Camp Leelanau Staff

Sean O’ Hagan

// HQ

Hi, Sean O’Hagan here. Well…I’ve done it! I’ve cracked into the top echelon of Camp Leelanau. HQ. Headquarters. Home of the most notorious top dogs of all time. Also, a launch pad for CS Practitioners like John Rinnert and Mark McCurties. Or the stepping stone for certain Principia Administrators like Charley Martin and Travis Brantingham. The view from the Q shows me only a bright future curating the lives of young men and shaping the future of the Christian Science Movement. Watch out world, for some reason Weldon hired me to be a Head Counselor!

Dylan Hanser

// HQ

Hey everyone! I’m Dylan Hanser, and this summer I will be living out a dream I’ve had since I was in Argosy: I will be firing the cannon and ringing the bell every day from HQ as one of the head counselors. This will be my 13th summer at camp, and my fourth as a counselor. Back in the “real world” I am a fourth year student at NC State studying Industrial Engineering, which I can assure you is indeed a real discipline of engineering – regardless of what the high and mighty mechanical engineers on staff may claim. For the second spring in a row, I’ve been doing a co-op rotation with Moen, Inc. at their assembly plant in New Bern, North Carolina. Think of it as an internship during the school year – I’ve been working in industry full time instead of taking classes. And let me tell you, while I’ve learned a lot during my time here, it is in no way more valuable to my personal or professional development than any of my summers at camp have been. Sure, I have a few more nice bullet points on my resume now, but that’s not what makes you successful. The character development, leadership lessons, confidence, and most importantly metaphysical reliance that happen every day at camp are what have most made me successful in my life, and I look forward to sharing that with you this summer!

Colin Saad

// CTs and Trips

Hi, I’m Colin Saad, and 4 years ago my parents forced me against my will to go back to camp for my CT summer. I ended up loving it so much that I am coming back this year to run the CT program, and I couldn’t be more excited! I come from St. Louis, MO but spend the majority of my time in Milwaukee, WI at Milwaukee School of Engineering where I have just completed my Junior year in the Mechanical Engineering program. In addition to serving as the CT counselor, I will be one of the trips counselors during the second session. I am excited about both of these roles as the CT program to this day remains one of the largest growing experiences I’ve had, and the skills I’ve learned through the trips program have come in handy in my own outdoor adventures, so I am grateful to have the opportunity to support both of these amazing programs. See you all at camp!

Isaac Moothart

// Water Ski
Hello interweb dwellers!  Isaac Moothart is back for another fun-filled summer where the boats are always buzzing around.  He is going into his second year of computer science at the University of Michigan, but he is taking a break this summer from his computer to pursue his other passions:  waterskiing and Christian Science.  After finishing 10th in men’s slalom at Collegiate Waterski Nationals with the Michigan Waterski Team, Isaac is bringing his newly acquired three-event expertise to the campers of Leelanau on the big lake of Glen.  Isaac also looks forward to sharing Christian Science with the campers and growing that understanding.  He cannot wait for the circus to begin!

Landon Schabes

// Riflery

My name is Landon Schabes and this upcoming summer will be my 5th at Leelanau and first as a counselor. I grew up in Tampa, Florida, and am currently a rising sophomore at Davidson College in North Carolina (Go Cats!) I will be teaching the young gentlemen of Leelanau riflery this summer. I’m so stoked to be able come back to Michigan this summer and be able to grow and learn just like my past summers, and I’m even more excited to be able to take on a teaching role for the first time in my camp experience. I can’t wait to get up to Pyramid Point!

Grayle Kendall

// Tennis

Hello! My name is Grayle Kendall. I am from Atlanta, Georgia and I am going into my sophomore year of college at the University of Texas at Austin. I will be teaching the activity of Tennis this summer at camp. I am excited to be coming back to camp this summer because of the uplifting atmosphere found at Camp Leelanau.

Ben Greenman

// Rock Climbing

My name is Ben Greenman, I am currently living in Lake Wales, Florida. I graduated from All Saints Academy, and will be attending Florida Southern College in the fall. This summer, I will be teaching climbing and whatever else I need to. I am super excited for my first summer as a counselor. I have been coming to camp since I was 6 years old and will love to be a great role model for your children like my counselors were for me.

William Johnson

// RCA

Hello, My name is William Johnson I am currently a Senior at Principia Upper School, and I will be attending Principia College next year. This will be my 8th summer at Camp Leelanau. This is my first year as a counselor and I will be teaching Really Cool Activities (RCA). This activity will involve fort building, shield making, and other awesome projects. I am so excited for Camp this summer! I am so excited to spend quality time with campers in the cabin, on the beach, and on the trail. I can’t wait to witness all of the brotherhood, adventures, and growth that come out of this summer.

