leelanau running strong in the summer of 2021! We are SO grateful for another amazing week with a group of amazing boys. A week full of activity too!
Let’s dive into the numbers from the Sammy 5000 and see how things came out.

Ole Ball Game
Full Moon
Rain/Hide and Go Seek in the Pole Barn

Number of Campers that participated in the Camp 5K race and 1 Mile Fun Run: 38
Number of Counselors that willingly participated in the Camp 5K race and 1 Mile Fun Run: 14
Number of Counselors conscripted into participating in the Camp 5K race and 1 Mile Fun Run: 3
Love to see folks getting excited to run and celebrate each other running, and a big thanks to the counselors that got roped into being the “sweep” for each race.
Number of miles a 5K race should be: 3.1
Number of miles a 1 Mile Fun Run should be: 1
Number of miles the Camp 5K course actually is: 2.8
Number of miles the 1 Mile Fun Run actually is: 0.78
Well, that’s the last time we let counselors run with their “smart” watches. The illusion has been shattered.

Number of Cabins that headed out on Cabin Overnights on Wednesday: 5
Number of Cabin Overnights lead by a camper seeking to pass their Instructor Course for their Advanced Outdoorsman Award: 4
Number of Instructor Course candidates that passed their Instructor Course and took an important next step toward their Advanced Outdoorsman Award: 4
Great job Instructors, thanks for leading amazing and fun trips for the younger cabins. And thanks Shawnee for going on an Overnight without an Instructor just because you really wanted to get out there and go camping!

Number of kids that got to go Charter Fishing this week on Lake Michigan: 5
Number of fish caught by those kids: 1
Number of pounds of that one substantial salmon weighed in at: 35
Number of inches that one substantial salmon measured in length: 38
Number of inches the youngest kid on that fishing excursion measures in length: 42
Consider for a moment being in Argosy, on the Lake Michigan, trying for a moment to reel in a fish that is literally the same size as you!
Number of inches that young Argonaut’s eyeballs grew to as that fish was reeled in: 14

Number of inches of rain received between the hours of 3 am and 2pm on Saturday: 14.94 (this is for real, check the weather station for rainfall July 24 in Leelanau County, crazy!)
Number of large camper appropriate indoor spaces Kohahna and their Trips program took over because of the excess rain: 3 (as in, the Lodge, Greathouse, and Trips Building)
Number of large camper appropriate indoor spaces left to Leelanau during morning activities when we needed to leave our cabins and do something productive: 0
Number of brilliant solutions to the above identified problem: 1 (it only takes one )
Number of excellent, although dusty hiding places in the Maintenance Pole Barn: infinite
So, we played Hide and Seek in the Maintenance Pole Barn all morning, and it was amazing. The nooks and crannies the kids found, the creative hiding, and dusty spaces, and most importantly the huge smiles that came from finding just the right spot to stay tucked up and hidden, were all worth the slightly unhappy, but very forgiving, Maintenance Staff we produced by Monday. 

All said, another fantastic week at Camp Leelanau, filled with Growth, Learning, and Opportunities to hunker down and really apply Christian Science, which is really what we are all here for!

-From the Desk of HQ

Bugle Call – Week 5 – 2021

Wowee kazowee! So much happened during week five! Here is a series of haikus that describe our week:

Ding! Ding! Goes the bell,
it’s the start of a new week.
Let’s get it y’all, yeah!

Found out the *Chal teams
and they got to work quickly.
It’s grind time ladies.

In Camp, we played games
such as Pirates and Cargo
and Counselor Hunt.

Meanwhile, Chal girls
learned tackling through Rugby drills
and made team t-shirts.

Wednesday the Chal left;
we bid them a sweet farewell
with lots of big hugs.

Meanwhile, the play
continued at Camp with more
games and Cabin Day.

**Eight Sticks was a hoot
in random teams of peanut
butter and jelly.

We took a field trip
to South Bar Lake, swam around
and jumped off the dock.

Despite a small camp,
we made the best of the week
and had such a blast.

