Camp Leelanau Staff

Aloha, I’m Jake Sablan and I am super excited to be back in Michigan for another summer at Leelanau! I unbelievably thrilled to be returning to HQ this summer, joined by an awesome veteran Head Counselor and an amazing Crib Team. I know we are looking forward to seeing returning friends and meeting new ones this summer. I can’t wait to witness the creativity, growth, and healing that camp naturally unfolds. Lastly, our annual Crib Team Bio question: who would play me in the Movie Version of your Life at Camp? After some thoughtful consideration, I have decided that Jacob Batalon from the newest Spider-Man trilogy would be the ideal actor for my portrayal. Can’t wait to see you all in Michigan this summer!

Hello, my name is Luke Nutwell. I will be the waterfront director for both Leelanau and Kohahna this summer. I am a rising senior at Principia College majoring in Political Science and hoping to attend law school next year. I’m excited to hang out on the lake with campers and counselors this summer! If I had to pick an actor to play me in a movie about my camp experience, I would pick Christian Bale.

Doug “Bootie” Hoff – Mountain Biking, Leelanau & Kohahna

You might notice that I look different than the average counselor.  I’ve been coming to camp for nearly 35 years in one way or another.  I was a CT, counselor, Family Camp Director, and this year for the 5th year in a row, I get to return to my favorite role there: counselor.  Camp is adding to its already wonderful repertoire of activities mountain biking which I’m thrilled to be teaching.  On and near Camp, there are options to fit the needs and desires of most riders.  Simply put: northern Michigan has awesome mountain biking!


When I’m not at Camp, I serve as Principia School’s Outdoor Learning Coordinator where I run the outdoor education programming for students ages 0-18.  I just finished my 19th year there and love that, year-round at Prin and Camp, I get to be a part of the character development of young people using the outdoors as the medium.  How did I get here?  I’ll try to keep it brief since I have a longer history than most: graduated from Indiana University with a degree in park and recreation management, worked in Slovakia for a couple years as a Peace Corps volunteer in a national park, began my outdoor education career upon my return (worked for Outward Bound and countless ropes courses across the country), earned a masters degree in education so I could become an elementary school teacher which I happily did for 14 years, became Principia’s Outdoor Learning Coordinator in 2015, am in the middle of a 2nd masters degree, and love spending time with my three children, all of whom go to Camps Leelanau and Kohahna (Japhet – counselor, Linden – CT, and Ethan – camper).


Who could play me in the movie version of my life at Camp: Sean Astin, Morgan Freeman, or Dora the Explorer…it’s a toss-up!

Hello! My name is Ben Greenman. This is my fourth summer on staff. I am a Junior at Florida Southern studying Business Administration and Finance. I am so excited for a completely new opportunity this summer to be working with our CTs. I would say the actor who would play camp version of me is The Rock. I hope to push your boys to be the best versions of themselves and have loads of fun along the way!

My name is Aaron Nutwell and I’ll be teaching music and archery this summer! In the fall I will be attending Principia College as a freshman. In a movie version of my life at camp, the most obvious choice to play my character would be Vin Diesel. I’m very excited to be back at camp for another amazing summer in the most beautiful place we get to call home each year

Hi everyone! My name is Joshua Borja and I am stoked to be the Blacksmithing and Swimming Counselor this summer! This is my 10th summer at Camp Leelanau and I keep coming back each year to see all of the amazing people up there and grow in my understanding of Christian Science. In the fall, I will be attending Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio, where I will be studying Political Science and History! If I could pick someone to play me in the Movie Version of my Life at Camp, I would definitely pick Gabriel Iglesias because I feel like he embodies my positive attitude towards every activity at Camp Leelanau. Thanks for reading my bio and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone up North in a few weeks!

Hello, my name is Jackson McCullough or you might hear some people call me “Grizz”, whatever floats your boat. I will be the riflery and horsemanship counselor this summer and can’t wait. I’m from Colorado and finished up my senior year of high school at The Link School. I’m currently pursuing studies in holistic management with savory institute as well as firefighting. Leelanau has been a huge part of my life and I have a lot to thank camp for. I’m looking forward to giving back to the place and people that have given me so much and continuing the legacy and duty of every Leelanau counselor before me, teaching and molding young Christian Science men. If someone were to play myself in the movie version of camp, I’d have to give the role to none other than Robert Redford.

