Reunion in Review By: Weldon Rutledge

Columbus Day weekend brought Pyramid Point temperatures in the 70’s, bright sun, and about 50 Leelanau Alum home to rekindle old memories and make new ones.  Friday evening provided a rip-roaring pick-up game of bombardment followed by a night hike, a night canoe under the stars above School Lake, and a late night of Euchre and stories in the Greathouse.

Saturday activities were filled with Waterskiing, Kayaking, Canoeing, Riflery, Soccer, Silversmithing, Hiking, and Windsurfing.  We all gathered after dinner in the new Leelanau Lodge for a “Significant Ceremony” of raising the Red, Green, Blue, North, and South Flags to a place of honor in their new home.  A council fire of memorable proportions followed. With skits from Jervis DiCicco, Bill Blake, Peter Greiner, and Jim Frank – their improv skills have not dulled over the years, and classic challenges like cracker whistle and fire building the spirit was strong at the top of the hill.  Singing “By the Blazing Council Fire Light…” with these fine men brought a deep meaning to the line “let us pledge each other that we’ll keep, camping friendships strong and deep till me meet again.”

Sunday morning we held a church service in the Lodge with three generations of Olsen’s featured in our solo.  After a hearty final banquet with “open mic” gratitude sharing the men gave warm hugs to old and new friends with a reinvigorated sense of Love for Camp in their hearts.