Family Camp

Family Camp is a unique, meaningful week-long program that is offered each year by Camps Leelanau & Kohahna to Christian Science families. The pure, refreshing beauty of northern Michigan ‘s Pyramid Point provides the ideal setting for a week filled with activities, challenges, relaxation and peace. Indeed, Family Camp is a vacation for everyone!

The program is structured according to the families’ desires. Activities that are offered during the regular camp season, as well as special activities designed for families and young children, are included. The spiritual atmosphere of Family Camp brings fond memories, new friendships, growth and achievements. It is the perfect family vacation!

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Family Camp Fruitage

It was really hard coming home … family camp was far too short.

Thank you again for all you did to make Family camp 2013 one of the best ever. The entire week was seamless and we really appreciate the extra personal touches added from the first counsel fire reflections of experienced campers to the multiple hymn sings which were a continual reminder of the love and peace embracing us all.

I was sad when the week ended — it reminded me of the feeling I got when leaving camp for the summer. But I am grateful to know that this is just the beginning of my family’s relationship with Leelanau. I am looking forward to spending a lot more time in Michigan over the coming years.

What a joy it was to spend the week “grow(ing) in grace” together on the bluffs of Lake Michigan…

(We) mentioned many times how amazing the support was throughout the week. And I’ve personally never seen our daughter so happy. She mentioned how each of you impacted her time in such a positive way.

What an inspiring, fun and happy time we had at Leelanau-Kohahna’s top notch Family Camp last week!!! Thank you everyone who helped make this memorable adventure possible.

Last Saturday was the very last day of Family Camp my grandson and I could go canoeing together. At breakfast he wasn’t hungry and told me he didn’t feel well, so we left the dining room and walked back to our cabin. He laid down on his sleeping bag and I told him about a healing his daddy had when he was a little boy. Then I sang to two hymns that I used to sing to his daddy, poems written by the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy. These hymns are “Feed My Sheep” and “O Gentle Presence”. “O Gentle Presence” is based on the 91st Psalm. I also shared the first 4 verses of the 91st Psalm, especially verse 4, “He shall cover thee with His feathers, and under His wings shalt thou trust.” He was then fully healed and ready to go canoeing. We had a really special canoe adventure and he even got to twice go through the culvert at the end of the canoe journey (it’s like a water slide). He was fully active the rest of the day, ate a full lunch following our canoe adventure and a big dinner that evening.

It was really the most perfect vacation for our family. I didn’t expect or even imagine that we would have been able to do all the things we did. We loved being in a cabin together, listening to the waves at night, and hearing the voices and laughter from the families and our cousins around us.

…we found out we were a part of a bigger family– the family camp family!

We loved living the week along side other parents and children that are living Christian Science.

We were amazed at how independent and free our girls were. I couldn’t believe our daughter rode a horse, how the girls felt so comfortable with so many different counselors, and how they confidently walked all over camp.

Family Camp is a complete week packed full of love, joy, healing, beauty and wonderful activities!

Family Camp is an opportunity to try out Leelanau and Kohahna in the years before your child first attends camp. But more importantly it is an opportunity for parents to reinforce the lessons and continue the magic of summer camp after your child attends on their own.

We’ve heard Family Camp described as “a little slice of heaven” and couldn’t agree more! Our first year, we went with the intent of having our young girls get to know Kohahna so they would be better prepared when they were ready to go to camp on their own. What we immediately discovered is that Family Camp is a wonderfully fun and relaxation vacation for the entire family. With the wide diversity of activities to choose from, there are opportunities for family time, one-on-one time with our kids (and each other), individual time–all in an amazing setting with someone else preparing delicious meals. Everyone is happy!

There are many wonderful things about Family Camp, including:

The Staff

The Family Camp staff members are incredibly talented and dedicated. They truly love their jobs and being with the kids. Every time we looked around, our children were playing with the counselors, sitting in their laps, or getting piggy-back rides. We continue to be impressed with the caliber of individuals working for the camps who express such love, fun, spirituality, and joy.

