New K-Notes From North Star

To all of our Kohahna campers this summer,

As we’re getting revved up for opening day, we thought we’d share some of the upcoming highlights of the summer.

Top 10 reasons to be excited that camp is just around the corner:

10.  Dipping!  What a way to start the day!

9.    You get to munch on hot dogs at cookout followed by a rousing game of Elbow Tag or Knockout.

8.   Pick pocket and swords…must we say more?

7.   4th of July parade…bring your red, white, and blue!

6.   Trips to far off places!  Mmm s’mores!

5.   Lip syncs…look out, American Idol!

4.   Enjoy Sunday School with a view.

3.   Dune football.  No better way to get sand EVERYWHERE!

2.   Mama spatch….salivating yet?

1.   And the number one reason…Friends!  You’ll get to reconnect with all of your

best cabin mates and meet new ones, too!

Our number one reason to be excited for camp is to have all of you and your unique gifts here.  Counselors are here, horses are on their way, and the kitchen is getting fully stocked, so now you’re our missing piece!  Get ready for a phenomenal summer full of old traditions and new adventures.