Week 4 Camper Articles – 2009

Olivia P., age 14
Cabin: Clifftop

I was doubting going on the Pictured Rocks trip at first. I wasn’t sure it was in my best interest – I was worried about missing what was going on at camp.  But after looking back on my experience on the trip, I realize it was something that I grew from spiritually and increased my knowledge of the outdoors. The trip made me realize that I knew more than I thought I did.  There were opportunities to express persistence, infinity and grace while on the trail.  I bonded with my cabin mates and we really pushed each other to do our absolute best.  Though the weather was not ideal, our cabin continued to express joyfulness.  Overall, my experience on Pictured Rocks was something I really benefited from and am glad I went.

Samantha N., age 16
Cabin: Trails End

This is my seventh year as a Kohahna camper.  I love to come back to camp because it is such a great place to make friends, try new things and grow spiritually.  The friendship at Kohahna is amazing.  Everyone is full of support and encouragement.  Whenever you pass by someone else, you are sure to get a wave, a smile, or even a hug.  Kohahna is full of love and gratitude, and that is the best part of camp.  You make friends as soon as you arrive and they last for years and years.

Elizabeth S., age 12
Cabin: Evergreen

This week I am doing waterskiing.  Yesterday was the first day of activities.  So all the girls and I went to the beautiful Glen Lake.  We all skied and it was AMAZING!  The water was super smooth so it was perfect for turning.  Yesterday I wanted to try to help pass a part of intermediate, so I had to jump the water and put the tow bar in between your knees.  I jumped the wake my first try, but the tow bar trick didn’t go over so well the first time (I face planted).  The second time I did it, it worked out! YAY!  But after that I just dropped and free skied.  Over all, waterskiing is one of my favorite activities.

Spencer R., age 15
Cabin: Breezeway
Camp Kohahna

This is my first year at Kohahna and although this is only the fourth day, I really am getting so much out of this experience.  I love the way all the girls invited me to our cabin so nicely and I felt so welcome from the minute I arrived.  Something I really appreciate about Kohahna is the great amount of competition between Sands and Pines.  Princess Kohahna came down and painted my face yellow because I became a part of the Sands team.  I love to compete and push myself in everything I do, so being able to contribute to a team’s success is a lot of fun.  Something that I feel is unique and important about Kohahna is how we don’t really see the Leelanau boys very much.  I think this is important because while you’re at camp you come to grow and express yourself, and to also find your true identity and when boys are thrown into the mix sometimes they distract from the greater importance of the activity.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my Leelanau brothers, but it’s nice to spend quality time with my Kohahna sisters and create great bonds with them.  Thus far camp has been wonderful and I am looking forward to the many more ways I’m going to grow as a person.  I am so grateful.

Chris M., age 14
Cabin: Iroquois
A Day in THE Life

BOOM!!  The cannon goes off and everyone gets out of bed (or tries).  There is quiet time after dips, and then flag.  After flag, is breakfast and then clean-up.  No one wants to leave the Great House and clean, but we do anyway.  We still try our hardest in clean-up to get first place.  The bell rings and it’s time to go to activities.  You can do anything from archery and riflery to sailing and kayaking.  After activities is bowl (where you choose afternoon activities), then lunch.  Rest hour is after lunch and then afternoon activities, beach time, flag lowering, dinner, evening activities and then bed.  It’s sad that the day is over, but we are glad that we get to do it again tomorrow.

Tyler H., age12
Cabin: Tortuga
Junior Flag Trip

My junior flag trip was an exhilarating experience, full of long runs, laughter, great sportsmanship and tough competition.  Both teams battled their hearts out, but the East team won the game with a minimal lead.  Whatever the outcome could have been, it wouldn’t have put a dent in the strong bond between all the amazing people who took part in this year’s flag trip.  Such respect and concern was shown during the game that the 2009 flag trip was one of the most enjoyable events that I have taken place in here at Leelanau.