Week 6 Camper Articles – 2012

Everett, age 9

Cabin – Black Swan

At camp you do dips. It’s where you go down toLake Michiganat 7:00 in the morning and go underwater. It is freezing but it wakes you up. Weldon is in charge. There are days called Weldon’s inspired where we do tons of exercises. I love camp!

Chris, age 16

Cabin – Algonquin

In my book, there is nothing more enjoyable at camp then being woken up at 6 am and being told “Hey, want to go on a morning ski?” I have been skiing for years now and morning skis are the best way to hone your skills, while also having quiet time along the way.GlenLakeis always gorgeous, especially when it’s early in the morning. The water is glass, the air is cool and crisp and your friends are there cheering you on when you ski. An aspect of the morning ski routine that I thoroughly enjoy is quiet time on the boats. Whether you are with just the guys or with the girls as well, fresh perspectives and insight on the week’s lesson are always on hand, and prepare you for a great morning of skiing.

I can’t forget to mention the skiing, though. The morning is the absolute perfect time to get out on the lake and let it rip. When I ski, I let my mind clear; and I just fully concentrate on skiing my best, skiing my heart out.  Morning skis are one of my favorite things to do at camp. You get to do an awesome sport, learn about God, OH! And did I mention you get to ski?

William, age 11

Cabin – Barbardos

AtcampLeelanauwe have what is called an afternoon activity that happens after rest hour. Afternoon activities differ every day and can be everything from taking a swim in the lake to jumping off of sand dunes. One activity that I did was called pancaking. Now many people probably thought that meant making pancakes. Well it actually meant going to a boat dock to go tubing! The counselors drove the boat really fast and did fast turns making us all slide around.  Then we chose the order of the kids who would go tubing. I went second with Ben Greenman. We started off with really simple turns and a few bumps. After 2 turns of this though it became more fun. The boat sped up and Ben and I went flying. The bumps were huge and the turns were so fast that when I let go of the tube on one turn I did two flips underwater. When we finished tubing we came back to camp listening to music in the van. Afternoon activities are great and they are my highlight of camp.

From a Kohahna  camper

Imagine the beauty in the air

Imagine the love everywhere

Imagine joy low and high

Imagine sands, pines and skys

That’s the camp where friendship flows

That’s the place where campers know

That God is Love and good is all

There’s no judgment in Kohahna the funnest of all.

Briana, age 12

Cabin – Juniper

What Kohahna Means to Me

Kohahna is an Indian word for achievement and here atcampKohahnathere is a lot of achieving happening because that is what this camp is all about. What Kohahna means to me is work hard while playing hard. Every morning we have something called morning activities and in those activities you have to pass levels, such as in water ski you have to get up on two skis’ to pass part of your beginner. But sometime we get to go tubing on Fridays! So much fun! Also if a counselor sees you doing something to help out or be supportive then you get an achievement bracelet. Achievement bracelets are little bracelets that you keep all week! The last thing with achievement is k-beads. I love getting k-beads. It shows how hard you have worked all summer/week.CampKohahnais the best from singing songs on the deck, to playing capture the flag in the evening! I LOVE KOHAHNA. 

Camille, age 15

Cabin – Breezeway

Two weeks ago was one of the best weeks of my life. I had the amazing opportunity to go on the challenge!  At first I was so nervous and I was scared that I wouldn’t be as good as the other girls who had already been on the challenge. My favorite part was when we played capture the flag. I had never played a game of capture the flag where you got tackled instead of tagged. The first game was hard because I kept getting so close to the flag but then I would get tackled. I then tried a different method of going with a group and “raiding” the pines camp site. When I got my first flag I felt so great and I thought I could do anything. I kept going back and back and even though I kept getting tackled I didn’t give up. I got 3 more flags! I then realized that things are much easier to accomplish when you’re not alone and that’s why I am so grateful that I had so much support when I was there.