Week 4 Camper Articles – 2012

Avery, age 9

Cabin – Driftwood

My favorite activity is gymnastics. I like it because its fun to balance on the bean and do cool tricks on it. I like tennis because you can hit the ball and have good sportsmanship. I loved cabin day because we got to put our whole bodies into the clay! Then we had a spa and painted our nails. I like that we have counsel fire on a big, big hill! Camp is really fun! I like it a lot!

Anna, age 6

Cabin – Stardust

My favorite things at camp are my counselor, because she treats me nicely and my cabin mates – they are really fun and we always have a lot of fun together. I like gymnastics, tennis and swimming. I passed my beginner in swimming and I was really excited! 

Tommy, age 12

Cabin – Iroquois

My First Day of Camp

My first day of camp was the best. I was just SO happy to be back. Everybody was so welcoming and nice. I just could not wait to see my counselors and cabin mates. Soon as I get to the cabin I was so happy that I had Andy Fine and Gonzo as counselors. Then I started to settle everything like making my bed, putting stuff in the rafters. After we got everything in place, I went to say bye to my parents.

Finally lunch one of my favorite parts of camp. My first bite out of that ham and cheese; WOW!!!! (That’s some sandwich). After a great lunch I walk near the lodge for some Frisbee! I did not do as bad as I thought because the counselors were helping. Then I went back to the cabin.

As soon as I get back to the cabin I get to go right to cookout. “Yes!!” Bratwurst, hotdog and hamburgers, how better can this get! Never mind it gets better, we get popsicles! Then we head back to the cabin for some counsel fire. ”SHHH, they’re coming!!!” We get into position. The position is Gonzo (very tall) versus Jeremy (way smaller) in a boxing match! And everybody cheering.

When we are done started to walk up the very big hill. Counsel fire is on a very big hill. As soon as we get up the hill we are very tired. Then all the counselors come into the middle one by one and tell us their name, what activity and what cabin they are in. Then we play some games for everybody. After everybody gets in one area of the counsel fire and we get told who one cleanup and more. Finally it time for bed followed by taps.

Stephen, age 16

Cabin – Algonquin

One thing that recently struck me about camp is the amazingness of morning dips. Every morning, we wake up to the cannon and go down to dip in coldLake Michigan. Lining up by cabin, we do a few exercises like Jumping Jacks or Pushups, before the counselors yell “Hip, Hip Hip” and we all jump into the water. Even though it’s normally really cold, it feels so good.  It wakes you up for the rest of the day, and gets rid of any tiredness or laziness you have from just waking up.

Brandon, age 8

Cabin – Black Swan

Hi, this is my third summer at camp and what I really like about it is getting to have quiet time. Quiet time is when you get to talk about God and the lesson. I like quiet time because I love God and this helps me throughout the day. That is what I like about camp.