The Families

We have met so many wonderful Christian Science families at camp. Our kids always make fast friends with whoever they play with throughout the week! This makes for a wonderfully supportive, peaceful atmosphere.

The Setting

The lake, the beach, the trees, the blue sky, amazing vistas, starry nights… this environment makes camp the perfect setting for campfires, dune walks, games, activities and all-around fun!

We cherish our time each year in this “little slice of heaven.” As we drive away each year, our family is already looking forward to our next summer at Family Camp!

-Returning Family Camp Parent

Words can’t describe what this vacation means to us. It was the first vacation where we felt a sense of unconditional love and freedom. Having a child that is different from other kids has made taking family trips very difficult. And when they have been done, they have been hard on all of us. This trip was a huge success. Our daughter loved the people, the food, the fun activities. She said she wanted to ‘live there!’ She felt like she fit in. We saw it in her behavior. Here was a little girl who, by the end of the week, was walking all over the campus by herself, with confidence and with a comfort level at talking to people outside her family. This may not seem like a big deal but her teachers at school would be astounded! It was a huge week with lots of firsts and each one of you was a huge part of that. Thank you so much!

Everywhere we went on campus, fabulous individuals were generously giving of their time with love to help make sure all families had a great week. The camp has done an incredible job in selecting its staff and although every counselor there is remarkable, a few of you were a much larger part of our week.

We know our son loves Leelanau but now, we as his parents, got to experience why. Some highlights were the moon light canoe and sailing and my highlight, other then seeing our daughter’s joy over knitting her Jeanne Hat, was most definitely waterskiing.

Thank you all for making this trip such a wonderful experience that we can’t wait to return to next year!

Best wishes to you all and we look forward to seeing you in 2010!

Our family is so blessed to have had the opportunity to be with everyone at Family Camp again last week. I think the time went by twice as fast because we were all having the time of our lives!! Diana enjoyed being independent and signing up for what her interests were, for William it was all of the beach time and climbing sand dunes, and I was drawn to water activities because of beautiful Lake Michigan. The crystal clear water, blue sky, sandy beaches, and the peaceful sense I felt whenever I ventured down to the beach. We will keep these precious memories in our hearts all year and look forward to our next summer adventure at Family Camp! The families that attended this year really made a point to get to know everyone and have a great time and it was always fun sharing the events of the day at mealtime. The CD certainly captures the essence of Family Camp and we’ll enjoy viewing it over and over again!

Family Camp was our right place. Things changed at the last minute at camp, opening up space for my daughter and I to attend. This opportunity to slow down and share inspiration and love with my daughter was another proof of God’s care for us. As the week came to an end, we agreed that we would be back next summer.

It’s hard to imagine I’m writing you a note a week after we got home from Family Camp. Once we got home and the laundry was done and put away, I realized why staff kept saying “Are we having fun at Family Camp?” WOW! It really hit me as we were driving home. Where else can you accomplish SO MUCH in one week among fellow Christian Scientists?

The kids had a fantastic time participating in new activities and are already talking about what they want to accomplish next summer! Bruce and I got to see first-hand what camp will be like in a few years when they head off on their own. For me it meant getting back to doing the things I used to do before the kids came along. Once the kids came my own interests took a back seat…but now I’m thinking, o.k. what will I accomplish next summer? Maybe waterskiing, the climbing wall, BREAKFAST RIDE, a canoe trip, WHO KNOWS? I’ve also contacted the choir I sang with before William came along and I’m thinking of joining it again. Singing with Lisa, Laura, and Patrice reminded me of how much I love to sing!

Someone said people who attend Family Camp are some of the best families in the world and I believe it. It was so nice being in the C.S. environment for a week and the counselors are truly amazing! The week was a slice of heaven and we’re enjoying the family camp CD to remind us of all the good that came out of our special week together!