Saturday morning
The Challenge returned! Wahoo!
They slept for the day.

As per tradition,
we had a chill movie night
to conclude the eve.

Camp is full again!
Yay! Week six is upon us.
Let’s rock it, ladies!


North Star

*The Challenge (a.k.a. ‘The Chal’) is a four-day, three-night competitive camping trip where the Sand and Pine teams individually make a home in the woods. Twelve of the oldest campers from each team and two counselors build this said home with found fallen logs that are sawed, lashed with twine, or sunken into the ground to create structures. The structures they build include a fire table for cooking, a prep table to act as a kitchen counter, a baker to store food, a dining table, a backpack rack, a latrine, and a judge’s tower for Capture the Flag. In addition to building these key features of their woods home, the teams prepare three gourmet meals a day over a fire for the team and two judges. The final element of this exciting trip is Capture the Flag where both teams strategically raid each other’s sites to get flags and defend their own. The three games of Capture the Flag that the young women played were full of energy, good raids, and solid defense. Keeping in mind that this is a four-day trip, what is asked of these campers seems like a lot to accomplish. But both teams achieved so much this summer with grace and success. The Challenge pushes campers outside of their comfort zones, resulting in so much growth and empowerment in personal capability. While this trip is named The Challenge for a reason, it is a source of many fun memories. It was so impressive to see all that was accomplished by both teams. As it is a competitive trip, a winner is determined by the judges who evaluate the structures, meals, and games. This year’s winner was the Pine team!

**a spin on Capture the Flag

Cannon Report – Residential Week 5 – 2020

Cannon Report Week 7


Week Seven!  Who would have thought we’d make it this far?  Our hats go off to the Camp Board, the Directors, and everybody that had the faith, the vision, and the Love to see us into seven weeks of Summer Camp.  Wow.  We are in awe and humbled to be a part of this amazing summer.

But let’s not get too reflective yet, first we should review all the amazing fun things we did this past week!

On Monday we kicked off our final week of activities and made sure that every camper landed in one of their top three preferred activities.  That evening we played the perennial Camp favorite game of The Hunger Games.  And leave it to those clever Algonquin campers for teaming up and facilitating the win for one of our youngest kids in Black Swan.  That is what Camp is about; making moments for each other.  Brothers helping brothers.

Tuesday brings a sense of the beginning of the end of summer, with the CT Appreciation Banquet and our final evening activities.  The CT’s from both Camps gathered in the Lodge and while still sitting six feet apart enjoyed a quiet banquet with the Camp Directors and their counselors reflecting on the summer and being appreciated for all their good work.  Don’t fret though, it’s a  short banquet, and they were able to change clothes quickly enough to get out and play a HUGE game of Dune Football with the whole Camp for evening activity.  Getting to the Dunes has been a challenge for Camp this summer, because of the restrictions on being in public spaces.  Tuesday night however we were able to sneak out to Devil’s Hole, an as yet lesser known, but no less beautiful, spot on the Dunes!

Well, with Tuesday night being so late, and still mandating showers to get the sand off, we opted to sneak in a sleep-in for Wednesday morning which everyone appreciated greatly.  It allowed us to more fully enjoy our final Cabin Day together, with groups out on the Boat, cooking meals, playing in the woods and down on the beach, and generally enjoying that sense of Cabin camaraderie that really ran deep this summer because of all of the special and unified time together.

The final Thursday of the summer is always a big push to complete levels in order to affect the final star totals for the year.  Well, this Thursday was no different!  Both the morning and afternoon activities were a mad push for level completion and proficiency proofs.  With the dust settling on some outdoor cooking and lead climbing skills the boys gathered after dinner around the Ottawa Fire Ring for their first of this summer, and Final Funny Awards presentation.  It was  a fun and at time hilarious night of sharing and recognition.   We wrapped up with Weldon leading a little debrief helping everyone recognize what we had accomplished this summer.

