Week 6 Camper Articles – 2010

Reese B., age 9

Cabin: Gulls Nest

God Is Love

One day while my cabin was having cabin day we went out to the lake and we brought a windsurfing board.  I was happily swimming when I came up for air and banged my head on the windsurfing board.  My first thought was “I am hurt” but then I remembered Christian Science.  I know that God is love and I could never be hurt.  My counselor and I were walking up to the beach talking about this and I realized that I was just being silly.  I stopped crying and two minutes later I was back in the water having a wonderful time.  I hope other kids will learn from my story that God is Love and you can never leave His care.

Sawyer B., age 11

Cabin:  Barbados

The flag trip is one of the best camp experiences you can have.  When you get tackled, immediately they help you up.  Even if you don’t get a flag, you have fun trying.  I even had fun being tackled.  I can’t wait for it next summer.

Joey W., age 14

Cabin:  Shoshonis

This past week I was too old for the backwoodsman flag trip and there were no open spots on the flag trip, so I had to go on a climbing trip.  I was somewhat upset by this, but climbing is awesome so I didn’t complain.

After the car ride, singing all the way, we got to our destination of beautiful rock faces, and pure water dripping from caves in the side of the cliff walls.  It was an experience that would stay with me forever.  Trips ROCK!

Marshall M., age 11

Cabin:  Barbados

On Monday night we played a really fun game called Biscuit Mayhem.  It’s basically played like Capture the Flag.   I enjoyed this game because I could really just express myself and run around and have fun.  The rules are a little different from the original capture the flag game.  When I was coming to camp, I was a little nervous because it was my first year, but I knew that we would be playing a lot of fun games.  Biscuit Mayhem was one of them.  After playing that game, I just couldn’t wait to play it again.  I thought it was great exercise and great fun, the most fun game I’ve played at camp so far.

Landon S., age 11

Cabin:  Tortuga


This week at camp I had lots of fun, but the most fun was the backwoodsman flag trip.  We were judged on everything, like meals and sportsmanship.  We were also judged on teamwork.  I got two flags.  I loved it.  It is something I am looking forward to next year.

Junior Camper, age 9

Cabin:  Black Swan

Friday is my favorite day of the week because that night we have pizza and milk shakes, and right after that we have soccer, my favorite sport.  We all try our best and have a great time.  We play with all of our might and when we fall down, we care, and help each other up.