Sharing the Love of Camp Kohahna; Kathleen’s Latest Adventures by Kathleen Moyer

For over ten years I have enjoyed the beauty of Kohahna, Leelanau and the surrounding areas in the summer months exclusively. I am happy to report that now that I live at camp year round, I have had the opportunity to enjoy all of the seasons! The fall was a flurry of activity including several weeks working on the LOC staff and serving as Director of a fruitful Harvest Weekend. Winter also included a LOC season and was beautiful with frequent fresh snow.  Now spring has definitely sprung, and that means that summer camp is just around the corner! Up here at Pyramid Point we are all preparing for our campers and families to arrive! We love to welcome faces new and old as cars round the corner on Port Oneida and we share again the familiar sights and sounds of our dearest home; Camp Kohahna.

Speaking of welcoming, I have had the pleasure of traveling across the country for camp shows this past winter, and being welcomed into the homes of numerous camp families!  Starting in January in the Chicagoland area, the Eichar family put on a lovely and well attended show for us. The following weekend I stopped in St. Louis, Missouri to do a show at the Principia Upper School and to visit with many of the Kohahna and Leelanau campers and counselors in the area. To wrap up the month of January, Steve Creighton and I made  stops in Dallas Texas where we stayed with the Busch family, followed by a stop in Austin (where we saw Leelanau Alum Mitchell Wyly), and Houston (where we saw Kohahna Staff member Caitlin Cooke Nassar) the following days.

To start February off with a bang, the Bruno family welcomed Glenn Johnson and me to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where we had a wonderful visit and a lovely show/reunion! Shortly thereafter I spent an evening with the Carlson clan in Michigan City, Indiana, where we had a delicious dinner, and a mini show attended by members of all the three Carlson/Littell families. After that visit, I ventured back to St. Louis where the Vandiver family welcomed the great Leelanau and Kohahna contingency over to their home for our largest of the camp shows! Kohahna campers Jess and Victoria Vandiver were excellent helpers when it came to helping their parents set up for the show, and all the kids that came had a blast playing in their basement and chatting after the presentation. Perhaps the biggest hit of the STL show was a visit from a group of Leelanau and Kohahna staff members. Students from Principia College and Washington University in St. Louis made the trip over to welcome and visit with campers and families.

Marcia Hufstader, the Alumni Coordinator, and I did a tour of Michigan and Ohio over back to back weekends, and we had quite the road trip!  The final weekend in February was devoted to touring around Michigan, and I had some fun in Grand Rapids, East Lansing, and Detroit (my home town). We look forward to welcoming new faces from the Grand Rapids area to camp this summer, and I enjoyed visiting with Lillian Marshall and the Schaberg twins in East Lansing. What impressed me most about the Detroit show was the group effort in planning and hosting by Lisa Johnson and the McNaughton family, as well as the families that drove nearly an hour just so they could enjoy the camaraderie of the attendees at the show! We had a blast! Traveling through Ohio, our first stop was Dayton to have pizza and watch the camp DVD with the Pollard and Macintosh family. The stop was a wonderful interlude before we made our way to Betty Rhoades (Kohahna Counselor) house in Cincinnati, Ohio for the evening. Our Cincinnati area show at the Holmes family’s house the next day was well attended, and we enjoyed a “dessert only” feast (including sour cherries from Cherry Republic).

In mid-March I spent one rainy day (I thought it was supposed to be April showers not March showers) in Boston, Massachusetts, where I saw Alex Lamie (Leelanau camper), who was home for spring break from Principia Upper School. After Boston, I traveled to Raleigh and Charlotte North Carolina, for some southern style camp shows! The Bishops, the Hansers, and the Demers were all in attendance in Raleigh, and it was fun to see the Bishop house bustling with camper energy. In addition to relishing in the joys of Leelanau and Kohahna, we got to see the trailer for the upcoming TV show that stars Roxanna and Jon Coleman Demers. The following weekend I traveled to Atlanta, Georgia where I attended the The Mother Church Youth Activist Summit in addition to meeting up with campers (Perrin Kendall) and camp families (The Wallingfords) and alums (Brock Green) in the area.

Visiting with current camp families, recruiting new campers, and sharing our collective love of camp is a huge blessing and it was truly a pleasure seeing hundreds of camp connections all over the country.  No matter where we are, Kohahna is always in our heart, and it was a treat for me to bring a little bit of camp to families during the school year. My take away was a full quotient of love and joy. Pretty soon it will be my favorite season once again, and Kohahna will be bustling with a full contingency of campers and counselors ready to excel to new heights! All of our staff is eagerly anticipating the day we welcome you to Camp Kohahna 2010.