Friday morning the CT’s ran Basch as one of their final hurdles towards their CT Certificate.  That afternoon we completed the Final two games in the LIFE Tournament and saw the Blue Team come out on top.  Then we took showers and donned our whites to engage in our Final Banquet.  A night of celebration of accomplishment, a celebration of summer, a recognition that we had worked together to bring summer to fruition.  It was quite a night.  Weldon reminded us in his final words to walk forward from Camp humbly and grateful.  Once the plaques were presented the hooting and hollering could be heard through all of Pyramid Point.  Also, the South Team won.

Saturday, with an Encore Show to present allowed us to restructure our final day together to continue celebrating, but also sneak in some packing and cleaning too.  With slightly glowering clouds in the afternoon we gathered in the Lodge with Kohahna and showcased our skills at various Council Fire games for the afternoon.  Needless to say there was a wonderful brother-sister vibe with the cheering for each other from both Camps.  Final Council Fire was a spirited event with the conclusion of many skits and storylines from the counselor’s presentations.  We ended by each dropping an Oak Leaf into the fire while confirming our gratitude for Camp this summer.

It has been a beautiful demonstration to hold Camp this summer, and we are certainly grateful!  We already cannot wait to see everyone next year!!

-From The Desk of HQ

Bugle Call – Residential Week 5 – 2020

Wowee Kazowee! Week seven flew by faster than a pigeon being chased by an eagle! Yet it was still chock-full of level passing, progress, and thrilling activities. We are so happy that this week ended on a high note, full of nothing but achievement and love.

We launched into the week with CT Day on Monday, where the Counselors in Training dipped their little piggies into what it’s like being a full-blown cabin counselor. This means they led Dips, Afternoon Activities, and Evening Activity. The afternoon consisted of yoga, a Kim Kardashian lower body workout, watercoloring at the Perch, and practicing Camp Crafts skills while building a giant bonfire. CT Day concluded with The Newlywed Game, a creative and fun test that quizzes campers on how well they know their cabinmates. Thank you, CTs, for leading a wonderful day!

Tuesday campers continued with the Morning Activities they got Monday morning, which led into activities like speed and agility, an advanced trail ride, and a High School Musical sing and danceathon during the afternoon. Our evening consisted of playing Human Stratego, a Capture the Flag-style game where campers have different ranks that define how they can move and who they can send to jail when they tag someone.

Wednesday was here before we knew it, which was fine because Wednesday was our final CABIN DAY! The counselors planned classic and creative activities to make the last Cabin Day a special one, such as tubing, going on a trail ride, ziplining, and tie-dying shirts while eating homemade guacamole. We concluded the evening with (you guessed it) Wednesday Night Church, followed by a hymn sing with Leelanau. Overall, it was a classic day filled with classic activities that everyone loved.

Thursday afternoon the arts took over as the Art Show and the Dance and Drama Show were presented to showcase what our artsy campers have been working on this summer. And, as a surprise, the Sky Show finished the afternoon of the arts, complete with an original news show-themed comedy that the counselors read cold the moment they stepped onstage (which was HILARIOUS) and a kickline to “It’s Raining Men” by The Weather Girls. It was a fabulous afternoon full of artistry! Finally, we topped off the day by squeezing in another round of Bombardment as one last hurrah of a favorite Camp activity. After yet another extensive game, Pines took the win again!

Holy moly Friday snuck up on us! To shake things up and put a stamp on our incredible week we did an all-Kohahna activity: The Kohahna County Picnic. Spanning the entire Great House Lawn, from the flagpole to the basketball courts, campers participated in picnic-esque activities such as potato sack races, line dancing, watermelon seed spitting, cornhole, and whipped cream pie-eating contests. It was a hoot and the girls had a blast! The picnic ended with dinner on the beach before walking up to Final Council Fire in the evening. We celebrated the week and the whole summer as we heard about campers who passed their Expert levels in various activities, shared our highlights from the week, and shared gratitude during a ceremony known as the Pine Bough Ceremony. What a lively and impactful day we had!