Hi, my name is Jacob Warrick and I’ll be a trips counselor this summer. I’m currently a freshman at Principia College, studying to be a mechanical engineer. One thing that I’m looking forward to this summer is getting to share my love for camping with others. I also can’t wait to finally teach Grayle how to light a fire. If I had to cast someone to play myself in a movie version of my life at camp, I would cast Ms. Frizzle because we’ll be taking a lot of field trips.

Hi! My name is Grayle Kendall, and I am so excited to be in HQ this summer. This summer will be my 2nd summer as a Head Counselor, 5th on staff, and 11th overall. I am from Atlanta, Georgia, and this past year I took a year off from attending Principia College to gain experience working in the education field. In the fall, I worked as an Outdoor Educator at LOC, and this spring I have worked as an after school Pre-K teacher at a private school in Atlanta. I love so many things about camp, but one thing I am really looking forward to is Saturday Night Soccer, especially after a long spring of playing against my 5 year olds at recess. I can’t wait to see all of y’all up at Camp Leelanau again this year for another incredible summer of making memories on the shores of Lake Michigan!

Ayo my name is Japhet Hoff and this will be my 11th summer at Leelanau. I’m from St. Louis, MO and attend Principia College. This summer I’ll be spending my days on beautiful  Glen Lake as the Waterski counselor. If I’m not on the boat I’m most likely trying to figure out where HQ hides all the Green Hats.

Whats up! My name is Everett Poznick but I will respond to Ben too. I am super excited to be teaching tennis and border camp this summer! I currently am attending Principia College and am studying business so prepare for your son to come back from the summer as an excellent business man. I am excited to enjoy every second I can out on the lake making sure campers enjoy the beautiful Lake Michigan too. In the movie version of camp I would be played by Kevin Hart because I love to a fun time and we look alike.

I’m Ben Poznick and I’m excited to be teaching sailing this summer! I’m looking forward to some sunny days out on the water and the legendary camp Leelanau/ Kohahna county fair.

Ariel from the little mermaid will be acting me in a movie about this summer because we share a love for the water and I am always up for an adventure. However hopefully this time Ariel won’t end up under the sea.

Hello!  I am Henry Brown, your enthusiastic and loving canoeing counselor at Camp Leelanau this summer.  I was a CT in 2019, I spent a summer in the Camp Kitchen in 2020, counseled at another Camp last summer, and cannot tell you how grateful I am to be returning home to Pyramid Point!  This will be the best summer ever!  I still remember the love I felt from my first counselors in the cabin of Iroquios all those years ago.  I want to make sure my campers feel that same love from me.  If Camp made a movie of my life I assume they would hire Liam Neeson to play me, because he used to be a vegetarian too.

Hi all, Liam Hubbard here. I hail from Highland Park, Illinois, and am a rising sophomore at Northwestern University as a journalism major. Some of my hobbies include improv, pranking my roommate, and being the school mascot for Northwestern. This will be my 8th summer at camp (2nd on staff), and I’ll be teaching waterskiing. If you want to learn how to waterski, I highly suggest signing up. It’s exciting, fun, and arguably a viable method of transportation. I can’t wait to see the view from our Wednesday night church spot. I also hope to teach the fellas how to moonwalk in a (hopefully coveted) afternoon activity. Lastly, the actor who would play me in the movie version of my life at camp would be Bear Grylls, largely due to my outdoor skills and occasional British accent.

Luke Greenman.  Landsports.  Sophomore at Miami University in Ohio.  A strawberry blond Zac Efron for the Movie.

Greetings!  Leif Arthur here and super pumped to be a the Silversmithing Counselor at Leelanau this summer!  I’ve been blessed to be able to serve Camp this winter and spring as a counselor for the Leelanau Outdoor Center.  This will be my first summer as a counselor, but my 8th summer overall and I want to give the love, patience, and enthusiasm for Christian Science I received all those years I spent as a Camper.  If I got the chance to cast the movie version of myself in a story about my time at Camp I’d choose River Phoenix.

Hello Friends!  It is Josh Sablan, the fearless and consistent counselor of RCA and the Cabin of Cherokee.  I’ll admit I was a little salty at first that Weldon didn’t ask me to be the Trips or CT counselor since this is my fourth year on staff and I’ve been giving selfless to Leelanau from the first moment I stepped onto this property.  It was a different time back then, a more innocent time known as 2019.  Anyway, can’t wait to be at Camp again this summer, and if someone were to make the movie of my Camp Life I definitely think Vanessa Hudgens should play me.