Camperships, or camper – scholarships, are financial assistance in order to help get your child, or children, to camp. We have many generous donors and alums that know how wonderful a summer at camp can be. These donors give each year to ensure that those whose financial picture would otherwise keep a family from considering camp are provided the opportunity to attend Camps Leelanau & Kohahna. We are so grateful for the generosity, and the legacy of giving, to ensure that current campers can experience the joys and growth of a summer here at Pyramid Point.

A few nuts and bolts of our Campership Fund that we think will be helpful to those applying. Traditionally we have suggested that you limit your request to 50% of the tuition. This is simply a guideline; if this year you need more assistance, please let us know. If this year you need less assistance, we can work with that too. Please understand that the available funds vary from year to year, and that we seek to be generous, yet also to encourage self-sufficiency.

The campership committee begins meeting on April 15, and continues meeting and issuing awards until all of the available funds have been allocated for the year. It is most helpful to us to receive a campership application before April 15 in order to effectively assess the needs for the year.

The bottom line is that we all want kids to be at camp. If the finances are a concern, and camp is a priority, then please apply. We consider each and every application individually, and will be in contact with you in a timely manner as summer approaches.

This is the link to our Campership Application