Week 5 Camper Articles – 2009

Chris C., age 13
Cabin: Iroquois
First Days

My first few days at camp have been some of the best days of my life.  I’m in a brand new cabin with a new group of guys.  I’m making a ton of new friendships and rekindling old ones.  I came a day late in order to finish a swim meet back home, but I was welcomed with so much warmth and love.  I had been assigned to sailing for my morning activity for the week and I was kind of nervous.  My sister had taken it last year and had a blast, so I was willing.  Sailing is a lot more fun than I imagined.  From learning the tiny parts of the boat, to actually rigging it, it was great fun the whole time.  As each day passes I appreciate the first week more and more and think about how lucky I am to be able to attend such a fantastic and beautiful camp.

Ryan E., age 11
Cabin: Barbados

My first week at camp has been everything I could ever ask for and more.  My activities were land sports and riflery.  We have awesome conversations at night and all of the people are really awesome and friendly.  On top of all that we are in a really beautiful place up north.  My favorite activity is riflery because I don’t know anywhere else where you can shoot a rifle.  And everything revolves around Christian Science and everybody is so supportive if you get hurt.  Every activity is so cool and pretty much can’t be done anywhere else I know!

Marshall M., age 16
Cabin:  Algonquin
The Old Ball Game

This past Friday, the boys camp went over to Glen Lake Schools and played some baseball!  Both the North and South teams loaded up on to Big Blue and headed off.  The drive over was supported by rousing choruses of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game’.  After we got there we all enjoyed hot dogs, chips and root beer.  Once we were all filled with delicious food, the home run derby started.  Two representatives from each team competed by trying to hit as many pitches from second base out of the park.  It was really neat seeing the contestants trying as hard as they could to blast the softballs out of the park. After the visitor team was chosen, both teams took to the dugouts as we all waited anxiously to hear the lineups. As each member’s name was called, a cheer erupted from the team the member belonged to.  Then the teams took the field and the plate. The game progressed and it grew more entertaining.  The game turned into a fierce competition as batters struggled to put the ball as deep into the outfield as they possibly could.  The outfielders in turn dove their way to big plays in order to save their team. In the end, only one could win.  As the losing team came to terms with their defeat, they rushed the mound and we all joined in a rousing round of “Stand Up and Cheer”.  It was the highlight of many of ours’ week and a very fun night.

Annie H., age 11
Cabin: Driftwood

I love all the friendship at Kohahna!  My favorite thing to do at Kohahna is hang out in my cabin with friends.  I also love to eat, clean, do beach and do activities.  I love all the love for God at Kohahna.  Kohahna is the best camp ever!

Farrell M., age 12
Cabin: Juniper

So far we have done lots of fun things.  One of those is waterskiing, and I have always wanted to do that at camp.  I am hoping that I will be able to get up on the skis sometime this week.  Another fun thing we have done is soccer.  That was really fun because soccer is my favorite sport, and I scored a goal!  One last thing that I love is the new water tramp.  I was one of the first people to go on it and it is AMAZING.  My cabin members are really fun too and love the water tramp.

Mary B., age 17
Cabin: Trail’s End
CT Trip

During our CT trip to Canada, I was faced with so many unexpected challenges that I know will all be great life lessons.  On the car ride up, we were given a few letters written to us by former CTs and now counselors.  In my letters, everyone wrote that this trip was full of challenges but ends up being a great experience and one in which you learn how to work together. Seeing these letters was very reassuring to me since I did have some fears about what to expect. I did not see myself as an experienced camper or hiker and doubted my physical abilities.  Keeping these fears in the back of my mind, I tried focusing not on the physical and mental challenges of what to expect, but instead focused on being positive and grateful for the chance to be in the beautiful Canadian wilderness with five other wonderful CTs and two great counselors.  I never realized how much better things could be just by staying positive.  I loved how whenever we would be struggling, everyone would begin sharing gratitude and all of our troubles would be forgotten.  This trip was an amazing experience because I discovered the magic that a good and grateful attitude has towards a difficult challenge.