2021 Camp Shows

Virtual Camp Shows & Gatherings


We have 3 Virtual Camp Shows planned for 2021! All are welcome to attend one or all of the virtual camp shows! Please register for each camp show you would like to attend.

Sunday, January 24th at 5 pm EST

Sunday, February 28th at 5 pm EST

Sunday, March 28th at 5 pm EST
BONUS: Register 10 days in advance to receive a camp show care package.
Marianna will be available for any tech support before and during the camp shows.
She can be contacted at [email protected] or at 231-334-3808.


Build your own Camp Show or Gathering!
Pippi and Weldon would love to facilitate Camp connections by Zoom. Click here to sign up.
It could be one on one, with your cousin that hasn’t been to Camp yet, your cabin from last summer, the CT class of 1996, anything!