Reaching Out

Annie H., age 11
Cabin: Driftwood

I take voice lessons and before a show, I always get a little nervous.  When I do, I think of good things because you are just doing good when you sing and reaching out and sharing your gift.  Being nervous is a belief that God is not in control.  Never be nervous or scared because God is in control!  Always reach out and share your gift.  Reaching out is expressed in many different ways.  An experience that happened to me was when my mother read me this little book before I started kindergarten.  In a picture in the book, there is a scene with some children in a circle holding hands and dancing.  In the corner, there is a little boy left out and a girl leaving the circle to walk over to him.  My mom always told me, “I hope you are always that little girl reaching out to others.”

Reaching out can be expressed in so many ways — whether it is sharing, relying on God, including, and loving everyone around you.  So always reach out and love everyone.