New Leelanau Lodge Update

Stand up and cheer for the latest building project at Camps Leelanau and Kohahna!

Since returning to Pyramid Point in the late 1980’s both camps have shared our main lodge building, “The Great House.” On cold or rainy days when both camps need space for indoor activities, however, the boys and men of Leelanau have not had an adequate gathering place. For years we have cherished the idea of building a lodge for the boys’ camp, similar in spirit to the “Derelict” building at the original Camp Leelanau property on the Crystal River. Leelanau alums have donated funds over the past decade which have enabled us to develop a set of architectural plans. In June of 2009 a site survey was completed, and with help from generous donor contributions we are now nearing completion of the new building.

A remarkable fact revealed during the site survey was that the difference in elevation from one end of the Leelanau soccer field to the other was a full eleven feet! With the commencement of excavation for the new lodge building we also took the opportunity to level the Leelanau soccer field and increase it to regulation size. This will bless not only our summer camp programs but also our Sports Camp football and soccer programs in the fall.

Click here to see our progress
Click here to see our progress

The new lodge building is approximately 3,300 square feet with a stone fireplace, in-floor radiant heat, a small kitchenette for evening snacks and a 12’ x 24’ storage room for workout equipment, RCA tables or other uses as needed. While  funding has been secured for the construction of the building, the Camps still need to raise funds for furniture, landscaping and a sound system. Anyone interested in helping please contact our Executive Director, Glenn Johnson at (231) 334-3808.

In accordance with recommendations from the National Park Service the new building is located on the south side of the road leading to Leelanau–in between the Trips building and the soccer field. Large sliding doors will allow us to open the south side of the building toward the soccer field for games or even drama productions and special events. Leelanau alum and current camp dad, Jim Cooley, is the General Contractor for this project. We are grateful for his building expertise and attention to detail. Be sure to keep checking the project photo gallery which we wil be updating throughout construction. A dedicatory ceremony is scheduled for the Opening Day of Camp 2010. See you there!