Council Fire

Summer brought wonderful opportunities for Alums to feel a part of camp.  Most Sunday nights alums are invited to join the campers in the walk up the hill to council fire and then be a part of the circle as counselors and campers share ideas, sing songs, participate in challenges and are recognized for their achievements.  Counselors always have a special message they are working to convey as a part of their summer theme, this past summer it was “It’s the real you.”  Alums are asked to share how the lessons learned while at camp have touched their lives. Sometimes the alums even get to be a part of the night’s challenge.

2009 Kohahna Alum 011


If you would like to go to council fire be sure to get in touch with Kathleen Moyer, Kohahna’s Director, by the prior Saturday.






2010 Kohahna Alum 009