Gratitude from a Camp Nurse

As the camp nurse at Leelanau/Kohahna for two weeks, I want you to know how much I enjoyed watching your children in their activities, playing games after Sunday cookouts, mingling with others, and carrying on camp traditions.  I had a panoramic view from the porch at Eagle’s Nest, and so have witnessed and heard the beautiful sights and sounds of summer-children playing and having fun. 

Meals are special as the campers come together to eat and talk about their day. I was very impressed with the way everyone diligently cleaned up each time and reset the table. My own mealtimes will never be quite the same without those bustling dining room sounds around me. 

You are blessed to have your children surrounded by loving, caring counselors, CTs, and staff.  I sometimes listened as these young adults worked to help give campers a spiritual foundation and teach life skills such as getting along together, being considerate of others’ feelings, learning to take initiative, and to lead.  All this on top of having tons of fun each day!

It was a pleasure to sit in on Wednesday evening testimony meetings.  The CTs presented thoughtful readings, and the campers eagerly shared their testimonies, followed by a hymn sing with everyone.

Each time I applied a band aid, removed a splinter, or dealt with someone who was missing home, I was thanked by the camper, and many times even received a hug!

Your beautiful, considerate children were a special gift to me during those two wonderful weeks, and I continue to think of them often.  I am encouraged to see the spiritual qualities these young people are expressing. They may very well serve as the foundation for the leaders that we need for our church, our communities, and our country.

I am back home now, but am still relishing this precious camp experience and gratefully remembering the sights, sounds, and joys of Camp Leelanau/Kohahna.


Karrell Dowling

Christian Science Nurse