Saturday brought blessings on blessings on blessings as we wrapped up the summer with a bow. In place of our traditional Encore day, we did an Encore Exhibition. Campers signed up for various “competitions,” essentially showcases, in different activities, including the Horse Show, the Waterskiing Show, a Tennis Tournament, a Climbing Competition, a Marksmanship Competition, and a Fire Building Competition. Everyone had such fun showing off their skills and cheering each other on! In the evening, as per the long withstanding tradition, we had our Final Banquet. We heard five campers speak on the summer theme, Love is the Liberator, enjoyed a carefully crafted slideshow of the summer courtesy of our fantabulous photography counselor (I know the parents were grateful for her!), presented various awards to the campers, and found out that the Sand team won the summer!

We speak for campers and counselors alike when we say that we are immensely grateful Camp was up and running this summer. Thank you to the staff who committed to being here this summer, for the parents who supported Camp by sending their children here, and for the campers who brought the fun and made Camp come to life! It has been a wonderful summer full of flexibility, growth, and loads of fun.

We love you all and hope to see you next summer!

Peace and blessings,

North Star


Cannon Report – Residential Week 4 – 2020


How do the weeks fly by so fast?

With the Senior Flag Trip packed and poised to depart, we asked everyone to take a beat and breath on Monday.  So instead of tackling and lashing, we held the Annual Comedic War of Attrition!  The North/South battle of comedy, talents, and improvisation.  I great time was had by all, and some very deep belly laughs were shared too.

On Tuesday morning it was time to send the Senior Flag Trip off into the woods.  Eleven men from each team shouldered their packs and hefted their Jerry Jugs for four days of Capture the Flag, cooking, structure building, and most importantly Glorifying God in all ways.  The balance of Camp continued enjoying regular activities including a glorious evening out on the Dunes.  Jumping, sliding, flipping, and becoming absolutely covered in sand.  Turns out that even when we can’t go out in public we still know a few secret spots that are still secrets.  J

Wednesday was Cabin Day for the Junior Cabins, but any and all seniors that were still back in Camp headed out for their Meatball Trip, which included kayaking around Pyramid Point, cooking at the Cradle, and attempting a rousing game of Bike Polo.

(For those interested the score was still 0-0 on the Flag Trip at the end of the day on Wednesday)

Thursday brought the Meatball crew back into activities in the morning.  Everybody played Bombardment that evening.  And the Senior Flag Trip finally had a score of 4-0 by dinner time.

That evening the Seniors kept up their Flag play and ended the night with a 4-4 tie!  The tying Flag was scored in the final five minutes of the Game!  Very exciting way to wrap things up out there.

Friday morning the Flag Trippers returned to jump in the Lake and clean up their trip.  We let them have a short nap in the afternoon too.  After a heartening meal of Pizza and Milkshakes the Juniors headed to the Soccer Field for their final game of Junior Soccer for the summer, and the seniors headed to the beach to rescue the Raft one more time for the summer.

Saturday we had a nice long sleep in followed by some inspired exercises on the Soccer Field.  Weldon came through the cabins to personally inspect each bed and trunk, and offer some helpful feedback on cabin cleaning in general and specifically that we should be more confident in our work.  We played a game of Eight Sticks on the soccer field for the afternoon, partly to wear the campers out a bit, so the Counselors could be victorious that evening at the Counselor – Camper game of Saturday Night Soccer!!

So much fun all around this week.  So much good and growth accomplished.  We are excited to dive headfirst into our final week of Camp together.  We are certainly feeling blessed!

-From the Desk of HQ

Bugle Call – Residential Week 4 – 2020

Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding goes the bell for Week Six! The Wildwood campers found out who would be going on The Challenge Sunday night at Council Fire, which set them up for a week full of team-building, camping, and opportunities to step outside their comfort zones. The remainder of Camp was set to hold down the fort, partaking in your standard Morning, Afternoon, and Evening Activities.

