Kohahna Staff Announcement 2011

Camp will be underway in June, and Kohahna has an excellent group of counselors lined up for the summer! Each woman has been lovingly selected, and is primed to enthusiastically provide a meaningful cabin life, first-rate activity lessons, and steady metaphysical support and guidance.

Reveling still in the lessons learned from last summer’s theme, “The Real Me” we are enthusiastic about the prospects of further self-development this summer.  We will be welcoming new campers from all over the country to join our returning Kohahna girls in engaging in this year’s summer theme of “Living Love”.  This will come in addition to participating in our historically favorite games, activities, traditions, and sisterhood which make Kohahna the highlight of the year.  Campers and staff alike have much to look forward to this summer including viewing the residing on our historic horse barn (its good as new), the enjoyment of the beautifully maintained bath house floors in Kohahna, playing in the rustic village (play ground), and soaking up the bright summer sun shining over Lake Michigan! We loved reading the camper, counselor, and parent feedback which have given us the tools we need to provide you with the best summer yet!

Now for the list you have all been waiting for, the Staff for 2011:

Sue Pierce-Director

Kathleen Moyer- Assistant Director

Hillary Moser- North Star/Cabin Counselor

Kelsie Brook-CTs

Emily Wheeler-Waterfront Director

Katie Duntley- Photography/Canoeing

Maddie Morales- Kayaking/Windsurfing

Lindsay Clark- Waterskiing

Leigh Shugart- Waterskiing

Meghan Vivian-Swimming

Jessica Fine-Sailing

Betty Rhoades-Activity Supervisor

Kiersten Anderson- Landsports

Sarah Corbitt-Tennis

Joanna Patzwald- Riflery/Archery

Elsa Bruno- Horseback Riding

Abby Harraden- Horseback Riding

Kaleigh Wilson- Drama/Archery

Sam Nichols-Dance

Katie Stewart-Ceramics

Marina Schaberg- Silversmithing

Hannah Goering- Arts and Crafts

Kayle Williams-Trips

Pippi Schroeder-Trips

Laura Ann Johnson-Kohahna Bus Driver

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Sue Pierce and Kathleen Moyer