Thomas Eichstadt came teaing into my office.

Weldon Rutledge writes:

Thomas Eichstadt came tearing into my office.  Short, mustached, barrel-chested and with the stance of a man that can’t sit still for long, Tom announced to me that he still worked full time.  I stood and introduced myself as the newly appointed Director of Leelanau and asked what I could do for him.  With no rudeness in his tone, nor preamble to waste words, Tom explained to me that he had been a camper and counselor at Leelanau from 1941 to 1954, and curiosity brought him in today to learn if any of his generation would be attending the Leelanau Reunion in October.

I’m sure I’ll get better at thinking on my feet as I spend more time in the Director’s Chair but… I was floored.  This fire-plug of energy standing in my office rattling off names of fellow counselors, campers, cabins, and teams that had been a part of his experience 56 to 69 years ago was a living historical record for camp, and just sharp as a tack.  I scrambled to navigate my computer and scour the database for his generation of comrades.

Wow.  You all remember from world history class that 1941 is when the U.S. joined World War II.  And Tom Eichstadt was in Argosy.

Men of Leelanau, the call to arms is now.  Join us in celebrating 90 summers of Camp Leelanau for Boys.  Steeped in tradition, laughter, camaraderie, and love for our Land of Delight.

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