Matt Hagenlocher

// Canoe/Kayak

Hi I’m Matthew Hagenlocher, and I am extremely excited to join you all at Leelanau for my first year at camp as a counselor. I grew up in Northfield, Vermont swimming in rivers, exploring the forests, and enjoying the beautiful scenery as a whole. I am currently a senior at Principia Upper School and will be attending Principia College next year. My hobbies include playing football, playing the guitar, and throwing the javelin. This summer I have the pleasure of being the kayaking and canoeing counselor. I spent two weeks of my fall semester up on the campsite and am stoked to return to the gorgeous location, now filled with awesome campers! I am incredibly eager to join you all and can’t wait to be there!

Luke Nutwell

// Music/Archery

Hi, my name is Luke Nutwell and I’m currently living in St. Louis. I’m a graduating senior from Principia Upper School and I’m very excited to be attending Principia College next year. I’ll be the music and archery counselor this summer, it’s gonna be great! I’m super pumped to be coming back to camp to see the awesome growth and inspiration that happens each summer.

Connor Goering

// Landsports 1st session

Hello everyone! My name is Connor Goering and I will be the Landsports counselor for the 3 week session. I am from Tampa, Florida and will be a junior at Principia College this coming up fall. I need to come clean with you all…I made the biggest mistake of my life last summer by not returning to Camp. Let this be a lesson to all young men everywhere. Missing a summer at Camp is actually the worst! I am so ashamed. But I will be back at Pyramid Point this summer ready to make amends and give everything I’ve got to make sure every kid knows how important a summer at Camp truly is!

Josh Sablan

// Silversmithing

My name is Josh Sablan and this will be my first summer at Leelanau. I am from St. Louis and live on the Principia Upper School campus. My talents include: drawing, painting, hiking, and an extensive knowledge of superheroes. This summer I will be teaching Silversmithing. I hope to bring my skills in art and design to the class. I cannot wait to get to camp. I’ve only heard good things about camp and am excited to join the community.

Joey White

// Trips

Hello friends, family, and everyone else in the world, my name is Joey White. I grew up in Royal Oak Michigan, and attended Principia College to become an artist. This summer I will be the Trips Counselor for the 4th summer in a row. I am very excited to share the abundance of wilderness adventure with anyone foolish enough to brave the brutal summer elements. Bring your Passports or I’ll be upset with you.

Wyatt Dale

// Waterfront Director

Hi, my name is Wyatt Dale and I will be the Waterfront Director for Camp Leelanau this summer. I am so excited to return to Lake Michigan and Pyramid Point! I am well aware that at some point during the summer, after I’ve perfected my WFD tan, Weldon will make me shave my amazing beard and my childlike pale chin will terrorize my campers, but also serve as a beacon of light for the campers to find me in the dark evenings on their way to the bathhouse. Can’t wait!

Luke McCutcheon

// Swimming

Hi all! My name is Luke McCutcheon, I’m from Dallas, Texas, and I’ll be a junior at Principia College in the fall. This will be my second summer at Leelanau! I will be the swimming counselor this summer after being the de facto swimming counselor for a few weeks last summer. I’m very excited to come back to Leelanau this summer because of the opportunity it provides to see Love in action and to witness growth in young men. I can’t wait to see you there!

Eric Morse

// Landsports 2nd session

Eric Morse is the one with the grey hair. He’s a first-time counselor, father of two first-time campers and two more future campers; he’s a children’s book author and a lifelong Christian Scientist. As the second session’s Land Sports counselor, he’ll be drawing upon his experiences as a college athlete and high school coach to bring out team and individual development in all our young athletes. Eric resides in New Jersey, which isn’t as bad as it sounds, and he almost never speaks in the third person.

Corbitt Grow

// 2nd Session Watski Van Driver

Hi! My name is Corbitt Grow and this will be my third summer on staff and my third summer at Camp Leelanau. Although growing up overseas in Japan and Malaysia I went to high school in St. Louis, Missouri and have just graduated in June from Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, Virginia. Also, after this summer I will be moving down to Dallas, Texas to start my first job which I am extremely excited about. But in the mean time, I am humbled to accept the lofty position of the 2nd Session Water Ski Van Driver — perhaps the most highly coveted position that Camp Leelanau has to offer! It was love at first sight for me and Lake Michigan (as well as her neighboring lakes) so I can’t think of a more perfectly suited position for me than this one! Anyways, I cannot imagine a more meaningful way to spend my last summer ever than at Camp Leelanau and I can already tell it’s going to one for the books. I can’t wait to be up on Pyramid Point and I’ll see you all soon!