Camp Kohahna Staff

Emily Anderson

// Waterskiing

Home: Traverse City, MI 

College: Belmont University, Nashville TN 

Major: Fashion Merchandising  

Years at KOH: I am beginning to lose track but I believe this is my 14th summer at camp! How CRAZY! 

Magical Creature BFF: I really think I could benefit from having a gremlin as a best friend. Not a scary gremlin, but a cute gremlin. They are very humorous and sometimes a little mischievous.

Highlight: This year was my junior year of college and I had an absolute blast interning for VF Corporation and leading in my role as the Vice President of Recruitment for my university!  

Something about camp just keeps bringing me back, I am so thrilled that God’s plan guided me to Northern Michigan for yet another summer. I cannot wait to cherish more morning ski’s, camp songs and end of day reflections with my campers! 

Sidney Bradley

// Gymnastics

Sammie Cass

// Rock Climbing & Archery

Home: Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

College: Principia College, Elsah, IL 

Major: Business 

Years at KOH: This will be my 9th summer at Kohahna and 2nd on staff! 

Magical Creature best friend: If I could have any magical creature as my best friend it would be a mermaid because we would be able to travel the waters together. I would be able to see so much of the world with my best friend and get there in the coolest way possible.  

This summer I am looking forward to being back on the rock wall, sharing laughs, hugs, and jokes, and being in the most beautiful part of Michigan! 

Ruth Coolidge

// Trips

Hello! My name is Ruth Coolidge and I hail from the crown jewel of the Midwest, Saint Louis Missouri. I am a senior studying creative writing and film at Hamilton College in Clinton, NY, where the only thing deeper than the snow is our love for apple cider donuts.  This will be my 14th summer at camp, 4th on staff, and I am excited to be a trips counselor again this summer! I would like to have a talking dog as my best friend, because I already know dogs make great best friends, and I am sure they think about very interesting things that they wish they could tell us. This summer I am really looking forward to being back in my favorite place on earth surrounded by wonderful, fun people! 

Bailey Fuhrmann

// Waterskiing

My name is Bailey Fuhrmann, and I hail from Montana, right at the north entrance to Yellowstone National Park. This fall, I am attending the University of Puget Sound to study Environmental Science and Education. This summer, I will be enjoying time on Glen Lake teaching waterskiing! I am eager to be on the ski boat and be a part of all the growth and fun times spent with the campers. This will be my tenth summer at Kohahna and my first on staff! My magical creature best friend would be Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon, because he is adventurous and of course, could fly me places.  

Valerie Halsey

// CTs

I’m Valerie Halsey and this summer I will be the CT counselor again! I am from Alton, IL and I just graduated from Principia College with a double major in Global Studies and Religion with a minor in Dance. This summer will be my 14th summer at camp and my 5th on staff. If I could have a magical creature best friend, I would probably choose a big cat of some sort that would be big enough to ride and that could fly around and talk to me and everything because then I would have a really cool mode of transportation and a really cool best friend. I imagine that would make me the raddest person ever. I am really looking forward to hanging out with the CTs this summer as well as spending time in beautiful Northern Michigan! I miss that lovely lake when I am not there. I can’t wait to dip every morning and play all those fun camp games, but mostly Bombardment.  

Glynnis Harley

// Arts and Crafts

Hi everyone! My name is Glynnis Harley and I am from Chicago, Illinois. I recently graduated from Principia College with a degree in Mathematics and Education. Next year, I will be headed back to Principia to be the assistant swim coach and then the following year I’ll be teaching elementary school in Chicago. But for now, I am SO excited to have another incredible summer up north at beautiful Camp Kohahna! This will be my 6th summer at camp and my 2nd summer on staff. I cannot wait to bring all of the new crafts that I’ve been trying out in quarantine to the Arts and Crafts room this summer! We’re going to have the best time painting, bracelet making, weaving, really, the sky is the limit. If I could have a magical creature as a best friend I would definitely choose a fairy because she could use her special powers to help me create cool crafts and clean. I love and cherish every moment that I get to spend at camp, and I cannot wait for all of the growth, laughs, and crazy memories that are coming this summer. See you on the lake soon!  

Emma Hanser

// Nature

Hello! My name is Emma Hanser. I am from all over the US having lived in 5 states during my life so far, but my family currently lives in Princeton, New Jersey. This will be the 10th summer I have spent at camp and my first summer as a member of the Sky Team. I am currently a sophomore at Principia College down in Elsah, Illinois studying biology with a minor in sustainability. I have the honor of teaching both tennis and nature this summer. If I could have any magical creature as a friend, I would definitely have a dragon. Think of how cool that would be to have a dragon as a friend. I am looking forward to spending another wonderful summer at Kohahna with everyone. I also love the fact that I get to share my love of both camp and nature with the campers this summer.  

Kelsey Hanser

// Camp Crafts and Dance

Hi everyone! I’m Kelsey Hanser and I’m from Princeton, New Jersey. In the fall, I’ll be attending NC State in Raleigh, North Carolina to study Computer Science. This summer will be my tenth summer at Kohahna and my first on staff. I will be teaching archery and camp crafts this summer. I’m so excited to be in Michigan! I’ve been thinking about dipping in Lake Michigan and building fires in the Pine Forest all year long. Speaking of fire, I would love to have a dragon as a friend. I’ve decided that if I can’t fire bend myself, I might as well have a best friend that can do it for me. I can’t wait to see all the campers this summer and see how everyone grows and what they’ll accomplish! 

Elsa Heath

// Riding Director

Greta Johnson

// North Star!

Home: St. Louis, MO 

College/Fields of Study: Principia College, double major in Theatre and Educational Studies 

Years at KOH: 13th summer overall, 4th summer on staff 

Magical creature BFF: a fairy that can control the weather and serve as my personal hype man/woman. Fairies are small enough to hang out on my shoulder so they’re easy to carry around, and I like the magical abilities they have. 

