Camp Leelanau Staff

Anibal Chavira

// Blacksmithing

Hi I am Anibal Chavira and I will be a first year Counselor at Camp Leelanau. I currently reside near Tucson, Arizona. I will be teaching blacksmithing this summer.

Joe Coolidge

// Canoeing

Hi everyone! I’m Joe Coolidge from St. Louis, Missouri, and I’m so excited to be teaching canoeing this summer! This fall, I will be a freshman at Colgate University, so parents: I can assure you that dental hygiene will be well taken care of this summer. If I could have any magical creature as a best friend, I would choose a pegasus for the transportation advantages. This will be my 11th summer at camp, and I can’t wait to make it the best one yet!

Ben Greenman

// Climbing

Hey Y’all! My name is Ben Greenman. I’m originally from Missouri, but I have been living in Florida for the last three years. I have just completed my Freshman year at Florida Southern College and am so excited to help your sons discover their true identity. Throughout my first year of college I have found being yourself is the only way to be happy, and I would love to show that to your sons.

Jack Hansen

// Riflery

Hi! My name is Jack Hansen, I have grown up in San Francisco, California. I love music and have played piano for as long as I can remember. I will be attending Northeastern University, (taking my first term in Ireland!) to study Engineering. I am so excited to return to Michigan this summer and be out on the riflelry range! This will be my 8th summer at Leelanau and first year on staff!

Dylan Hanser

// HQ

Hey everyone! I’m Dylan Hanser, and I am stoked to be ringing the bells and firing the cannon in HQ this summer! This will be my second year in HQ, fifth year on staff, and fourteenth summer at camp. For a little bit of perspective, campers who were born the year that I first came to camp will be going on their first senior flag trip this summer. Wild. Outside of camp, I’m one semester away from graduating from NC State University with a degree in Industrial Engineering, and excited to see what the future holds beyond that. If I were to choose any Disney sidekick to bring to camp with me, I would have to choose Ahsoka Tano. Just imagine how fast you could clean a cabin if you could use the Force. I’m so excited for this summer. If I can get real for a second, I’m so incredibly grateful for the friendships I’ve made, the incredible healings I’ve experienced, and all the amazing adventures I’ve been in my summers here. I can’t wait to make even more memories this summer!

Japhet Hoff

// Border Camp and Nature

Hello my name is Japhet Hoff! I’m from St. Louis Missouri and I’m about to start my freshman year at Principia College. I’ll be teaching Border Camp and Nature this summer. I like being outside with friends, playing tennis and soccer, and can’t wait to meet you and your kid at camp!

Hunter Hummell

// WFD

Hey everyone, my name is Hunter Hummell. I am currently a senior at the Principia College and am returning to camp for the summer. This summer will be my 4th year at Camp Leelanau and my 2nd year on staff.  This year I will be returning as the Water Front Director and am super excited to make sure that everyone has some good clean fun. I can’t wait to bond with so many of our wonderful campers, and I hope to be of value to them all. This year at camp, I am most looking forward to our water polo day. The campers bring so much energy to the activity, and when we are all tuckered out, we get to enjoy a five-star barbecue provided by our hardworking kitchen staff. I can’t wait to see everyone this summer!

William Johnson

// Waterskiing

Hello, my name is William Johnson and I am a Freshman majoring in Business Administration at Principia College. This past year, I was a member of the Water ski club and I played college tennis at Principia. This will be my 10th summer at Camp Leelanau! This is my second year as a counselor, and I will be teaching Water Skiing. I am thrilled to teach campers all the skills that can be learned behind a boat. My favorite thing about Camp Leelanau water skiing is how much of the enjoyment comes from celebrating others accomplishments. I am so excited to celebrate all the growth and happiness that come from this summer! It is going to be an endless JOYride at Camp Leelanau.

Grayle Kendall

// HQ

Hi! My name is Grayle Kendall, and I am thrilled to be returning to camp this summer as a Head Counselor. This summer will be my 9th summer at Camp Leelanau and my 3rd on staff. During the school year, I go to Principia College, where I will be a junior next fall.  I am majoring in Mathematics and Education, and also play baseball for my school. I am excited to come back to camp this summer to make this summer the best possible experience for everyone at Camp Leelanau.

Luke Nutwell

// Music and Swimming

Hi! My name is Luke Nutwell and I’m super excited to be the music and swimming counselor this summer! I’m currently attending Principia College and I live in St. Louis. I’m super excited to see everybody back at camp this summer to enjoy the wonders of pyramid point! I hope everyone is ready for an awesome summer!

Sean O'Hagan

// CTs

Colin Saad

// Trips

Hi, I’m Colin Saad, and l thoroughly enjoy pistachio ice cream. Also, I will be one of the Leelanau trips counselors this summer. My hometown is St. Louis, MO but I’ve spent the past four years living in Wisconsin while studying at Milwaukee School of Engineering. I just finished up my degree in mechanical engineering and will be heading off to work on industrial robotics in the fall—but first, I needed to come back for what is now my 3rd “last summer at camp.” I love how that keeps happening. I’m excited to get as many campers out on trips as we can this summer and for the opportunity to do some real experiential teaching, and hopefully learn a thing or two myself!

Jacob Sablan

// Archery

Hi. I’m Jacob Sablan, but you can call me Jake. I’ve called a lot of places home over the years, but St. Louis is home base right now. I’m a rising sophomore at Principia College as an Education Major. I’m really looking forward to my first summer at camp, I’ve heard some great camp stories from friends and I am excited to be joining my brother on staff this year. I’ll be leading archery this summer and I have some fun activities I’ve been working on to make things exciting down range. Outside of my archery instruction, I’m hoping to teach some fun juggling skills and how to jam on the ukulele.

Josh Sablan

// RCA

Hello everyone! My name is Josh Sablan. I currently live on the Principia St. Louis campus (but my real home will always be Gilbert, Arizona). I’m a rising sophomore at Principia College, where I’m currently studying to become a Mass Communications major. This is only my second year at Leelanau, but I couldn’t be more excited to go back to my Michigan home. This year I will be the RCA instructor and I already have some big plans for projects. Alongside my twin brother, Jake Sablan, there will be an encyclopedic amount of superhero knowledge shared with the boys at camp. My brother and I couldn’t be more ready to jump into our daily dose of square corners, morning dips, and Council Fire skits.

Landon Schabes

// Waterski Van Driver

My name is Landon Schabes and this upcoming summer will be my 6th at Leelanau and second as a counselor. I grew up in Tampa, Florida, and am currently a rising junior at Davidson College in North Carolina (Go Cats!) This summer I will be helping out waterskiing by driving the boys to and from Glen Lake. To answer a popular camp question from last year, if I could have a prop from any movie, I would choose to have the Millenium Falcon for sure. I’m so stoked to be able to come back to Michigan and be able to grow and learn just like my past summers. I can’t wait to get up to Pyramid Point!

Jake St. Julian

// Silversmithing

My name is Jake St. Julian and I’m so excited to be spending my 12th summer at camp this year. I am a graduating senior at the Principia Upper School in St. Louis and I will be attending Belmont University in Nashville this Fall to study Economics and Audio Engineering. This summer, I’m psyched to be teaching Silversmithing: one of the coolest activities we offer at camp. In my free time, you can find me playing guitar, basketball, or making music with my friends. I can’t wait to see you all up at Pyramid Point to make more unforgettable memories and continue our growth as men of God!