Week One Camper Articles – 2011

Alexa, Age 12

Cabin: Windward

This summer I got the opportunity to go on a rock climbing trip. We learned about rock climbing and the climbing commands, which are on belay, the belay is on, climbing, climb on, etc. We also learned to belay the person who is climbing which is a life-long skill! Next we got opportunities to climb the wall here at camp. Then the day after that we packed all of the group gear like food, stove, tents etc. The when we woke up the next  morning after breakfast we found out that it was not safe to climb at the Grand Ledge because of the rain but the news didn’t stop us one bit!  Of course Pippi and Kayle the two Kohahna trips counselors had a backup plan which was to go climb at the Leelanau School. Even though it was not real rock we had such a blast climbing the wall in the Leelanau

Katie, Age 15

Cabin: Breezeway

This is my first year at camp Kohahna and I LOVE IT! Everyone is so mice and welcoming. I feel like I have been here forever. There is such a strong sense of sisterhood here. Everyone look out for each other and is so supportive. It’s only been four days and my cabin is really close already. The counselors are amazing as are the campers and the CT’s. I Love Kohahna!!!

Sophie, Age 14

Cabin: Breezeway

This week I was in waterskiing. J I passed my beginner & was able to get up on my 2nd try. I was worried starting out because the last time I skied I fell. But the counselors were so supportive and helped me want to try to get up! I was so glad they were there to help. I am now working on my intermediate and am able to hold the tow rope between my knees! So Fun! I love Kohahna and the opportunity it brings.

Ryan, Age 14

Cabin: Cherokee

The weeks I have at camp, are the weeks that I excel most as a Christian Scientist. One of the quotes in the lesson this week by Mary Baker Eddy states, “ When the final physical and moral effects of Christian Science are fully apprehended, the conflict between truth and error, understanding and belief, Science and material sense, foreshadowed by the prophets and inaugurated by Jesus will cease, and spiritual harmony reign.” I feel that at camp that we express spiritual harmony all the time and that it is one of the few places in the world where you can have that amazing, spiritual harmony. Before camp I was dealing with an injury that would seem to evaporate only for it to keep appearing. Going into camp I was worried that I would not be able to participate in the activities that involve running, jumping, or any vigorous activity. My mom the morning of camp found some quotes on the subject and then gave the quotes to me. I hadn’t really looked over the quotes thoroughly until the night before water polo. One of the quotes which helped me which is also by Mary Baker Eddy, is “to say that strength is in matter, is like saying that the power is in the lever.”  This helped me out because the lever is not lifting an item, you are! I understood this thought and the next day I played water polo and expressed God’s love to the best of my abilities. I am truly thankful that I am a Christian Scientist, and that I can experience and share healings.

Jeremy,  Age 12

Cabin: Ojibwa

Camp “Oh how I love it so!” When I arrived at camp I felt as though I was home.  It’s like I belong here. Because it is like I said, I love it. When I got here every single person was happy I was back. It does not matter if you for go for 3, 4, or 7 week you’ll have fun.