I’m looking forward to spending time with YOU all, Sky team and campers, and planning lots of fun and creative activities with Camille and Pippi in North Star! 

Molly Loveless

// Horseback Riding

Hello I’m Molly Loveless! I am originally from Northern Virginia but live in Alton, Illinois and am currently attending Principia College where I am majoring in Theatre and minoring in French and Education. This will be my second summer on staff but 12th overall and I will be teaching how to be cowgirl/boy this summer (AKA horseback riding) yeehaw! 
When asked what kind of magical creature I would want as a best friend, my gut response is a talking leopard or some other big cat. I love leopards/big cats and wish I could talk to my cats at home (not that I don’t try). I am most looking forward to having a social summer after all this long quarantine, spending it in a beautiful place with beautiful people! 

Aly Mikesell

// Tennis

I’m Aly Mikesell and I’m from St. Louis! I will be attending Baylor University this fall as a freshman and will study entrepreneurship and exercise physiology. This will be my first summer at Kohahna and I am so excited about it! I will be leading Tennis this summer and I have been playing since I was very young so I am looking forward to sharing my love for that sport! If I could have any magical creature as a best friend, it would be a mermaid because I would want to know all about the underwater life. 

Lydia Pierce

// Trips

Hello! My name is Lydia Pierce, and I will be one of the Trips counselors this summer at Kohahna. This will be my fourth year at camp and on staff but my first year doing Trips, which I am SO excited for! Summer can’t come soon enough, but for now, I am living in St. Louis, Missouri while attending Principia College (virtually). I am studying Mathematics with minors in Computer Science and Religion. If you have ever seen “How to Train Your Dragon,” then I am sure you also wish you had a dragon as your best friend, because then you could fly, of course, and who doesn’t want to fly?? I can’t wait for all of the fun trips around northern Michigan and the beautiful sunsets over the Lake. See you soon! 

Marissa Schabes

// Riflery

Hi! My name is Marissa Schabes and I’m from Tampa, Florida. I am so excited to begin attending Furman University in the fall as a freshman. I’m super excited to be teaching riflery all summer as my first year on staff and seventh year at camp. If I could have any any magical creature as a best friend I would have the magic carpet from Aladdin so I could go on magic carpet rides and sing the song 🙂 This summer I’m really looking forward to spending time with all the girls and making memories on cabin days!  

Tasha Schupbach

// Horses

Hello I’m Tasha Schupbach,

I live in Petoskey Michigan.

Currently I am attending North Central Michigan College for an associates of general studies.

I have gone to camp for five years as a camper and this year will be my first year on staff and I’m super excited!

If I could have a magical creature as a pet I would definitely have a pegasus because I love horses and can’t think of anything better than riding a flying horse.

This summer I am looking forward to meeting all of the campers and staff. I’ve been away from camp for a couple of years and have missed it terribly along with all of the amazing people there. I can’t wait to have a cabin of girls that will become a family over the weeks and I’m very excited to be teaching Horseback Riding this summer.

Doodle Shugart

// Photography for both Leelanau and Kohahna

Hello!! I am Doodle (Elizabeth Shugart if you would like a more official name). I am from Tampa, Florida and am beyond excited to return to Leelanau county for the summer. This will be my 14th year at Kohahna and 6th summer on staff, but 1st as the official paparazzi of both KOH and LEE. I am most excited about 4th of July and taking pictures of morning skis. If I could have a magical creature as a best friend it would definitely be a mermaid that would be able to give me the ability to breathe underwater so we could spend hours exploring coral reefs and hanging with dolphins and sea turtles.

Sarah Switzer

// Silversmithing

Camille Tish

// North Star

Hi there! My name is Camille Tish and I’m from Northville, Michigan. I graduated from Vanderbilt University this spring, where I studied special education. This is my eleventh summer at Kohahna and my third year on staff. I will be working in North Star making magic behind the scenes. If I could have a magical creature as a best friend, I would choose one of the Centaurs from Harry Potter because they seem trustworthy and reliable. I’m looking forward to all of the growth in Christian Science that’s going to happen this summer. I’m counting down the days till week one! 

Zoe Wade

// Drama

Hannah Warrick

// Kayaking and Waterfront Director

Hi! My name is Hannah Warrick and I am from St. Louis, Missouri. Right after my first amazing summer on staff last year, I moved across the country to Santa Barbara, California where I have been studying communications at Santa Barbara City College. I am so excited to come back to camp for my second year on staff to teach my very favorite activity; kayaking, and to be the Waterfront Director. Have you ever seen the movie, or read the book The Golden Compass? If not, I highly recommend it, but in that book everyone’s soul is represented as an animal who is their lifetime companion. I’m not sure I can confidently say that if my soul was represented by an animal it would be a polar bear, but in the movie the main character rides a polar bear that wears gold armor, and I think that’s pretty cool. So if I could have a magical polar bear I definitely would. This summer I am excited for so many things!! I’m excited for cabin days, hikes up to pyramid point, hymn sings, beautiful beach periods, council fires, kayaking, camping, and of course Petoskey hunting! 

Caleigh White

// Blacksmithing & Ceramics

My name is Caleigh White. I am from Royal Oak Michigan but will be moving to St. Joseph later this summer. I graduated from Hope college this past spring with a degree in studio art and art history. I have been going to camp for 9 years one of those being on staff. This summer I will be teaching blacksmithing. If I could have a magical creature as my friend it would be a flying bison like Appa from the show avatar because it would be so fun to fly for transportation. I am looking forward to seeing everyone from camp that I have missed seeing for the past few summers.