Fall Articles – November 2008

Tink Dentz, age 13
Cabin: Birchview
Counselor: Kelsie Brook


As I sit inside the Great House, I look outside to see the millions of water droplets falling from the sky. All I can think about is sailing. Oh to be riding along the lake at top speed – it is my only wish. I couldn’t wait to get started when I heard that sailing would be my activity this week. On Monday morning our sailing group ran down to the beach and rigged a JY. A JY is a small, one-masted sailing vessel with a main sail and a jib. Out on the water, our group of five took turns handling the different positions sailing the boat. It was truly amazing – the wind was at a perfect speed and there were no clouds in the sky. I was so excited about sailing that day that I went out again in a smaller boat in the afternoon. Our group practiced capsizing, which is the art of tipping the boat and pulling it back up again with the center board. We had a great time! After many successful tries, my record time of a solo-capsize was 14 seconds. I felt so accomplished after my new record; it was wonderful. Once this rain stops, I have to get out on the lake again. I love sailing and I can assure that every other girl that tries it will too. That amazing feeling of flying across the water is irreplaceable.

Hannah Hilzinger, age 14
Cabin: Clifftop
Pictured Rocks

This trip was one of the best experiences of my life. My group started out with the goal of kayaking through Lake Superior for four days while viewing the stunning cliffs. The first two days were perfect, the water was smooth as glass, we had delicious meals, and we became closer to each other. Late in the day on Tuesday (the second day), the hikers met up with us on a beach and we ate dinner together. The next day Lake Superior was very choppy and we weren’t sure if it was safe for us to kayak further. However, the counselors came up with a plan for the hikers to switch with us. They would kayak back while we would hike onward to Pictured Rocks. The rest of the trip was amazing. Everyone was happy and safe, and we all grew spiritually as we relied on each other and God.

Justin Wade, age 11
Cabin: Barbados
Counselor: Jake Mohan and Billy Shugart

The Fun at Camp

At Camp Leelanau you can do really fun stuff like swimming in Lake Michigan’s nice waters, do sports that are awesome, build legos, work with clay, and play made up games. And you know what? You can pick whatever activity you desire. Everyday you learn how to do new things and then go to another cool activity. But you better enjoy it if you go there because the time passes fast!

Tyler Beck, age 16
Cabin: Shawnee
Counselor: Joey Goeb
Ascribe Ye Greatness

This past week I had the wonderful opportunity to go on the 2008 senior flag trip. It was a complete blast! I had so much fun in the woods playing capture the flag for three straight days. It gives everyone a great opportunity to express the wonderful qualities of God. I had a great healing on the third morning of the trip. My stomach was really hurting and I ended up skipping breakfast. During quiet time I tried to pay really close attention for something that would help me. The subject of the week was Truth, and I really liked the part about expressing energy rather than using it. If you express energy you have an infinite amount, but if you use energy you will have to refill it. The flag trip is a great way to express God and have some incredible healings. This was my second flag trip and I had just as much fun, if not more, this year. It was so much fun.

Stephen Rosen, age 12
Cabin: Sea Hornet
Counselor: Ben Wallingford
Jr. Flag Trip

Raid, raid, raid! As the point men pointed out a group of people trying to get the flags, we stiffened up. We were up by 4, and they had sent a full team raid. It was the end of the game, so it was a win-lose situation. Welcome to the backwoodsmen flag trip. Once a year, the backwoodsmen (age 10-14) go to play capture the flag. Not only do you play capture the flag, you are judged on a jail and table that you have to build with your team. Also, you have to cook for the judges.

As the raid comes in, the team dives and tackles the members of the other team. As they hit the ground, you hear the yells of “caught, caught, caught” and you bring them to jail. In the end, after a fateful, scary, intense game, we head home to a happy camp and a hot, soapy shower.