Camp Kohahna Staff

Greta Johnson

// North Star

Hi everyone! I’m Greta Johnson.

Home: St. Louis, MO

College: I just graduated from Principia College with a B.A. in Theatre and Educational Studies

Number of years at KOH: 14th summer at Camp, 5th on staff

Activity: North Star

If I was something in nature, I would be a lilac bush.

I am SO looking forward to being in North Star again this summer and, like I say every year, being in one of the most beautiful places in the world with some of the best people in the world!

Gretchen Ferland

// North Star

Hi, I’m Gretchen Ferland

Where I am from: Currently Naples, FL

College/Field of study: I recently graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University with a degree in Business Management!

Number of years at KOH: I can’t keep track anymore haha! My best guess is this will be my 13th summer and my 3rd year on staff!

Something in nature/ why: If I could be something found in nature it would have to be a palm tree because it reminds of tropical, warm places which are my favorite places to be!

What I am looking forward to this summer: Besides the obvious of getting to spend the summer in the coolest place with the most amazing women, I am really looking forward to watching the sunset disappear behind the Manitou’s every night while we sing taps to the campers. 🙂

Ruth Coolidge

// CTs, Trips

Hello again! My name is Ruth Coolidge and I’m back for my 15th summer!! And I am very excited to announce I will be passing on that ancient wisdom to the lovely KOH CTs this year. I am from St. Louis, Missouri but spent my last four years in New York at Hamilton College where I just graduated with a degree in Creative Writing and Film Studies. If I could be something found in nature, I’d be a wolf or a black bear. And the thing I am most looking forward to about this summer is having the largest CT class in recorded history. If you’re a CT reading this and haven’t signed up yet, what are you waiting for??

Lydia Pierce

// Trips

Hi there! My name is Lydia Pierce, and I get to be a Trips counselor again this summer! This will be my fifth summer at camp and on staff, and it will be my second time doing Trips. I am from St. Louis, Missouri, and I will be graduating from Principia College in Elsah, Illinois in just a few weeks with a Math major and Computer Science and Religion minors. If I could be something in nature, I would be a lake because they reflect what’s up above. I am so excited for all the growth and adventure that is sure to take place this summer, especially while out on trips!

Aly Mikesell

// Climbing

Hey, my name is Aly Mikesell, and I am from St. Louis, Missouri. I graduated from Principia in 2020 and am now going into my sophomore year at Baylor University studying International Business. This will be my second year at Kohahna, and I am so excited for an awesome summer! I had the privilege of being a part of the Outdoor Adventure program at Baylor this year where I spend many hours at the Rockwall developing a love for climbing. I am so excited to share that with the campers this summer as the Rock-Climbing counselor! If I could be anything in nature, I would be a dolphin just so I could experience living underwater.

Avery Smith

// Silversmithing

My name is Avery Smith which is fitting as I will be the Silversmithing counselor this summer.  I am proud to be the third generation of women in my family to attend Kohahna, this year being my 6th and my first on staff.  I’m looking forward to hopefully pursuing a degree in English this fall at Principia College and dabbling in art and music. Coming from Texas, I love escaping the heat and enjoying the breeze on the bluffs of Lake Michigan. If I could be something in nature, I would be a tree so that I could forever wave hello at all those that pass by. I love meeting new people and camp is one of the best places to do that!  Camp Kohahna is a special place to me; a place to find friends, joy, happiness and a place to find your true selfhood.  I feel blessed to have the opportunity to have these experiences with you all this summer!

Bailey Fuhrmann

// Waterskiing

My name is Bailey Fuhrmann, and I hail from Montana, right outside of Yellowstone National Park. I am attending the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA to study Environmental Science and Education. This will be my eleventh summer at Kohahna and my second on staff. I am eager to be on the ski boat and be a part of all the growth, joy, and love that fills the camp environment. In choosing to be any part of nature, I would want to be a river so I could go with the flow while exploring many places along the way and be a home for many creatures.

Doreen Chavira

// Archery

Hello, I am Doreen Chavira. I currently live at the Scott Air Force base in Illinois, but before that I lived in Arizona. I will graduate high school this spring and am planning on following in family footsteps and heading towards military service—TBD on the specifics but feel free to ask me about it when you see me at camp this summer. This will be my second year at Kohahna, but my first summer on staff and I will be teaching Archery. If I could be anything in nature, I’d be a sunflower, so I can soak up the sun and bring joy to those around me. I am so looking forward to being back at Kohahna; soaking up all the laughter and fun; and contributing to another awesome experience for all the campers!

Glyniss Harley

// Utility

Hi everyone! My name is Glynnis Harley, and I am from the Chicago area. I graduated last May from Principia College with a double major in Math and Education. This will be my 6th year at Kohahna, and I am SO excited to be back. I am lucky enough to help out all around camp this summer, so keep an eye out for me in your activities! I cannot wait to be back at the most magical place on earth for more laughs, fun, and growth. If I could be something found in nature, I would be a star so that I could look down on earth and see all of the crazy things happening.

Hannah Warrick

// Waterfront Director

Hello! My name is Hannah Warrick and if I could be something found in nature, I’d be the North Cascade National Park because it is my favorite place in nature.

