September 2008 Reunion

September 5-8, 2008 was an amazing reunion weekend at Port Oneida celebrating 85 years of Camp Kohahna/Leelanau for Girls.  Seventy-eight former Camp Kohahna and Camp Leelanau for Girls alumnae joined the fun as we relived our camping days.  It certainly didn’t matter which location the camp was in when we attended, we all had great stories to tell and experiences to relive with each other.  We had women with us from every decade starting in the 30’s all the way to counselors from this past summer.   Being in camp activities together in 2008 felt much the same as it did no matter which year we went to camp, it was wonderful!  The reviews from the reunion are heartwarming, I’m sure there are more to come so keep checking back.

Reunion Reviews

Pictures galore!  We had several self-appointed photographers for the weekend’s events.  Many have sent in their pictures which are now posted on the Alumnae Photo pages, see “Reunion 2008.”  You’ll see pictures of the Alumnae Show, activities, the property, faces and more faces!  Also, there are pictures by decade.  At some point we’ll get all the names up there.

Also note on the same Picasa site the Generations Album.   Any Leelanau/Kohahna families who have had two or more generations at camp are encouraged to send in their camp family tree.  (Actually be in contact with [email protected] and she’ll send you the information and pages.)