Week 5 Camper Articles – 2012

Japhet, age 10

Cabin – Barbados

Here at camp there’s memories you’ll have that are unforgettable!!!! Things like the activities, the counselors, and the friends. This is my first year and I already wished I signed up for the seven weeks. In the morning you wake up by cannon at 7:00 am, go to dips, have quiet time, clean the cabin, go to flag, and then have breakfast. You go to morning activities, have bowl, go to lunch, have rest hour and then have afternoon activities. Then we have flag, go to dinner, have our evening activities, take showers and then go to bed at 9:00 p.m. When you wake up you repeat all of this. My highlight at camp is making new friends and the activities. Just to let you know I’m not looking forward to leavingcampLeelanau!!!!!!

Christian, age 15

Cabin – Algonquin

Five days before my friendTylerwent to camp he came over to my house to hangout. He convinced me to come to camp with him last minute. I decided to come because back home I wasn’t going down the right path of life and I had begun to feel the furthest away from God I have ever felt in my entire life. The last night and morning of the day I went to camp was the most emotionally unstable I have ever felt. I was worried about leaving my home and leaving all my friends. This last week, I went on the senior flag trip. The senior flag trip was one of the manliest and mentally exhausting things I have done in my entire life. I had to overcome fear, pain, hunger, and fatigue. The first morning I literally held my eye lids open for two hours. My first raid I got tackled and my arm was completely bent back. The first night I got completely lost with Grayson, the youngest camper ever to go on this trip in pitch black darkness. Going through all of this helped me completely a big step in my life to getting closer to God. All in all I am really grateful I came to camp this year.

Dylan, age 14

Cabin – Cherokee

What could be better than sitting on wet leaves and staring at the trees for hours at a time? Or waking up after two hours of sleep on the cold, hard ground? In my opinion, nothing, I loved the Flag Trip. Everything about it was great, the food, the raids, the lashing, and the sitting on point. I grew so much during the trip. Staying up until 2:30 every day showed me energy and endurance I didn’t know I had. Tackling and being tackled by people older than me showed me how little size matters. We all knew that our strength came from God, so we all pushed our mortal limits farther then they could go. I experienced some awesome healings. I overcame fatigue and the want of sleep. I got thrown into a tree and suffered no ill effects, all because I knew I was God’s reflection. I am extremely grateful that I got to experience such a fun demonstration of God’s power, and I can’t wait until I get to do it again.

Briana, age 12

Cabin – Juniper


Kohahna is the best, better than the rest.

From dips in the morning to chillin in your cabin when it’s pouring.

There’s lots of fun activities, from lawn games, to 4th of July festivities,

when its time to pick beach buddies, to doing your bible studies,

Kohahna is the best, better than the rest.

Makayla, age 8

Gulls Nest

My favorite activities are dancing, gymnastics, swimming and tennis. I love my counselor and we have a lot of fun in the cabin. We played house all of my cabin mates. I loved cabin day because we did spa’s and went outside and got some ice cream and we dressed up and at flag we said we were the stars of the show! I love camp!

Gloria, age 10

Falling Star

My favorite activities are gymnastics, horseback riding and ceramics. I love camp because I get to learn new things, meet new people and try new activities. I love camp because it’s wonderful to be here.