A Great Investment – A Message from Glenn Johnson

It seems as though we are all concerned about our investments these days.  We’re concerned about our current investments and also what we should be doing about future investments.  At a recent Camp Show, we were addressing a group of parents and campers and much to my surprise I found myself elaborating on investments!  What I said was something along the lines of:  think of sending your kids to Camps Leelanau and Kohahna as an investment, the best investment you can make in your kids as well as in your future and their future.  I have contemplated this many times since the show and firmly believe in this investment and speak from the standpoint of experience.

I first attended a Christian Science summer camp when I was nine years old.  In those days, camp was eight weeks and almost everyone signed up for the full eight weeks.  I was in a cabin with four other nine year olds and every morning our counselor would get up early and sit on his trunk and “study” the lesson from his marked books, The Bible and Science & Health.  During quiet hour later that morning, he would help us with our study of the lesson.  We all looked up to this “man” (probably 18 or so at the time) and to this day I have fond memories of our cabin life.

Once the activity day started, he and the other counselors lived Christian Science; they were men among men living Christian Science.  Every other week, we would go out on trips and these “men” (our heroes by this time) would throw huge packs on their backs and hike all day long with us……..or throw canoes on trailers, drive us to some remote river and paddle us through breathtaking rapids.  Regardless of where we went or what we did, we started each day with a few sections of the lesson and a brief group discussion on how we were going to take what we read that day and put it in to practice.

The lessons we learned in the cabin, in the activities (from arts & crafts to baseball to swimming & sailing), on the trips and in all facets of camp life are lifelong lessons, which we still draw on.  We became grounded in Christian Science as a result of camp life.  We learned that Christian Science wasn’t just something to be talked about for an hour at Sunday School each week but that it was something to be studied and lived daily.  We learned that the Daily Prayer from The Manual of The Mother Church was exactly that, a prayer to be prayed daily, something to be contemplated and lived each day.  Many of the friends I made at camp are lifelong friends.  Camp for my siblings, my friends and me was a great investment on the part of our parents.  I made the same investment in my kids and they too will tell you of the invaluable life lessons learned.

So, in this day when everyone is talking ROI, Return On Investment, think Camps Leelanau & Kohahna and reap the riches of your investment.