Summer camps, who doesn’t like them?

An excerpt from an autobiography written at school

By Jeremy, Age 12

Summer camps, who doesn’t like them? Certainly not me, I love them. I have gone to camp for 3 years and this summer will be four. My camp in located near Glen Arbor, Michigan on the Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore. The name of my camp is Leelanau, it has a sister camp called Kohahna. Leelanau is for boys and Kohahna is for girls. I believe that it is awesome, cool, amazing, and exciting. You can choose to go 3 weeks, 4 weeks or even 7 weeks. I go for 7 weeks. You might think it would be a waste of your summer but it is exactly the opposite. I have made many new friends. One of my best friends there is named Wells. The activities there include: archery, arts & crafts, border camp, swimming, water skiing, canoeing, sailing, nature, silversmithing, riflery, horseback riding, tennis, land sports, and many other things. My favorites are archery, arts & crafts, border camp, silversmithing, and riflery.

The counselors there are nice. They listen whenever you have a problem and will help you with whatever you need even during the school year on e-mail or facebook. The counselors aren’t just counselors, they end up being your friend and you might even end up calling them family.

This is a beautiful place with many trees and a vast lake called Lake Michigan. Last year, 2010, I created a club there called SMALL and Awesome for the people who are, well, small and awesome. Remember Wells who I told you about. He is in that club. I made a plaque for the club and listed the names of the members. My mom was awesome enough to make t-shirts for the members and me. Those are only some of the mean great things about my summer camp and I think it is amazing.