More Camper Articles – 2010

Glynnis H., age 12

Cabin:  Evergreen

This is my first year at Camp Kohahna. I really enjoy the delicious feed and the fun activities! This week I was in swimming and kayaking. I really like all of the things that we do in swimming. This week we worked on passing levels and having fun! We got to go to the clay pits and play in the soft and mushy clay. Also we went to Pyramid Point and on the way we looked for Petoskey stones.  In kayaking we got to pass levels.  I passed beginner.  Then we got to have fun!  We got to stand up in our kayaks and goof around.  Both of the counselors/teachers that showed me how to do these things were fun and very nice.  They made my week so much fun!  The food here at camp is amazing.  The people here always make sure that you get enough to eat.  My favorite thing for breakfast is bacon.  Then my favorite meal for lunch is a turkey with cheese sandwich.  Bur for dinner I don’t have a favorite dish.  At camp you have to learn to have very good manners, no elbows on the table and napkins in your lap.  I ♥ Camp Kohahna!

Julia S., age 7

Cabin: Little Dipper

I’m from Florida and I like sports and at camp I have a lot of fun. I like going to the clay pits. My cabin mates are Sidney, Peyton, Aina and Gloria. My counselors are Jewelle and Lindsay. I’m going to be having a new cabin mate and I’m working on orderliness.

Peyton H., age 6

Cabin: Little Dipper

The horses are fun to ride and to play with. I like to give them a bath. Horseback riding is my favorite activity because I get to be outside with the horses.  For my beginner level, I learned the body parts of the horse.  I also went on a trail ride and my horse, Tommy, trotted a little bit!  He is a fun horse.  The horseback riding counselors teach you a lot and are very nice.  They help me learn how to tighten my rein, how to keep the horse going and how to go in circles.  Horseback riding is the best activity ever!

Ella C., age 9

Cabin: Stardust

I love camp.  This is my second year.  Last year, my first year, my dad signed me up for horseback riding but noted that I had a fear of horses. So the first day of horseback riding I did not get on the horse.  The second day I finally got on but didn’t ride. For the rest of the week I did not ride.  When I got home I told my dad and he told me that error is just trying to stop me from having fun.  I thought about that for the rest of the year and it helped me in a lot of things this year. When I came back, the first day of horseback riding I groomed and tacked Mamaspatch (one of my favorite horses).  When we were in the ring, on my first try I got on and started to ride.  It felt so great, so thank you dad for that thought! J

Wells D., age 11

Cabin:  Barabados

The Flag Trip

The most fun thing I have done this camp session was the backwoodsman flag trip.  The backwoodsman flag trip is an overnight in the woods where all day you play tackle capture the flag.  It is North vs. South, and you must cook your own food and set up your camp, including lashing together a wooden jail, tying your flag in the trees, and setting up your tents.  It is a great experience because you get to be in the forest and camp out for two days.  I got the first flag for the South team, which felt really good!  The North team won, but that’s OK.  Even though we lost by 20 points it was still the most fun thing that I have ever done.  And I can’t wait till next year!

Tommy D., age 10

Cabin: Tortuga

The Backwoodsman Flag Trip

The backwoodsman flag trip was really fun because I got make dinner.  I made mac and cheese for dinner.  Then I went on a raid and I got a flag.  Then we had s’mores.

Reed T., age 13

Cabin: Shoshonis

I am going into 8th grade and am in the cabin of Shoshonis.  I love trips and am going for my Advanced Outdoorsman.  One thing you have to do is a Logisist Course.  This is where you plan the whole trip but don’t lead it. It is practice fro actually instructing a trip.  I did this course on the Boardman River overnight.  It was pretty fun and good canoeing and the river was moving pretty fast.  It was also pouring down rain. This is where Christian Science at camp is so helpful.  I kept the thought of “Today is the day the Lord hath made” in my thought.  We got through the trip fine and had a great time.  That is why I love camp. The mixture of adventure and spirituality makes that great blend which makes this camp so unique.  That is why I love camp.

Brian M, age 12

Cabin: Sea Hornet

This week for cabin day, my cabin went to the beach.  It was fun.  We launched water balloons at each other while we were in the water area.  We did that for awhile, then when Tortuga was walking back from their cabin day we ambushed them and attacked them with water balloons.  That was my favorite cabin day.