Week 2 Camper Articles – 2010

Emily A., age 11

Cabin: Evergreen

God’s Inspiration

The spiritual thoughts that come to us are just little thoughts from God.  Some people out there don’t know about God yet, and maybe they never will, but we don’t have to force them to be like us.  God does not just allow people that believe in Him into His kingdom.  Just because people don’t believe in God doesn’t mean that they can’t come into God’s kingdom.  We are all God’s children and we will all get God’s support, help, love, safety and much more.  God has been there for everyone.  But God has been a big help to me and inspiration.  This year I was faced with some drama at school. That experience was a big eye-opener.   That experience got me to pray and realize God more than I had before. Once in 2009 at camp, I was in a bathroom stall, and it said material thoughts are just like loud music on a radio and all you need to do is change the station.  And so I did.  But one week later there was gossip, bullying and mean things going on.  I would come home very upset.  My mom would say, ”be a duck and let the water or bad thoughts run off your back”.  Soon the end of the year came and I let it roll off my back and I got to come here.  This was a learning lesson and I want to thank God for helping me.

Kyrstyn C., age 8

Cabin:  Falling Star

Camp is fun.  You make friends and play games.

Grace F., age 9

Cabin:  Falling Star

In horseback riding you sometimes have a trail ride.  That is why horseback riding is fun!

Victoria M., age 8

Cabin:  Falling Star

Camp teaches me how to become a better Christian Scientist.  This is the best camp ever!

Hannah G., age 8

Cabin:  Falling Star


At camp you make new friends,

You always get upset when the day ends!

At camp you have a bit of fun,

You always get to run!

At camp you get to go to the beach,

Camp is one of the funnest places

You won’t want to go home!

Kohahna camper

Cabin: Waukeena

God’s Always There!!!

I love thinking abut how God is always there for us no matter where we are. I like to think of God as the air – it just fills all spaces; even though you can’t see it, it’s always there and it never leaves.  But sometimes I feel like God isn’t there and I wonder where he is.  I think of it as this.  When you paint your nails you want them to look pretty, right?  Well, say you don’t like the color and it doesn’t make you feel pretty.  All you have to do is take the remover and take it off.  It’s like removing thoughts or mental suggestions and filling that space with pure thoughts of God.  It also ties in with everything else.  You may not see the air, but it’s always there and all you have to do is remove those bad thoughts.