The Challenge is a four-day, three-night competitive camping trip where the Sand and Pine teams individually make a home in the woods. Twelve of the oldest campers from each team and two counselors build this said home with found, fallen logs that are sawed, lashed with twine, or sunken into the ground to create structures. The structures they build include a fire table for cooking, a prep table to act as a kitchen counter, a baker to store food, a dining table, a backpack rack, a latrine, and a judge’s tower for Capture the Flag. In addition to building these key features of their woods home, the teams prepare three gourmet meals a day over a fire for the team and two judges.

The final element to this exciting trip is Capture the Flag, where both teams strategically raid each other’s sites to get flags and defend their own. The three games of Capture the Flag that the young women played were full of energy, good raids, and solid defense. Keeping in mind that this is a four-day trip, what is asked of these campers seems like a lot to accomplish; but both teams accomplished so much this summer with grace and success. The Challenge pushes campers outside of their comfort zones, resulting in so much growth and empowerment in personal capability. While this trip is named the Challenge for a reason, it is a source of many fun memories. It was so impressive to see all that was accomplished by both teams. As it is a competitive trip, a winner is determined by the judges who evaluate the structures, meals, and games. This year’s winner was the Pine team!

Monday morning the Chal girls did Initiatives (team-building exercises) in the Pine Forest while the rest of Camp received new Morning Activities. In the Afternoon, while the Chal girls packed food and practiced Camp Crafts skills, Camp partook in activities like washing the horses, fort building in one of the unused cabins, writing love notes for the Chal girls, and playing extreme mafia. Now, you might think Evening Activity was separated between Chal girls and the rest of the campers. Think again. Everyone hiked up into the woods to play an upgraded version of 8 Sticks. It was certainly something new, that’s for sure!

Tuesday rolled around and Morning Activities commenced once again. The Chal girls participated in more preparation with a metaphysical meeting hosted by our Camp practitioner. In the afternoon, Camp participated in activities like water aerobics and a petoskey stone hunt. The weather was absolutely GORGEOUS darling, so everyone wanted to be outside and/or by the water! The Chal girls finished their preparation by packing gear for their trip in the afternoon. In the evening, these young women practiced tackling for Capture the Flag, finished their team t-shirts, and braided their hair in preparation for the long week in the woods. The rest of Camp got to do a Counselor Fashion Show in the evening! Each cabin dressed up one of their counselors to match a certain theme, resulting in a big runway show to show off the looks they created.

HUMP DAAAYYYYY! Wednesday morning was fairly normal for Camp, except that after breakfast we said farewell to the Chal girls. We sent them off with love notes, warm hugs, and lots of words of encouragement. Afternoon Activity was Cabin Day (can I get a hoi yah?!?!) complete with cookie baking, tubing, ice sledding down the Great House lawn, and building houses for creatures called Dreggons made out of rubber bands. A wild afternoon concluded with Wednesday Night Church and a hymn sing with Leelanau, a favorite of many.

Thursday we had the pleasure of having a guest Quiet Time speaker, Christian Science practitioner Kathleen Moyer. She talked about the summer theme, “Love is the Liberator,” in addition to Mrs. Eddy’s interpretation of the 23rd Psalm. The afternoon was another beautiful one, so the girls did activities like water coloring outside, building sandcastles on the beach, and making flower crowns. For Evening Activity we went a hop, skip, and a jump down to Sleeping Bear Dunes, specifically to a private part of the dunes called Devil’s Hole. We had the bowl all to ourselves! The girls did lots of epic jumping, cartwheels, and front and back handsprings down the dunes, and there are some incredible action shots to prove it!

FriYAY came around the corner faster than a jackrabbit! The campers finished their week of Morning Activities and had their last opportunity to do various Afternoon Activities with few people in Camp. The Evening Activity was quite a “treat,” given that it was the 31st of July because it was Halloween! Campers rotated between various Halloween-themed stations, including cookie decorating, stories and hot chocolate in the woods with jump scares (courtesy of the cabin of Windward), and dress-up-a-counselor.

