Week 3 Camper Articles – 2010

Julia M, age 14

Cabin: Clifftop

Today we did initiatives.  This means that we did a bunch of teamwork exercises.  We all had to listen to each others ideas, and this allowed us to fit into a couple of tight places, as well as get ourselves untangled.  We swung onto a platform using a knotted rope, and then crowded onto even smaller platforms, and we couldn’t touch the ground for either of those.  After that, we made a human knot, which is when a bunch of people grab each other’s hands, and you have to get untangled.  I believe that these activities helped us work on teamwork as well as general bonding.

Camille H., age 13

Cabin:  Juniper

Camp Kohahna

Today we did initiatives.  They were really fun.  For the first one we did the rope thing.  We had to swing on a rope from a line over to a small square thing.  We had a lot of people so at first it seemed impossible but after we tried hard we made it.  I was the last one to go and I felt like if I fell I would let the whole group down.  But I made it and I felt a sense of accomplishment.  My cabin is great and so was the breakfast.  We had pancakes this morning and they were delish!  I LOVE Kohahna!

Farrell M., age 13

Cabin: Sandpiper

At camp we have a tradition where we dip every morning.  I have done this for five years and have never had a morning like this.  I jumped out of bed (usually I kind of push myself out) and got into my swimming suit.  I was one of the first people ready!  Then the bell rang and I started fast walking down to the beach and saw the first glimpse of Lake Michigan.  I started to slowly walk in and…it was warmish!  That was amazing!  Anyway, that’s my first dip in Lake Michigan!

Greta J., age 10

Cabin: Driftwood

This morning I had a pancake, 3 sausages and some cheesy hash browns. (Yum!)  I love camp sausage!  I like lots of other sausage, but camp sausage is the bomb!  I also love camp pancakes with powdered sugar.  This morning I also had cheesy hash browns.  I normally like plain hash browns, but I think I like cheesy better.  I wonder what we’re having for breakfast tomorrow!