Week 7 Camper Articles – 2012

Group of High School girls- afternoon activity


At camp, we sing about everything

You can make a fire and then join the choir

We are creative all day with the games we play

We swim and ski in the lake

Then we make some cake

We learn about love from our God above

And after each day has been its best,

It’s time to go to rest

Courage, Kohahna camper

When most people think of courage they think of being brave, maybe taking one for the team. Often, more common but a highly important side to courage is overlooked, confidence. An article by Martha Harris Bage in the classic anthology says “Courage Is faith in God, Doubt is trust in evil, confidence rightly directed is reliance, is trust in God GOOD” Throughout this summer, courage and discouragement have taken up a lot of my thought. At camp, we are constantly pushed to achieve, try new things and be our best. These are moments when we can choose to fully express our God given courage and confidence or we can choose to fall into the devils’ trap of discouragement. It is imperative to recognize the lie of discouragement. Courageousness washes out the possibility of discouragement. I constantly see courage displayed every day in every one of you. Courage by definition allows people to speak the truth, support others when they are right, be willing to stand alone and feel confidence in facing a difficult, challenging or possibly scary task. Maybe you took waterskiing for the first time, or raided on the challenge for your team; both fierce representations of courage. However, simply coming to camp and giving your all takes great courage. I find that my greatest challenges leave me with a renewed and better sense of courage. So my challenge for all of us is the challenge ourselves throughout this year. Courage can be necessary at the most unexpected times so don’t be afraid to let it shine.

Obedience, Kohahna camper

Mrs. Eddy tells us in miscellaneous writings, “Obedience is the offspring of Love; and Love is the Principle of Unity, the basis of all right thinking and acting; it fulfills the law. Honestly, when I first read that quote I had no idea what it meant. I mean offspring of Love? Principle of Unity? What does that even mean? However I really got to know this quote this year at school. Obedience was a very vital part of surviving my first year as a highschooler. Whether it was a teacher telling me to write a paper and turn it in on time, or a coach telling me to run across the soccer field six times or a friend needing some help. I needed to do what I was told without complaining, and to see that obedience was the key to success.

An example of learning this valuable lesson was when I was a part of the stage crew for my school production of “Crazy for You.” It started out as a bunch of boring rehearsals with people I didn’t really like. As the performance day drew nearer and nearer though, it was hard to keep up with all the demands of the actors, director and other backstage workers. Even when I was half asleep at a midnight dress rehearsal, knowing that obedience was the offspring of Love, God, made me want to do everything for everyone. And maybe the promise of cookies once we were finished helped a little, too.

Thankfully, everything ended up turning out just right. All of the shows went smoothly and I learned how to cooperate with the other stage hands. This quote is sort of like the translated property in math class. If A=B and B=C.  A must equal C makes sense right? So since obedience was the offspring of Love, and Love was the Principle of Unity. The basis of all right thinking and acting, then obedience must also be that very same Principle and basis. If I obeyed and did what I was told than there would be unity, harmony, and all thinking and acting would be right. When I first let my Prose Works fall open to the page that had this quote on it, I noticed the word at the top of the page was obedience. I knew immediately that harmony would be obtained only by being obedient. Turns out Mrs. Eddy was totally right. She says, “Obedience to Truth gives man power and strength” and I got to see an example of this happen in my own personal experience. I am so grateful I had this opportunity this year to learn about obedience and that now I know how and when to express it. This is any way you can, all the time. These truths were solidified this year at camp when we learned how obedience helps us be secure in Soul.Kathleentold us, “The road to success includes lessons that will be less painful if we are obedient.” Being obedient makes us trustworthy, cheerful, honest, timely and full of integrity. We complete all that is expected and even go the extra mile. So basically to sum it all up being obedient to Truth makes us at one with harmony. Remember; eat your vegetables, walk your dog, mark your books, read your lesson, and always be obedient to Truth.

Ben, age 15

Cabin – Shawnee

As I lie on my bed brainstorming topics for this article, my cabin mates banter around me. The discussion has no real purpose or topic and ranges quickly from ice cream to the senior flag trip. (A three day trip of tackle capture the flag, that most of my cabin,Shawnee, just partook in) The talk is easy going, continuous, harmonious, and comforting. It shows the unity and companionship the cabin has, even though some of us have never been together before and we only see each other a few weeks a year. It’s nice to know that when you come to camp after a long school year or go on a trip for a week, that you can slide right back into that brotherhood and feel right at home.

One doesn’t find that easy going sense of brotherhood that you find at camp or in many other places. Not at school, at least not at 99% of schools, not on sports teams, heck, most family households aren’t as fluid and together as a cabin atcampLeelanau. That loving, friendly banter will never get old, and always helps people feel at home, which is exactly where they are atcampLeelanau.

Thad, age 18, CT

One of the parts of camp that brings campers together is mealtimes. The preamble to the meal starts with dismissal from flag. Everybody walks down the hill and over to the Great House together. People talk about activities or what they think will happen that evening or afternoon. By the time everybody gets to the Great House, everybody’s hungry. We line up straight and silent, and then walk in. After everyone has found a place, we bow our heads for grace. One of the things that is great about meals is everybody gets to eat together. Meal times are part of what makes camp great.

Jaxen, 12

Cabin – Sea Hornet

Waterskiing is my favorite activity at camp. It’s so much fun, and it is also a great opportunity to do something new.  I like being on the boat in a warmer and different lake. And the counselors are really nice and encouraging. At the beginning of camp I couldn’t get up on skis at all. Then I started on the boom with skis, and “walked” out to the rope. Then after the 3rd or 4th try, I put skis on and completed all my beginner requirements. I couldn’t have done it without the caring counselors and the encouragement from the other people in waterskiing.