Staff Press Release 2015

Camps Leelanau and Kohahna are pleased to announce our fantastic staff for the summer of 2015. We couldn’t be more pleased to have these enthusiastic, loving, capable, and talented staff members who will do a phenomenal job this summer teaching and caring for your children. For more information about each staff member, check out there bio which can be found here for Kohahna and here for Leelanau.  Hooray for KOHLEE 2015!

The 2015 Sky Team

Kathleen Moyer             Director

Lena Carlson                  Head Counselor

Lauren Littell                 Head Counselor

Katie Duntley                CT/Waterfront Director

Meredith Wallace           Trips

Anna Tarnow                 Trips

Jeanne Johnson              Trips

Deanna Scheck             Archery/Riflery

Pippi Rutledge               Camp Crafts

Sophie Dixon                 Climbing and Nature

Annalicia Steele              Drama

Sarah Moffatt                 Ceramics

Olivia Pierce-Bluhm       Horseback Riding

Anne Brady                    Horseback Riding

Columbia Crandell          Photographer

Melissa L’Heureux         Landsports

Candace Grennie            Arts and Crafts

Maddi Demaree             Dance and Gymnastics

Caroline Morales            Swimming/Canoing/Kayaking

Emma Halsey                Silversmithing and Sailing

Paige Cooley                  Tennis

Elizabeth Shugart           Waterskiing

Molly Dixon                  Waterskiing

Joanna Patzwald             Waterfront Director (3 Week session)


The 2015 Crib Team

Weldon Rutledge            Director

Marshall McCurties         Head Counselor

Michael Wise                 Head Counselor

Paul Olsen                     CT/Trips         

Tommy Sebring              Trips

Henry Busch                 Trips

Chris Hronek                 Archery and Border Camp

Nick Klusmeyer              Border Camp and Landsports

Nigel Graham                Climbing and Kayaking

Brett Schaberg                Music/Drama/RCA

Reece Schaberg              RCA/Drama/Music

Charlie Busch                Photographer

Robert McAloney           Riflery and Windsurfing

Dane Carlson                 RCA/Blacksmithing

Joey White                    Sailing

Gavin Austin                 Silversmithing and Swimming

Reed Timoner                Tennis and Canoeing

Noah Moothart               Waterskiing

Eric Olsen                     Waterskiing Van Driver

Max Warner                   Waterfront Director