Week 1 Campers Articles – 2012

Robby Age 17

Cabin: Shawnee

Phat Tuesday is the first Tuesday of camp.  This day is celebrated with unorthodox outfits, water polo and an evening at the shallows.  All day we participate in crazy activities.  In the afternoon, the oldest group of campers plays water polo.   Water polo is a game played with two teams attempting to get a recess ball in an inner tube.  A player can run with the ball and pass the ball; but once he is tackled, he must drop the ball.  This game is very popular among the older campers.  One of my favorite things to see besides a solid tackle is a younger camper tackling a larger camper.  Of course, after a big hit, the tackler helps the one who is tackled up.  And we end the day with a flawless meal of fried chicken, potato salad, and fruit salad.

Cam Age 16

Cabin: Shawnee

“Tackling with Love”

On the 19th of June, I awoke to Phat Tuesday.  People in neon clothes, upside-down hats, and tight short shorts.  Very phat if you will.

After lunch we did activities involving legos.  Optimus chesse knives and projector screens.

We made our way to Little Glen Lake, singing the whole way there.

Water everywhere, tackling, but with love.

Briana Age 11

Cabin: Windward

“Facing my Fears”

Ever since my first year of camp 3 years ago in 2010, I have been afraid to go down the culverts, (a big pipe / canoe portage in a river).  I just would have these thoughts like, “ What if I don’t do the right thing and turn, because there is a sharp left hand turn at the end.”  So one day in my canoeing activity with my counselor (Kristy) we were at the culvert.  So I was being instructed how to go down but I was very nervous.   So my counselor told me nothing bad can happen if we believe in ourselves and that it was OK,  so when we went down the tube and with the help of a fellow camper we made it through safely and had fun!  Now I am not afraid to go down the culverts anymore.