Fall Articles – October 2008

Nikki Matters, age 10
Cabin: Driftwood
Counselor: Ali Vice

When I waterski I can express many qualities of God and use many quotes. I do enjoy waterskiing and I love being a Christian Scientist because it can help me in many ways. One quality I can show while waterskiing is strength. I could express strength because God is helping me get up on the water. He can help me do things that I need to do to pass levels because he is giving me confidence and strength, which are qualities of God. I could express love while waterskiing because I love o do waterskiing. I think it’s fun because it can each you to have balance, confidence in God, and just have fun. You can also love the other people on the boat and cheer them on. One more quality you can express is patience. You might have to have patience with yourself for doing things to pass levels or you might have to have patience with other people. Patience is a good thing to have while waterskiing. I hope to express many God-like qualities while doing anything!

One of my favorite quotes is from Science and Health, “To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, today is big with blessings.” I love that quote because there are so many blessings each day, you just have to look for them. A blessing in waterskiing could be passing a level or doing something toward passing a level or just having fun!

I also like “Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need.” You can use that n general for any healing. You just have to have faith that God will heal you and meet your needs. In waterskiing, I was having trouble getting up, so I decided to try tomorrow, like I was giving up. Next time I can know that God and Divine Love can help me get up and God can guide me.

Savannah Switzer, age 14
Cabin: Birchview
Counselor: Kelsie Brook

It is the second week of camp. I have done silversmithing, riflery, and arts & crafts. I passed intermediate in silversmithing. I am trying to pass my advanced now as well.  In arts & crafts we all made dream rooms. Mine was really green.  Camp has been awesome so far. I can’t wait to play capture the flag!  I’m excited to have Betty as our cabin sitter as well!

Carson Box, age 13
Cabin: Ojibwa
Counselor: Tom Bisbee

It’s my first year here and this is the best time I’ve had in years. The people are so nice and welcoming, the activities are great and I feel like I’m at home away from home. Unlike some camps, everyone accepts who I am. I feel so welcome here and so loved by the staff and campers. I love having the ability to write home freely and be able to tell my parents how great of a time I’m having. My counselor is awesome, my cabin mates are great and the food is absolutely amazing. They have the best food I’ve had away from home.

The sportsmanship here is awesome! No matter what we are doing, if it’s soccer or flag football, we do what we do with love and respect. The friendships that I’ve built here are really strong and the cabin relationships are even stronger. My cabin mates and I have grown close and we are very brotherly. I’m definitely coming back next year. If I could rate this camp it would be a 15 out of 10!  The counselors are so loving and nice. They’re like brothers to the campers. I love this camp and I can’t wait for next year.

Kent Heckel, age 12
Cabin: Sea Hornet
Counselor: Ben Wallingford

“Tip top, don’t stop, second to none, sir!” is what we say when Ben C. or Paul O. say “Camp, atten-hut!”  Then we all stand at attention facing the flag. Then we do cabin count off which is like attendance but the campers tell HQ. They say, for example, “Argosy, all here and accounted for, sir”, but if they’re not all there they would say, “Argosy not all here, but accounted for, sir”. Then we either raise or lower the flag. Then we get to hear the WOD (the word of the day) which we get stars for if we use it in a sentence. Then we go into our best attention to get dismissed to a meal.

Doug Beiswanger, age 16
Cabin: Algonquin
Counselor: Steve Creighton

Ascribe Ye Greatness unto Our God
What is the flag trip about? The flag trip isn’t only about capturing flags and eating. The flag trip is a very spiritual and somewhat easy process in growing as a Christian Scientist.  Week 5 was an amazing week to go on the flag trip. On the flag trip, I learned that there is no place that God isn’t with you. I overcame my fear of being alone in the dark. I was very edgy after being on point for five hours and I was ready for some action. Then it got very dark outside. I started hallucinating and got to be very scared. I decided to put my fear aside and just listen to God. I heard something telling me to sit down and calm down. I did so and I was happy to hear that I was not alone. The “hallucination” was a raid coming in and I made some very good tackles.