I’ve been living in Santa Barbara, California for the past few years. I like telling people out here that I’m from Missouri because to Californians that sounds exotic.

I’m currently studying at Santa Barbara City College and by the time you’ll be reading this I will probably be backpacking and sea kayaking in Alaska on a NOLS course (my favorite form of school).

I am so excited for my tenth summer at Kohahna and my third year on staff. I am most looking forward to swimming in Lake Michigan on sunny days and reconnecting with my KOH friends 🙂

Kaya Nayback

// Arts and Crafts

Hello! I’m Kaya Nayback and I am from Plymouth, Michigan. This will be my ninth year at camp but my first year as a counselor and I couldn’t be more excited! This upcoming fall semester I will be going to Florida Southern College in Lakeland, Florida to study Business Management. This summer I will be teaching Arts and Crafts. I am most looking forward to the calm atmosphere of camp and making some great memories. If I could be something found in nature, I would probably be a willow. I can’t wait to meet all the campers this summer!

Kelsey Hanser

// Camp Crafts

Hi everyone! I’m Kelsey Hanser and I’m from Raleigh, North Carolina where I currently attend NC State and am studying Computer Science and Math. This summer will be my eleventh year at camp and my second on staff! I am looking forward to being in the Pine Forest and teaching Camp Crafts this summer to all the campers! Also, just a little bit about me, if I were a piece of nature, I would be a piece of birch bark! I’m so excited to be in Michigan having fun with campers and seeing how they grow over the summer!

Marissa Schabes

// Riflery

Hey! I am Marissa Schabes and I am from Tampa, Florida. I am an undeclared Sophomore at Furman University! This will be my eighth summer at Kohahna, my second year on staff, and I will be teaching Riflery again! I am super excited to see all the campers this summer and make some more amazing memories. If I could be anything found in nature I would be a seashell because I love the beach!

McKinsey Bosman

// Ceramics, Tennis

My name is McKinsey Bosman. I am from Wilmette Illinois. I will be attending Texas A&M in the fall to study political science. It is my tenth year at Kohahna and first year on staff. I am the Ceramics and Tennis counselor. If I could be something found in nature, I would be a sunflower because I am always trying to look towards the light. I am looking forward to experiencing a different part of camp and to build relationships with the campers.

Molly Loveless

// Riding Director

Hello! I am Molly Loveless and I am so excited to be the Riding Director this summer! I love the horses and it’s so exciting to watch everyone who comes to the barn bond with them as well. I am originally from Northern Virginia and I am finishing my Junior year at Principia College as a Theatre major double minoring in Education and French. This will be my 13th summer at Kohahna and my 3rd year on staff! After a very thorough google search of “cool things in nature” I decided if I could be anything found in nature, I would be the marble caves in Chile. I am so looking forward to reuniting with my wonderful camp family in beautiful Northern Michigan this summer!

Nicole Graham

// Drama, Dance, Music

Hi, I’m Nicole Graham

From: Ashfield, Massachusetts but spent the last year (ish) on the Gulf Coast in Long beach, Mississippi

College/Field of Study: I attend Salem College and am studying Interdisciplinary Studies (American Studies) and minoring in Music.

Years at Kohahna: This will be my first!

Activity: Dance, Drama, and Music (bringing it back!)

Considering my love for all things musical, if I could be anything in nature, I’d be any bird with a beautiful song,

I am looking forward to meeting new people, spending a summer in a beautiful spot, and being immersed in an atmosphere of love.

Olivia Scott

// Kayaking

Hi, my name is Olivia Scott, and I am from San Diego, California. I will be attending Principia College this coming fall and pursuing both a degree in Education and Business. I have been attending Kohahna for many years as a camper, but this will be my first year on staff, and my 11th summer overall! This summer I will be the Kayaking counselor as well as living in the cabins. If I could be anything from nature, I would want to be a pebble on the shores of Lake Michigan so that I would never have to leave the beach. I am so excited for another summer at camp and to be back in one of the most beautiful spots on Earth!

Sammie Cass

// Waterskiing

Hi! I’m Sammie Cass!

Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I am at Principia College studying Education

Years at KOH: This will be my 10th summer!!! and 3rd summer on staff

Activity: Waterskiing!!!

If I could be anything in nature, I would be a waterfall. I think waterfalls are so gorgeous and majestic. They are also located in many beautiful locations so there would always be an amazing view.

I am looking forward to rock hunting on the beach of Lake Michigan, the vibrant sunsets, all of the laughs shared, and spending time on beautiful Glen Lake with all of the amazing campers waterskiing!


Tasha Schupbach

// Horses

Hello! My name is Tasha Schupbach, I’m from Petoskey, Michigan and I just finished my Associates of General Studies at North Central Michigan College. I went to Camp Kohahna as a camper for five years and absolutely loved every minute of it. Last year was my first year on staff as a counselor and it was an amazing summer. I’m excited to be part of the Horseback Riding team again this year. I love sharing my love of the horses with the campers and help them achieve their goals. If I could be anything found in nature, I would want to be a dandelion seed so I could drift around on the wind and go wherever it takes me. This summer, I am looking forward to creating new friendships and reconnecting with all of the friends I made last year. I am very excited to continue to grow spiritually and create an awesome summer for the campers.

Check back for more additions to the Sky Team....