Week 1 Camper Articles – 2009

Grant M., age 10
Cabin: Black Swan
Camp is Great!

Camp is great! Camp is fun.  Right when I got here everyone was so nice to me.  I met so many people throughout the time I’ve been here.  This place has inspired me.

Dalton C., age 15
Cabin: Shawnee
First Day of Camp

Wow, what an incredible first day.  The day started out with a bang.  Being back in Lake Michigan felt like being born again. My cabin is so great I could ask for no change. Quiet time was great; it’s always important to set the mind right.  I got up on skis for waterskiing for the first time. That was definitely the highlight of my day and I could not have done it without my friends. Bar Lake was absolutely amazing as well. But reflecting on everything I did on this fine day was that I pushed myself through every part, which made m stronger.  I love challenges. I love camp. I love life. There is no other place I want to be on this earth. Camp creates harmony in my life. I love it dearly. Obstacle kickball is the best game ever invented.

Grayson T., age 9
Cabin: Black Swan
The Three Camp Days!!!

My first three camp days were pretty sweet!  My favorite breakfast so far was scrambled eggs, bacon and hash browns. My favorite lunch has been pizza day!  For dinner it is…fried chicken!  But what was really awesome was the Bar Exam. The Bar Exam is when the counselors see what swimming level you are.  It goes 1..2..3.  For 1 you have to tread water 30 seconds and swim 100 feet, and it keeps getting harder and harder.  It is really fun.  So far camp has been AWESOME!

Carolyn L., age 13
Cabin: Birchview
A World not Untouched, but Unchanged

I stare up at the perfect sky: cloudless, blue and bright.

I sleep beneath the glowing stars, a cool summer’s night.

The breezes twirl around my face and dance within my hair.

Waves roll swiftly towards the shore, upon the sand so fair.

The trees are like a world of green above a world of life.

A perfect place that seems so calm and free from any strife.

A seagull cries, squirrels chatter on. There still is much to do.

The sky shines gold. The sun goes down beneath the water blue.

Aina Z., age 6
Cabin: Gull’s Nest
The Beach

I like going to the beach. When I am at the beach I like to build sandcastles. One time my cabin-mates buried me in the sand up to my waist. My counselor helps me dip in the morning. I had never dipped before I came to Kohahna.

Zoe W., age 9
Cabin: Driftwood

…is a place to express joy and fun.  You can’t be bored in the gentle waves upon a sparkling sea.

Kohahna is where Jo bounces the ball into the hoop and it comes out like a flying orange, while Boss greedily munches away on whatever he can find, and looks toward the tennis racket meeting a ball as it bounces out of the fence, where it flies toward the cook-out where a great dinner is made, when someone sees a chipmunk scurrying down beach stairs that lead to a lake full of fun. And all that just happened to be in Kohahna.