Week Four Camper Articles – 2011

Emily Age 11

Cabin: Windward

“One Step at a Time”

Pippi and Kayle are so great. You can count on them to be safe and have a good time. Even when we found out that we couldn’t go on a real rock climb, that didn’t stop us. We went canoeing and rock wall climbing at the Leelanau School. Oh Yah, we ate lots of Gorp. After asking what we were going to do 1 million times, we finally gave up. If it was making a fire in the rain or having trail spice on my pita pizza, I knew that this would be one of my fond memories.  My favorite part of the trip was canoeing down the river with Pippi and Ella in my canoe. The silliest part was singing songs in the car. We definitely took it. “One Step at a Time.”

Sarah, Age 12

Cabin: Windward

Camp Kohahna is a place where you can have fun, achieve goals and receive awards. This is the best Christian Science camp I’ve been to. Everyone is nice, the food is great, and the activities are awesome. I LOVE CAMP!!

Jacob: Age 9

Cabin:  Argosy

What I love about camp is the counselors are so nice and that for campers here it’s so fun.  There is archery, border camp, music, land sports, waterskiing, kayaking and many more fun activities.  Every day you have something to look forward to.  If you come, I can almost guarantee you will have fun.  Here’s a summary:  In the morning the cannon shoots.  You wake up, then you go and dip.  Then you go to flag, then go to breakfast, clean you cabin, go to your activities, go to lunch, go to your afternoon activity and then go to beach period.  Then it’s flag, dinner, evening activity and then bed.  I hope you come to camp!!!!

Joey: Age 15

Cabin: Shawnee

The day before, we were at Bar Lake having a great time.  Some of the newer campers brought swim boards and I was eager to try it out.  I threw the board in front of me and jumped, but the board swung around and hit me in the ankle.  I didn’t think much of it at the time.  The next day was speed and agility.  I was feeling good about it, but when I put on my cleats the irritating temptation set in.  I limped all the way down to the soccer field where I found the rest of the crew waiting.  I told my counselor that I was going to sit out.  He encouraged me to warm up, which I did, and it felt decent compared to earlier, and I felt I could go on for a little more.  The way Mind can influence spiritual growth for healings is truly amazing.  I ended up going out for all of speed and agility and I have our one Mind to thank.