Kohahna Blessings by Kathleen Moyer

One of the many blessings that Kohahna bestows on young women is that it offers an ideal setting for young women to learn about themselves and their peers from a spiritual perspective. At camp, campers and staff think from the standpoint of what is means to be an individual expression of God. Holding thought to what is true about themselves as God’s ideas, they learn to recognize influences that try to oppose this true sense of being. The result is that campers and staff leave Kohahna with an increased sense of their self worth and a desire to uphold it. Having expanded their knowledge of Christian Science and demonstrated of it in every day camp life, they are eager to bring this inspired thought into their communities.  What they have learned in a supportive and uplifted atmosphere goes with them to protect and strengthen their home life.

Their growing understanding that spiritual reality and identity are secure and intact helps keep them from falling prey to mortal mind’s suggestions of confusion, insecurity, or selfishness. As a result of the truths they practice and apply at camp, they go home with a honed ability to recognize their inherent worth and appreciate the good that is unfolding in their experience constantly. At camp they have made a conscious effort to be continually grateful for the purity and graciousness that God is bringing into their experience and respond with acts of kindness, thoughtfulness, and outreach to others. Naturally, then, the special joy that comes from focusing on ever-present good goes with them in their everyday life.