Kohahna Staff Announcement 2009

Love from Camp Kohahna

Camp is almost here and we have an excellent summer lined up for you! We have read your camper evaluation and have tallied the top 10 favorite activities; many are already on the master calendar! Here are some of the top activities listed by you last summer: Lip Sync, Capture the Flag, Pause Dog, Dune Football, Luau, Bombardment, Kick the Can, Cherry Picking, and the Kohahna Picnic.

Many of you wanted more coed time, so afternoon deck time is back. We are also planning a few more coed activities for the older cabins. The other activities you wanted and we will try to provide were: more beach volleyball, regular conditioning, womanhood talks, the climbing wall as a morning activity period and horseback riding for cabin day. For those of you who love taking trips the counselors have some exciting adventures planned and if weather cooperates we will do another kayaking trip and a rock climbing trip.

We loved reading all your ideas for our summer theme and you will be pleased to know that the theme and many council fire ideas all come from your input. Thank you for voicing your thoughts and ideas as they are vital to the success of camp.

Here is the staff of summer 2009!

Ashley Kohlbeck-Waterfront

Casey Busch-Waterskiing

Laura Schroeder-Waterskiing

Laura Ann Johnson-Trips

Heather Libby-Trips

Sara MacDonald-Tennis

Emily Wheeler-Swimming

Leigh Shugart-Silversmithing

Kelsie Brook-Sailing

Emily Sander-Riflery/Archery/Jr. Sailing

Crystal Baillargeon-Nature

Lindsay Clark-Kayaking

Kaleigh Wilson-Drama

Ali Vice-Dance

Katie Duntley-Photographer

Liz McLane-Canoeing

Sally Chamberlin-Ceramics

Kathleen Moyer-Arts&Crafts/Landsports

Lydia Sinkus-C.T.s/Jr. Sailing

Betty Rhoades-Teaching Supervisor

Alice Stanley-North Star

Melody Baillargeon-North Star

Katie Wallingford-Assistant Director

Get those trunks packed and be sure to express gratitude to all those that make it possible for you to be here!

Love, Sue Pierce