THE CHALLENGE GIRLS RETURNED SATURDAY MORNING! During our big Saturday Morning Clean Up, the Chal teams quietly slipped into Camp to unpack and clean their gear from the trip in the Trips Building. They joined us for lunch and were welcomed with tons of hugs, love, and questions about their time in the woods. As per the Camp tradition, the Chal girls then napped all afternoon. Meanwhile, the rest of Camp joined North Star to create tokens of appreciation for their counselors and spend time at the beach. Finally, to conclude the day, everybody watched “How To Train Your Dragon,” making all of us want our own pet dragons and speak in Scottish accents. Overall, it was a happy day!

Week six brought growth, opportunities to lead, hard work, and lots of laughs, culminating in an overflow of love once the Chal girls returned. We are grateful for the good we witnessed this week, and are excited to finish off the summer strong during our last week of Camp. Week seven, bring it on!

Cannon Report – Residential Week 3 – 2020


Another amazing, smooth, and healthy week for Camp Leelanau for Boys!

Weldon’s message at Council Fire was well taken.  He reminded us that while there are new rules about masks and spacing ourselves out on the Beach and in the Changing Cabin…there are certain things that don’t change, that haven’t changed in 100 summers of Camp Leelanau.  Those things are the spirit of trying new things, challenging ourselves, thinking outside of ourselves, and loving our brothers.   He laid down the gauntlet.  He asked each of us to give more this week.  He pointed out that just being at Camp isn’t good enough, we need to be learning, growing, and giving at Camp to make it worth our while.  And boy, oh boy, we got after it this week!

On Monday after activities the first thing we did was send out the Junior Flag Trip!  That’s right, the entire Junior section donned their camos and headed into the woods to play some good ole Capture the Flag and camp out overnight.  They loved it!  The score was low, 3-2, which meant the defense was genuinely present this year.  Little wonders every day. J

On Tuesday we settle back into our routine of activities with the entire Camp reunited and a full waterski class heading out to Glen Lake.  For evening activity the Seniors played a clever new game called Hummel Defense that allows for cohort teams and social distancing but with a very even playing field so Algonquin isn’t by any stretch guaranteed the “W” automatically.

Wednesday brought a sunny and bright Cabin Day, so all of the ideas we had to belay last week because of the rain came out in full force.  We had Forts built, the Zipline run, Music Videos made, Kneeboarding and Skiing happen, Thicket played, Thank You gifts baked and delivered, it was a hopping good time for all cabins.

We also enjoyed one more raucous “just the fellas” hymn sing up on our special church hill after the Wednesday evening service.

On Thursday the sense of urgency to accomplish things before the two and three week campers departed began to ramp up.  With only two more evenings with those guys we prioritized a big game of Junior Soccer.  For the Seniors we did a little thing called the Flag Trip Combine for evening activity and effectively got the Senior Flag Trip teams sorted out.

The other big event of Thursday is that we got the Sailboats out on the water!  That is correct, with Lake Michigan right there taunting us, and not enough beach to safely store our sailboats, Sailing as a regular activity has had to take a knee this summer.  However, on Thursday the Winds were favoring us, and we took out three lasers and got a number of campers out on them to introduce them to the activity.  What a joy to see Sailboats out in the water in front of Camp once again.

One might be tempted to think that Friday would be a wind it down, prepare for some kids to depart kind of day.  Not at Camp Leelanau!  We began our day with the All Camp 5K Race and Fun Run!  A-Aron Nutwell won the whole thing this year, so all those 20 mile runs this summer are paying off.  Everyone that ran and cheered did so with great vigor and we appreciate that we can hold such a fun and wholesome event here on site.

For our final evening together we did Cabin Lip Syncs with some delightful, energetic, creative, hilarious, and well choreographed entries from each Cabin.  And we closed our evening by sharing some funny awards and appreciation for all of the kids departing on Saturday morning.

It is hard to believe that there are only two weeks left of summer Camp.  We have long full days, but very short weeks!

From the desk of HQ