Camperships, or camper – scholarships, are financial assistance to help get your child(ren), Family, or yourself, to camp.  There are many generous donors, alums, and organizations that know how wonderful a summer at camp can be. These folks are committed to ensure that those whose financial picture would otherwise keep a family from considering camp are provided the opportunity to attend any of the programs at Camps Leelanau & Kohahna. We are so grateful for the generosity, and the legacy of giving, to ensure that current campers can experience the joys and growth of a summer here at Pyramid Point.

A few nuts and bolts:  The Campership Fund for Christian Scientists is a stand-alone organization that is excited to be the first opportunity for supporting the Camp experience. Their website is and their application can be filled out online.  Once you have applied to the Camp session/program, apply to The Campership Fund for support.  Their deadline is May 31 for summer programs, or three weeks prior for any Family or Adult Programs.

They are a generous organization, and we are grateful to be partnered with them.  They share our belief that getting kids to Camp, getting participants to Adult and Family Programs is a priority and finances should never be a reason for not participating.  If for any reason The Campership Fund for Christian Scientists is unable to fully cover the need in your case, please also apply to the Camps Leelanau & Kohahna Campership Program as well, we will work to fulfill any further need.

The bottom line is that we all want everyone to have the opportunity to experience Camp.  Please, do not hesitate to apply.

Here is the link to the Campership Fund for Christian Scientists’ Application.

This is the link to the Leelanau & Kohahna Campership Application.