Robin J., age 14

Cabin: Clifftop

When I was in 6th grade, I was very confused on who I was. I copied many people, thinking that only they were creative and I had no creativity at all.  I didn’t know that there are many ways of showing creativity.  It’s not all about drawing, although it could be, but it could be ideas, or even making an idea better.  That year I came to camp for the first time and, of course, made some good friends, and realized a little more about who I was. When it came to school again, I had made more friends from realizing my own talents, and not copying people as much. I had become more social and strong, because I was more creative. Creativity is very important in this year’s theme, “the real me”.  It is defined as “approaching a need, idea, or task from a new perspective”, as in making ideas and tasks better or changing it up a little.  Some ways of expressing it are knowing what your talents are and using them wisely, and noticing situations from more than one perspective.  An example could be if you are mad at someone, look at it from their point of view.  Sharing is a great way of expressing creativity, but listening is an important part of it too.  You could listen to an idea and make it better, or mix it with other ideas.  It’s all about ideas.  In my life now I am very happy, social, have many friends, and am definitely creative. I feel that camp is most of the reason why that is.  I learned about initiatives, which is very important in creativity and leadership. Camp helps me so much.  I had many problems with my sister: fighting, not getting along, and just not being nice.  But I noticed in the definition of creativity, perspective was a big word.  My sister must have been pretty sad when I said something mean about her.  Obviously I should have been nicer.  I started being nice, and we got more and more close.  Now my sister and I get along perfectly…well, almost.  It’s like she’s my best friend.  So, like I said, it’s not all about drawing; it’s about talents, ideas and perspective.  It is definitely an important quality for the “real me”.