The Leelanau Lodge Needs Your Help

Gentlemen of Leelanau,

I cannot thank you all enough for being a part of the great tradition of Camp Leelanau for Boys, and the legacy that continues as we embark on Summer 2011.

Last fall we gathered in celebration of 90 years of summer memories, growth, and joy. We had a significant ceremony when we raised the old Team Flags. Red, Green, Blue, North and South all have their Flag hanging in the Leelanau Lodge. It is their permanent home, just as the building is a meaningful part of our permanent home here on Pyramid Point.

Help me outfit the Leelanau Lodge with items that will make it all more practical to use for rainy days, cabin days, soda bar, etc. Below is a list of things that we would love for the lodge, mostly kitchenware and board games. I don’t want anybody to buy any of these items, just look around the house and see if you have extras that you could pass on to camp.

Thank you all for continuing to be a part of the legacy. “Camping friendships strong and deep, until we meet again.”

Weldon Rutledge

Director, Camp Leelanau for Boys


4 cookie sheets

3 wooden spoons

2 ice cream scoops

3 metal spatulas

12 mugs

1 liquid measuring device

3 large mixing bowls

1 hand crank mixer

Any Board Games: (But Specifically)

Apples to Apples        Catch Phrase               Decks of Cards

Taboo                          Monopoly                    Star Wars Trivia Pursuit

Uno                             Twister                        Connect 4

Battleship                    Clue


Don’t forget about the Campership Fund Drive too!


Give the smile of camp to someone else.